Name of Meet:
5th Annual Westside Classic
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Aug-15, 9:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Oct-02, 5:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Southwest Valley Family YMCA
2919 N. Litchfield Road
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Main Contact:
William Hunter
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
No late entries. No changes on deck. Boys and girls will run simultaneous with two judging panels with assigned boards. Entry Fees must be paid by your athletic department to include dive with swim or as a single event. Question on costs should be referred to Denise Stewart per the AIA website for approved state qualifying meets.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M - 11 Dive3211 3h25m View Rules
Girls 1M - 11 Dive2911 3h6m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1BASIS FlagstaffFlagstaffAZ
2Boulder Creek High SchoolAnthemAZ
3Cactus HighGlendaleAZ
4Canyon View High SchoolWaddellAZ
5Deer Valley High SchoolGlendaleAZ
6Dysart High SchoolEl MirageAZ
7Liberty High SchoolPeoriaAZ
8Millennium High SchoolGoodyearAZ
9Mountain Ridge High SchoolGlendaleAZ
10Raymond S. Kellis HighGlendaleAZ
11Sunrise Mountain High SchoolPeoriaAZ
12Trivium Preparatory AcademyGoodyearAZ
13Verrado High SchoolBuckeyeAZ
14Westview High SchoolAVONDALEAZ
Diver NameGradeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Allred, Brock  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 30, 16:56
2Angelovic, Amanda MSOLitchfield ParkAZVerrado High SchoolOct 01, 13:40
3Angelovic, John MFRLitchfield ParkAZVerrado High SchoolOct 01, 13:47
4Berends, AlexandraFRGlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 13:22
5Boring, Natalia  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 19:54
6Bradshaw, Hannah  AZDeer Valley High SchoolOct 02, 00:22
7Brinker, Grace  AZTrivium Preparatory AcademySep 28, 18:29
8Cable, Thomas BFRLitchfield ParkAZVerrado High SchoolOct 01, 13:51
9Capistran, Andrew  AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 30, 01:33
10Christensen, Luke PFRLitchfield ParkAZCanyon View High SchoolOct 01, 13:57
11Cleghorn, Emma-KateJRPhoenixAZBoulder Creek High SchoolSep 30, 11:33
12Cravens, Josie  AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 29, 23:54
13Day, Mikayla  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 23:21
14Devivo, LorenzoSOAnthemAZBoulder Creek High SchoolOct 02, 15:45
15Dhooge, Braden  AZBoulder Creek High SchoolOct 02, 15:55
16Dhooge, BriannaSOAnthemAZBoulder Creek High SchoolOct 02, 15:50
17Diaz, Alyssa  AZDeer Valley High SchoolOct 01, 23:58
18Downing, Blake  AZCactus HighSep 28, 00:28
19Drake, Julie GlendaleAZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 20:26
20Flesher, Carli  AZDeer Valley High SchoolOct 02, 00:03
21Gmyrek, BenFRGlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 13:52
22Grauer, Bailey LFRphxAZBoulder Creek High SchoolOct 02, 16:02
23Griswold, Austin  AZBoulder Creek High SchoolOct 02, 15:38
24Hartwell, Jesse  AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 30, 01:24
25Helland, AnneliseSOGoodyearAZTrivium Preparatory AcademySep 28, 18:32
26Hemphill, Jack DFRGlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 13:11
27Henry, BrooklynSRGlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 13:28
28Hoiland, CameronFRSurpriseAZDysart High SchoolSep 28, 18:02
29Holm, TatumSOFlagstaffAZBASIS FlagstaffSep 30, 13:19
30Honer, Evan  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 20:15
31Hoover, Lindsey Anthem AZBoulder Creek High SchoolSep 30, 19:37
32Jellison, Kiya GlendaleAZRaymond S. Kellis HighSep 28, 01:00
33Johnson, Mia  AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 30, 00:01
34Keel, Emily  AZCactus HighSep 28, 00:52
35Larson, Logan  AZDeer Valley High SchoolOct 01, 23:23
36Ludka, Megan E Litchfield ParkAZVerrado High SchoolOct 01, 13:49
