Name of Meet:
2017 MHSAA Division 3 Girls State Finals
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-01, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-07, 6:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Eastern Michigan University
Michael H. Jones Natatorium
Ypsilanti , MI 48197
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Five dives – cut to top 20, three dives – cut to 16, three dives – top 12 advance to FINALS
Warm up schedule 3:00 pm warm up / 5:00 pm (unless otherwise posted).

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Region 7-3 @ Cranbrook Kingswood1911 2h1m View Rules
Region 8-3 @ Dewitt2211 2h21m View Rules
Region 9-3 @ Hamilton2011 2h8m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Adrian High SchoolAdrian MI
2Battle Creek Harper CreekBattle CreekMI
3Bay City John Glenn High SchoolBay CityMI
4Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook KingswoodBloomfield HillsMI
5Bloomfield Hills MarianBloomfield HillsMI
6Chelsea High SchoolChelsea MI
8Dundee High SchoolDundeeMI
9Eaton Rapids CharlotteEaton RapidsMI
10Flint KearsleyFlintMI
11Flint Powers CatholicFLINTMI
12Gaylord High SchoolGaylordMI
13Grosse Island High SchoolGrosse IslandMI
14Hamilton High SchoolHamiltonMI
15Holland ChristianhollandMI
16Livonia LadywoodLivoniaMI
17Ludington High SchoolLudingtonMI
18Marine City MarinersMarine CityMI
19Marshall High SchoolMarshallMI
20Marysville HighMarysvilleMI
21Mason High SchoolMasonMI
22Milan High SchoolMilanMI
23Ortonville BrandonOrtonvilleMI
24Otsego High SchoolOtsegoMI
25Owosso High SchoolOwossoMI
26Plainwell High SchoolPlainwellMI
27Regina High SchoolWarrenMI
28South HavenSouth HavenMI
29Spring Lake High SchoolSpring lake MI
30St. Clair High SchoolSt. Clair MI
34West Catholic High SchoolGrand RapidsMI
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam Name
1Almhiemid, Melina16 MIChelsea High School
2Baumer, Paige M18Bay CityMIBay City John Glenn High School
3Behm, Hannah14 MIDundee High School
4Bethard, Addison15 MIDewitt
5Bialik, Audra L17Spring LakeMISpring Lake High School
6Blood, Rayah15HamitonMIHamilton High School
7Bolt, Emily16ZeelandMIHolland Christian
8Brown, Ruby16 MIChelsea High School
9Campbell, Breanna15MarysvilleMIMarysville High
10Clevenger, Katie16 MIOwosso High School
11Cook, Sara17Grosse IslandMIGrosse Island High School
12Crawford, Mackenzie16YpsilantiMIMilan High School
13Dailey, Emily14 MIBloomfield Hills Marian
14Daman, Angelia18chelseaMIChelsea High School
15Elenz, Caitlyn S16GaylordMIGaylord High School
16Fogarty, Marijo15 MIDundee High School
17Gates, Faith16 MIOwosso High School
18Gottschalk, Laci a14sturgisMISturgis
19Graver, Allie16Grose IleMIGrosse Island High School
20Grippe, Hannah14St ClairMISt. Clair High School
21Higgs, Ellise R17Spring LakeMISpring Lake High School
22Hirdes, Brooklyn17 MIHolland Christian
23Holt, Lexie16MarshallMIMarshall High School
24Hurley, Anabelle L15AdrianMIAdrian High School
25Jipping, Brooke15HamiltonMIHamilton High School
26Johnson, Ally17MarshallMIMarshall High School
27Kulman, Laikyn18St ClairMISt. Clair High School
28Kusler, Megan17Battle Creek MIBattle Creek Harper Creek
29LaPlant, Ashley15 MIMilan High School
30Laster, Alaina14St ClairMISt. Clair High School
31Lilly, Jordan17WilliamstonMIWilliamston
32Miller, Joslyn16PlainwellMIPlainwell High School
33Misner, Grace16 MIWest Catholic High School
34Mizner, Izzy g15sturgisMISturgis
35Monahan, Joslyn15 MIEaton Rapids Charlotte
36Ostrowski, Rose17chinaMIMarine City Mariners
37Overbeek, Grace14 MIHamilton High School
38Powell, Autumn M15Eaton RapidsMIMason High School
39Price, Olivia16south havenMISouth Haven
40Raysin, Maddie16FlintMIFlint Kearsley
41Rhodes, Sam16St.ClairMIRegina High School
42Ritsema, Ashley14 MIHamilton High School
43Robertson, Olivia g17sturgisMISturgis
44Rossi, Gayner R17TrentonMITrenton
45Rowe, Natalie16OtsegoMIOtsego High School
