Name of Meet:
Northern Nevada Week #2
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-01, 12:01 AM PST
Registration Closes:
Mar-14, 10:00 PM PST
Entry Fees Charged:
Carson Valley SwimCenter
1600 State Route 88
Minden, NV 89423
Main Contact:
Amy Watanabe
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys JV 1 Meter Diving66 21m View Rules
Girls 1 Meter 6 Dive136 45m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bishop ManogueRenoNV
2Damonte RanchReno 
3Douglas TigersMindenNV
5North ValleyReno 
7Reno HighRenoNV
8Spanish SpringsRenoNV
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Benbrooks, KristinaJR Carson City, NV Douglas TigersMar 13, 18:23
2Brennan, Maureen MJR Minden, NV Douglas TigersMar 13, 20:07
3Caufield, Regan MSR Reno, NV Reno HighMar 14, 20:18
4Fisher, MiaFR Sparks, NV WoosterMar 14, 21:45
5Griffin, DanielleFR Washoe Valley, NV GalenaMar 14, 20:23
6Hodes, Luke MSO Reno, NV North ValleyMar 14, 17:39
7Kallas, KatrinaSR Sparks, NV ReedMar 14, 21:10
8Laningham, Alexander WSR Carson city, NV Douglas TigersMar 14, 20:25
9Lee, Payton CSR Sparks, NV Spanish SpringsMar 14, 11:21
10Michael, Brooke N  Reno, NV GalenaMar 14, 20:12
11Michael, Taylor NJR Reno, NV GalenaMar 14, 20:12
12Paputsidis, Mihalis AJR reno, NV Reno HighMar 14, 19:43
13Plecha, Delaney JSO Reno, NV Reno HighMar 13, 21:04
14Schwalbe, Erin LSR Reno, NV WoosterMar 14, 17:46
15Smith, Kaely GSO Reno, NV Damonte RanchMar 13, 14:37
16Stewart, SamuelJR Reno, NV Bishop ManogueMar 14, 20:26
17Thomas, Kira EJR Truckee, CA TruckeeMar 14, 08:13
18Wallace, ThomasSO Minden, NV Douglas TigersMar 13, 18:55
19Weinert, Adelane VSR Reno, NV WoosterMar 14, 21:17
No coaches have registered for this meet yet
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Bishop ManogueStewart, SamuelJRRenoNV
2Damonte RanchSmith, Kaely GSORenoNV
3Douglas TigersBenbrooks, KristinaJRCarson CityNV
4Brennan, Maureen MJRMindenNV
5Laningham, Alexander WSRCarson cityNV
6Wallace, ThomasSOMindenNV
7GalenaGriffin, DanielleFRWashoe ValleyNV
8Michael, Brooke N RenoNV
9Michael, Taylor NJRRenoNV
10North ValleyHodes, Luke MSORenoNV
11ReedKallas, KatrinaSRSparksNV
12Reno HighCaufield, Regan MSRRenoNV
13Paputsidis, Mihalis AJRrenoNV
14Plecha, Delaney JSORenoNV
15Spanish SpringsLee, Payton CSRSparksNV
16TruckeeThomas, Kira EJRTruckeeCA
17WoosterFisher, MiaFRSparksNV
18Schwalbe, Erin LSRRenoNV
19Weinert, Adelane VSRRenoNV
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys JV 1 Meter DivingHodes, Luke M View Sheet 1.77.6North Valley
2Laningham, Alexander W View Sheet 1.78.2Douglas Tigers
3Lee, Payton C View Sheet 1.611.6Spanish Springs
4Paputsidis, Mihalis A View Sheet 1.57.3Reno High
5Stewart, Samuel View Sheet 1.47.7Bishop Manogue
6Wallace, Thomas View Sheet 1.78.0Douglas Tigers
7Girls 1 Meter 6 DiveBenbrooks, Kristina View Sheet 1.77.6Douglas Tigers
8Brennan, Maureen M View Sheet 1.78.1Douglas Tigers
9Caufield, Regan M View Sheet 1.611.4Reno High
10Fisher, Mia View Sheet 1.610.0Wooster
11Griffin, Danielle View Sheet 1.610.2Galena
12Kallas, Katrina View Sheet 1.57.3Reed
13Michael, Brooke N View Sheet 1.610.9Galena
14Michael, Taylor N View Sheet 1.611.0Galena
15Plecha, Delaney J View Sheet 1.68.6Reno High
16Schwalbe, Erin L View Sheet 1.69.2Wooster
17Smith, Kaely G View Sheet 1.57.7Damonte Ranch
18Thomas, Kira E View Sheet 1.59.3Truckee
19Weinert, Adelane V View Sheet 1.59.6Wooster
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