Name of Meet:
RWB White South Qualifier
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-27, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Mar-19, 11:59 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Late Fees Charged:
Yes, $30.00 per Event Fee
Late Fees Begin:
Mar-17, 12:01 AM CST
Southlake Carroll Aquatics Center
1501 W Southlake Blvd
Southlake, TX 76092
Main Contact:
Krista Klein
Contact Phone:

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Future Champions Boys 09 and under 1M75 20m View Rules
Future Champions Boys 09 and under 3M15 2m View Rules
Future Champions Boys 10-13 1M115 32m View Rules
Future Champions Boys 10-13 3M65 17m View Rules
Future Champions Boys 14+ 1M05 View Rules
Future Champions Boys 14+ 3M05 View Rules
Future Champions Girls 09 and under 1M25 5m View Rules
Future Champions Girls 09 and under 3M55 14m View Rules
Future Champions Girls 10-13 1M65 17m View Rules
Future Champions Girls 10-13 3M85 23m View Rules
Future Champions Girls 14+ 1M15 2m View Rules
Future Champions Girls 14+ 3M35 8m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M 16-17810 46m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M 18-19410 23m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 16-17410 23m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 18-19410 23m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 16-17269 2h16m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 18-1929 10m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 16-17289 2h27m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 18-1959 26m View Rules
Group B Boys 1M139 1h8m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M99 47m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M128 56m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M128 56m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M78 32m View Rules
Group C Boys 3M78 32m View Rules
Group C Girls 1M177 1h9m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M147 57m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M75 20m View Rules
Group D Boys 3M65 17m View Rules
Group D Girls 1M65 17m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M75 20m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M44 9m View Rules
Group E Boys 3M14 2m View Rules
Group E Girls 1M94 21m View Rules
Group E Girls 3M24 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 1M85 23m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 3M96 31m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 1M56 17m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 3M47 16m View Rules
Novice Boys 14 over 1M67 24m View Rules
Novice Boys 14 over 3M88 37m View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 1M15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 3M15 2m View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 1M25 5m View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 3M16 3m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 1M76 24m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 3M67 24m View Rules
Novice Girls 14 over 1M167 1h5m View Rules
Novice Girls 14 over 3M128 56m View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 1M25 5m View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 3M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 1M04 View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 3M04 View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 1M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 3M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 1M24 4m View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 3M04 View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19 3M05 View Rules
Team NameCityState
1American Flyers Diving HudsonOH
2Bay Area Star DiveNassau BayTX
3Big Cat Diving, LLCMagnoliaTX
4City of MidlandMidlandTX
5Conroe Diving ClubConroeTX
6Dallas Metroplex DivingDallasTX
7Gc DiversSouthlake TX
8Lubbock Dive ClubLubbockTX
9Mackenzie Middle SchoolLubbockTX
10Mansfield DivingMansfieldTX
11Port City DivingTheodoreAL
12San Antonio Divers TeamSan AntonioTX
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Agor, Colin12MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 04, 12:30
2Alferink, Kyle10MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 07, 16:06
3Arthur, Zachary J9GrapevineTXGc DiversMar 15, 19:29
4Aryan, Seroush10SOUTHLAKETXGc DiversMar 18, 20:14
5Atkins, Connor P9MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 18, 10:44
6Atkinson, Stone10SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:38
7Balson, Abigail14SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 06, 23:22
8Bates, Teague14Highland VillageTXGc DiversMar 13, 11:06
9Bell, Thomas A15White SettlementTXGc DiversMar 13, 12:13
10Bevan-Thomas, Ashley B15SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 15:05
11Bevan-Thomas, Kendall P12SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 15:20
12Bigler, Jacob13ConroeTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 14, 17:07
13Bigler, Simon6ConroeTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 14, 16:56
14Billings, Megan14kellerTXGc DiversMar 17, 15:35
15Bingham, Bradie6TomballTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 12, 12:27
16Bingham, Lanie13TomballTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 11, 11:48
17Blackmon, Talan14PlanoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 15, 12:47
18Blair, Presley7PlanoTXGc DiversMar 16, 18:22
19Bordges, Kamryn15FlowerMoundTXGc DiversMar 09, 06:27
20Bottego III, Allen J15SeabrookTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 20:17
21Bottego, Jillian11HoustonTXBay Area Star DiveMar 19, 10:02
22Box, Brenden10Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 07, 12:07
23Boyd, Noah16LewisvilleTXGc DiversMar 14, 17:11
24Brady, Claire13PlanoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 16, 14:22
25Broach, Matthew12FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 09, 10:52
