Name of Meet:
North Texas 5A TISCA Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-09, 8:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Dec-03, 11:59 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Bruce Eubanks Natatorium
7411 First Street
Frisco, TX 75034
Main Contact:
Claudia Sunday
Contact Phone:

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Warm-ups will start at 3:30PM DD requirement: Girls-11.3 boys-11.6

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1 Meter 11 Dive1711 1h49m View Rules
Girls 1 Meter 11 Dive2411 2h34m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Carrollton CreekviewCarrolltonTX
2Carrollton SmithCarrolltonTX
3Carrollton TurnerCarrolltonTX
4Colleyville Heritage High SchoolColleyvilleTX
5Denton RyanDentonTX
6Frisco Centennial High SchoolFriscoTX
7Frisco Independence High SchoolFriscoTX
8Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolFriscoTX
9Frisco Liberty High SchoolFriscoTX
10Frisco Memorial High SchoolFriscoTX
11Frisco Reedy High SchoolFriscoTX
12Frisco Wakeland High SchoolFriscoTX
13Grapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
14Highland Park High SchoolDallasTX
15Lovejoy HSLucasTX
16Lubbock Coronado High SchoolLubbockTX
17Lubbock Estacado High SchoolLubbockTX
18Lubbock High SchoolLubbockTX
19Lubbock Monterey High SchoolLubbockTX
20Texas High SchoolTexarkanaTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Anderson, JuliaSO Frisco, TX Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolNov 28, 16:04
2Bland, RobertSR Texarkana, TX Texas High SchoolNov 29, 18:41
3Bray, LandrieFR Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 12:51
4Brinkman, Eva  Moseley, VA Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 28, 15:15
5Britt, Alyssa JFR Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 12:45
6Coronel, Alyssa  Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 12:58
7Coughlen, Morgan  TX Frisco Reedy High SchoolNov 28, 15:30
8Devereaux, Abby ASO Colleyville, TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 27, 20:55
9Doody, Kevin  Colleyville, TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 27, 20:52
10Espinoza, Lilly  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Monterey High SchoolNov 26, 12:49
11Faoro, Ana LauraSO Frisco, TX Lovejoy HSNov 28, 17:26
12Ferrer, Napoleon  Carrollton, TX Carrollton SmithNov 27, 15:14
13Garza, MiaSO Lubbock, TX Lubbock Estacado High SchoolNov 26, 12:47
14Gorden, Thaddeus  TX Carrollton SmithNov 27, 15:33
15Grenier, Katie  TX Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolNov 29, 14:21
16Guziec, Peyton  TX Frisco Memorial High SchoolNov 28, 15:43
17Harper, Erin MJR Dallas, TX Highland Park High SchoolNov 28, 11:44
18Heinrich, ALexana  Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 13:14
19Hensley, Rhett  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 26, 12:28
20Irvin, Bailey  TX Frisco Liberty High SchoolNov 29, 10:05
21Jardine, TrentSR TX Frisco Centennial High SchoolNov 29, 09:54
22Jimenez, AdrianFR lubbock, TX Lubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 26, 12:40
23Kaster, HarrisonSR Frisco, TX Frisco Centennial High SchoolNov 29, 09:41
24Lukich, Sarah  TX Carrollton CreekviewNov 27, 15:37
25Makuta, Jacob  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Monterey High SchoolNov 26, 12:42
26Mallory, Dante  Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 12:35
27Monk, Tahle  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Monterey High SchoolNov 26, 13:16
28Nelson, OliviaFR Frisco, TX Frisco Centennial High SchoolNov 29, 09:38
29Neumann, Rachel  TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 27, 21:26
30Ogden, ZachSR Frisco, TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 28, 15:21
31Phillips, Nate  TX Carrollton TurnerNov 27, 15:24
32Props, PaytonJR Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 13:02
33Prudhomme, Carlos  TX Carrollton TurnerNov 27, 15:29
34Stevens, FallonSO Frisco, TX Frisco Memorial High SchoolNov 29, 15:17
35Tabor, Maggie  Colleyville, TX Grapevine High SchoolNov 27, 21:37
36Truty, MaxJR Frisco, TX Frisco Independence High SchoolNov 29, 14:46
37VanDyk, KarsenSO Frisco, TX Frisco Reedy High SchoolNov 28, 15:24
38Vaughn, Kaleb  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 26, 12:31
39Villarreal, Kyler  Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolNov 26, 12:37
40Winfrey, Wenoah  Denton, TX Denton RyanNov 29, 15:01
41Wolford, Dash  TX Highland Park High SchoolNov 28, 13:03
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cole, JesseHead CoachHighland Park High SchoolDallasTX
