Name of Meet:
2019 Miami Open
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-12, 8:00 AM EDT
Registration Closes:
Dec-02, 12:00 PM EDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Corwin M. Nixon Aquatic Center
750 S. Oak St
Oxford, OH 45056
Main Contact:
Leigha Raess
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1M Prelims196 1h6m View Rules
Mens 3M Prelims196 1h6m View Rules
Mens Tower96 31m View Rules
Womens 1M Prelims396 2h16m View Rules
Womens 3M Prelims376 2h9m View Rules
Womens Tower145 40m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Ball State UniversityMuncieIN
2Bowling Green State UniversityBowling GreenOH
3cincinnati diving acadamyhebronKY
4Cincinnati Diving AcademyHebronKY
5Elite Redhawk Dive ClubOxfordOH
6Forest City Diving ClubOxfordOH
7Guangdong diving OxfordOH
8Indiana International School of DivingIndianapolisIN
10Miami universityOxfordOH
11Ohio UniversityAthensOH
15University of KentuckyLexingtonKY
16University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPA
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Alli, Ludelina19 OH TOLEDO Nov 27, 10:43
2Ashton, Karina M16 Mason, OH Elite Redhawk Dive ClubNov 25, 11:13
3Bertram, Rachel M21 Buffalo, MN Ball State UniversityNov 18, 12:07
4Blake, Wyatt18 IN Ball State UniversityNov 20, 13:04
5Boothman, Libby20 OH Miami universityNov 21, 22:17
6Breton, Sienna R18 Cheshire, CT Ohio UniversityDec 02, 08:43
7Bullock, Riley E18 Loveland, OH RipFestNov 19, 00:30
8Chambers, Nigel13 OH Forest City Diving ClubNov 26, 18:44
9Dahlman, Rylee J21 Goshen, IN IupuiNov 23, 11:22
10Dierker, Samuel J18 Erlanger, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyNov 10, 18:35
11Dietz, Carolyn A22 Homer Glen, IL IupuiNov 23, 11:18
12Diveris, John-Michael21 Lake Forest, IL University of PennsylvaniaNov 26, 15:06
13Dixon, Karsten A19 Rockford, MI Miami universityNov 21, 22:30
14Dobbs, Caroline C20 New York, NY University of PennsylvaniaNov 28, 13:56
15Feiwell, Jordyn18 Carmel, IN RipFestDec 02, 00:04
16Folta, Maddie21 OH Miami universityNov 21, 22:11
17Francella, Olivia N19 Virgina Beach, VA University of PennsylvaniaNov 25, 22:06
18Gallais, Joelle20 OH TOLEDO Nov 27, 10:36
19Gatzlaff, Madison19 IN Ball State UniversityNov 20, 13:00
20Guo, Hao Yu20 Oxford, OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 19:35
21Hampton, Molly17 Indianapolis, IN RipFestNov 27, 20:06
22Haver, Kathryn21 Hicksville, OH Bowling Green State UniversityNov 26, 20:31
23Haygarth, Abbigail14 OH Forest City Diving ClubNov 26, 19:12
24Holtz, Mackenzie20 OH Miami universityNov 21, 22:14
25Huang, Bowen22 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 19:27
26Hudson, Cara L22 Round Rock, TX University of KentuckyDec 01, 22:11
27Huehn, Kyle David19 Ypsilanti, MI IupuiDec 02, 11:16
28Hughes, Camryn17 OH Forest City Diving ClubNov 26, 18:58
29Jackson, Chelsea M25 Arcadia, IN RipFestNov 30, 16:16
30Januszewska, Julia19 Bowling Green, OH Bowling Green State UniversityNov 27, 11:36
31Jordan, Abby21 Athens, OH Ohio UniversityDec 02, 07:32