26Burch, Brynn A7StantonTXCity of MidlandMar 11, 16:33
27Burtea, Alexandra11SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 23:32
28Bush, Ethan14LEAGUE CITYTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 09:57
29Bush, Everett11League CityTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 10:31
30Caldwell, Mitch10SolonOHAmerican Flyers Diving Mar 14, 08:24
31Campbell, Jackson10SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 06, 17:30
32Candler, Jaxon9Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 10, 20:41
33Carpenter, Hannah-May15MckinneyTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 16, 21:33
34Cartagena, Micca C11conroeTXConroe Diving ClubMar 15, 10:34
35Castiglione, Alyssa N16SeabrookTXBay Area Star DiveMar 16, 17:06
36Castillo, Rowan11Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 16, 09:53
37Chennault, Nolan13Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 08, 11:42
38Clay, Anders T8Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 07, 17:09
39Cochran, Mialynn12MidlandTXCity of MidlandMar 14, 21:14
40Collins, Evan10MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 13, 13:05
41Connell, Jordynn15AustinTXGc DiversMar 13, 22:09
42Cooley, Ellen T12KellerTXGc DiversMar 16, 20:21
43Coronado, Ethan12StantonTXCity of MidlandMar 16, 23:14
44Costa, Abigail8Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 10, 19:17
45Costa, Gabriel M16FriendswoodTXBay Area Star DiveMar 16, 18:38
46Coughlen, Morgan15FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 11, 11:55
47Cryer, Colten A14Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 12, 15:04
48Devereaux, Abby A16ColleyvilleTXGc DiversMar 16, 09:19
49Dickerson, Rachel15Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 08, 20:39
50Ebner, Cameron10SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 18:30
51Erickson, Sam10SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 12, 17:15
52Etzelmiller, Kinzie E17KellerTXGc DiversMar 13, 10:44
53Evans, Reagan13SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 16, 19:03
54Evans, Tatum16SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 11, 13:33
55Faoro, Ana Laura16FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 14, 11:03
56Faoro, Maria Carolina12FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 14, 10:23
57Fisher, Will10KellerTXGc DiversMar 14, 21:44
58Flores, Viviana G13HurstTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:12
59Flowers, Cai B15Missouri CityTXBay Area Star DiveMar 17, 15:17
60Floyd, Georgia6DallasTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 09, 13:48
61Foley, Toby15WestlakeTXGc DiversMar 05, 14:02
62Gasper, Holly12KellerTXGc DiversMar 15, 14:40
63Gassett, Julia13GrapevineTXGc DiversMar 14, 08:00
64Gerrick, Penelope10SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 07, 11:15
65Gillett, Brooke B15SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 11, 16:10
66Gillett, Lana12SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 14:30
67Gokhale, Maanas12Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 15, 16:15
68Goodyear, Claire14ArlingtonTXMansfield DivingMar 08, 06:36
69Grissom, Elise C14CantonmentFLPort City DivingMar 16, 22:15
70Guadalupe, Shaili14mansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 08, 09:07
71Guevara, Michael12ArlingtonTXMansfield DivingMar 09, 09:02
72Gunn, Keira12San antonioTXSan Antonio Divers TeamMar 16, 20:54
73Gutierrez, Alexia13DallasTXGc DiversMar 14, 19:55
74Guydon, Grace8the woodlandsTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 10, 17:21
75GUZIEC, PEYTON14FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 07, 12:15
76Hafele, Audrey G15KellerTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:39
77Hamilton, Corynn7ManvelTXBay Area Star DiveFeb 27, 10:03
78Hartshorne, Alex9midlandTXCity of MidlandMar 06, 20:19
79Heard, Justin C13DickinsonTXBay Area Star DiveMar 03, 11:33
80Hernandez, Hailey R15SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 15:02
81Hester, Grant11ArlingtonTXGc DiversMar 11, 12:23
82Hindmarsh, Chase18TomballTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 15, 16:14
83Hinthorn, Gina K16Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 11, 19:18
84Hoff, Ashton8Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 06, 00:32
85Hollins, Maya13LubbockTXMackenzie Middle SchoolMar 15, 20:57
86Hong, Paul N12LewisvilleTXGc DiversMar 04, 12:51
87Huang, Amy9SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 14, 21:31
88Hunter, Ethan14Missouri CityTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 15:25
89ILVES, David11Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 16, 10:28
90Ingersoll, Kyle11HoustonTXBay Area Star DiveMar 16, 21:45
91Itzkowitz, Amanda17KellerTXGc DiversMar 15, 13:58
92Jacobs, Charleigh A10San AntonioTXSan Antonio Divers TeamMar 12, 12:29
93Johnson, Piper N8MidllandTXCity of MidlandMar 12, 07:09
94Keady, Addison12Trophy ClubTXGc DiversMar 12, 11:23
95Kidd, Kyleigh15ColleyvilleTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:40
96King, Evelyn7San AntonioTXSan Antonio Divers TeamMar 14, 12:22
97Kinney, Matthew8MidlandTXCity of MidlandMar 14, 11:21
98Kleiman, Phillip B17SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 12, 20:06
99Kool, Mackenzie12ManvelTXBay Area Star DiveMar 10, 16:01
100Lancaster III, Carlton W11Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 07, 20:48
101LeBlanc, Isabelle16SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 16:03
102Lee, Dawn11SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 20:09
103Logas, Anders M14CarrolltonTXGc DiversMar 09, 21:55
104Maisel, Noelle10SpringTXConroe Diving ClubMar 10, 11:44
105Martin, Betty I12KellerTXGc DiversMar 13, 09:42
106Martin, Lexie15KellerTXGc DiversMar 08, 15:30
107Maynez, Isabella13KellerTXGc DiversMar 16, 13:01
108McCormack, Caiden8MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 06, 21:15
109McCuistion, Cayden15SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 12, 11:14