37Lundberg, Bryce  AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 30, 09:42
38MacArthur, Sean CFRLitchfield ParkAZVerrado High SchoolOct 01, 13:53
39Neugebauer, BrandonFRGoodyearAZTrivium Preparatory AcademySep 28, 18:34
40Padilla, Derick  AZWestview High SchoolOct 01, 22:38
41Perkins, Sami  AZDeer Valley High SchoolOct 02, 00:12
42Pingree, SethFRGlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 13:55
43Pribyl, Boston  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 22:55
44Pribyl, Ethan  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 23:12
45Rael-Tingley, Cody JFRSurpriseAZMillennium High SchoolSep 21, 14:26
46Raybourn, Jocelyn  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 23:32
47Reagan, Acey  AZDeer Valley High SchoolOct 01, 23:13
48Roman, JamesFRAnthemAZBoulder Creek High SchoolSep 29, 15:39
49Schlieker, Can (cj)  AZCactus HighSep 28, 00:41
50Sieglitz, Jordan GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 13:24
51Skinnell, Kolman  AZRaymond S. Kellis HighSep 28, 01:04
52Soza, Monica  AZCactus HighSep 28, 00:35
53Thomson, Laila  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 29, 23:24
54Trapp, ElizaSOAnthemAZBoulder Creek High SchoolSep 30, 22:40
55Trapp, Yelena TFRAnthemAZBoulder Creek High SchoolOct 02, 11:19
56Tribbett, Olivia  AZRaymond S. Kellis HighSep 28, 01:11
57Walter, Andrew  AZLiberty High SchoolSep 30, 16:31
58Walters, GraceSOGoodyearAZTrivium Preparatory AcademySep 28, 18:31
59Widomski, JoshuaJREl MirageAZDysart High SchoolSep 28, 17:12
60Williams, KateSOGlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolOct 01, 14:07
61Wilson, Justin  AZCactus HighSep 28, 00:48
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cano, SamuelAsst. CoachDeer Valley High SchoolPeoriaAZ
2Conte, MarkHead CoachLiberty High SchoolGlendaleAZ
3Hunter, WilliamHead CoachCanyon View High SchoolLitchfield ParkAZ
4Judd, JennaHead CoachDysart High SchoolSurpriseAZ
5Kunselman, JeffHead CoachBoulder Creek High SchoolAnthemAZ
6Parsons, RachelCoachWestview High SchoolAvondaleAZ
7Small, EricHead CoachMountain Ridge High SchoolGlendaleAZ
8Stec, AmyAsst. CoachTrivium Preparatory AcademyGlendaleAZ
9Wasser, MarlaHead CoachRaymond S. Kellis HighGlendaleAZ
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1BASIS FlagstaffHolm, TatumSOFlagstaffAZ
2Boulder Creek High SchoolCleghorn, Emma-KateJRPhoenixAZ
3Devivo, LorenzoSOAnthemAZ
4Dhooge, Braden  AZ
5Dhooge, BriannaSOAnthemAZ
6Grauer, Bailey LFRphxAZ
7Griswold, Austin  AZ
8Hoover, Lindsey Anthem AZ
9Roman, JamesFRAnthemAZ
10Trapp, ElizaSOAnthemAZ
11Trapp, Yelena TFRAnthemAZ
12Cactus HighDowning, Blake  AZ
13Keel, Emily  AZ
14Schlieker, Can (cj)  AZ
15Soza, Monica  AZ
16Wilson, Justin  AZ
17Canyon View High SchoolChristensen, Luke PFRLitchfield ParkAZ
18Deer Valley High SchoolBradshaw, Hannah  AZ
19Diaz, Alyssa  AZ
20Flesher, Carli  AZ
21Larson, Logan  AZ
22Perkins, Sami  AZ
23Reagan, Acey  AZ
24Dysart High SchoolHoiland, CameronFRSurpriseAZ
25Widomski, JoshuaJREl MirageAZ
26Liberty High SchoolAllred, Brock  AZ
27Boring, Natalia  AZ
28Day, Mikayla  AZ
29Drake, Julie GlendaleAZ
30Honer, Evan  AZ
31Pribyl, Boston  AZ
32Pribyl, Ethan  AZ
33Raybourn, Jocelyn  AZ
34Thomson, Laila  AZ
35Walter, Andrew  AZ
36Millennium High SchoolRael-Tingley, Cody JFRSurpriseAZ
37Mountain Ridge High SchoolBerends, AlexandraFRGlendaleAZ
38Gmyrek, BenFRGlendaleAZ
39Hemphill, Jack DFRGlendaleAZ
40Henry, BrooklynSRGlendaleAZ
41Pingree, SethFRGlendaleAZ
42Sieglitz, Jordan GlendaleAZ
43Williams, KateSOGlendaleAZ
44Raymond S. Kellis HighJellison, Kiya GlendaleAZ
45Skinnell, Kolman  AZ
46Tribbett, Olivia  AZ
47Sunrise Mountain High SchoolCapistran, Andrew  AZ
48Cravens, Josie  AZ
49Hartwell, Jesse  AZ
50Johnson, Mia  AZ
51Lundberg, Bryce  AZ
52Trivium Preparatory AcademyBrinker, Grace  AZ
53Helland, AnneliseSOGoodyearAZ
54Neugebauer, BrandonFRGoodyearAZ
55Walters, GraceSOGoodyearAZ
