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Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
May-07, 8:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
May-14, 8:00 AM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
5310 E 136th Ave
Thornton, CO 80602
Main Contact:
Ron Johns
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
4A State Diving1411 1h29m View Rules
5A State Diving3511 3h44m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Air Academy High School Boy's Swim and DiveColorado SpringsCO
2Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
3Aurora Public SchoolsAuroraCO
4Brighton High SchoolBrightonCO
5Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
6Cherokee TrailDenverCO
7Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood VillageCO
8Coronado High School Swim and Dive TeamColorado SpringsCO
9Denver NorthDenverCO
10Denver South High School Denver CO
11Discovery CanyonColorado SpringsCO
12Douglas CountyCastle RockCO
13Fairview HSBoulderCO
14Fort Collins High SchoolFort CollinsCO
15Fossil Ridge High SchoolFort CollinsCO
16Grandview High SchoolCherry CreekCO
17Greeley West High SchoolGreeleyCO
18Heritage High SchoolLittletonCO
19Highlands Ranch High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
20liberty High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
21Littleton High SchoolLittletonCO
22Ralston ValleyArvadaCO
23Rampart High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
24Rocky Mountain High SchoolFort CollinsCO
25Silver CreekLongmontCO
26Valor Christian High School Boys DivingHighlands RanchCO
27Widefield High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
28Windsor High School Windsor CO
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Arnold, Jack  CO Denver NorthMay 10, 21:23
2Batt, Griffin  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 16:25
3Beaty, Danny  CO Arapahoe High SchoolMay 13, 21:58
4Bishop, Noah  City, CO Grandview High SchoolMay 13, 16:21
5Burchett, CrossJR Fort Collins, CO Fossil Ridge High SchoolMay 13, 10:51
6Chaplin, ClaytonSO CO Highlands Ranch High SchoolMay 13, 07:58
7Ciancanelli, Luca  CO Fairview HSMay 13, 20:04
8Desiato, Anthony  CO Ralston ValleyMay 14, 07:30
9Dowlin, Jacob  CO Silver CreekMay 13, 14:21
10Drury, Eli  CO Chatfield Senior HSMay 13, 14:56
11Duffy, Patrick  CO Grandview High SchoolMay 13, 16:16
12Dyer, Collier  CO Arapahoe High SchoolMay 13, 21:55
13Eck, Conrad  Denver, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 16:45
14Faddick, JalenSO Castle Rock, CO Littleton High SchoolMay 13, 07:52
15Fellows, Casey  CO Valor Christian High School Boys DivingMay 13, 21:25
16Fellows, Matthew  CO Discovery CanyonMay 13, 09:47
17Finning, Travis  CO Windsor High School May 11, 17:29
18Gammon, Collin  CO Ralston ValleyMay 14, 07:39
19Gust, Matthew  CO Heritage High SchoolMay 12, 17:33
20Lancisi, Justin  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 16:42
21Lefever, Zach  CO Arapahoe High SchoolMay 13, 21:50
22Legwold, Ryan  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 16:50
23Lende, James  CO Brighton High SchoolMay 12, 00:04
24Liban, Caleb  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 16:59
25Mascarenas, Theodore  CO Windsor High School May 11, 17:22
26Modica, DysonSO CASTLE ROCK, CO Highlands Ranch High SchoolMay 13, 08:02
27Nesbitt, WalkerJR Fort Collins, CO Rocky Mountain High SchoolMay 13, 10:40
28Payne, Adam  CO Heritage High SchoolMay 12, 17:35
29Perkins, Psymon  CO Rampart High SchoolMay 13, 20:49
30Piacenza, Joseph  CO Greeley West High SchoolMay 13, 09:54