110mckenna, Nika9kellerTXGc DiversMar 03, 09:27
111Medico, Sophie17HoustonTXConroe Diving ClubMar 17, 17:37
112Mertens, Collin J9SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 10, 17:33
113Meyers, Maggie14Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 08, 10:35
114Michaelides, Melina12SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 13, 16:04
115Molloy, Mack13Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 08, 12:07
116Moons, Julie12MontgomeryTXConroe Diving ClubMar 15, 13:26
117Moons, Nathan M11MontgomeryTXConroe Diving ClubMar 15, 12:03
118Moore, Braden P14SpringTXConroe Diving ClubMar 13, 14:19
119Moran, Katherine11Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 09, 09:32
120Moran, Maddie15Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 09, 09:18
121Mortenson, Ian10Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 05, 12:50
122Myers, Macie14Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 15, 20:36
123Nelson, Olivia14FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 08, 14:44
124Nguyen, Benedict14ArlingtonTXGc DiversMar 09, 23:45
125Olson, Olivia11FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 13, 16:29
126ONeil, Bridget E17SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 16, 13:52
127Pagliaccio, Rocco F11IrvingTXGc DiversMar 08, 17:37
128passmore, Brayden8midlothianTXMansfield DivingMar 17, 19:46
129Pena, Ava M15websterTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 13:26
130Perreira, Isabella13WylieTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 16, 22:27
131pich, lauren16southlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 11:09
132Pierce, Zachary C17SpringTXConroe Diving ClubMar 18, 18:59
133Pistocchi, Isabella N15SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 14, 21:21
134Poppel, Haylee10JustinTXGc DiversMar 13, 17:57
135Preas, Oscar11grand prairieTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:16
136Preas, Ray12grand prairieTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:08
137Price, Marlee10The WoodlandsTXConroe Diving ClubMar 14, 22:20
138Props, Payton16LubbockTXLubbock Dive ClubMar 14, 20:55
139Pumphrey, Kanah13MidlandTXCity of MidlandMar 15, 15:09
140Putney, Bristol16KellerTXGc DiversMar 10, 12:03
141Ragsdale, Maggie13KellerTXGc DiversMar 16, 10:34
142Ratcliffe, Darby L16RockwallTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 17, 13:07
143Ratliff, Beatrix9DallasTXGc DiversMar 15, 20:35
144Reid, Riley14KellerTXGc DiversMar 17, 12:29
145Resnick, Leah8CarrolltonTXGc DiversMar 14, 12:35
146Reynolds, Chloe16SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 19:37
147Rice, Sydney S15Highland VillageTXGc DiversMar 16, 18:08
148Richards, Araya13SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 16, 17:07
149Ritchie, Emily15PlanoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 12, 21:09
150Rodriguez, Sierra16AllenTXGc DiversMar 12, 13:01
151Rogers, Lilly D10Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 12, 12:13
152Romig, Benjamin13CypressTXBig Cat Diving, LLCMar 15, 23:15
153Rose, John8MansfieldTXGc DiversMar 11, 15:09
154Rose, William10MansfieldTXGc DiversMar 11, 15:16
155rosewicz, alexandra17kellerTXGc DiversMar 16, 14:19
156Rossmann, Levi6MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 19, 11:57
157Rossmann, Liam10MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 19, 10:57
158Rudolph, Kennedy10North Richland HillsTXGc DiversMar 16, 20:34
159Salinas, Diego12Grand PrairieTXMansfield DivingMar 16, 14:07
160Sanchez, Kyle17MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 11, 15:15
161Schaeffel, Audrey15AustinTXGc DiversMar 14, 19:50
162Schmidt, Chloe13planoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 12, 21:52
163Seifert, Jacob8SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 08, 16:49
164Sharpe, Chloe H13SpringTXConroe Diving ClubMar 16, 18:45
165Shofran, Dorothy13FriscoTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 14, 16:25
166Silverman, Dylan16 TXGc DiversMar 13, 12:19
167Sitz, Luke12PROSPERTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 16, 16:09
168Smith, Gabrielle17HoustonTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 22:52
169Soda, Risa8MidlandTXCity of MidlandMar 13, 12:21
170Soda, Yuki11MidlandTXCity of MidlandMar 12, 12:06
171Spurlock, Justin14MansfieldTXMansfield DivingMar 06, 15:27
172Stamm, Abigail12JustinTXGc DiversMar 04, 11:24
173Stanbury, Courtney C15KellerTXGc DiversMar 13, 12:07
174Steiskal, Annabelle8Ft WorthTXGc DiversMar 11, 16:58
175Steiskal, Dominic13Ft WorthTXGc DiversMar 09, 19:54
176Strange, Faith13KellerTXGc DiversMar 17, 08:40
177Stubbs, Natalie13SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 11:19
178Tadlaoui, Darya15SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 10:17
179Tadlaoui, Roxana13SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 10:27
180Telck, Elizabeth12MidlandTXCity of MidlandMar 07, 19:13
181tichenor, hannah G14kellerTXGc DiversMar 11, 19:18
182Vangala, Armaan11SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 14, 15:50
183Vear, Samantha S17ConroeTXConroe Diving ClubMar 17, 13:16
184Villarreal, Isaiah B10ArlingtonTXMansfield DivingMar 07, 12:00
185Walker, Jordan16SchertzTXSan Antonio Divers TeamMar 13, 13:36
186Wall, Emily7Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 07, 13:29
187Wall, Owen J11Fort WorthTXGc DiversMar 07, 13:20
188Walsh, Blake13LantanaTXGc DiversMar 07, 16:18
189Ward, Allison P16WestlakeTXGc DiversMar 09, 20:25
190Ward, Levi A16Deer ParkTXBay Area Star DiveMar 14, 21:17
191Westover, Summer17SouthlakeTXGc DiversMar 15, 15:55
192Wheat, Margaux E10ColleyvilleTXGc DiversMar 12, 10:28
193Wilson, Kayla17Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 11, 12:02
194Wolford, Dash16 TXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 17, 19:16
195Wong, Claire11Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 14, 14:17
196Wong, Kamryn E15Flower MoundTXGc DiversMar 14, 14:27
