Name of Meet:
Sunset League Invite #4
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-22, 8:00 AM PST
Registration Closes:
Apr-17, 11:59 PM PST
Entry Fees Charged:
Marina High School Pool
15871 Springdale St
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Main Contact:
Kaeden Kraft
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Please email meet director with Novice divers

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M 11 Dives1111 1h10m View Rules
Boys 1m 4 dives44 9m View Rules
Girls 1M 11 Dives1211 1h17m View Rules
Girls 1m 4 dives254 58m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Edison High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
2Long Beach Millikan High SchoolLong BeachCA
3Long Beach PolyTechnic High SchoolLong BeachCA
4Los Alamitos High SchoolLos AlamitosCA
5Marina High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
6Ocean View High SchoolHuntington Beach 
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Balazquez, Natalie16 CAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:44
2Balcacer, Carina15 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:33
3Charity, Bryce15Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:59
4Cheffer, Delaney17Long BeachCALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:19
5Clarke, Molly16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:28
6cordell, cameryn17Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:52
7Dollins, Heather17 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:31
8Gunderson, Blair M18Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:54
9Hart, Margaux E16Huntington BeachCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:46
10Hartwyk, Jeffrey18Seal BeachCALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:22
11Hodges, Jade E1Huntington BeachCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:45
12Huynh, Anh T17Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:55
13Junkes, Jackie18 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:27
14King, Abby16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:32
15Kist, Tyler J16Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 06:47
16Lahouasnia, Rayane15Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:59
17Lazar, Courtney15 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:37
18Leitner, Taylor15 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:16
19Levine, Kerry A17Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:53
20Lummus, Natalie16Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 06:39
21Mezzano, Leah N16Huntington Beach CACAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:47
22Miranda, Yolanda M18WestministerCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:40
23Nagy, Alex S18fountain valleyCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:46
24Nash, Lily16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:29
25Nelson, Jenna M17Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 06:42
26Nguyen, Casey15WestminsterCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:43
27Nichols, Spencer0Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:38
28Nickle, Seth0Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:57
29Nielsen, Morgan18 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:08
30Nugent, Maya16Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 06:44
31Popa, Matt18 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:25
32Provini, Dyce I18Huntington beachCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:52
33Raupp, Rylie16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:41
34Rivera, Brayton17WestminsterCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 06:49
35Robinett, Emma15Long BeachCALong Beach PolyTechnic High SchoolApr 16, 22:12
36Schaben, Evan0Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:46
37Schwarz, Taylor15Long BeachCALong Beach Millikan High SchoolApr 16, 21:18
38Sideris, Emme17Huntington BeachCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 06:54
39Sojian, Mary18Fountain ValleyCALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:12
40Stepanian, Andrew16Hungtington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 06:51
41Stigar, Kerryn R18Huntington BeachCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:49
42Swanson, Liam15Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:56
43Tay, Sara N16WestminsterCAMarina High SchoolApr 17, 13:58
44thorn, Jodi16Huntington beachCAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 14:04
45Tiffany, Corinn16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:42
46tong, Kyle V19 CAOcean View High SchoolApr 17, 13:50
47Vogt, Elizabeth16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:36
48Walker, Emma14Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:58
49Wren, Sydney E17Long BeachCALong Beach PolyTechnic High SchoolApr 16, 22:14
50Zaki, Mateo15Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:58
51Zimpelman, Chloe16 CALos Alamitos High SchoolApr 17, 23:30
52Zinner, Avery15Huntington BeachCAEdison High SchoolApr 17, 21:53
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Butler, ShaneHead CoachLos Alamitos High SchoolSEAL BEACHCA