46Russell, Veronica3Spring LakeMISpring Lake High School
47Ryan, Keri17MarysvilleMIMarysville High
48Schafer, Allyson17WaylandMIWayland
49Schmidt, Maddie16DundeeMIDundee High School
50Scott, Heidi14 MIWilliamston
51Shoop, Andrea17LudingtonMILudington High School
52Snyder, Elise14 MIDewitt
53Snyder, Emily17 MIFlint Powers Catholic
54Snyder, Samantha17FlintMIFlint Powers Catholic
55Sosnoski, Emily17OrtonvilleMIOrtonville Brandon
56Spencer, Adelaide16marine cityMIMarine City Mariners
57Sweet, Sienna16 MIRegina High School
58Thanopoulos, Kat M17Bloomfield HillsMIBloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood
59Uridge, Alexandra15PlainwellMIPlainwell High School
60VanNuil, Andrea17HollandMIHolland Christian
61Williams, Rachel K16White LakeMILivonia Ladywood
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Barrett, DavidAsst. CoachFlint KearsleyClioMI
2Belton, DarrylHead CoachOtsego High SchoolOtsegoMI
3Bllackstock, SarahAsst. CoachMarine City MarinersEast ChinaMI
4Cole, KaseyCoachLudington High SchoolLudingtonMI
5Davis, MicheleHead CoachGaylord High SchoolGaylordMI
6Eubanks, RustyAsst. CoachDundee High SchoolTecumsehMI
7Fish, LauraAsst. CoachMason High SchoolIoniaMI
8Forster, GregHead CoachSt. Clair High SchoolMarysvilleMI
9Griffith, SaraAsst. CoachEaton Rapids CharlotteJacksonMI
10Guzzio, JoeHead CoachBloomfield Hills MarianRoyal OakMI
11Kavanaugh, MikeAsst. CoachOrtonville BrandonAuburn HillsMI
12Knight, ThomasAsst. CoachSpring Lake High SchoolNorton ShoresMI
13Laginess, ChelseaHead CoachMilan High SchoolDundeeMI
14Leestma, HannaHead CoachDewittEast LansingMI
15Martin, NicoleAsst. CoachAdrian High SchoolAdrianMI
16Moritz, CaitlinHead CoachWaylandWaylandMI
18Oliver, BobCoachWilliamstonWilliamstonMI
17O'Rourke, Mary BethHead CoachWest Catholic High SchoolGrand RapidsMI
19Parks, MollyAsst. CoachOwosso High SchoolMilfordMI
20Rariden, RobertAsst. CoachFlint Powers CatholicGrand blancMI
21Rariden, RobertAsst. CoachFlint Powers CatholicGrand BlancMI
22richart, kristyAsst. CoachChelsea High SchoolsalineMI
23Riemersma, DianeAsst. CoachHolland ChristianZeelandMI
24Rogers, JulieHead CoachMarysville HighMarysvilleMI
25Rossi, JenniferHead CoachTrentonTrentonMI
26Seibert, LynneAsst. CoachPlainwell High SchoolPlainwellMI
27Sevald, CarlyHead CoachBloomfield Hills Cranbrook KingswoodRoyal OakMI
28Talsma, EricAsst. CoachHamilton High SchoolHamiltonMI
29Warlick, RonaldHead CoachMarshall High SchoolMarshallMI
30White, KevinAsst. CoachRegina High SchoolWarrenMI
31Wilk, StanHead CoachBattle Creek Harper CreekBattle CreekMI
32Williams, KevinHead CoachLivonia LadywoodWhite LakeMI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Adrian High SchoolHurley, Anabelle L15AdrianMI
2Battle Creek Harper CreekKusler, Megan17Battle Creek MI
3Bay City John Glenn High SchoolBaumer, Paige M18Bay CityMI
4Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook KingswoodThanopoulos, Kat M17Bloomfield HillsMI
5Bloomfield Hills MarianDailey, Emily14 MI
6Chelsea High SchoolAlmhiemid, Melina16 MI
7Brown, Ruby16 MI
8Daman, Angelia18chelseaMI
9DewittBethard, Addison15 MI
10Snyder, Elise14 MI
11Dundee High SchoolBehm, Hannah14 MI
12Fogarty, Marijo15 MI
13Schmidt, Maddie16DundeeMI
14Eaton Rapids CharlotteMonahan, Joslyn15 MI
15Flint KearsleyRaysin, Maddie16FlintMI
16Flint Powers CatholicSnyder, Emily17 MI
17Snyder, Samantha17FlintMI
18Gaylord High SchoolElenz, Caitlyn S16GaylordMI
19Grosse Island High SchoolCook, Sara17Grosse IslandMI
20Graver, Allie16Grose IleMI
21Hamilton High SchoolBlood, Rayah15HamitonMI
22Jipping, Brooke15HamiltonMI
23Overbeek, Grace14 MI
24Ritsema, Ashley14 MI
25Holland ChristianBolt, Emily16ZeelandMI
26Hirdes, Brooklyn17 MI
27VanNuil, Andrea17HollandMI
28Livonia LadywoodWilliams, Rachel K16White LakeMI
29Ludington High SchoolShoop, Andrea17LudingtonMI
30Marine City MarinersOstrowski, Rose17chinaMI
31Spencer, Adelaide16marine cityMI