197Woods, Samuel R15RoanokeTXGc DiversMar 14, 11:26
198Young, Jack15DallasTXDallas Metroplex DivingMar 16, 18:40
199Zawada, Nathan7RichmondTXConroe Diving ClubMar 14, 18:59
200Zoller, David12CoppellTXGc DiversMar 15, 23:48
201Zoller, Katherine14CoppellTXGc DiversMar 15, 23:39
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bro, JeffersonCoachGc DiversKellerTX
2Goe, AndrewAsst. CoachCity of MidlandMidlandTX
3Huntress, AllisonHead CoachSan Antonio Divers TeamSan AntonioTX
4Klein, KristaHead CoachGc DiversSouthlakeTX
5Mangum, JenniferAsst. CoachCity of MidlandMidlandTX
6Ruszkowski, JustinAsst. CoachGc DiversFort WorthTX
7Sak, VladimirCoachGc DiversGrapevineTX
8Travis, BillHead CoachConroe Diving ClubThe WoodlandsTX
9Vear, NancyAsst. CoachConroe Diving ClubThe WoodlandsTX
10Wilson, IlaCoachGc DiversFort WorthTX
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1American Flyers Diving Caldwell, Mitch10SolonOH
2Bay Area Star DiveBottego III, Allen J15SeabrookTX
3Bottego, Jillian11HoustonTX
5Bush, Everett11League CityTX
6Castiglione, Alyssa N16SeabrookTX
7Costa, Gabriel M16FriendswoodTX
8Flowers, Cai B15Missouri CityTX
9Hamilton, Corynn7ManvelTX
10Heard, Justin C13DickinsonTX
11Hunter, Ethan14Missouri CityTX
12Ingersoll, Kyle11HoustonTX
13Kool, Mackenzie12ManvelTX
14Pena, Ava M15websterTX
15Smith, Gabrielle17HoustonTX
16Ward, Levi A16Deer ParkTX
17Big Cat Diving, LLCBigler, Jacob13ConroeTX
18Bigler, Simon6ConroeTX
19Bingham, Bradie6TomballTX
20Bingham, Lanie13TomballTX
21Guydon, Grace8the woodlandsTX
22Hindmarsh, Chase18TomballTX
23Romig, Benjamin13CypressTX
24City of MidlandBurch, Brynn A7StantonTX
25Cochran, Mialynn12MidlandTX
26Coronado, Ethan12StantonTX
27Hartshorne, Alex9midlandTX
28Johnson, Piper N8MidllandTX
29Kinney, Matthew8MidlandTX
30Pumphrey, Kanah13MidlandTX
31Soda, Risa8MidlandTX
32Soda, Yuki11MidlandTX
33Telck, Elizabeth12MidlandTX
34Conroe Diving ClubCartagena, Micca C11conroeTX
35Maisel, Noelle10SpringTX
36Medico, Sophie17HoustonTX
37Moons, Julie12MontgomeryTX
38Moons, Nathan M11MontgomeryTX
39Moore, Braden P14SpringTX
40Pierce, Zachary C17SpringTX
41Price, Marlee10The WoodlandsTX
42Sharpe, Chloe H13SpringTX
43Vear, Samantha S17ConroeTX
44Zawada, Nathan7RichmondTX
45Dallas Metroplex DivingBlackmon, Talan14PlanoTX
46Brady, Claire13PlanoTX
47Broach, Matthew12FriscoTX
48Carpenter, Hannah-May15MckinneyTX
49Coughlen, Morgan15FriscoTX
50Faoro, Ana Laura16FriscoTX
51Faoro, Maria Carolina12FriscoTX
52Floyd, Georgia6DallasTX
54Nelson, Olivia14FriscoTX
55Olson, Olivia11FriscoTX
56Perreira, Isabella13WylieTX
57Ratcliffe, Darby L16RockwallTX
58Ritchie, Emily15PlanoTX
59Schmidt, Chloe13planoTX
60Shofran, Dorothy13FriscoTX
61Sitz, Luke12PROSPERTX
62Wolford, Dash16 TX
63Young, Jack15DallasTX
64Gc DiversArthur, Zachary J9GrapevineTX
65Aryan, Seroush10SOUTHLAKETX
66Atkinson, Stone10SouthlakeTX
67Balson, Abigail14SouthlakeTX
68Bates, Teague14Highland VillageTX
69Bell, Thomas A15White SettlementTX
70Bevan-Thomas, Ashley B15SouthlakeTX
71Bevan-Thomas, Kendall P12SouthlakeTX
72Billings, Megan14kellerTX
73Blair, Presley7PlanoTX
74Bordges, Kamryn15FlowerMoundTX
75Boyd, Noah16LewisvilleTX
76Burtea, Alexandra11SouthlakeTX
77Campbell, Jackson10SouthlakeTX
78Castillo, Rowan11Fort WorthTX
79Chennault, Nolan13Flower MoundTX
80Connell, Jordynn15AustinTX
81Cooley, Ellen T12KellerTX
82Costa, Abigail8Fort WorthTX
83Cryer, Colten A14Fort WorthTX
84Devereaux, Abby A16ColleyvilleTX
85Dickerson, Rachel15Fort WorthTX
86Ebner, Cameron10SouthlakeTX
87Erickson, Sam10SouthlakeTX
88Etzelmiller, Kinzie E17KellerTX
89Evans, Reagan13SouthlakeTX
90Evans, Tatum16SouthlakeTX
91Fisher, Will10KellerTX
92Flores, Viviana G13HurstTX
93Foley, Toby15WestlakeTX
94Gasper, Holly12KellerTX
95Gassett, Julia13GrapevineTX
96Gerrick, Penelope10SouthlakeTX
97Gillett, Brooke B15SouthlakeTX
98Gillett, Lana12SouthlakeTX
99Gokhale, Maanas12Flower MoundTX
100Gutierrez, Alexia13DallasTX
101Hafele, Audrey G15KellerTX
102Hernandez, Hailey R15SouthlakeTX
103Hester, Grant11ArlingtonTX
104Hinthorn, Gina K16Fort WorthTX
105Hong, Paul N12LewisvilleTX
106Huang, Amy9SouthlakeTX
107ILVES, David11Flower MoundTX
108Itzkowitz, Amanda17KellerTX
109Keady, Addison12Trophy ClubTX
110Kidd, Kyleigh15ColleyvilleTX
111Kleiman, Phillip B17SouthlakeTX
112LeBlanc, Isabelle16SouthlakeTX
113Lee, Dawn11SouthlakeTX
114Logas, Anders M14CarrolltonTX
115Martin, Betty I12KellerTX
116Martin, Lexie15KellerTX
117Maynez, Isabella13KellerTX
118McCuistion, Cayden15SouthlakeTX
119mckenna, Nika9kellerTX
120Mertens, Collin J9SouthlakeTX
121Meyers, Maggie14Fort WorthTX
122Michaelides, Melina12SouthlakeTX
123Molloy, Mack13Fort WorthTX
124Moran, Katherine11Flower MoundTX
125Moran, Maddie15Flower MoundTX
126Myers, Macie14Flower MoundTX
127Nguyen, Benedict14ArlingtonTX
128ONeil, Bridget E17SouthlakeTX
129Pagliaccio, Rocco F11IrvingTX
130pich, lauren16southlakeTX
131Pistocchi, Isabella N15SouthlakeTX
132Poppel, Haylee10JustinTX
133Preas, Oscar11grand prairieTX
134Preas, Ray12grand prairieTX
135Putney, Bristol16KellerTX
136Ragsdale, Maggie13KellerTX
137Ratliff, Beatrix9DallasTX
138Reid, Riley14KellerTX
139Resnick, Leah8CarrolltonTX
140Reynolds, Chloe16SouthlakeTX
141Rice, Sydney S15Highland VillageTX
142Richards, Araya13SouthlakeTX
143Rodriguez, Sierra16AllenTX
144Rogers, Lilly D10Fort WorthTX
145Rose, John8MansfieldTX
146Rose, William10MansfieldTX
147rosewicz, alexandra17kellerTX
148Rudolph, Kennedy10North Richland HillsTX
149Schaeffel, Audrey15AustinTX
150Seifert, Jacob8SouthlakeTX
151Silverman, Dylan16 TX
152Stamm, Abigail12JustinTX
153Stanbury, Courtney C15KellerTX
154Steiskal, Annabelle8Ft WorthTX
155Steiskal, Dominic13Ft WorthTX
156Strange, Faith13KellerTX
157Stubbs, Natalie13SouthlakeTX
158Tadlaoui, Darya15SouthlakeTX
159Tadlaoui, Roxana13SouthlakeTX
160tichenor, hannah G14kellerTX
161Vangala, Armaan11SouthlakeTX
162Wall, Emily7Fort WorthTX
163Wall, Owen J11Fort WorthTX
164Walsh, Blake13LantanaTX
165Ward, Allison P16WestlakeTX
166Westover, Summer17SouthlakeTX
