Name of Meet:
2019 GLIAC Diving Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-04, 12:00 PM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-16, 12:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
2451 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115
Main Contact:
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1 Meter Prelims1011 1h4m View Rules
Mens 3 Meter Prelims911 57m View Rules
Womens 1 Meter Prelims1711 1h49m View Rules
Womens 3 Meter Prelims1611 1h42m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Ashland UniversityAshlandOH
2Davenport UniversityGrand RapidsMI
3Grand Valley State UniversityAllendaleMI
4Northern Michigan UniversityMarquetteMI
5Saginaw Valley State UniversityUniversity CenterMI
6St. Cloud State UniversitySaint CloudMN
7Wayne State UniversityDetroitMI
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Baer, Lauren21 Marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 21:07
2Caird, Elizabeth R20 Jenison, MI Saginaw Valley State UniversityFeb 11, 11:00
3Carlson, Nicole20 Grand Rapids , MI Grand Valley State UniversityFeb 15, 21:28
4Cronin, Madeline M21 Ashland, OH Ashland UniversityFeb 15, 16:14
5Fitzpatrick, Maura20 MI Davenport UniversityFeb 12, 09:27
6Flickinger, Kyle22 Marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 13:18
7Glover, Ryan19 marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 15, 20:46
8Grossman, Mary19 Marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 21:51
9Horowitz, Sarah19 Dexter, MI Grand Valley State UniversityFeb 15, 21:32
10Huchalla, Amanda20 Sterling Heights, MI Wayne State UniversityFeb 05, 18:10
11Infante, Evan21 MN St. Cloud State UniversityFeb 14, 11:11
12Karasek, Mikayla21 Elkhart, IN Grand Valley State UniversityFeb 15, 21:22
13Kelly, Chris20 kalmazoo, MI Grand Valley State UniversityFeb 15, 21:29
14Kimble, Jamie21 Marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 13:16
15Larson, Devon20 Battle Creek, MI Grand Valley State UniversityFeb 15, 21:26
16Mahari, Hanos22 MN St. Cloud State UniversityFeb 14, 11:07
17Mentel, Mackenzie22 Missoula, MT Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 21:05
18Moffitt, Curran22 Marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 15, 20:53
19Ostrowski, Rose18 china, MI Davenport UniversityFeb 12, 09:34
20Ott, Justin B20 Britton, MI Saginaw Valley State UniversityFeb 11, 13:06
21Patterson, Valerie19 wyoming, MN Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 21:09
22Porter, Grant T19 Haslett, MI Wayne State UniversityFeb 11, 14:13
23Probstfeld, Angela22 White Lake, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 11, 13:15
24Rotundo, Nathan22 Marquette, MI Northern Michigan UniversityFeb 15, 20:51
25Stellick, Scott23 aurora, CO St. Cloud State UniversityFeb 14, 11:00
26Taormina, Nicole E20 Saint Clair Shores, MI Grand Valley State UniversityFeb 15, 21:20
27Teifer, Mia P21 Detroit, MI Wayne State UniversityFeb 05, 22:17
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Burciaga, SteveHead CoachGrand Valley State UniversityAllendaleMI
2Deters, KaylaHead CoachSt. Cloud State UniversitySaint CloudMN
3Dorff, ConnorAsst. CoachNorthern Michigan UniversityMarquetteMI
4Gucwa, JoeCoachSaginaw Valley State UniversitySaginawMI
5Olesiak, OliviaAsst. CoachAshland UniversityAshlandOH
6Williamson, AnneHead CoachDavenport UniversityEast Grand RapidsMI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Ashland UniversityCronin, Madeline M21AshlandOH
2Davenport UniversityFitzpatrick, Maura20 MI
3Ostrowski, Rose18chinaMI
4Grand Valley State UniversityCarlson, Nicole20Grand Rapids MI
5Horowitz, Sarah19DexterMI
6Karasek, Mikayla21ElkhartIN
7Kelly, Chris20kalmazooMI
8Larson, Devon20Battle CreekMI
9Taormina, Nicole E20Saint Clair ShoresMI
10Northern Michigan UniversityBaer, Lauren21MarquetteMI
11Flickinger, Kyle22MarquetteMI
12Glover, Ryan19marquetteMI
13Grossman, Mary19MarquetteMI
14Kimble, Jamie21MarquetteMI
15Mentel, Mackenzie22MissoulaMT
