Name of Meet:
Palmer Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-03, 8:00 AM AKST
Registration Closes:
Oct-09, 11:59 PM AKST
Entry Fees Charged:
Palmer High School
1170 e bogard road
Palmer, AK 11111
Main Contact:
Jerry Godden
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M - 11 Dive711 44m View Rules
Girls 1M - 11 Dive1411 1h29m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Kodiak High SchoolKodiakAK
3Lathrop High SchoolFairbanksAK
4North Pole High School North PoleAK
5Palmer High SchoolPalmerAK
7West Valley High SchoolFairbanksAK
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bush, Zoe  AK Lathrop High SchoolOct 05, 13:33
2Chan, Jayde  AK WasillaOct 08, 11:47
3Coffman, Tyler  AK Palmer High SchoolOct 08, 11:54
4Cooper, Joe  AK ColonyOct 08, 12:46
5Curtis, Alison  AK West Valley High SchoolOct 05, 19:20
6Gimm, Sophia  AK Palmer High SchoolOct 08, 11:56
7Hartman, Chloe  AK Palmer High SchoolOct 08, 11:51
8Helms-Leslie, Zarah  AK Lathrop High SchoolOct 05, 13:36
9Johnson, Cole  AK Palmer High SchoolOct 08, 12:02
10Krozel, Eli  AK ColonyOct 08, 11:01
11Mayer, Carrie  AK WasillaOct 08, 11:53
12Micael, Elianah  AK Kodiak High SchoolOct 08, 08:49
13Penaloza, Isabella  AK Kodiak High SchoolOct 08, 08:54
14Reynolds, Kade  AK WasillaOct 08, 11:05
15Seto, Sayuri  AK Kodiak High SchoolOct 08, 08:44
16Slater, Kelsey  AK West Valley High SchoolOct 05, 19:45
17Thornton, Ansley  AK ColonyOct 08, 11:28
18Villa, John  AK North Pole High School Oct 05, 12:52
19Weimer, Josh  AK West Valley High SchoolOct 05, 19:24
20Weiss, Katelyn  AK North Pole High School Oct 05, 13:01
21Whittington-Evans, Rosie  AK Palmer High SchoolOct 08, 11:58
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bizzarro, AnnaHead CoachWest Valley High SchoolFairbanksAK
2DiGerlando, WendyHead CoachColonyWasillaAK
3Godden, JerryHead CoachPalmer High SchoolPalmerAK
4Horne, DaveHead CoachKodiak High SchoolKodiakAK
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1ColonyCooper, Joe  AK
2Krozel, Eli  AK
3Thornton, Ansley  AK
4Kodiak High SchoolMicael, Elianah  AK
5Penaloza, Isabella  AK
6Seto, Sayuri  AK
7Lathrop High SchoolBush, Zoe  AK
8Helms-Leslie, Zarah  AK
9North Pole High School Villa, John  AK
10Weiss, Katelyn  AK
11Palmer High SchoolCoffman, Tyler  AK
12Gimm, Sophia  AK
13Hartman, Chloe  AK
14Johnson, Cole  AK
15Whittington-Evans, Rosie  AK
16WasillaChan, Jayde  AK
17Mayer, Carrie  AK
18Reynolds, Kade  AK
19West Valley High SchoolCurtis, Alison  AK
20Slater, Kelsey  AK
21Weimer, Josh  AK
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M - 11 DiveCooper, Joe View Sheet 7.410.4Colony
2Johnson, Cole View Sheet 8.914.3Palmer High School
3Krozel, Eli View Sheet 9.013.4Colony
4Reynolds, Kade View Sheet 8.111.9Wasilla
5Slater, Kelsey View Sheet 8.913.5West Valley High School
6Villa, John View Sheet 8.09.2North Pole High School
7Weimer, Josh View Sheet 8.210.5West Valley High School
8Girls 1M - 11 DiveBush, Zoe View Sheet 8.19.9Lathrop High School
9Chan, Jayde View Sheet 8.613.4Wasilla
10Coffman, Tyler View Sheet 8.811.9Palmer High School
11Curtis, Alison View Sheet 7.89.5West Valley High School
12Gimm, Sophia View Sheet 7.89.1Palmer High School
13Hartman, Chloe View Sheet 8.812.5Palmer High School
14Helms-Leslie, Zarah View Sheet 8.310.2Lathrop High School
15Mayer, Carrie View Sheet 8.812.3Wasilla
16Micael, Elianah View Sheet 8.110.9Kodiak High School
17Penaloza, Isabella View Sheet 7.610.4Kodiak High School
18Seto, Sayuri View Sheet 8.010.9Kodiak High School
19Thornton, Ansley View Sheet 8.411.6Colony
20Weiss, Katelyn View Sheet 7.910.4North Pole High School
21Whittington-Evans, Rosie View Sheet 8.110.0Palmer High School
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