Name of Meet:
GGCL/ GCL league meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-11, 12:00 PM EST
Registration Closes:
Jan-20, 5:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Northern Kentucky University Aquatics Center Pools
Kenton Drive
Highland Heights, KY 41099
Main Contact:
Sal Marino
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
GCL86 28m View Rules
GCL co-ed boys26 7m View Rules
GCL co-ed girls26 7m View Rules
GGCL146 49m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Archibishop Alter High SchoolKetteringOH
2Cincinnati ElderCincinnatiOH
3Cincinnati MoellerCincinnatiOH
4Cincinnati SetonCincinnatiOH
5Mercy McAuleyCincinnatiOH
6Mount Notre DameReadingOH
7Roger BaconCincinnatiOH
8Saint Ursula AcademyCincinnatiOH
9St. Xavier High SchoolCincinnatiOH
10Ursuline AcademyCINCINNATIOH
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Accurso, Luken  OH Roger BaconJan 15, 21:14
2Behimer, William H  Loveland, OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 18, 21:48
3Blome, Adam  OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 18, 21:43
4Bos, Savanna  Hamilton, OH Ursuline AcademyJan 19, 19:12
5Edrich, Courtney  OH Cincinnati SetonJan 18, 08:25
6Fritz, Lillian J  Cincinnati , OH Mount Notre DameJan 18, 22:05
7Gerth, David  OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 18, 21:41
8Haas, Jasmine  OH Mount Notre DameJan 18, 22:06
9Hang, Gavin  OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 18, 21:46
10Hanna, Mallory  OH Ursuline AcademyJan 19, 19:14
11Hicks, Xavier  OH Cincinnati ElderJan 18, 08:23
12Jansen, Emily  OH Cincinnati SetonJan 18, 08:26
13Jecker, Madelyn  OH Archibishop Alter High SchoolJan 19, 17:23
14Kowalski, IanFR Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati MoellerJan 14, 10:29
15Krusinski, Sarah NSR Liberty Twp, OH Mount Notre DameJan 18, 22:01
16Laux, Rachel  OH Mount Notre DameJan 18, 22:04
17Link, Claire  OH Cincinnati SetonJan 18, 08:27
18Meinhardt, MariaJR Cincinnati, OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 18, 21:51
19Mussman, Anna VSO Cincinnati, OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 18, 21:52
20Ramage, Alison  OH Ursuline AcademyJan 19, 19:46
21Rodriguez, Kristina  OH Mercy McAuleyJan 18, 08:24
22Senkiw, Paige  OH Archibishop Alter High SchoolJan 19, 17:15
23Shimala, Claire  OH Ursuline AcademyJan 19, 19:16
24Stahl, Sam  OH Roger BaconJan 15, 21:12
25Vollmer, Jacob  OH Cincinnati ElderJan 18, 08:23
26Wolf, James  OH Cincinnati MoellerJan 14, 10:25
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Borton, AustinCoachArchibishop Alter High SchoolCentervilleOH
2Bushman, CarrieHead CoachCincinnati SetonCincinnatiOH
3Marino, SalvatoreHead CoachUrsuline AcademyMilfordOH
4Noble, RayHead CoachCincinnati MoellerMilfordOH
5Ogilvie, CathyHead CoachRoger BaconCincinnatiOH
6Schoenbaechler, StevenCoachArchibishop Alter High SchoolLebanonOH
7Unthank, BrandonHead CoachMount Notre DameCincinnatiOH
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Archibishop Alter High SchoolJecker, Madelyn  OH
2Senkiw, Paige  OH
3Cincinnati ElderHicks, Xavier  OH
4Vollmer, Jacob  OH
5Cincinnati MoellerKowalski, IanFRCincinnatiOH
6Wolf, James  OH
7Cincinnati SetonEdrich, Courtney  OH
8Jansen, Emily  OH
9Link, Claire  OH
10Mercy McAuleyRodriguez, Kristina  OH
11Mount Notre DameFritz, Lillian J Cincinnati OH
12Haas, Jasmine  OH
13Krusinski, Sarah NSRLiberty TwpOH
14Laux, Rachel  OH
15Roger BaconAccurso, Luken  OH
16Stahl, Sam  OH
17Saint Ursula AcademyMeinhardt, MariaJRCincinnatiOH
18Mussman, Anna VSOCincinnatiOH
19St. Xavier High SchoolBehimer, William H LovelandOH
20Blome, Adam  OH
21Gerth, David  OH
22Hang, Gavin  OH
23Ursuline AcademyBos, Savanna HamiltonOH
24Hanna, Mallory  OH
25Ramage, Alison  OH
26Shimala, Claire  OH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1GCLBehimer, William H View Sheet 1.511.3St. Xavier High School
2Blome, Adam View Sheet 1.48.3St. Xavier High School
3Gerth, David View Sheet 1.68.8St. Xavier High School
4Hang, Gavin View Sheet 1.511.8St. Xavier High School
5Hicks, Xavier View Sheet 1.47.8Cincinnati Elder
6Kowalski, Ian View Sheet 1.48.1Cincinnati Moeller
7Vollmer, Jacob View Sheet 1.510.5Cincinnati Elder
8Wolf, James View Sheet 1.811.0Cincinnati Moeller
9GCL co-ed boysAccurso, Luken View Sheet 1.510.0Roger Bacon
10Stahl, Sam View Sheet 1.59.3Roger Bacon
11GCL co-ed girlsJecker, Madelyn View Sheet 1.58.9Archibishop Alter High School
12Senkiw, Paige View Sheet 1.48.3Archibishop Alter High School
13GGCLBos, Savanna View Sheet 1.510.5Ursuline Academy
14Edrich, Courtney View Sheet 1.58.2Cincinnati Seton
15Fritz, Lillian J View Sheet 1.58.2Mount Notre Dame
16Haas, Jasmine View Sheet 1.610.0Mount Notre Dame
17Hanna, Mallory View Sheet 1.511.7Ursuline Academy
18Jansen, Emily View Sheet 1.48.0Cincinnati Seton
19Krusinski, Sarah N View Sheet 1.512.2Mount Notre Dame
20Laux, Rachel View Sheet 1.58.7Mount Notre Dame
21Link, Claire View Sheet 1.58.0Cincinnati Seton
22Meinhardt, Maria View Sheet 1.511.1Saint Ursula Academy
23Mussman, Anna V View Sheet 1.59.8Saint Ursula Academy
24Ramage, Alison View Sheet 1.59.1Ursuline Academy
25Rodriguez, Kristina View Sheet 1.810.4Mercy McAuley
26Shimala, Claire View Sheet 1.59.4Ursuline Academy
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