32Keller, Nathaniel K19 Indianapolis, IN RipFestNov 25, 14:26
33Lai, Shiyun16 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 19:20
34Lake, Caiden19 Lexington, KY University of KentuckyDec 02, 08:28
35Layne, Lexie19 OH Miami universityNov 21, 22:26
36Legere, Callie19 Indianapolis, IN Bowling Green State UniversityNov 27, 20:14
37Lemke, Talisa L24 Bowling Green, OH Bowling Green State UniversityNov 26, 09:35
38Li, Xinyi17 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 20:10
39Liu, Ziqi15 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 20:04
40Locante, Caitlin20 IN Ball State UniversityNov 18, 12:04
41Marshall, Nathan17 OH Forest City Diving ClubNov 26, 18:29
42Matheis, Trey21 IN Ball State UniversityNov 18, 12:59
43Moore, Peytton M14 Union, KY RipFestNov 18, 23:40
44Mosset, Kylie19 Bowling Green, OH Bowling Green State UniversityDec 02, 08:48
45Muldoon, Madeline C19 Cos Cob, CT University of PennsylvaniaNov 26, 11:48
46Nelson, Trevor19 Evanston, IL University of PennsylvaniaNov 25, 22:06
47OMeara, Margo17 Saint Louis, MO RipFestDec 01, 23:09
48Ongay, Hunter20 Mooresville, IN Ball State UniversityNov 18, 12:56
49Plocharczyk, Amy E20 Zionsville, IN Miami universityNov 21, 22:20
50Rhind, Cameron21 New Canaan, CT University of PennsylvaniaNov 26, 12:02
51Siwik, Halli18 Athens, OH Ohio UniversityDec 02, 07:37
52Sollenberger, Josh14 Fort Wayne, IN Indiana International School of DivingNov 22, 23:31
53Southall, Morgan G18 Amelia, OH University of KentuckyDec 02, 11:02
54Walker, Grace E17 Crawfordsville, IN RipFestNov 29, 00:55
55Wang, Wei ying16 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 19:15
56Wiedemann, Sam C21 Dayton, OH Miami universityNov 21, 22:22
57Wu, Chunting23 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 19:54
58Zhang, Dannyboom21 Lexington, KY University of KentuckyDec 02, 11:05
59Zhou, Xiaokan19 OH Guangdong diving Nov 22, 19:59
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Agostino, GabriellaHead CoachTOLEDO toledoOH
2Casuto, CharlesHead Coachcincinnati diving acadamyFlorenceKY
3Cragg, RobCoachUniversity of PennsylvaniaLafayette HillPA
4Fisher, BritniCoachOhio UniversityAthensOH
5Gayes, NicholasHead CoachBall State UniversityMuncieIN
6Li, Kong RongHead CoachForest City Diving ClubOxfordOH
7McGlaughlin, LauraHead CoachUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Ball State UniversityBertram, Rachel M21BuffaloMN
2Blake, Wyatt18 IN
3Gatzlaff, Madison19 IN
4Locante, Caitlin20 IN
5Matheis, Trey21 IN
6Ongay, Hunter20MooresvilleIN
7Bowling Green State UniversityHaver, Kathryn21HicksvilleOH
8Januszewska, Julia19Bowling GreenOH
9Legere, Callie19IndianapolisIN
10Lemke, Talisa L24Bowling GreenOH
11Mosset, Kylie19Bowling GreenOH
12Cincinnati Diving AcademyDierker, Samuel J18ErlangerKY
13Elite Redhawk Dive ClubAshton, Karina M16MasonOH
14Forest City Diving ClubChambers, Nigel13 OH
15Haygarth, Abbigail14 OH
16Hughes, Camryn17 OH
17Marshall, Nathan17 OH
18Guangdong diving Guo, Hao Yu20OxfordOH
19Huang, Bowen22 OH