2Kraft, KaedenAsst. CoachOcean View High SchoolRossmoorCA
3Roope, AllisonHead CoachEdison High SchoolGarden GroveCA
4Spilsbury, SaraHead CoachOcean View High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Edison High SchoolCharity, Bryce15Huntington BeachCA
2Nichols, Spencer0Huntington BeachCA
3Nickle, Seth0Huntington BeachCA
4Schaben, Evan0Huntington BeachCA
5Swanson, Liam15Huntington BeachCA
6Walker, Emma14Huntington BeachCA
7Zaki, Mateo15Huntington BeachCA
8Zinner, Avery15Huntington BeachCA
9Long Beach Millikan High SchoolSchwarz, Taylor15Long BeachCA
10Long Beach PolyTechnic High SchoolRobinett, Emma15Long BeachCA
11Wren, Sydney E17Long BeachCA
12Los Alamitos High SchoolBalcacer, Carina15 CA
13Cheffer, Delaney17Long BeachCA
14Clarke, Molly16 CA
15Dollins, Heather17 CA
16Hartwyk, Jeffrey18Seal BeachCA
17Junkes, Jackie18 CA
18King, Abby16 CA
19Lazar, Courtney15 CA
20Leitner, Taylor15 CA
21Nash, Lily16 CA
22Nielsen, Morgan18 CA
23Popa, Matt18 CA
24Raupp, Rylie16 CA
25Sojian, Mary18Fountain ValleyCA
26Tiffany, Corinn16 CA
27Vogt, Elizabeth16 CA
28Zimpelman, Chloe16 CA
29Marina High Schoolcordell, cameryn17Huntington BeachCA
30Gunderson, Blair M18Huntington BeachCA
31Huynh, Anh T17Huntington BeachCA
32Kist, Tyler J16Huntington BeachCA
33Lahouasnia, Rayane15Huntington BeachCA
34Levine, Kerry A17Huntington BeachCA
35Lummus, Natalie16Huntington BeachCA
36Nelson, Jenna M17Huntington BeachCA
37Nugent, Maya16Huntington BeachCA
38Rivera, Brayton17WestminsterCA
39Stepanian, Andrew16Hungtington BeachCA
40Stigar, Kerryn R18Huntington BeachCA
41Tay, Sara N16WestminsterCA
42Ocean View High SchoolBalazquez, Natalie16 CA
43Hart, Margaux E16Huntington BeachCA
44Hodges, Jade E1Huntington BeachCA
45Mezzano, Leah N16Huntington Beach CACA
46Miranda, Yolanda M18WestministerCA
47Nagy, Alex S18fountain valleyCA
48Nguyen, Casey15WestminsterCA
49Provini, Dyce I18Huntington beachCA
50Sideris, Emme17Huntington BeachCA
51thorn, Jodi16Huntington beachCA
52tong, Kyle V19 CA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M 11 DivesHartwyk, Jeffrey View Sheet 7.511.6Los Alamitos High School
2Kist, Tyler J View Sheet 7.412.1Marina High School
3Nichols, Spencer View Sheet 7.611.9Edison High School
4Popa, Matt View Sheet 7.410.7Los Alamitos High School
5Provini, Dyce I View Sheet 7.610.4Ocean View High School
6Rivera, Brayton View Sheet 7.410.2Marina High School
7Schaben, Evan View Sheet 7.412.0Edison High School
8Stepanian, Andrew View Sheet 7.710.2Marina High School
9Swanson, Liam View Sheet 7.410.9Edison High School
10tong, Kyle V View Sheet 7.610.8Ocean View High School
11Zinner, Avery View Sheet 7.511.0Edison High School
12Boys 1m 4 divesLahouasnia, Rayane View Sheet 1.24.5Marina High School
13Nagy, Alex S View Sheet 1.44.3Ocean View High School
14Nickle, Seth View Sheet 1.24.6Edison High School
15Zaki, Mateo View Sheet 1.34.9Edison High School
16Girls 1M 11 DivesCheffer, Delaney View Sheet 7.610.7Los Alamitos High School
17Leitner, Taylor View Sheet 7.610.1Los Alamitos High School
18Lummus, Natalie View Sheet 8.012.1Marina High School
19Nelson, Jenna M View Sheet 8.012.0Marina High School
20Nielsen, Morgan View Sheet 7.99.6Los Alamitos High School
21Nugent, Maya View Sheet 7.710.9Marina High School
22Robinett, Emma View Sheet 8.212.6Long Beach PolyTechnic High School
23Schwarz, Taylor View Sheet 8.613.4Long Beach Millikan High School
24Sideris, Emme View Sheet 7.410.9Ocean View High School
25Sojian, Mary View Sheet 8.412.8Los Alamitos High School
26thorn, Jodi View Sheet 7.410.2Ocean View High School
27Wren, Sydney E View Sheet 8.713.8Long Beach PolyTechnic High School
28Girls 1m 4 divesBalazquez, Natalie View Sheet 1.44.3Ocean View High School
29Balcacer, Carina View Sheet 1.34.7Los Alamitos High School
30Charity, Bryce View Sheet 1.24.5Edison High School
31Clarke, Molly View Sheet 1.24.3Los Alamitos High School
32cordell, cameryn View Sheet 1.24.5Marina High School
33Dollins, Heather View Sheet 1.24.5Los Alamitos High School
34Gunderson, Blair M View Sheet 1.24.5Marina High School
35Hart, Margaux E View Sheet 1.44.3Ocean View High School
36Hodges, Jade E View Sheet 1.44.7Ocean View High School
37Huynh, Anh T View Sheet 1.24.5Marina High School
38Junkes, Jackie View Sheet 1.44.3Los Alamitos High School
39King, Abby View Sheet 1.44.3Los Alamitos High School
40Lazar, Courtney View Sheet 1.24.6Los Alamitos High School
41Levine, Kerry A View Sheet 1.44.5Marina High School
42Mezzano, Leah N View Sheet 1.44.3Ocean View High School
43Miranda, Yolanda M View Sheet 1.44.7Ocean View High School
44Nash, Lily View Sheet 1.24.5Los Alamitos High School
45Nguyen, Casey View Sheet 1.44.3Ocean View High School
46Raupp, Rylie View Sheet 1.24.5Los Alamitos High School
47Stigar, Kerryn R View Sheet 1.64.7Marina High School
48Tay, Sara N View Sheet 1.24.7Marina High School
49Tiffany, Corinn View Sheet 1.24.5Los Alamitos High School
50Vogt, Elizabeth View Sheet 1.24.4Los Alamitos High School
51Walker, Emma View Sheet 1.34.7Edison High School
52Zimpelman, Chloe View Sheet 1.34.5Los Alamitos High School
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