167Wheat, Margaux E10ColleyvilleTX
168Wilson, Kayla17Flower MoundTX
169Wong, Claire11Flower MoundTX
170Wong, Kamryn E15Flower MoundTX
171Woods, Samuel R15RoanokeTX
172Zoller, David12CoppellTX
173Zoller, Katherine14CoppellTX
174Lubbock Dive ClubProps, Payton16LubbockTX
175Mackenzie Middle SchoolHollins, Maya13LubbockTX
176Mansfield DivingAgor, Colin12MansfieldTX
177Alferink, Kyle10MansfieldTX
178Atkins, Connor P9MansfieldTX
179Box, Brenden10Grand PrairieTX
180Candler, Jaxon9Grand PrairieTX
181Clay, Anders T8Grand PrairieTX
182Collins, Evan10MansfieldTX
183Goodyear, Claire14ArlingtonTX
184Guadalupe, Shaili14mansfieldTX
185Guevara, Michael12ArlingtonTX
186Hoff, Ashton8Grand PrairieTX
187Lancaster III, Carlton W11Grand PrairieTX
188McCormack, Caiden8MansfieldTX
189Mortenson, Ian10Grand PrairieTX
190passmore, Brayden8midlothianTX
191Rossmann, Levi6MansfieldTX
192Rossmann, Liam10MansfieldTX
193Salinas, Diego12Grand PrairieTX
194Sanchez, Kyle17MansfieldTX
195Spurlock, Justin14MansfieldTX
196Villarreal, Isaiah B10ArlingtonTX
197Port City DivingGrissom, Elise C14CantonmentFL
198San Antonio Divers TeamGunn, Keira12San antonioTX
199Jacobs, Charleigh A10San AntonioTX
200King, Evelyn7San AntonioTX
201Walker, Jordan16SchertzTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Future Champions Boys 09 and under 1MAtkins, Connor P View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
2Clay, Anders T View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
3Hoff, Ashton View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
4Kinney, Matthew View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
5McCormack, Caiden View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
6passmore, Brayden View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
7Rossmann, Levi View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
8Future Champions Boys 09 and under 3MKinney, Matthew View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
9Future Champions Boys 10-13 1MBush, Everett View Sheet 0.05.0Bay Area Star Dive
10Castillo, Rowan View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
11Guevara, Michael View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
12Hartshorne, Alex View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
13ILVES, David View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
14Mortenson, Ian View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
15Salinas, Diego View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
16Soda, Yuki View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
17Steiskal, Dominic View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
18Villarreal, Isaiah B View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
19Zoller, David View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
20Future Champions Boys 10-13 3MCastillo, Rowan View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
21Gokhale, Maanas View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
22Hartshorne, Alex View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
23Soda, Yuki View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
24Steiskal, Dominic View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
25Zoller, David View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
26Future Champions Girls 09 and under 1MFloyd, Georgia View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
27Soda, Risa View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
28Future Champions Girls 09 and under 3MBlair, Presley View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
29Costa, Abigail View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
30Resnick, Leah View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
31Soda, Risa View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
32Wall, Emily View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
33Future Champions Girls 10-13 1MCollins, Evan View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
34Gerrick, Penelope View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
35Huang, Amy View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
36Lee, Dawn View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
37Stamm, Abigail View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
38Telck, Elizabeth View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
39Future Champions Girls 10-13 3MGasper, Holly View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
40Gassett, Julia View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
41Gerrick, Penelope View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
42Lee, Dawn View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
43mckenna, Nika View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
44Stamm, Abigail View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
45Strange, Faith View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
46Telck, Elizabeth View Sheet 0.05.0City of Midland
47Future Champions Girls 14+ 1MMaynez, Isabella View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
48Future Champions Girls 14+ 3MMaynez, Isabella View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
49Putney, Bristol View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
50Ragsdale, Maggie View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
51Group A Boys 1M 16-17Bell, Thomas A View Sheet 8.611.2Gc Divers
52Bottego III, Allen J View Sheet 8.713.3Bay Area Star Dive
53Boyd, Noah View Sheet 8.410.1Gc Divers
54Costa, Gabriel M View Sheet 8.710.7Bay Area Star Dive
55Ward, Levi A View Sheet 8.612.3Bay Area Star Dive
56Wolford, Dash View Sheet 8.110.5Dallas Metroplex Diving
57Woods, Samuel R View Sheet 8.712.3Gc Divers
58Young, Jack View Sheet 8.511.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
59Group A Boys 1M 18-19Hindmarsh, Chase View Sheet 8.912.9Big Cat Diving, LLC
60Kleiman, Phillip B View Sheet 8.614.2Gc Divers
61Pierce, Zachary C View Sheet 8.611.2Conroe Diving Club
62Sanchez, Kyle View Sheet 9.013.6Mansfield Diving