20Lai, Shiyun16 OH
21Li, Xinyi17 OH
22Liu, Ziqi15 OH
23Wang, Wei ying16 OH
24Wu, Chunting23 OH
25Zhou, Xiaokan19 OH
26Indiana International School of DivingSollenberger, Josh14Fort WayneIN
27IupuiDahlman, Rylee J21GoshenIN
28Dietz, Carolyn A22Homer GlenIL
29Huehn, Kyle David19YpsilantiMI
30Miami universityBoothman, Libby20 OH
31Dixon, Karsten A19RockfordMI
32Folta, Maddie21 OH
33Holtz, Mackenzie20 OH
34Layne, Lexie19 OH
35Plocharczyk, Amy E20ZionsvilleIN
36Wiedemann, Sam C21DaytonOH
37Ohio UniversityBreton, Sienna R18CheshireCT
38Jordan, Abby21AthensOH
39Siwik, Halli18AthensOH
40RipFestBullock, Riley E18LovelandOH
41Feiwell, Jordyn18CarmelIN
42Hampton, Molly17IndianapolisIN
43Jackson, Chelsea M25ArcadiaIN
44Keller, Nathaniel K19IndianapolisIN
45Moore, Peytton M14UnionKY
46OMeara, Margo17Saint LouisMO
47Walker, Grace E17CrawfordsvilleIN
48TOLEDO Alli, Ludelina19 OH
49Gallais, Joelle20 OH
50University of KentuckyHudson, Cara L22Round RockTX
51Lake, Caiden19LexingtonKY
52Southall, Morgan G18AmeliaOH
53Zhang, Dannyboom21LexingtonKY
54University of PennsylvaniaDiveris, John-Michael21Lake ForestIL
55Dobbs, Caroline C20New YorkNY
56Francella, Olivia N19Virgina BeachVA
57Muldoon, Madeline C19Cos CobCT
58Nelson, Trevor19EvanstonIL
59Rhind, Cameron21New CanaanCT
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1M PrelimsBlake, Wyatt View Sheet 0.015.2Ball State University
2Chambers, Nigel View Sheet 0.012.3Forest City Diving Club
3Dierker, Samuel J View Sheet 0.015.5Cincinnati Diving Academy
4Diveris, John-Michael View Sheet 0.014.8University of Pennsylvania
5Dixon, Karsten A View Sheet 0.015.4Miami university
6Guo, Hao Yu View Sheet 0.018.3Guangdong diving
7Huang, Bowen View Sheet 0.017.9Guangdong diving
8Huehn, Kyle David View Sheet 0.013.5Iupui
9Keller, Nathaniel K View Sheet 0.015.4RipFest
10Lake, Caiden View Sheet 0.015.3University of Kentucky
11Marshall, Nathan View Sheet 0.014.4Forest City Diving Club
12Matheis, Trey View Sheet 0.012.4Ball State University
13Nelson, Trevor View Sheet 0.015.9University of Pennsylvania
14Ongay, Hunter View Sheet 0.014.8Ball State University
15Rhind, Cameron View Sheet 0.014.4University of Pennsylvania
16Sollenberger, Josh View Sheet 0.014.8Indiana International School of Diving
17Wiedemann, Sam C View Sheet 0.014.8Miami university
18Zhang, Dannyboom View Sheet 0.017.2University of Kentucky
19Zhou, Xiaokan View Sheet 0.018.2Guangdong diving
20Mens 3M PrelimsBlake, Wyatt View Sheet 0.016.5Ball State University
21Chambers, Nigel View Sheet 0.012.9Forest City Diving Club
22Dierker, Samuel J View Sheet 0.016.9Cincinnati Diving Academy
23Diveris, John-Michael View Sheet 0.017.1University of Pennsylvania
24Dixon, Karsten A View Sheet 0.015.6Miami university
25Guo, Hao Yu View Sheet 0.019.9Guangdong diving
26Huang, Bowen View Sheet 0.020.8Guangdong diving
27Huehn, Kyle David View Sheet 0.014.8Iupui
28Keller, Nathaniel K View Sheet 0.017.2RipFest
29Lake, Caiden View Sheet 0.016.2University of Kentucky
30Marshall, Nathan View Sheet 0.016.0Forest City Diving Club
