Name of Meet:
2018 Alabama State Games XXXVI
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-01, 12:01 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Jun-06, 10:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Dublin Park Outdoor Pool
8324 Old Madison Pike
Madison, AL 35758
Main Contact:
Ralph Heusinger
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Warm-ups at 7:00am – 7-under through 12-13 divers;

Optional Dive Clinic conducted by University of Alabama Head Coach, Chuck Wade, open to all interested parties. Registration in competition not a prerequisite for admittance to Clinic. Separate Clinic fee of $30 payable at the site. Clinic will start after the morning session of competition has concluded. Timeline for events and Clinic to be provided by Tuesday evening on CleanEntries site or through the dive team Coach.

Based on number of entries, events may run with multiple age groups together, but scored separately. Each event will be run with girls on 1-meter and boys on 3-meter, concurrently. Immediately following any event, the same age-group or combination of groups will compete again with boys on 1-meter and girls on 3-meter. This repeats for remainder of age groups or combined events.

The Clinic will run from 2 to 2.5 hours, with remainder of age groups following the Clinic. This means 14-15, 16-18, 19-29 and 30 and older Divers will not warm-up and compete until the Clinic concludes.

All times will be formalized Wednesday evening, June 6, after registration closes. Age group timelines for combined events, Clinic start - stop times, and older age groups will all be set later that night and made available to all coaches and registered Divers.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 10-11 1M54 11m View Rules
Boys 10-11 3M23 3m View Rules
Boys 12-13 1M15 2m View Rules
Boys 12-13 3M04 View Rules
Boys 14-15 1M36 10m View Rules
Boys 14-15 3M25 5m View Rules
Boys 16-18 1M47 16m View Rules
Boys 16-18 3M16 3m View Rules
Boys 7 under 1M13 1m View Rules
Boys 8-9 1M23 3m View Rules
Boys 9 under 3M13 1m View Rules
Girls 10-11 1M14 2m View Rules
Girls 10-11 3M03 View Rules
Girls 12-13 1M35 8m View Rules
Girls 12-13 3M14 2m View Rules
Girls 14-15 1M16 3m View Rules
Girls 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Girls 16-18 1M07 View Rules
Girls 16-18 3M06 View Rules
Girls 7 under 1M33 5m View Rules
Girls 8-9 1M03 View Rules
Girls 9 under 3M13 1m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M010 View Rules
Group A Boys 3M010 View Rules
Group A Girls 1M09 View Rules
Group A Girls 3M09 View Rules
Group B Boys 1M09 View Rules
Group B Boys 3M09 View Rules
Group B Girls 1M08 View Rules
Group B Girls 3M08 View Rules
Group C Boys 1M08 View Rules
Group C Boys 3M08 View Rules
Group C Girls 1M07 View Rules
Group C Girls 3M07 View Rules
Group D Boys 1M05 View Rules
Group D Boys 3M05 View Rules
Group D Girls 1M15 2m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M15 2m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M04 View Rules
Group E Boys 3M04 View Rules
Group E Girls 1M04 View Rules
Group E Girls 3M04 View Rules
Men 19-29 1M09 View Rules
Men 19-29 3M08 View Rules
Men 30+ 1M16 3m View Rules
Men 30+ 3M06 View Rules
Women 19-29 1M29 10m View Rules
Women 19-29 3M08 View Rules
Women 30+ 1M16 3m View Rules
Women 30+ 3M06 View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Byrd Spring Aquatic AssociationHuntsvilleAL
2Camelot Recreation AssociationHuntsvilleAL
3Greenwyche ClubHuntsvilleAL
4Madison Dolphins Dive TeamMadisonAL
5Magic City DivingHooverAL
6PJP II Catholic High SchoolHuntsvilleAL
7Shades Cliff DivingHooverAL
8Sherwood Swim ClubHuntsvilleAL
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Ahrens, Ashley15MadisonALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamJun 03, 20:48
2Bechen, Dominic16HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubJun 04, 22:07
3Bechen, Jon-Luc11HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubJun 04, 21:42
4Bechen, Kathleen55HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubJun 04, 22:13
5Benzek, Abby21 ALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamJun 03, 20:41
6Benzek, Alexander16MadisonALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamApr 05, 17:21
7Bradberry, Sarah22MadisonALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamJun 03, 20:35
8Butler, Avery13HuntsvilleALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamJun 03, 20:43
9Deuel, Philip14 ALShades Cliff DivingJun 04, 17:31
10Dunham, Craven13 ALMagic City DivingJun 05, 11:05
11Dunham, Quentin11 ALMagic City DivingJun 05, 11:07
12Gaines, Xander14HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubJun 04, 08:53
13Gaines, Xoi12HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubJun 02, 20:43
14HALL, Stephen73 ALSherwood Swim ClubMar 10, 01:17