63Group A Boys 3M 16-17Bottego III, Allen J View Sheet 9.514.1Bay Area Star Dive
64Costa, Gabriel M View Sheet 9.410.8Bay Area Star Dive
65Ward, Levi A View Sheet 9.512.5Bay Area Star Dive
66Woods, Samuel R View Sheet 9.413.5Gc Divers
67Group A Boys 3M 18-19Hindmarsh, Chase View Sheet 9.313.7Big Cat Diving, LLC
68Kleiman, Phillip B View Sheet 9.413.1Gc Divers
69Pierce, Zachary C View Sheet 8.710.3Conroe Diving Club
70Sanchez, Kyle View Sheet 8.814.2Mansfield Diving
71Group A Girls 1M 16-17Bordges, Kamryn View Sheet 8.68.9Gc Divers
72Carpenter, Hannah-May View Sheet 8.88.5Dallas Metroplex Diving
73Connell, Jordynn View Sheet 8.18.3Gc Divers
74Devereaux, Abby A View Sheet 8.68.9Gc Divers
75Evans, Tatum View Sheet 8.79.2Gc Divers
76Faoro, Ana Laura View Sheet 8.69.2Dallas Metroplex Diving
77Flowers, Cai B View Sheet 8.48.6Bay Area Star Dive
78Hafele, Audrey G View Sheet 8.69.3Gc Divers
79Hinthorn, Gina K View Sheet 8.69.0Gc Divers
80Itzkowitz, Amanda View Sheet 8.68.8Gc Divers
81LeBlanc, Isabelle View Sheet 8.69.2Gc Divers
82Martin, Lexie View Sheet 8.69.1Gc Divers
83McCuistion, Cayden View Sheet 8.88.7Gc Divers
84Medico, Sophie View Sheet 8.89.2Conroe Diving Club
85Moran, Maddie View Sheet 8.68.7Gc Divers
86Pena, Ava M View Sheet 8.29.0Bay Area Star Dive
87pich, lauren View Sheet 8.68.9Gc Divers
88Props, Payton View Sheet 8.710.0Lubbock Dive Club
89Ratcliffe, Darby L View Sheet 8.88.7Dallas Metroplex Diving
90Reynolds, Chloe View Sheet 8.17.3Gc Divers
91Rice, Sydney S View Sheet 8.79.5Gc Divers
92Ritchie, Emily View Sheet 8.79.2Dallas Metroplex Diving
93Rodriguez, Sierra View Sheet 8.07.4Gc Divers
94Smith, Gabrielle View Sheet 8.69.0Bay Area Star Dive
95Stanbury, Courtney C View Sheet 8.69.1Gc Divers
96Vear, Samantha S View Sheet 9.010.5Conroe Diving Club
97Group A Girls 1M 18-19rosewicz, alexandra View Sheet 8.69.1Gc Divers
98Wilson, Kayla View Sheet 8.69.5Gc Divers
99Group A Girls 3M 16-17Bordges, Kamryn View Sheet 9.49.4Gc Divers
100Carpenter, Hannah-May View Sheet 9.08.9Dallas Metroplex Diving
101Castiglione, Alyssa N View Sheet 9.19.5Bay Area Star Dive
102Devereaux, Abby A View Sheet 9.49.5Gc Divers
103Dickerson, Rachel View Sheet 9.411.1Gc Divers
104Evans, Tatum View Sheet 9.510.7Gc Divers
105Faoro, Ana Laura View Sheet 9.410.3Dallas Metroplex Diving
106Flowers, Cai B View Sheet 8.88.5Bay Area Star Dive
107Hafele, Audrey G View Sheet 9.29.7Gc Divers
108Hernandez, Hailey R View Sheet 9.511.4Gc Divers
109Hinthorn, Gina K View Sheet 9.49.6Gc Divers
110Itzkowitz, Amanda View Sheet 8.78.7Gc Divers
111Kidd, Kyleigh View Sheet 9.210.3Gc Divers
112LeBlanc, Isabelle View Sheet 9.39.9Gc Divers
113Martin, Lexie View Sheet 8.78.3Gc Divers
114McCuistion, Cayden View Sheet 9.49.1Gc Divers
115Medico, Sophie View Sheet 9.48.7Conroe Diving Club
116Moran, Maddie View Sheet 9.49.2Gc Divers
117Pena, Ava M View Sheet 8.89.0Bay Area Star Dive
118pich, lauren View Sheet 9.49.7Gc Divers
119Props, Payton View Sheet 9.510.7Lubbock Dive Club
120Reynolds, Chloe View Sheet 8.57.5Gc Divers
121Rice, Sydney S View Sheet 9.410.7Gc Divers
122Ritchie, Emily View Sheet 9.59.7Dallas Metroplex Diving
123Smith, Gabrielle View Sheet 8.710.0Bay Area Star Dive
124Stanbury, Courtney C View Sheet 9.49.9Gc Divers
125Vear, Samantha S View Sheet 9.412.1Conroe Diving Club
126Ward, Allison P View Sheet 9.410.7Gc Divers
127Group A Girls 3M 18-19Etzelmiller, Kinzie E View Sheet 9.511.3Gc Divers
128ONeil, Bridget E View Sheet 9.512.1Gc Divers
129rosewicz, alexandra View Sheet 9.410.3Gc Divers
130Westover, Summer View Sheet 9.410.4Gc Divers
131Wilson, Kayla View Sheet 9.411.1Gc Divers
132Group B Boys 1MBates, Teague View Sheet 8.69.3Gc Divers
133Bigler, Jacob View Sheet 7.97.5Big Cat Diving, LLC
134Blackmon, Talan View Sheet 8.68.7Dallas Metroplex Diving
135Chennault, Nolan View Sheet 8.58.8Gc Divers
136Cryer, Colten A View Sheet 9.09.7Gc Divers
137Heard, Justin C View Sheet 8.88.9Bay Area Star Dive
138Hunter, Ethan View Sheet 8.58.7Bay Area Star Dive
139Logas, Anders M View Sheet 8.28.7Gc Divers
140Molloy, Mack View Sheet 8.69.6Gc Divers
141Moore, Braden P View Sheet 8.68.9Conroe Diving Club
142Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet 9.09.9Gc Divers
143Romig, Benjamin View Sheet 8.07.5Big Cat Diving, LLC
144Spurlock, Justin View Sheet 8.38.0Mansfield Diving
145Group B Boys 3MBates, Teague View Sheet 9.49.4Gc Divers
146Blackmon, Talan View Sheet 8.78.2Dallas Metroplex Diving
147Cryer, Colten A View Sheet 9.510.4Gc Divers
148Heard, Justin C View Sheet 9.59.0Bay Area Star Dive
149Hunter, Ethan View Sheet 8.57.7Bay Area Star Dive
150Molloy, Mack View Sheet 9.410.3Gc Divers
151Moore, Braden P View Sheet 9.410.7Conroe Diving Club
152Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet 9.511.6Gc Divers
153Spurlock, Justin View Sheet 8.77.1Mansfield Diving
154Group B Girls 1MBevan-Thomas, Ashley B View Sheet 8.77.1Gc Divers
155Bingham, Lanie View Sheet 8.16.0Big Cat Diving, LLC
156Flores, Viviana G View Sheet 8.36.4Gc Divers
157Gillett, Brooke B View Sheet 8.66.4Gc Divers
158Grissom, Elise C View Sheet 8.66.9Port City Diving
159Gutierrez, Alexia View Sheet 8.25.6Gc Divers
160GUZIEC, PEYTON View Sheet 8.86.7Dallas Metroplex Diving
161Meyers, Maggie View Sheet 8.67.1Gc Divers
162Myers, Macie View Sheet 7.76.5Gc Divers
163Nelson, Olivia View Sheet 8.46.4Dallas Metroplex Diving
164Pistocchi, Isabella N View Sheet 8.26.5Gc Divers
165Sharpe, Chloe H View Sheet 8.77.0Conroe Diving Club
166Group B Girls 3MBevan-Thomas, Ashley B View Sheet 9.57.9Gc Divers
167Flores, Viviana G View Sheet 8.75.9Gc Divers
168Gillett, Brooke B View Sheet 8.65.8Gc Divers
169Grissom, Elise C View Sheet 9.47.5Port City Diving
170GUZIEC, PEYTON View Sheet 8.76.9Dallas Metroplex Diving
171Meyers, Maggie View Sheet 9.47.3Gc Divers
172Myers, Macie View Sheet 8.66.5Gc Divers
173Nelson, Olivia View Sheet 9.46.5Dallas Metroplex Diving
174Pistocchi, Isabella N View Sheet 8.76.7Gc Divers
175Sharpe, Chloe H View Sheet 9.37.5Conroe Diving Club
