Name of Meet:
2020 Hobie International
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Aug-28, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Sep-14, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Yes, collected on site
Forest Park Aquatic Center
1077 Cicero Rd
Noblesville, IN 46060
Main Contact:
Rich Keller
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Fees will be collected on site. $35 per event, 4 events for $100, $10 per event after the 4th.
If you do not register online at all then a $25 deck entry fee will be assessed when you show up to register.
Divers are allowed to dive up from their age groups and in the Open events if they meet the event requirements.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Group A Boys 1M210 11m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M310 17m View Rules
Group A Boys Tower19 5m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M39 15m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M39 15m View Rules
Group A Girls Tower28 9m View Rules
Group B Boys 1M39 15m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M39 15m View Rules
Group B Boys Tower28 9m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M48 18m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M38 14m View Rules
Group B Girls Tower17 4m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M08 View Rules
Group C Boys 3M08 View Rules
Group C Boys Tower07 View Rules
Group C Girls 1M47 16m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M27 8m View Rules
Group C Girls Tower16 3m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M15 2m View Rules
Group D Boys 3M15 2m View Rules
Group D Boys Tower15 2m View Rules
Group D Girls 1M15 2m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M15 2m View Rules
Group D Girls Tower15 2m View Rules
High School Boys 11 Dives011 View Rules
High School Girls 11 Dives111 6m View Rules
Open Mens 1M36 10m View Rules
Open Mens 3M46 14m View Rules
Open Mens Tower16 3m View Rules
Open Womens 1M46 14m View Rules
Open Womens 3M46 14m View Rules
Open Womens Tower35 8m View Rules
Team NameCityState
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Barnett, Sydney18 Mohnton, PA RipFestSep 14, 21:25
2Burton, Isabella18 Zionsville, IN RipFestSep 13, 09:59
3Callanan, George18 Upper Arlington, OH RipFestSep 14, 20:51
4Callanan, Taso18 Columbus, OH RipFestSep 14, 21:12
5Dean, Leyton12 Atlanta, GA RipFestSep 12, 17:08
6Downs, Tyler M17 Ballwin, MO RipFestSep 14, 21:45
7Gard, Lucy14 Noblesville, IN RipFestSep 08, 17:33
8Hall, Simone13 Bloomington, IN RipFestSep 14, 17:00
9Hall, Zara11 Bloomington, IN RipFestSep 14, 17:12
10Jackson, Chelsea M26 Arcadia, IN RipFestSep 13, 20:55
11Kohel, Madeline13 Minneapolis, MN RipFestSep 14, 22:32
12Lawrence, Gianna E13 Flemington, NJ RipFestSep 14, 21:55
13Lee, Ellie14 Westfield, IN RipFestSep 14, 21:55
14Leonard, Grace19 Fisherville, KY RipFestSep 14, 19:20
15McMahon, Eryn13 Noblesville, IN RipFestSep 14, 19:47
16Munson, Melaina15 Carmel, IN RipFestSep 13, 22:39
17O'Meara, Margo E18 Saint Louis, MO RipFestSep 14, 22:39
18Oelerich, Sam15 Winnetka, IL RipFestSep 14, 18:03
19Phifer, Megan19 Tipton, IN RipFestSep 12, 14:35
20Schade, Jacob W14 Fishers, IN RipFestSep 14, 20:49
21Sturgill, Bailee15 Hilliard, OH RipFestSep 14, 22:29
22Victor, Joseph W19 Orchard Park, NY RipFestSep 13, 14:45
23Wang, Aidan D16 North Potomac, MD UnattachedSep 14, 21:05
24Whitfield, Sydney G13 Zionsville, IN RipFestSep 11, 18:25
25Williams, Alexa M18 West Chester, PA RipFestSep 14, 23:21
No coaches have registered for this meet yet
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1RipFestBarnett, Sydney18MohntonPA
2Burton, Isabella18ZionsvilleIN
3Callanan, George18Upper ArlingtonOH
4Callanan, Taso18ColumbusOH
5Dean, Leyton12AtlantaGA
6Downs, Tyler M17BallwinMO
7Gard, Lucy14NoblesvilleIN
8Hall, Simone13BloomingtonIN