56Verrado High SchoolAngelovic, Amanda MSOLitchfield ParkAZ
57Angelovic, John MFRLitchfield ParkAZ
58Cable, Thomas BFRLitchfield ParkAZ
59Ludka, Megan E Litchfield ParkAZ
60MacArthur, Sean CFRLitchfield ParkAZ
61Westview High SchoolPadilla, Derick  AZ
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M - 11 DiveAllred, Brock View Sheet 8.19.3Liberty High School
2Angelovic, John M View Sheet 9.014.4Verrado High School
3Cable, Thomas B View Sheet 7.612.5Verrado High School
4Capistran, Andrew View Sheet 8.09.1Sunrise Mountain High School
5Christensen, Luke P View Sheet 8.612.8Canyon View High School
6Devivo, Lorenzo View Sheet 8.612.0Boulder Creek High School
7Dhooge, Braden View Sheet 8.413.5Boulder Creek High School
8Downing, Blake View Sheet 8.49.4Cactus High
9Gmyrek, Ben View Sheet 8.09.2Mountain Ridge High School
10Grauer, Bailey L View Sheet 7.411.1Boulder Creek High School
11Griswold, Austin View Sheet 8.312.4Boulder Creek High School
12Hartwell, Jesse View Sheet 8.710.2Sunrise Mountain High School
13Hemphill, Jack D View Sheet 9.011.6Mountain Ridge High School
14Hoiland, Cameron View Sheet 8.511.3Dysart High School
15Honer, Evan View Sheet 9.016.7Liberty High School
16Jellison, Kiya View Sheet 8.713.7Raymond S. Kellis High
17Larson, Logan View Sheet 7.59.5Deer Valley High School
18Lundberg, Bryce View Sheet 7.79.6Sunrise Mountain High School
19MacArthur, Sean C View Sheet 8.411.4Verrado High School
20Neugebauer, Brandon View Sheet 8.210.1Trivium Preparatory Academy
21Padilla, Derick View Sheet 8.010.5Westview High School
22Pingree, Seth View Sheet 8.39.8Mountain Ridge High School
23Pribyl, Boston View Sheet 8.413.0Liberty High School
24Pribyl, Ethan View Sheet 7.99.2Liberty High School
25Rael-Tingley, Cody J View Sheet 9.011.7Millennium High School
26Reagan, Acey View Sheet 8.912.8Deer Valley High School
27Roman, James View Sheet 8.012.4Boulder Creek High School
28Schlieker, Can (cj) View Sheet 8.410.6Cactus High
29Skinnell, Kolman View Sheet 7.910.3Raymond S. Kellis High
30Walter, Andrew View Sheet 7.910.4Liberty High School
31Widomski, Joshua View Sheet 8.19.3Dysart High School
32Wilson, Justin View Sheet 8.010.3Cactus High
33Girls 1M - 11 DiveAngelovic, Amanda M View Sheet 8.511.4Verrado High School
34Berends, Alexandra View Sheet 8.712.0Mountain Ridge High School
35Boring, Natalia View Sheet 7.811.1Liberty High School
36Bradshaw, Hannah View Sheet 7.710.2Deer Valley High School
37Brinker, Grace View Sheet 8.210.3Trivium Preparatory Academy
38Cleghorn, Emma-Kate View Sheet 7.710.8Boulder Creek High School
39Cravens, Josie View Sheet 8.311.1Sunrise Mountain High School
40Day, Mikayla View Sheet 8.912.0Liberty High School
41Dhooge, Brianna View Sheet 7.510.3Boulder Creek High School
42Diaz, Alyssa View Sheet 8.19.5Deer Valley High School
43Drake, Julie View Sheet 9.011.1Liberty High School
44Flesher, Carli View Sheet 7.710.0Deer Valley High School
45Helland, Annelise View Sheet 8.19.3Trivium Preparatory Academy
46Henry, Brooklyn View Sheet 8.39.9Mountain Ridge High School
47Holm, Tatum View Sheet 7.710.5BASIS Flagstaff
48Hoover, Lindsey View Sheet 7.710.6Boulder Creek High School
49Johnson, Mia View Sheet 8.09.1Sunrise Mountain High School
50Keel, Emily View Sheet 8.09.5Cactus High
51Ludka, Megan E View Sheet 8.612.9Verrado High School
52Perkins, Sami View Sheet 7.59.5Deer Valley High School
53Raybourn, Jocelyn View Sheet 7.79.5Liberty High School
54Sieglitz, Jordan View Sheet 8.811.1Mountain Ridge High School
55Soza, Monica View Sheet 8.210.1Cactus High
56Thomson, Laila View Sheet 7.79.6Liberty High School
57Trapp, Eliza View Sheet 7.611.2Boulder Creek High School
58Trapp, Yelena T View Sheet 7.910.4Boulder Creek High School
59Tribbett, Olivia View Sheet 7.89.2Raymond S. Kellis High
60Walters, Grace View Sheet 8.19.4Trivium Preparatory Academy
61Williams, Kate View Sheet 8.311.1Mountain Ridge High School
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