176tichenor, hannah G View Sheet 9.57.5Gc Divers
177Wong, Kamryn E View Sheet 9.48.3Gc Divers
178Group C Boys 1MAgor, Colin View Sheet 8.76.5Mansfield Diving
179Coronado, Ethan View Sheet 7.74.8City of Midland
180Hester, Grant View Sheet 8.06.1Gc Divers
181Pagliaccio, Rocco F View Sheet 7.85.8Gc Divers
182Preas, Ray View Sheet 8.66.6Gc Divers
183Sitz, Luke View Sheet 8.47.3Dallas Metroplex Diving
184Wall, Owen J View Sheet 8.16.4Gc Divers
185Group C Boys 3MAgor, Colin View Sheet 8.67.0Mansfield Diving
186Hester, Grant View Sheet 8.66.2Gc Divers
187Hong, Paul N View Sheet 9.07.9Gc Divers
188Pagliaccio, Rocco F View Sheet 8.15.1Gc Divers
189Preas, Ray View Sheet 9.27.5Gc Divers
190Sitz, Luke View Sheet 9.47.4Dallas Metroplex Diving
191Wall, Owen J View Sheet 8.56.0Gc Divers
192Group C Girls 1MBevan-Thomas, Kendall P View Sheet 7.94.2Gc Divers
193Bottego, Jillian View Sheet 8.24.4Bay Area Star Dive
194Burtea, Alexandra View Sheet 7.73.1Gc Divers
195Cartagena, Micca C View Sheet 8.64.6Conroe Diving Club
196Cooley, Ellen T View Sheet 7.63.3Gc Divers
197Evans, Reagan View Sheet 8.94.3Gc Divers
198Faoro, Maria Carolina View Sheet 8.54.2Dallas Metroplex Diving
199Gunn, Keira View Sheet 8.13.7San Antonio Divers Team
200Keady, Addison View Sheet 7.64.4Gc Divers
201Kool, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.64.2Bay Area Star Dive
202Martin, Betty I View Sheet 7.64.4Gc Divers
203Moons, Julie View Sheet 8.44.5Conroe Diving Club
204Moran, Katherine View Sheet 7.63.2Gc Divers
205Olson, Olivia View Sheet 7.63.2Dallas Metroplex Diving
206Pumphrey, Kanah View Sheet 8.14.1City of Midland
207Stubbs, Natalie View Sheet 8.24.5Gc Divers
208Wong, Claire View Sheet 7.54.2Gc Divers
209Group C Girls 3MBottego, Jillian View Sheet 8.54.1Bay Area Star Dive
210Burtea, Alexandra View Sheet 8.33.5Gc Divers
211Cartagena, Micca C View Sheet 9.24.6Conroe Diving Club
212Cooley, Ellen T View Sheet 8.43.0Gc Divers
213Evans, Reagan View Sheet 8.54.2Gc Divers
214Faoro, Maria Carolina View Sheet 8.64.1Dallas Metroplex Diving
215Keady, Addison View Sheet 8.44.1Gc Divers
216Kool, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.74.0Bay Area Star Dive
217Martin, Betty I View Sheet 8.54.1Gc Divers
218Moons, Julie View Sheet 8.74.2Conroe Diving Club
219Olson, Olivia View Sheet 8.23.4Dallas Metroplex Diving
220Pumphrey, Kanah View Sheet 8.64.0City of Midland
221Stubbs, Natalie View Sheet 8.65.1Gc Divers
222Wong, Claire View Sheet 8.34.6Gc Divers
223Group D Boys 1MAryan, Seroush View Sheet 4.72.9Gc Divers
224Caldwell, Mitch View Sheet 5.44.5American Flyers Diving
225Erickson, Sam View Sheet 4.13.2Gc Divers
226Fisher, Will View Sheet 4.84.4Gc Divers
227Ingersoll, Kyle View Sheet 4.63.8Bay Area Star Dive
228Mertens, Collin J View Sheet 4.53.1Gc Divers
229Rose, William View Sheet 4.83.7Gc Divers
230Group D Boys 3MAryan, Seroush View Sheet 4.63.6Gc Divers
231Caldwell, Mitch View Sheet 5.44.8American Flyers Diving
232Fisher, Will View Sheet 4.43.7Gc Divers
233Ingersoll, Kyle View Sheet 4.53.4Bay Area Star Dive
234Mertens, Collin J View Sheet 4.43.4Gc Divers
235Rose, William View Sheet 4.92.9Gc Divers
236Group D Girls 1MJacobs, Charleigh A View Sheet 4.64.5San Antonio Divers Team
237Maisel, Noelle View Sheet 5.44.3Conroe Diving Club
238Poppel, Haylee View Sheet 4.84.4Gc Divers
239Price, Marlee View Sheet 4.83.8Conroe Diving Club
240Ratliff, Beatrix View Sheet 4.13.1Gc Divers
241Wheat, Margaux E View Sheet 4.13.2Gc Divers
242Group D Girls 3MJacobs, Charleigh A View Sheet 5.14.5San Antonio Divers Team
243Maisel, Noelle View Sheet 5.34.6Conroe Diving Club
244Poppel, Haylee View Sheet 5.13.9Gc Divers
245Price, Marlee View Sheet 4.83.4Conroe Diving Club
246Ratliff, Beatrix View Sheet 4.43.5Gc Divers
247Rogers, Lilly D View Sheet 4.94.8Gc Divers
248Wheat, Margaux E View Sheet 4.43.7Gc Divers
249Group E Boys 1MArthur, Zachary J View Sheet 4.51.5Gc Divers
250Bigler, Simon View Sheet 4.11.4Big Cat Diving, LLC
251Seifert, Jacob View Sheet 4.11.4Gc Divers
252Zawada, Nathan View Sheet 4.31.5Conroe Diving Club
253Group E Boys 3MArthur, Zachary J View Sheet 4.91.6Gc Divers
254Group E Girls 1MBingham, Bradie View Sheet 4.11.4Big Cat Diving, LLC
255Blair, Presley View Sheet 4.11.5Gc Divers
256Burch, Brynn A View Sheet 4.11.4City of Midland
257Costa, Abigail View Sheet 4.31.4Gc Divers
258Guydon, Grace View Sheet 4.11.6Big Cat Diving, LLC
259Hamilton, Corynn View Sheet 4.71.4Bay Area Star Dive
260Johnson, Piper N View Sheet 4.11.4City of Midland
261Steiskal, Annabelle View Sheet 4.11.7Gc Divers
262Wall, Emily View Sheet 4.11.5Gc Divers
263Group E Girls 3MBurch, Brynn A View Sheet 4.41.5City of Midland
264Johnson, Piper N View Sheet 4.41.5City of Midland
265Novice Boys 10-11 1MAlferink, Kyle View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
266Atkinson, Stone View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
267Box, Brenden View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
268Campbell, Jackson View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
269Candler, Jaxon View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
270Ebner, Cameron View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
271Rossmann, Liam View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
272Vangala, Armaan View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
273Novice Boys 10-11 3MAlferink, Kyle View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
274Atkinson, Stone View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
275Box, Brenden View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
276Campbell, Jackson View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
277Candler, Jaxon View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
278Ebner, Cameron View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
279Erickson, Sam View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
280Rossmann, Liam View Sheet 0.03.0Mansfield Diving
281Vangala, Armaan View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