31Radico, BenSR CASTLE ROCK, CO Littleton High SchoolMay 13, 07:55
32Rosenquist, Davin  CO Ralston ValleyMay 14, 07:34
33Ross, Liam  CO Aurora Public SchoolsMay 12, 10:26
34Ryan, Jack  CO Denver South High School May 10, 21:25
35Sharp, Calvin  Aurora, CO Cherokee TrailMay 13, 19:34
36Stanley, BrendanSO fort collins, CO Fort Collins High SchoolMay 13, 12:20
37Steiner, Luke  CO Coronado High School Swim and Dive TeamMay 13, 09:15
38suchowski, JakeSO Fort Collins, CO Rocky Mountain High SchoolMay 13, 10:48
39Teta, Matthew  CO Silver CreekMay 13, 14:15
40Thomas, Josh  Englewood, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 17:03
41Valdes, Adam  CO Valor Christian High School Boys DivingMay 13, 21:29
42VanNice, Brae  CO Valor Christian High School Boys DivingMay 13, 21:37
43VanVleet, Luke J  Centennial, CO Heritage High SchoolMay 12, 17:39
44Vigil, Tony  CO Grandview High SchoolMay 13, 16:27
45Wandruff, PhillipSR Castle Rock, CO Douglas CountyMay 13, 08:05
46Ward, Aaron  CO Valor Christian High School Boys DivingMay 13, 21:34
47Whitehead, Jackson  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMay 13, 16:33
48Wilson, Dax  CO Widefield High SchoolMay 12, 09:03
49Zook, Trevor  CO liberty High SchoolMay 14, 06:29
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Ambrozic, RobinHead CoachHeritage High SchoolEnglewoodCO
2Anderson, TimHead CoachGrandview High SchoolLittletonCO
3Andrie, KatherineHead CoachValor Christian High School Boys DivingAuroraCO
4Apicello, DylanHead CoachCoronado High School Swim and Dive TeamColorado SpringsCO
5Burke, JaneHead CoachGreeley West High SchoolGreeleyCO
6butts, DominickAsst. CoachCherokee TrailauroraCO
7Diehl, CarlHead CoachFairview HSBoulderCO
8Graham, AbbeyHead CoachRampart High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
9Greiner, MarkHead Coachliberty High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
10Hawker, CourtneyHead CoachWindsor High School Fort CollinsCO
11Kinney, JoshHead CoachDiscovery CanyonColorado SpringsCO
12Madsen, ChristopherHead CoachRalston ValleyArvadaCO
13Morell, Hannah CoachChatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
14Robinson, GrantHead CoachCherry Creek High SchoolParkerCO
15Sage, KevinAsst. CoachDenver South High School ArvadaCO
16Smith, JeffHead CoachArapahoe High SchoolCentennialCO
17Soulvie, AshleyHead CoachAir Academy High School Boy's Swim and DiveColorado SpringsCO
18Squires, AmandaHead CoachBrighton High SchoolThorntonCO
19Stewart, DebbieAsst. CoachSilver CreekLongmontCO
20Thompson, WilliamHead CoachAurora Public SchoolsAuroraCO
21Wickberg, SusanHead CoachWidefield High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolBeaty, Danny  CO
2Dyer, Collier  CO
3Lefever, Zach  CO
4Aurora Public SchoolsRoss, Liam  CO
5Brighton High SchoolLende, James  CO
6Chatfield Senior HSDrury, Eli  CO
7Cherokee TrailSharp, Calvin AuroraCO
8Cherry Creek High SchoolBatt, Griffin  CO
9Eck, Conrad DenverCO
10Lancisi, Justin  CO
11Legwold, Ryan  CO
12Liban, Caleb  CO
13Thomas, Josh EnglewoodCO
14Whitehead, Jackson  CO
15Coronado High School Swim and Dive TeamSteiner, Luke  CO
16Denver NorthArnold, Jack  CO
17Denver South High School Ryan, Jack  CO
18Discovery CanyonFellows, Matthew  CO
19Douglas CountyWandruff, PhillipSRCastle RockCO
20Fairview HSCiancanelli, Luca  CO
21Fort Collins High SchoolStanley, BrendanSOfort collinsCO
22Fossil Ridge High SchoolBurchett, CrossJRFort CollinsCO
23Grandview High SchoolBishop, Noah CityCO
24Duffy, Patrick  CO
25Vigil, Tony  CO
26Greeley West High SchoolPiacenza, Joseph  CO
27Heritage High SchoolGust, Matthew  CO
28Payne, Adam  CO
