Name of Meet:
Ohio Diving League (ODL) Meet #3 @ Napoleon High School
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-18, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Jan-20, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Napoleon High School
701 Briarheath Dr
Napoleon, OH 43545
Main Contact:
Mike Retcher
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Jan-20 11:59 PM EST

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Level 1, 1M34 7m View Rules
Level 1, 3M04 View Rules
Level II, 1M24 4m View Rules
Level II, 3M54 11m View Rules
Level III, 1M55 14m View Rules
Level III, 3M35 8m View Rules
Level IV, 1M65 17m View Rules
Level IV, 3M75 20m View Rules
Level V, 1M76 24m View Rules
Level V, 3M06 View Rules
Level VI, 1M36 10m View Rules
Level VI, 3M36 10m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1ACES DivingSunburyOH
2Napoleon Diving ClubNapoleonOH
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Borstelman, Ella  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 10:27
2Bowersock, Mia8th New Albany, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:52
3Bratten, Ehren8th Lewis Center, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:33
4BROOKS, Destiny  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 14:11
5BROWN, Joy  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 10:37
6CAMPOS, Carmen  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 10:45
7DIEMER, Heavenly  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 14:12
8Fitz, Evelyn8th Lewis Center, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:44
9FORTIER, Xavier  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 14:02
10Heath, Reagan P8th Powell, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:23
11helfrich, Gretchen8th Columbus, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:28
12Hussey, Madeline8th Westerville, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:34
13Keir, Andrew8th Westerville, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:49
14Marconi, Nico3rd Powell, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:15
15Marconi, Vinny4th Powell, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:25
16Moreland, KylieFR Powell, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:41
17Nyktas, Lydia8th COLUMBUS, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:42
18Powers, Kiera7th Columbus, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:19
19Pyke, Theoryn5th Westerville, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:26
20Ryan, Leo7th Dublin, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 14:29
21Schnetzler, Lulu8th Delaware, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:36
22SHEPARD, Patience  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 14:07
23Slechter, Mallory4th Grove City, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:31
24Wermert, Miles3rd Powell, OH ACES DivingJan 20, 09:27
25WOLPERT, Leta  OH Napoleon Diving ClubJan 20, 14:13
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Retcher, MichaelHead CoachNapoleon Diving ClubDefianceOH
2White, JenAsst. CoachACES DivingSunburyOH
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1ACES DivingBowersock, Mia8thNew AlbanyOH
2Bratten, Ehren8thLewis CenterOH
3Fitz, Evelyn8thLewis CenterOH
4Heath, Reagan P8thPowellOH
5helfrich, Gretchen8thColumbusOH
6Hussey, Madeline8thWestervilleOH
7Keir, Andrew8thWestervilleOH
8Marconi, Nico3rdPowellOH
9Marconi, Vinny4thPowellOH
10Moreland, KylieFRPowellOH
11Nyktas, Lydia8thCOLUMBUSOH
12Powers, Kiera7thColumbusOH
13Pyke, Theoryn5thWestervilleOH
14Ryan, Leo7thDublinOH
15Schnetzler, Lulu8thDelawareOH
16Slechter, Mallory4thGrove CityOH
17Wermert, Miles3rdPowellOH
18Napoleon Diving ClubBorstelman, Ella  OH
19BROOKS, Destiny  OH
20BROWN, Joy  OH
21CAMPOS, Carmen  OH
22DIEMER, Heavenly  OH
23FORTIER, Xavier  OH
24SHEPARD, Patience  OH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Level 1, 1MDIEMER, Heavenly View Sheet 0.00.0Napoleon Diving Club
2Wermert, Miles View Sheet 0.00.0ACES Diving
3WOLPERT, Leta View Sheet 0.00.0Napoleon Diving Club
4Level II, 1MBROOKS, Destiny View Sheet 1.03.0Napoleon Diving Club
5Marconi, Nico View Sheet 1.03.0ACES Diving
6Level II, 3MBowersock, Mia View Sheet 3.01.0ACES Diving
7Bratten, Ehren View Sheet 3.01.0ACES Diving
8FORTIER, Xavier View Sheet 3.01.0Napoleon Diving Club
9Marconi, Vinny View Sheet 3.01.0ACES Diving
10Slechter, Mallory View Sheet 3.01.0ACES Diving
11Level III, 1MBowersock, Mia View Sheet 3.02.0ACES Diving
12Marconi, Vinny View Sheet 3.02.0ACES Diving
13SHEPARD, Patience View Sheet 3.02.0Napoleon Diving Club
14Slechter, Mallory View Sheet 3.02.0ACES Diving
15Wermert, Miles View Sheet 3.02.0ACES Diving
16Level III, 3MBROWN, Joy View Sheet 3.02.0Napoleon Diving Club
17Heath, Reagan P View Sheet 3.02.0ACES Diving
18Pyke, Theoryn View Sheet 3.02.0ACES Diving
19Level IV, 1MBratten, Ehren View Sheet 2.94.7ACES Diving
20CAMPOS, Carmen View Sheet 3.14.9Napoleon Diving Club
21Heath, Reagan P View Sheet 2.74.6ACES Diving
22Hussey, Madeline View Sheet 2.74.7ACES Diving
23Pyke, Theoryn View Sheet 2.84.5ACES Diving
24Schnetzler, Lulu View Sheet 2.84.6ACES Diving
25Level IV, 3MBorstelman, Ella View Sheet 3.05.3Napoleon Diving Club
26helfrich, Gretchen View Sheet 3.24.7ACES Diving
27Hussey, Madeline View Sheet 3.14.6ACES Diving
28Keir, Andrew View Sheet 3.15.3ACES Diving
29Powers, Kiera View Sheet 3.24.6ACES Diving
30Ryan, Leo View Sheet 3.24.7ACES Diving
31Schnetzler, Lulu View Sheet 3.14.6ACES Diving
32Level V, 1MBorstelman, Ella View Sheet 3.67.9Napoleon Diving Club
33BROWN, Joy View Sheet 3.68.1Napoleon Diving Club
34FORTIER, Xavier View Sheet 3.27.2Napoleon Diving Club
35helfrich, Gretchen View Sheet 2.86.6ACES Diving
36Keir, Andrew View Sheet 3.18.2ACES Diving
37Powers, Kiera View Sheet 2.86.6ACES Diving
38Ryan, Leo View Sheet 2.86.6ACES Diving
39Level VI, 1MFitz, Evelyn View Sheet 1.510.2ACES Diving
40Moreland, Kylie View Sheet 1.510.3ACES Diving
41Nyktas, Lydia View Sheet 1.510.3ACES Diving
42Level VI, 3MFitz, Evelyn View Sheet 1.710.0ACES Diving
43Moreland, Kylie View Sheet 1.710.0ACES Diving
44Nyktas, Lydia View Sheet 1.710.0ACES Diving
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