31Matheis, Trey View Sheet 0.013.3Ball State University
32Nelson, Trevor View Sheet 0.016.8University of Pennsylvania
33Ongay, Hunter View Sheet 0.016.8Ball State University
34Rhind, Cameron View Sheet 0.016.1University of Pennsylvania
35Sollenberger, Josh View Sheet 0.016.4Indiana International School of Diving
36Wiedemann, Sam C View Sheet 0.016.5Miami university
37Zhang, Dannyboom View Sheet 0.018.5University of Kentucky
38Zhou, Xiaokan View Sheet 0.019.4Guangdong diving
39Mens TowerChambers, Nigel View Sheet 0.012.0Forest City Diving Club
40Dierker, Samuel J View Sheet 0.013.4Cincinnati Diving Academy
41Guo, Hao Yu View Sheet 0.020.7Guangdong diving
42Huang, Bowen View Sheet 0.020.6Guangdong diving
43Keller, Nathaniel K View Sheet 0.014.7RipFest
44Marshall, Nathan View Sheet 0.014.7Forest City Diving Club
45Nelson, Trevor View Sheet 0.013.1University of Pennsylvania
46Rhind, Cameron View Sheet 0.011.6University of Pennsylvania
47Zhang, Dannyboom View Sheet 0.016.1University of Kentucky
48Womens 1M PrelimsAlli, Ludelina View Sheet 0.012.9TOLEDO
49Ashton, Karina M View Sheet 0.013.5Elite Redhawk Dive Club
50Bertram, Rachel M View Sheet 0.014.4Ball State University
51Boothman, Libby View Sheet 0.013.5Miami university
52Breton, Sienna R View Sheet 0.013.1Ohio University
53Bullock, Riley E View Sheet 0.014.3RipFest
54Dahlman, Rylee J View Sheet 0.014.5Iupui
55Dietz, Carolyn A View Sheet 0.013.9Iupui
56Dobbs, Caroline C View Sheet 0.012.2University of Pennsylvania
57Feiwell, Jordyn View Sheet 0.014.0RipFest
58Folta, Maddie View Sheet 0.013.8Miami university
59Francella, Olivia N View Sheet 0.014.2University of Pennsylvania
60Gallais, Joelle View Sheet 0.013.6TOLEDO
61Gatzlaff, Madison View Sheet 0.014.5Ball State University
62Hampton, Molly View Sheet 0.014.3RipFest
63Haver, Kathryn View Sheet 0.013.6Bowling Green State University
64Haygarth, Abbigail View Sheet 0.012.5Forest City Diving Club
65Holtz, Mackenzie View Sheet 0.014.4Miami university
66Hudson, Cara L View Sheet 0.014.3University of Kentucky
67Hughes, Camryn View Sheet 0.014.3Forest City Diving Club
68Jackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.014.5RipFest
69Januszewska, Julia View Sheet 0.013.6Bowling Green State University
70Jordan, Abby View Sheet 0.013.8Ohio University
71Lai, Shiyun View Sheet 0.014.4Guangdong diving
72Layne, Lexie View Sheet 0.013.9Miami university
73Legere, Callie View Sheet 0.013.6Bowling Green State University
74Lemke, Talisa L View Sheet 0.014.8Bowling Green State University
75Li, Xinyi View Sheet 0.014.5Guangdong diving
76Locante, Caitlin View Sheet 0.014.4Ball State University
77Moore, Peytton M View Sheet 0.013.8RipFest
78Mosset, Kylie View Sheet 0.015.1Bowling Green State University
79Muldoon, Madeline C View Sheet 0.013.7University of Pennsylvania
80OMeara, Margo View Sheet 0.015.3RipFest
81Plocharczyk, Amy E View Sheet 0.014.2Miami university
82Siwik, Halli View Sheet 0.014.5Ohio University
83Southall, Morgan G View Sheet 0.014.1University of Kentucky