9Hall, Zara11BloomingtonIN
10Jackson, Chelsea M26ArcadiaIN
11Kohel, Madeline13MinneapolisMN
12Lawrence, Gianna E13FlemingtonNJ
13Lee, Ellie14WestfieldIN
14Leonard, Grace19FishervilleKY
15McMahon, Eryn13NoblesvilleIN
16Munson, Melaina15CarmelIN
17O'Meara, Margo E18Saint LouisMO
18Oelerich, Sam15WinnetkaIL
19Phifer, Megan19TiptonIN
20Schade, Jacob W14FishersIN
21Sturgill, Bailee15HilliardOH
22Victor, Joseph W19Orchard ParkNY
23Whitfield, Sydney G13ZionsvilleIN
24Williams, Alexa M18West ChesterPA
25UnattachedWang, Aidan D16North PotomacMD
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Group A Boys 1MCallanan, George View Sheet 9.012.9RipFest
2Callanan, Taso View Sheet 9.012.4RipFest
3Group A Boys 3MCallanan, George View Sheet 9.514.8RipFest
4Callanan, Taso View Sheet 9.413.1RipFest
5Downs, Tyler M View Sheet 9.515.1RipFest
6Group A Boys TowerCallanan, Taso View Sheet 6.513.1RipFest
7Group A Girls 1MBarnett, Sydney View Sheet 8.68.5RipFest
8Burton, Isabella View Sheet 8.68.9RipFest
9Phifer, Megan View Sheet 8.68.5RipFest
10Group A Girls 3MBarnett, Sydney View Sheet 9.48.8RipFest
11Burton, Isabella View Sheet 8.78.5RipFest
12Phifer, Megan View Sheet 8.78.0RipFest
13Group A Girls TowerLeonard, Grace View Sheet 7.210.2RipFest
14Williams, Alexa M View Sheet 7.310.6RipFest
15Group B Boys 1MOelerich, Sam View Sheet 8.79.8RipFest
16Schade, Jacob W View Sheet 9.09.1RipFest
17Wang, Aidan D View Sheet 9.09.9Unattached
18Group B Boys 3MOelerich, Sam View Sheet 9.511.5RipFest
19Schade, Jacob W View Sheet 9.510.8RipFest
20Wang, Aidan D View Sheet 9.511.5Unattached
21Group B Boys TowerOelerich, Sam View Sheet 7.310.0RipFest
22Wang, Aidan D View Sheet 7.512.2Unattached
23Group B Girls 1MGard, Lucy View Sheet 7.74.8RipFest
24Lawrence, Gianna E View Sheet 8.56.6RipFest
25Munson, Melaina View Sheet 8.45.9RipFest
26Sturgill, Bailee View Sheet 9.07.5RipFest
27Group B Girls 3MLawrence, Gianna E View Sheet 8.67.3RipFest
28Munson, Melaina View Sheet 8.56.2RipFest
29Sturgill, Bailee View Sheet 9.58.3RipFest
30Group B Girls TowerSturgill, Bailee View Sheet 7.69.4RipFest
31Group C Girls 1MHall, Simone View Sheet 8.45.0RipFest
32Lee, Ellie View Sheet 7.73.3RipFest
33McMahon, Eryn View Sheet 8.44.4RipFest
34Whitfield, Sydney G View Sheet 7.63.5RipFest
35Group C Girls 3MHall, Simone View Sheet 9.55.1RipFest
36McMahon, Eryn View Sheet 8.54.3RipFest
37Group C Girls TowerHall, Simone View Sheet 6.25.1RipFest
38Group D Boys 1MDean, Leyton View Sheet 5.44.9RipFest
39Group D Boys 3MDean, Leyton View Sheet 5.34.1RipFest
40Group D Boys TowerDean, Leyton View Sheet 5.44.6RipFest
41Group D Girls 1MHall, Zara View Sheet 4.84.4RipFest
42Group D Girls 3MHall, Zara View Sheet 4.63.6RipFest
43Group D Girls TowerHall, Zara View Sheet 4.43.4RipFest
44High School Girls 11 DivesBarnett, Sydney View Sheet 8.613.1RipFest
45Open Mens 1MCallanan, George View Sheet 0.015.4RipFest
46Callanan, Taso View Sheet 0.014.9RipFest
47Victor, Joseph W View Sheet 0.014.8RipFest
48Open Mens 3MCallanan, George View Sheet 0.017.6RipFest
49Callanan, Taso View Sheet 0.016.1RipFest
50Downs, Tyler M View Sheet 0.018.5RipFest
51Victor, Joseph W View Sheet 0.016.5RipFest
52Open Mens TowerCallanan, Taso View Sheet 0.015.2RipFest
53Open Womens 1MJackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.014.4RipFest
54Kohel, Madeline View Sheet 0.014.6RipFest
55Leonard, Grace View Sheet 0.014.0RipFest
56O'Meara, Margo E View Sheet 0.015.3RipFest
57Open Womens 3MJackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.017.2RipFest
58Kohel, Madeline View Sheet 0.016.4RipFest
59Leonard, Grace View Sheet 0.015.2RipFest
60O'Meara, Margo E View Sheet 0.017.5RipFest
61Open Womens TowerJackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.015.3RipFest
62Kohel, Madeline View Sheet 0.014.1RipFest
63Sturgill, Bailee View Sheet 0.015.7RipFest
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