Name of Meet:
Middleton at Maple Bluff
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jul-09, 12:00 PM CDT
Registration Closes:
Jul-12, 4:00 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Maple Bluff Country Club
500 Kensington Drive
Madison, WI 53705
Main Contact:
Caroline McNeil
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Jul-12 4:00 PM CDT

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 10 under 1M25 5m View Rules
Boys 11-12 1M06 View Rules
Boys 13-14 1M16 3m View Rules
Boys 15-19 1M06 View Rules
Girls 10 under 1M65 17m View Rules
Girls 11-12 1M76 24m View Rules
Girls 13-14 1M16 3m View Rules
Girls 15-19 1M16 3m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Maple BluffMadisonWI
2Middleton GatorsMiddletonWI
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Akimov, Serafim14 middleton, WI Middleton GatorsJul 10, 08:23
2Akimova, Sofiia10 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 08:05
3Crowley, Muireann10 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:28
4Crowley, Róisín8 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:57
5Faust, Ruby11 middleton, WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:05
6Galle, Leona12 middleton, WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:36
7Galle, Quincy10 middleton, WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:39
8Haldeman, Lincoln6 WI Maple BluffJul 12, 09:30
9Hermsen, Indie12 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:10
10Jodlowski, Haley15 Madison, WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 07:44
11Jodlowski, Hanna13 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 08:58
12Johnson, Vivian10 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:51
13Kuehn, Hattie12 Madison, WI Maple BluffJul 12, 09:37
14Olsen, Audrey11 Madison, WI Maple BluffJul 12, 15:41
15Olver, Max11 middleton, WI Middleton GatorsJul 10, 10:29
16Patten, Anna11 WI Middleton GatorsJul 12, 09:20
17Rectenwald, Kate12 Madison, WI Maple BluffJul 12, 09:36
18Samuelson, Taylor13 middleton, WI Middleton GatorsJul 10, 08:29
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1McNeil, CarolineAsst. CoachMaple BluffMadisonWI
2Starr, AlexAsst. CoachMiddleton GatorsmiddletonWI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Maple BluffHaldeman, Lincoln6 WI
2Kuehn, Hattie12MadisonWI
3Olsen, Audrey11MadisonWI
4Rectenwald, Kate12MadisonWI
5Middleton GatorsAkimov, Serafim14middletonWI
6Akimova, Sofiia10 WI
7Crowley, Muireann10 WI
8Crowley, Róisín8 WI
9Faust, Ruby11middletonWI
10Galle, Leona12middletonWI
11Galle, Quincy10middletonWI
12Hermsen, Indie12 WI
13Jodlowski, Haley15MadisonWI
14Jodlowski, Hanna13 WI
15Johnson, Vivian10 WI
16Olver, Max11middletonWI
17Patten, Anna11 WI
18Samuelson, Taylor13middletonWI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 10 under 1MHaldeman, Lincoln View Sheet 1.46.4Maple Bluff
2Olver, Max View Sheet 1.78.1Middleton Gators
3Boys 13-14 1MAkimov, Serafim View Sheet 1.710.1Middleton Gators
4Girls 10 under 1MAkimova, Sofiia View Sheet 1.77.0Middleton Gators
5Crowley, Muireann View Sheet 1.46.3Middleton Gators
6Crowley, Róisín View Sheet 1.46.7Middleton Gators
7Galle, Quincy View Sheet 1.46.6Middleton Gators
8Johnson, Vivian View Sheet 1.46.4Middleton Gators
9Patten, Anna View Sheet 1.66.3Middleton Gators
10Girls 11-12 1MFaust, Ruby View Sheet 1.48.1Middleton Gators
11Galle, Leona View Sheet 1.48.4Middleton Gators
12Hermsen, Indie View Sheet 1.47.8Middleton Gators
13Jodlowski, Hanna View Sheet 1.511.6Middleton Gators
14Kuehn, Hattie View Sheet 1.49.0Maple Bluff
15Olsen, Audrey View Sheet 1.58.2Maple Bluff
16Rectenwald, Kate View Sheet 1.59.5Maple Bluff
17Girls 13-14 1MSamuelson, Taylor View Sheet 1.87.5Middleton Gators
18Girls 15-19 1MJodlowski, Haley View Sheet 1.78.2Middleton Gators
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