84Walker, Grace E View Sheet 0.014.8RipFest
85Wang, Wei ying View Sheet 0.014.4Guangdong diving
86Wu, Chunting View Sheet 0.014.0Guangdong diving
87Womens 3M PrelimsAlli, Ludelina View Sheet 0.012.2TOLEDO
88Ashton, Karina M View Sheet 0.012.5Elite Redhawk Dive Club
89Bertram, Rachel M View Sheet 0.016.5Ball State University
90Boothman, Libby View Sheet 0.013.9Miami university
91Bullock, Riley E View Sheet 0.015.4RipFest
92Dahlman, Rylee J View Sheet 0.015.9Iupui
93Dietz, Carolyn A View Sheet 0.014.2Iupui
94Dobbs, Caroline C View Sheet 0.012.2University of Pennsylvania
95Folta, Maddie View Sheet 0.015.2Miami university
96Francella, Olivia N View Sheet 0.015.6University of Pennsylvania
97Gallais, Joelle View Sheet 0.014.4TOLEDO
98Gatzlaff, Madison View Sheet 0.015.2Ball State University
99Hampton, Molly View Sheet 0.016.0RipFest
100Haygarth, Abbigail View Sheet 0.012.9Forest City Diving Club
101Holtz, Mackenzie View Sheet 0.014.1Miami university
102Hudson, Cara L View Sheet 0.014.3University of Kentucky
103Hughes, Camryn View Sheet 0.015.1Forest City Diving Club
104Jackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.017.2RipFest
105Januszewska, Julia View Sheet 0.014.5Bowling Green State University
106Jordan, Abby View Sheet 0.014.2Ohio University
107Lai, Shiyun View Sheet 0.016.8Guangdong diving
108Layne, Lexie View Sheet 0.014.8Miami university
109Legere, Callie View Sheet 0.013.8Bowling Green State University
110Lemke, Talisa L View Sheet 0.017.0Bowling Green State University
111Li, Xinyi View Sheet 0.017.5Guangdong diving
112Liu, Ziqi View Sheet 0.015.6Guangdong diving
113Locante, Caitlin View Sheet 0.015.6Ball State University
114Moore, Peytton M View Sheet 0.012.7RipFest
115Mosset, Kylie View Sheet 0.014.5Bowling Green State University
116Muldoon, Madeline C View Sheet 0.013.8University of Pennsylvania
117OMeara, Margo View Sheet 0.017.4RipFest
118Plocharczyk, Amy E View Sheet 0.012.7Miami university
119Siwik, Halli View Sheet 0.014.1Ohio University
120Southall, Morgan G View Sheet 0.016.5University of Kentucky
121Walker, Grace E View Sheet 0.017.1RipFest
122Wang, Wei ying View Sheet 0.017.3Guangdong diving
123Wu, Chunting View Sheet 0.010.9Guangdong diving
124Womens TowerFrancella, Olivia N View Sheet 0.08.7University of Pennsylvania
125Gallais, Joelle View Sheet 0.012.9TOLEDO
126Hampton, Molly View Sheet 0.012.4RipFest
127Haygarth, Abbigail View Sheet 0.010.0Forest City Diving Club
128Hudson, Cara L View Sheet 0.012.7University of Kentucky
129Hughes, Camryn View Sheet 0.013.7Forest City Diving Club
130Jackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.012.1RipFest
131Lai, Shiyun View Sheet 0.015.9Guangdong diving
132Liu, Ziqi View Sheet 0.015.6Guangdong diving
133Locante, Caitlin View Sheet 0.010.6Ball State University
134Muldoon, Madeline C View Sheet 0.08.4University of Pennsylvania
135OMeara, Margo View Sheet 0.012.7RipFest
136Walker, Grace E View Sheet 0.011.8RipFest
137Wang, Wei ying View Sheet 0.015.9Guangdong diving
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