16Moffitt, Curran22MarquetteMI
17Patterson, Valerie19wyomingMN
18Probstfeld, Angela22White LakeMI
19Rotundo, Nathan22MarquetteMI
20Saginaw Valley State UniversityCaird, Elizabeth R20JenisonMI
21Ott, Justin B20BrittonMI
22St. Cloud State UniversityInfante, Evan21 MN
23Mahari, Hanos22 MN
24Stellick, Scott23auroraCO
25Wayne State UniversityHuchalla, Amanda20Sterling HeightsMI
26Porter, Grant T19HaslettMI
27Teifer, Mia P21DetroitMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1 Meter PrelimsFlickinger, Kyle View Sheet 8.614.4Northern Michigan University
2Glover, Ryan View Sheet 7.810.3Northern Michigan University
3Infante, Evan View Sheet 8.413.5St. Cloud State University
4Kelly, Chris View Sheet 8.714.0Grand Valley State University
5Mahari, Hanos View Sheet 9.016.1St. Cloud State University
6Moffitt, Curran View Sheet 7.99.4Northern Michigan University
7Ott, Justin B View Sheet 8.613.4Saginaw Valley State University
8Porter, Grant T View Sheet 8.714.5Wayne State University
9Rotundo, Nathan View Sheet 7.79.8Northern Michigan University
10Stellick, Scott View Sheet 8.916.2St. Cloud State University
11Mens 3 Meter PrelimsGlover, Ryan View Sheet 8.69.9Northern Michigan University
12Infante, Evan View Sheet 9.115.9St. Cloud State University
13Kelly, Chris View Sheet 9.516.0Grand Valley State University
14Mahari, Hanos View Sheet 9.516.6St. Cloud State University
15Moffitt, Curran View Sheet 8.29.5Northern Michigan University
16Ott, Justin B View Sheet 9.516.4Saginaw Valley State University
17Porter, Grant T View Sheet 9.515.4Wayne State University
18Rotundo, Nathan View Sheet 8.49.6Northern Michigan University
19Stellick, Scott View Sheet 9.516.2St. Cloud State University
20Womens 1 Meter PrelimsBaer, Lauren View Sheet 7.79.4Northern Michigan University
21Caird, Elizabeth R View Sheet 8.613.8Saginaw Valley State University
22Carlson, Nicole View Sheet 8.613.7Grand Valley State University
23Cronin, Madeline M View Sheet 8.012.6Ashland University
24Fitzpatrick, Maura View Sheet 8.713.8Davenport University
25Grossman, Mary View Sheet 8.715.0Northern Michigan University
26Horowitz, Sarah View Sheet 8.411.9Grand Valley State University
27Huchalla, Amanda View Sheet 8.714.9Wayne State University
28Karasek, Mikayla View Sheet 8.715.0Grand Valley State University
29Kimble, Jamie View Sheet 8.614.5Northern Michigan University
30Larson, Devon View Sheet 8.613.1Grand Valley State University
31Mentel, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.212.7Northern Michigan University
32Ostrowski, Rose View Sheet 8.813.8Davenport University
33Patterson, Valerie View Sheet 7.812.4Northern Michigan University
34Probstfeld, Angela View Sheet 8.614.2Northern Michigan University
35Taormina, Nicole E View Sheet 8.613.9Grand Valley State University
36Teifer, Mia P View Sheet 8.715.1Wayne State University
37Womens 3 Meter PrelimsBaer, Lauren View Sheet 8.410.9Northern Michigan University
38Caird, Elizabeth R View Sheet 8.814.1Saginaw Valley State University
39Carlson, Nicole View Sheet 9.514.2Grand Valley State University
40Cronin, Madeline M View Sheet 8.512.1Ashland University
41Fitzpatrick, Maura View Sheet 8.813.1Davenport University
42Grossman, Mary View Sheet 9.116.0Northern Michigan University
43Horowitz, Sarah View Sheet 8.512.1Grand Valley State University
44Huchalla, Amanda View Sheet 9.515.9Wayne State University
45Karasek, Mikayla View Sheet 9.514.5Grand Valley State University
46Kimble, Jamie View Sheet 9.515.1Northern Michigan University
47Larson, Devon View Sheet 8.713.5Grand Valley State University
48Mentel, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.712.7Northern Michigan University
49Ostrowski, Rose View Sheet 8.813.5Davenport University
50Patterson, Valerie View Sheet 8.413.4Northern Michigan University
51Probstfeld, Angela View Sheet 9.515.6Northern Michigan University
52Taormina, Nicole E View Sheet 9.515.6Grand Valley State University
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