32Marshall High SchoolHolt, Lexie16MarshallMI
33Johnson, Ally17MarshallMI
34Marysville HighCampbell, Breanna15MarysvilleMI
35Ryan, Keri17MarysvilleMI
36Mason High SchoolPowell, Autumn M15Eaton RapidsMI
37Milan High SchoolCrawford, Mackenzie16YpsilantiMI
38LaPlant, Ashley15 MI
39Ortonville BrandonSosnoski, Emily17OrtonvilleMI
40Otsego High SchoolRowe, Natalie16OtsegoMI
41Owosso High SchoolClevenger, Katie16 MI
42Gates, Faith16 MI
43Plainwell High SchoolMiller, Joslyn16PlainwellMI
44Uridge, Alexandra15PlainwellMI
45Regina High SchoolRhodes, Sam16St.ClairMI
46Sweet, Sienna16 MI
47South HavenPrice, Olivia16south havenMI
48Spring Lake High SchoolBialik, Audra L17Spring LakeMI
49Higgs, Ellise R17Spring LakeMI
50Russell, Veronica3Spring LakeMI
51St. Clair High SchoolGrippe, Hannah14St ClairMI
52Kulman, Laikyn18St ClairMI
53Laster, Alaina14St ClairMI
54SturgisGottschalk, Laci a14sturgisMI
55Mizner, Izzy g15sturgisMI
56Robertson, Olivia g17sturgisMI
57TrentonRossi, Gayner R17TrentonMI
58WaylandSchafer, Allyson17WaylandMI
59West Catholic High SchoolMisner, Grace16 MI
60WilliamstonLilly, Jordan17WilliamstonMI
61Scott, Heidi14 MI
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Region 7-3 @ Cranbrook KingswoodBehm, Hannah7.79.5Dundee High School
2Campbell, Breanna8.812.0Marysville High
3Cook, Sara8.612.3Grosse Island High School
4Dailey, Emily7.89.4Bloomfield Hills Marian
5Fogarty, Marijo7.99.5Dundee High School
6Graver, Allie7.810.5Grosse Island High School
7Grippe, Hannah7.79.8St. Clair High School
8Kulman, Laikyn8.412.5St. Clair High School
9Laster, Alaina7.79.9St. Clair High School
10Ostrowski, Rose8.512.6Marine City Mariners
11Rhodes, Sam7.910.8Regina High School
12Rossi, Gayner R8.910.5Trenton
13Ryan, Keri9.012.8Marysville High
14Schmidt, Maddie8.010.8Dundee High School
15Sosnoski, Emily8.412.4Ortonville Brandon
16Spencer, Adelaide7.810.7Marine City Mariners
17Sweet, Sienna7.910.8Regina High School
18Thanopoulos, Kat M8.010.7Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood
19Williams, Rachel K8.210.7Livonia Ladywood
20Region 8-3 @ DewittAlmhiemid, Melina8.311.2Chelsea High School
21Baumer, Paige M8.311.4Bay City John Glenn High School
22Bethard, Addison8.111.2Dewitt
23Brown, Ruby8.010.0Chelsea High School
24Clevenger, Katie8.812.7Owosso High School
25Crawford, Mackenzie8.714.0Milan High School
26Daman, Angelia8.613.0Chelsea High School
27Elenz, Caitlyn S8.612.9Gaylord High School
28Gates, Faith8.010.3Owosso High School
29Holt, Lexie8.110.5Marshall High School
30Hurley, Anabelle L8.213.7Adrian High School
31Johnson, Ally8.512.7Marshall High School
32Kusler, Megan8.611.9Battle Creek Harper Creek
33LaPlant, Ashley8.212.2Milan High School
34Lilly, Jordan8.511.0Williamston
35Monahan, Joslyn7.59.5Eaton Rapids Charlotte
36Powell, Autumn M8.011.2Mason High School
37Raysin, Maddie8.110.8Flint Kearsley
38Scott, Heidi8.711.1Williamston
39Snyder, Elise8.813.2Dewitt
40Snyder, Emily7.89.8Flint Powers Catholic
41Snyder, Samantha7.911.0Flint Powers Catholic
42Region 9-3 @ HamiltonBialik, Audra L8.713.2Spring Lake High School
43Blood, Rayah9.013.4Hamilton High School
44Bolt, Emily8.513.3Holland Christian
45Gottschalk, Laci a8.410.8Sturgis
46Higgs, Ellise R8.212.2Spring Lake High School
47Hirdes, Brooklyn7.611.2Holland Christian
48Jipping, Brooke8.210.8Hamilton High School
49Miller, Joslyn8.111.9Plainwell High School
50Misner, Grace7.89.7West Catholic High School
51Mizner, Izzy g8.510.1Sturgis
52Overbeek, Grace8.210.8Hamilton High School
53Price, Olivia7.911.0South Haven
54Ritsema, Ashley8.211.1Hamilton High School
55Robertson, Olivia g8.712.0Sturgis
56Rowe, Natalie8.510.3Otsego High School
57Russell, Veronica8.010.7Spring Lake High School
58Schafer, Allyson8.714.3Wayland
59Shoop, Andrea8.311.3Ludington High School
60Uridge, Alexandra8.412.3Plainwell High School
61VanNuil, Andrea7.812.2Holland Christian
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