282Novice Boys 12-13 1MBroach, Matthew View Sheet 1.03.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
283Gokhale, Maanas View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
284Lancaster III, Carlton W View Sheet 1.03.0Mansfield Diving
285Moons, Nathan M View Sheet 1.03.0Conroe Diving Club
286Preas, Oscar View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
287Novice Boys 12-13 3MBroach, Matthew View Sheet 1.03.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
288Lancaster III, Carlton W View Sheet 1.03.0Mansfield Diving
289Moons, Nathan M View Sheet 1.03.0Conroe Diving Club
290Preas, Oscar View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
291Novice Boys 14 over 1MBush, Ethan View Sheet 0.05.0Bay Area Star Dive
292Foley, Toby View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
293Reid, Riley View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
294Silverman, Dylan View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
295Walker, Jordan View Sheet 0.05.0San Antonio Divers Team
296Walsh, Blake View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
297Novice Boys 14 over 3MBell, Thomas A View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
298Bigler, Jacob View Sheet 0.05.0Big Cat Diving, LLC
299Boyd, Noah View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
300Chennault, Nolan View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
301Foley, Toby View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
302Logas, Anders M View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
303Walker, Jordan View Sheet 0.05.0San Antonio Divers Team
304Walsh, Blake View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
305Novice Boys 9 under 1MRose, John View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
306Novice Boys 9 under 3MSeifert, Jacob View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
307Novice Girls 10-11 1Mmckenna, Nika View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
308Rudolph, Kennedy View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
309Novice Girls 10-11 3MRudolph, Kennedy View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
310Novice Girls 12-13 1MCochran, Mialynn View Sheet 1.03.0City of Midland
311Gasper, Holly View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
312Gassett, Julia View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
313Gillett, Lana View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
314Michaelides, Melina View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
315Strange, Faith View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
316Tadlaoui, Roxana View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
317Novice Girls 12-13 3MBevan-Thomas, Kendall P View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
318Cochran, Mialynn View Sheet 1.03.0City of Midland
319Gillett, Lana View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
320Michaelides, Melina View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
321Moran, Katherine View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
322Tadlaoui, Roxana View Sheet 1.03.0Gc Divers
323Novice Girls 14 over 1MBalson, Abigail View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
324Billings, Megan View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
325Brady, Claire View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
326Coughlen, Morgan View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
327Goodyear, Claire View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
328Guadalupe, Shaili View Sheet 0.05.0Mansfield Diving
329Hollins, Maya View Sheet 0.05.0Mackenzie Middle School
330Perreira, Isabella View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
331Putney, Bristol View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
332Ragsdale, Maggie View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
333Richards, Araya View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
334Schaeffel, Audrey View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
335Schmidt, Chloe View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
336Shofran, Dorothy View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
337Tadlaoui, Darya View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
338Zoller, Katherine View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
339Novice Girls 14 over 3MBalson, Abigail View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
340Billings, Megan View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
341Brady, Claire View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
342Connell, Jordynn View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
343Coughlen, Morgan View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
344Hollins, Maya View Sheet 0.05.0Mackenzie Middle School
345Perreira, Isabella View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
346Richards, Araya View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
347Schaeffel, Audrey View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
348Schmidt, Chloe View Sheet 0.05.0Dallas Metroplex Diving
349Tadlaoui, Darya View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
350Zoller, Katherine View Sheet 0.05.0Gc Divers
351Novice Girls 9 under 1MKing, Evelyn View Sheet 0.03.0San Antonio Divers Team
352Resnick, Leah View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
353Novice Girls 9 under 3MHamilton, Corynn View Sheet 0.03.0Bay Area Star Dive
354Steiskal, Annabelle View Sheet 0.03.0Gc Divers
355Synchro Boys 14-15 1MMolloy, Mack View Sheet 4.06.9Gc Divers
356Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet   Gc Divers
357Synchro Boys 14-15 3MMolloy, Mack View Sheet 4.07.5Gc Divers
358Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet   Gc Divers
359Synchro Girls 13u 1MMaisel, Noelle View Sheet 4.03.2Conroe Diving Club
360Price, Marlee View Sheet   Conroe Diving Club
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