Name of Meet:
Northern Nevada Week #6 High School
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-04, 12:01 AM PDT
Registration Closes:
Apr-18, 10:00 PM PDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Alf Sorenson Community Center
1400 Baring Blvd
Sparks, NV 89434
Main Contact:
Trisha Buescher
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
This is a backward meet, please make your first dive from the backward group

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 6 Dive66 21m View Rules
Girls 6 Dive156 52m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bishop ManogueRenoNV
2Damonte RanchReno 
3Douglas TigersMindenNV
5North ValleyReno 
7Reno HighRenoNV
8Spanish SpringsRenoNV
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Brennan, Maureen M16MindenNVDouglas TigersApr 17, 23:11
2Carr, Lindsay N17MindenNVDouglas TigersApr 15, 17:11
3Casey, Mattie18RenoNVGalenaApr 18, 20:41
4Caufield, Regan M17RenoNVReno HighApr 18, 09:15
5Gant, Amanda J15RenoNVReno HighApr 18, 20:57
6Hodes, Luke M15RenoNVNorth ValleyApr 18, 17:57
7Kallas, Katrina17SparksNVReedApr 18, 20:28
8LaGrandeur, Olivia A18TruckeeCATruckeeApr 18, 21:21
9Lee, Payton C17SparksNVSpanish SpringsApr 18, 20:50
10Moffett, Madison E18RenoNVSpanish SpringsApr 16, 20:23
11Parker, Adrienne N18TruckeeCATruckeeApr 17, 20:33
12Roberts, Maximilian V18RenoNVBishop ManogueApr 18, 21:47
13Salas, Andrew D18RenoNVBishop ManogueApr 18, 21:46
14Schmitt, Nathaniell A18RenoNVBishop ManogueApr 18, 20:46
15Schwalbe, Erin L17RenoNVWoosterApr 18, 20:31
16Selemenev, Zayda A16renoNVReno HighApr 18, 21:03
17Smith, Kaely G15RenoNVDamonte RanchApr 18, 20:40
18Stewart, Eric M18RenoNVBishop ManogueApr 18, 21:45
19Tebb, Elena V16TruckeeCATruckeeApr 18, 20:02
20Thomas, Kira E16TruckeeCATruckeeApr 18, 20:31
21Weinert, Adelane V17RenoNVWoosterApr 18, 20:32
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Arnold, JenniferHead CoachBishop ManogueRenoNV
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Bishop ManogueRoberts, Maximilian V18RenoNV
2Salas, Andrew D18RenoNV
3Schmitt, Nathaniell A18RenoNV
4Stewart, Eric M18RenoNV
5Damonte RanchSmith, Kaely G15RenoNV
6Douglas TigersBrennan, Maureen M16MindenNV
7Carr, Lindsay N17MindenNV
8GalenaCasey, Mattie18RenoNV
9North ValleyHodes, Luke M15RenoNV
10ReedKallas, Katrina17SparksNV
11Reno HighCaufield, Regan M17RenoNV
12Gant, Amanda J15RenoNV
13Selemenev, Zayda A16renoNV
14Spanish SpringsLee, Payton C17SparksNV
15Moffett, Madison E18RenoNV
16TruckeeLaGrandeur, Olivia A18TruckeeCA
17Parker, Adrienne N18TruckeeCA
18Tebb, Elena V16TruckeeCA
19Thomas, Kira E16TruckeeCA
20WoosterSchwalbe, Erin L17RenoNV
21Weinert, Adelane V17RenoNV
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 6 DiveHodes, Luke M View Sheet 1.47.6North Valley
2Lee, Payton C View Sheet 1.711.6Spanish Springs
3Roberts, Maximilian V View Sheet 1.27.7Bishop Manogue
4Salas, Andrew D View Sheet 1.28.2Bishop Manogue
5Schmitt, Nathaniell A View Sheet 1.58.0Bishop Manogue
6Stewart, Eric M View Sheet 1.28.1Bishop Manogue
7Girls 6 DiveBrennan, Maureen M View Sheet 1.48.3Douglas Tigers
8Carr, Lindsay N View Sheet 1.48.1Douglas Tigers
9Casey, Mattie View Sheet 1.28.1Galena
10Caufield, Regan M View Sheet 1.711.4Reno High
11Gant, Amanda J View Sheet 1.58.8Reno High
12Kallas, Katrina View Sheet 1.28.0Reed
13LaGrandeur, Olivia A View Sheet 1.47.7Truckee
14Moffett, Madison E View Sheet 1.710.4Spanish Springs
15Parker, Adrienne N View Sheet 1.27.9Truckee
16Schwalbe, Erin L View Sheet 1.79.6Wooster
17Selemenev, Zayda A View Sheet 1.38.5Reno High
18Smith, Kaely G View Sheet 1.37.6Damonte Ranch
19Tebb, Elena V View Sheet 1.27.6Truckee
20Thomas, Kira E View Sheet 1.38.2Truckee
21Weinert, Adelane V View Sheet 1.710.0Wooster
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