15Headrick, Sarienne12HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubMay 21, 23:15
16Heimbeck, Lukas8HuntsvilleALCamelot Recreation AssociationMar 08, 20:40
17Jackson, Shaun9 ALSherwood Swim ClubJun 06, 17:42
18King, Gemma11 ALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamMay 20, 16:54
19Lucas, Liam11HuntsvilleALGreenwyche ClubJun 06, 14:13
20Phillips, Daniel W15MADISONALSherwood Swim ClubMay 31, 13:02
21Puhalovic, Mason12 ALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamJun 05, 06:46
22Rooks, Madeline11 ALMagic City DivingJun 03, 16:15
23Salehi, Anna7HuntsvilleALCamelot Recreation AssociationMay 25, 08:03
24Salehi, Katherine7HuntsvilleALCamelot Recreation AssociationMay 25, 08:06
25Schilleci, Elliott7 ALMagic City DivingJun 03, 19:53
26Schilleci, Jj6 ALMagic City DivingJun 05, 12:42
27Steward, Aristoteles17MadisonALMadison Dolphins Dive TeamJun 05, 19:51
28Whetstone, Isaac10HuntsvilleALSherwood Swim ClubMay 30, 22:47
29Young, Taylor18HuntsvilleALMagic City DivingJun 05, 19:41
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bradberry, SarahAsst. CoachMadison Dolphins Dive TeamMadisonAL
2Dunham, CharlieAsst. CoachMagic City DivingBirminghamAL
3Forrest, BrianHead CoachPJP II Catholic High SchoolHuntsvilleAL
4Hall, SteveAsst. CoachSherwood Swim ClubHuntsvilleAL
5Heusinger, RalphHead CoachByrd Spring Aquatic AssociationHuntsvilleAL
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Camelot Recreation AssociationHeimbeck, Lukas8HuntsvilleAL
2Salehi, Anna7HuntsvilleAL
3Salehi, Katherine7HuntsvilleAL
4Greenwyche ClubLucas, Liam11HuntsvilleAL
5Madison Dolphins Dive TeamAhrens, Ashley15MadisonAL
6Benzek, Abby21 AL
7Benzek, Alexander16MadisonAL
8Bradberry, Sarah22MadisonAL
9Butler, Avery13HuntsvilleAL
10King, Gemma11 AL
11Puhalovic, Mason12 AL
12Steward, Aristoteles17MadisonAL
13Magic City DivingDunham, Craven13 AL
14Dunham, Quentin11 AL
15Rooks, Madeline11 AL
16Schilleci, Elliott7 AL
17Schilleci, Jj6 AL
18Young, Taylor18HuntsvilleAL
19Shades Cliff DivingDeuel, Philip14 AL
20Sherwood Swim ClubBechen, Dominic16HuntsvilleAL
21Bechen, Jon-Luc11HuntsvilleAL
22Bechen, Kathleen55HuntsvilleAL
23Gaines, Xander14HuntsvilleAL
24Gaines, Xoi12HuntsvilleAL
25HALL, Stephen73 AL
26Headrick, Sarienne12HuntsvilleAL
27Jackson, Shaun9 AL
28Phillips, Daniel W15MADISONAL
29Whetstone, Isaac10HuntsvilleAL
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 10-11 1MBechen, Jon-Luc View Sheet 3.63.0Sherwood Swim Club
2Dunham, Quentin View Sheet 3.62.4Magic City Diving
3Lucas, Liam View Sheet 3.63.1Greenwyche Club
4Puhalovic, Mason View Sheet 3.62.8Madison Dolphins Dive Team
5Whetstone, Isaac View Sheet 3.63.3Sherwood Swim Club
6Boys 10-11 3MDunham, Quentin View Sheet 1.92.0Magic City Diving
7Whetstone, Isaac View Sheet 1.93.9Sherwood Swim Club
8Boys 12-13 1MDunham, Craven View Sheet 5.42.0Magic City Diving
9Boys 14-15 1MDeuel, Philip View Sheet 5.45.8Shades Cliff Diving
10Gaines, Xander View Sheet 5.44.9Sherwood Swim Club
11Phillips, Daniel W View Sheet 5.46.5Sherwood Swim Club
12Boys 14-15 3MGaines, Xander View Sheet 3.84.7Sherwood Swim Club
13Phillips, Daniel W View Sheet 3.85.2Sherwood Swim Club
14Boys 16-18 1MBechen, Dominic View Sheet 5.46.8Sherwood Swim Club
15Benzek, Alexander View Sheet 5.47.2Madison Dolphins Dive Team
16Steward, Aristoteles View Sheet 5.46.4Madison Dolphins Dive Team
17Young, Taylor View Sheet 5.49.9Magic City Diving
18Boys 16-18 3MYoung, Taylor View Sheet 5.78.3Magic City Diving
19Boys 7 under 1MSchilleci, Jj View Sheet 1.81.0Magic City Diving
20Boys 8-9 1MHeimbeck, Lukas View Sheet 1.83.1Camelot Recreation Association
21Jackson, Shaun View Sheet 1.83.1Sherwood Swim Club
22Boys 9 under 3MSchilleci, Jj View Sheet 1.91.0Magic City Diving
23Girls 10-11 1MKing, Gemma View Sheet 3.62.8Madison Dolphins Dive Team
24Girls 12-13 1MButler, Avery View Sheet 5.43.2Madison Dolphins Dive Team
25Gaines, Xoi View Sheet 5.43.3Sherwood Swim Club
26Headrick, Sarienne View Sheet 5.42.4Sherwood Swim Club
27Girls 12-13 3MHeadrick, Sarienne View Sheet 2.93.0Sherwood Swim Club
28Girls 14-15 1MAhrens, Ashley View Sheet 5.45.2Madison Dolphins Dive Team
29Girls 7 under 1MSalehi, Anna View Sheet 1.81.7Camelot Recreation Association
30Salehi, Katherine View Sheet 1.81.7Camelot Recreation Association
31Schilleci, Elliott View Sheet 1.81.7Magic City Diving
32Girls 9 under 3MSchilleci, Elliott View Sheet 1.91.0Magic City Diving
33Group D Girls 1MRooks, Madeline View Sheet 4.14.2Magic City Diving
34Group D Girls 3MRooks, Madeline View Sheet 4.43.9Magic City Diving
35Men 30+ 1MHALL, Stephen View Sheet 4.94.9Sherwood Swim Club
36Women 19-29 1MBenzek, Abby View Sheet 7.46.3Madison Dolphins Dive Team
37Bradberry, Sarah View Sheet 7.97.0Madison Dolphins Dive Team
38Women 30+ 1MBechen, Kathleen View Sheet 4.55.2Sherwood Swim Club
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