Name of Meet:
2018 Jefferson County Boys Swim-Dive Invitational Varsity
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Apr-10, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Apr-18, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Meyers Pool
7900 Carr St
Arvada, CO 11111
Main Contact:
Ron Johns
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving3011 3h12m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
2Bear CreekLakewoodCO
3Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
5Douglas CountyCastle RockCO
6Evergreen High SchoolEvergreenCO
7Grandview High SchoolCherry CreekCO
8Green Mountain High SchoolLakewoodCO
10Littleton High SchoolLittletonCO
11Montrose High SchoolMontroseCO
12Overland High SchoolAuroraCO
13Ralston ValleyArvadaCO
14Rocky Mountain High SchoolFort CollinsCO
15Standley LakeWestminsterCO
16Valor Christian High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Adam, Valdes17 COValor Christian High SchoolApr 18, 15:28
2Beaty, Danny16 COArapahoe High SchoolApr 17, 12:26
3Bishop, Noah17 COGrandview High SchoolApr 16, 18:11
4Brauch, Connor15 COGreen Mountain High SchoolApr 18, 20:56
5Carroll, Rory18 COD'evelynApr 18, 11:32
6DeShon, Tucson18CASTLE ROCKCOLittleton High SchoolApr 18, 21:11
7Desiato, Anthony17 CORalston ValleyApr 18, 15:55
8Gammon, Collin17 COStandley LakeApr 18, 16:01
9Hittle, Clay18 COEvergreen High SchoolApr 18, 18:26
10Jay, Blaise16 COArapahoe High SchoolApr 17, 12:23
11Jordan, Lucas18 COD'evelynApr 18, 10:49
12Kern, Shjon16 COD'evelynApr 18, 10:57
13King, Matthew17 COValor Christian High SchoolApr 18, 17:35
14Lefever, Zach17 COArapahoe High SchoolApr 17, 12:32
15Lucero, Ovtavio18GoldenCOBear CreekApr 18, 21:25
16Martinez, Eric17 COOverland High SchoolApr 18, 22:00
17Matthews, Jack17 COLakewoodApr 18, 21:43
18Nesbitt, Walker15 CORocky Mountain High SchoolApr 18, 08:23
19Palma, Ryan18 COOverland High SchoolApr 18, 22:07
20Paul, Jaegar15 COEvergreen High SchoolApr 17, 22:51
21Quintana, Gabe14CASTLE ROCKCODouglas CountyApr 17, 16:06
22Rosenquist, Davin16 CORalston ValleyApr 18, 16:08
23Somers, Ethan18 COEvergreen High SchoolApr 17, 22:38
24Sprik, Tavi15 COChatfield Senior HSApr 15, 17:05
25VanNice, Brae17 COValor Christian High SchoolApr 18, 17:39
26Varela, Elias17 COOverland High SchoolApr 18, 21:56
27Vigil, Tony17 COGrandview High SchoolApr 16, 18:59
28Waltz, Luke15 COD'evelynApr 18, 11:12
29Wandruff, Phillip16 COOverland High SchoolApr 18, 22:03
30Ward, Aaron17 COValor Christian High SchoolApr 18, 15:21
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Adams, RyanHead CoachGreen Mountain High SchoolLakewoodCO
2Anderson, TimHead CoachGrandview High SchoolLittletonCO
3Andrie, KatherineCoachValor Christian High SchoolAuroraCO
4Brinkhoff, BrettHead CoachEvergreen High SchoolEvergreenCO
5Cushenan, RyanCoachMontrose High SchoolMontroseCO
6Johns, RonaldHead CoachChatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
7Kelly, CheleaHead CoachRocky Mountain High SchoolFort collinsCO
8Madsen, ChristopherHead CoachRalston ValleyArvadaCO
9Morell, Hannah Head CoachD'evelynLittletonCO
10Sedlmayr, MitchellHead CoachOverland High SchoolAuroraCO
11Smith, JeffHead CoachArapahoe High SchoolCentennialCO
12Waggoner, LauraHead CoachLakewoodEnglewoodCO
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolBeaty, Danny16 CO
2Jay, Blaise16 CO
3Lefever, Zach17 CO
4Bear CreekLucero, Ovtavio18GoldenCO
5Chatfield Senior HSSprik, Tavi15 CO
6D'evelynCarroll, Rory18 CO
7Jordan, Lucas18 CO
8Kern, Shjon16 CO
9Waltz, Luke15 CO
10Douglas CountyQuintana, Gabe14CASTLE ROCKCO
11Evergreen High SchoolHittle, Clay18 CO
12Paul, Jaegar15 CO
13Somers, Ethan18 CO
14Grandview High SchoolBishop, Noah17 CO
15Vigil, Tony17 CO
16Green Mountain High SchoolBrauch, Connor15 CO
17LakewoodMatthews, Jack17 CO
18Littleton High SchoolDeShon, Tucson18CASTLE ROCKCO
19Overland High SchoolMartinez, Eric17 CO
20Palma, Ryan18 CO
21Varela, Elias17 CO
22Wandruff, Phillip16 CO
23Ralston ValleyDesiato, Anthony17 CO
24Rosenquist, Davin16 CO
25Rocky Mountain High SchoolNesbitt, Walker15 CO
26Standley LakeGammon, Collin17 CO
27Valor Christian High SchoolAdam, Valdes17 CO
28King, Matthew17 CO
29VanNice, Brae17 CO
30Ward, Aaron17 CO
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingAdam, Valdes8.011.1Valor Christian High School
2Beaty, Danny8.813.4Arapahoe High School
3Bishop, Noah9.015.3Grandview High School
4Brauch, Connor8.512.6Green Mountain High School
5Carroll, Rory8.614.2D'evelyn
6DeShon, Tucson8.29.9Littleton High School
7Desiato, Anthony8.413.7Ralston Valley
8Gammon, Collin8.613.2Standley Lake
9Hittle, Clay7.69.4Evergreen High School
10Jay, Blaise7.912.5Arapahoe High School
11Jordan, Lucas8.413.5D'evelyn
12Kern, Shjon8.010.0D'evelyn
13King, Matthew8.414.0Valor Christian High School
14Lefever, Zach7.913.1Arapahoe High School
15Lucero, Ovtavio8.716.0Bear Creek
16Martinez, Eric8.113.2Overland High School
17Matthews, Jack7.710.9Lakewood
18Nesbitt, Walker7.811.8Rocky Mountain High School
19Palma, Ryan7.913.4Overland High School
20Paul, Jaegar7.49.4Evergreen High School
21Quintana, Gabe8.413.8Douglas County
22Rosenquist, Davin8.413.4Ralston Valley
23Somers, Ethan7.49.4Evergreen High School
24Sprik, Tavi8.412.6Chatfield Senior HS
25VanNice, Brae7.810.5Valor Christian High School
26Varela, Elias7.912.8Overland High School
27Vigil, Tony8.814.5Grandview High School
28Waltz, Luke8.910.7D'evelyn
29Wandruff, Phillip8.112.8Overland High School
30Ward, Aaron8.011.2Valor Christian High School
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