29VanVleet, Luke J CentennialCO
30Highlands Ranch High SchoolChaplin, ClaytonSO CO
32liberty High SchoolZook, Trevor  CO
33Littleton High SchoolFaddick, JalenSOCastle RockCO
35Ralston ValleyDesiato, Anthony  CO
36Gammon, Collin  CO
37Rosenquist, Davin  CO
38Rampart High SchoolPerkins, Psymon  CO
39Rocky Mountain High SchoolNesbitt, WalkerJRFort CollinsCO
40suchowski, JakeSOFort CollinsCO
41Silver CreekDowlin, Jacob  CO
42Teta, Matthew  CO
43Valor Christian High School Boys DivingFellows, Casey  CO
44Valdes, Adam  CO
45VanNice, Brae  CO
46Ward, Aaron  CO
47Widefield High SchoolWilson, Dax  CO
48Windsor High School Finning, Travis  CO
49Mascarenas, Theodore  CO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
14A State DivingArnold, Jack View Sheet 8.614.2Denver North
2Dowlin, Jacob View Sheet 9.013.5Silver Creek
3Faddick, Jalen View Sheet 8.412.0Littleton High School
4Fellows, Matthew View Sheet 8.413.6Discovery Canyon
5Finning, Travis View Sheet 8.012.2Windsor High School
6Gammon, Collin View Sheet 8.613.4Ralston Valley
7Mascarenas, Theodore View Sheet 8.612.4Windsor High School
8Piacenza, Joseph View Sheet 7.412.3Greeley West High School
9Radico, Ben View Sheet 8.212.5Littleton High School
10Ryan, Jack View Sheet 9.016.0Denver South High School
11Steiner, Luke View Sheet 8.412.3Coronado High School Swim and Dive Team
12Teta, Matthew View Sheet 9.015.3Silver Creek
13Wilson, Dax View Sheet 8.313.1Widefield High School
14Zook, Trevor View Sheet 8.412.5liberty High School
155A State DivingBatt, Griffin View Sheet 8.914.4Cherry Creek High School
16Beaty, Danny View Sheet 9.014.1Arapahoe High School
17Bishop, Noah View Sheet 8.714.4Grandview High School
18Burchett, Cross View Sheet 8.212.7Fossil Ridge High School
19Chaplin, Clayton View Sheet 8.616.0Highlands Ranch High School
20Ciancanelli, Luca View Sheet 8.012.7Fairview HS
21Desiato, Anthony View Sheet 8.413.9Ralston Valley
22Drury, Eli View Sheet 9.012.9Chatfield Senior HS
23Duffy, Patrick View Sheet 8.412.7Grandview High School
24Dyer, Collier View Sheet 8.713.4Arapahoe High School
25Eck, Conrad View Sheet 8.613.5Cherry Creek High School
26Fellows, Casey View Sheet 8.614.7Valor Christian High School Boys Diving
27Gust, Matthew View Sheet 8.513.6Heritage High School
28Lancisi, Justin View Sheet 8.413.3Cherry Creek High School
29Lefever, Zach View Sheet 8.613.0Arapahoe High School
30Legwold, Ryan View Sheet 8.312.8Cherry Creek High School
31Lende, James View Sheet 8.513.9Brighton High School
32Liban, Caleb View Sheet 8.412.8Cherry Creek High School
33Modica, Dyson View Sheet 8.714.5Highlands Ranch High School
34Nesbitt, Walker View Sheet 8.412.6Rocky Mountain High School
35Payne, Adam View Sheet 8.613.5Heritage High School
36Perkins, Psymon View Sheet 8.713.0Rampart High School
37Rosenquist, Davin View Sheet 8.914.0Ralston Valley
38Ross, Liam View Sheet 8.814.1Aurora Public Schools
39Sharp, Calvin View Sheet 8.313.9Cherokee Trail
40Stanley, Brendan View Sheet 8.612.6Fort Collins High School
41suchowski, Jake View Sheet 8.413.5Rocky Mountain High School
42Thomas, Josh View Sheet 8.714.2Cherry Creek High School
43Valdes, Adam View Sheet 8.012.6Valor Christian High School Boys Diving
44VanNice, Brae View Sheet 8.012.6Valor Christian High School Boys Diving
45VanVleet, Luke J View Sheet 8.814.2Heritage High School
46Vigil, Tony View Sheet 8.814.5Grandview High School
47Wandruff, Phillip View Sheet 9.013.8Douglas County
48Ward, Aaron View Sheet 8.212.8Valor Christian High School Boys Diving
49Whitehead, Jackson View Sheet 8.613.9Cherry Creek High School
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