2Dipomazio, PennyHead CoachLubbock High SchoolLubbockTX
3Franks, MattHead CoachLovejoy HSSachseTX
4Marincasiu, StacyAsst. CoachGrapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
5Ognibene, EricHead CoachCarrollton SmithCarrolltonTX
6Sunday, ClaudiaAsst. CoachFrisco Memorial High SchoolMcKinneyTX
7Vogan, EricHead CoachTexas High SchoolDe QueenAR
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Carrollton CreekviewLukich, Sarah  TX
2Carrollton SmithFerrer, Napoleon CarrolltonTX
3Gorden, Thaddeus  TX
4Carrollton TurnerPhillips, Nate  TX
5Prudhomme, Carlos  TX
6Colleyville Heritage High SchoolDevereaux, Abby ASOColleyvilleTX
7Doody, Kevin ColleyvilleTX
8Neumann, Rachel  TX
9Denton RyanWinfrey, Wenoah DentonTX
10Frisco Centennial High SchoolJardine, TrentSR TX
11Kaster, HarrisonSRFriscoTX
12Nelson, OliviaFRFriscoTX
13Frisco Independence High SchoolTruty, MaxJRFriscoTX
14Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolAnderson, JuliaSOFriscoTX
15Grenier, Katie  TX
16Frisco Liberty High SchoolIrvin, Bailey  TX
17Frisco Memorial High SchoolGuziec, Peyton  TX
18Stevens, FallonSOFriscoTX
19Frisco Reedy High SchoolCoughlen, Morgan  TX
20VanDyk, KarsenSOFriscoTX
21Frisco Wakeland High SchoolBrinkman, Eva MoseleyVA
22Ogden, ZachSRFriscoTX
23Grapevine High SchoolTabor, Maggie ColleyvilleTX
24Highland Park High SchoolHarper, Erin MJRDallasTX
25Wolford, Dash  TX
26Lovejoy HSFaoro, Ana LauraSOFriscoTX
27Lubbock Coronado High SchoolHensley, Rhett LubbockTX
28Jimenez, AdrianFRlubbockTX
29Vaughn, Kaleb LubbockTX
30Lubbock Estacado High SchoolGarza, MiaSOLubbockTX
31Lubbock High SchoolBray, LandrieFRLubbockTX
32Britt, Alyssa JFRLubbockTX
33Coronel, Alyssa LubbockTX
34Heinrich, ALexana LubbockTX
35Mallory, Dante LubbockTX
36Props, PaytonJRLubbockTX
37Villarreal, Kyler LubbockTX
38Lubbock Monterey High SchoolEspinoza, Lilly LubbockTX
39Makuta, Jacob LubbockTX
40Monk, Tahle LubbockTX
41Texas High SchoolBland, RobertSRTexarkanaTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1 Meter 11 DiveBland, Robert View Sheet 8.312.9Texas High School
2Doody, Kevin View Sheet 8.713.4Colleyville Heritage High School
3Ferrer, Napoleon View Sheet 8.211.8Carrollton Smith
4Gorden, Thaddeus View Sheet 8.112.0Carrollton Smith
5Hensley, Rhett View Sheet 8.714.7Lubbock Coronado High School
6Jardine, Trent View Sheet 8.312.5Frisco Centennial High School
7Jimenez, Adrian View Sheet 8.313.2Lubbock Coronado High School
8Kaster, Harrison View Sheet 8.714.4Frisco Centennial High School
9Makuta, Jacob View Sheet 8.113.3Lubbock Monterey High School
10Mallory, Dante View Sheet 7.912.0Lubbock High School
11Ogden, Zach View Sheet 8.313.0Frisco Wakeland High School
12Phillips, Nate View Sheet 8.413.1Carrollton Turner
13Prudhomme, Carlos View Sheet 8.211.8Carrollton Turner
14Truty, Max View Sheet 7.912.4Frisco Independence High School
15Vaughn, Kaleb View Sheet 8.413.1Lubbock Coronado High School
16Villarreal, Kyler View Sheet 8.112.5Lubbock High School
17Wolford, Dash View Sheet 8.011.8Highland Park High School
18Girls 1 Meter 11 DiveAnderson, Julia View Sheet 8.211.6Frisco Lebanon Trail High School
19Bray, Landrie View Sheet 7.912.2Lubbock High School
20Brinkman, Eva View Sheet 8.613.5Frisco Wakeland High School
21Britt, Alyssa J View Sheet 8.513.0Lubbock High School
22Coronel, Alyssa View Sheet 7.612.0Lubbock High School
23Coughlen, Morgan View Sheet 8.011.7Frisco Reedy High School
24Devereaux, Abby A View Sheet 8.714.0Colleyville Heritage High School
25Espinoza, Lilly View Sheet 7.411.6Lubbock Monterey High School
26Faoro, Ana Laura View Sheet 8.613.8Lovejoy HS
27Garza, Mia View Sheet 8.212.4Lubbock Estacado High School
28Grenier, Katie View Sheet 7.811.6Frisco Lebanon Trail High School
29Guziec, Peyton View Sheet 8.211.9Frisco Memorial High School
30Harper, Erin M View Sheet 7.812.1Highland Park High School
31Heinrich, ALexana View Sheet 7.411.6Lubbock High School
32Irvin, Bailey View Sheet 8.011.6Frisco Liberty High School
33Lukich, Sarah View Sheet 8.111.6Carrollton Creekview
34Monk, Tahle View Sheet 7.411.6Lubbock Monterey High School
35Nelson, Olivia View Sheet 8.212.5Frisco Centennial High School
36Neumann, Rachel View Sheet 8.111.9Colleyville Heritage High School
37Props, Payton View Sheet 8.714.4Lubbock High School
38Stevens, Fallon View Sheet 8.211.6Frisco Memorial High School
39Tabor, Maggie View Sheet 7.812.4Grapevine High School
40VanDyk, Karsen View Sheet 8.212.6Frisco Reedy High School
41Winfrey, Wenoah View Sheet 7.711.6Denton Ryan
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