Name of Meet:
North Texas 5A TISCA Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-18, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Dec-07, 11:59 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Bruce Eubanks Natatorium
7411 First Street
Frisco, TX 75034
Main Contact:
Claudia Sunday
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Warm-ups will start at 3:15 PM. DD requirement: Girls-11.30; boys-11.30

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 11 Dive1011 1h4m View Rules
Girls 11 Dive1011 1h4m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Forney High SchoolForneyTX
2Frisco Centennial High SchoolFriscoTX
3Frisco High SchoolFriscoTX
4Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolFriscoTX
5Frisco Liberty High SchoolFriscoTX
6Frisco Memorial High SchoolFriscoTX
7Frisco Reedy High SchoolFriscoTX
8Frisco Wakeland High SchoolFriscoTX
9Luffkin High School LuffkinTX
10North Forney High SchoolForneyTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Alto, Ocean  TX Frisco Memorial High SchoolNov 18, 11:58
2Beard, Matthew  TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolDec 02, 14:26
3Beltran, Makayla  TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 18, 13:46
4Benson, Larry  TX Forney High SchoolDec 04, 09:20
5Coughlen, MorganSR Frisco, TX Frisco Reedy High SchoolNov 18, 13:35
6Gantzer, Camryn  TX Frisco Reedy High SchoolNov 18, 13:42
7Grenier, Katie  TX Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolNov 18, 11:27
8Guziec, Peyton EJR Frisco, TX Frisco Memorial High SchoolNov 18, 11:56
9Hoover, Skye  TX Forney High SchoolNov 24, 17:52
10Irvin, Bailey  TX Frisco Liberty High SchoolNov 18, 11:50
11Klembara, Matthew  TX Frisco High SchoolNov 18, 11:24
12Landry, Chase  TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 18, 13:54
13Negrete, Tristan  TX Frisco Memorial High SchoolNov 18, 13:33
14Nelson, OliviaJR Frisco, TX Frisco Centennial High SchoolNov 18, 11:02
15Robertson, Tim  TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 18, 13:59
16Smerczynski, Haylee  TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 18, 13:50
17Smith, Micah  TX North Forney High SchoolNov 27, 11:21
18Sudomir, Gavin  TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 18, 13:56
19Thompson, Amanda  TX Frisco Centennial High SchoolNov 18, 10:47
20WOOD, CarterJR lufkin, TX Luffkin High School Dec 07, 08:11
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Adams, LoydHead CoachLuffkin High School LufkinTX
2Sunday, ClaudiaAsst. CoachFrisco Wakeland High SchoolFriscoTX
3Thompson, JasonHead CoachForney High SchoolForneyTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Forney High SchoolBenson, Larry  TX
2Hoover, Skye  TX
3Frisco Centennial High SchoolNelson, OliviaJRFriscoTX
4Thompson, Amanda  TX
5Frisco High SchoolKlembara, Matthew  TX
6Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolGrenier, Katie  TX
7Frisco Liberty High SchoolIrvin, Bailey  TX
8Frisco Memorial High SchoolAlto, Ocean  TX
9Guziec, Peyton EJRFriscoTX
10Negrete, Tristan  TX
11Frisco Reedy High SchoolCoughlen, MorganSRFriscoTX
12Gantzer, Camryn  TX
13Frisco Wakeland High SchoolBeard, Matthew  TX
14Beltran, Makayla  TX
15Landry, Chase  TX
16Robertson, Tim  TX
17Smerczynski, Haylee  TX
18Sudomir, Gavin  TX
19Luffkin High School WOOD, CarterJRlufkinTX
20North Forney High SchoolSmith, Micah  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 11 DiveAlto, Ocean View Sheet 7.711.5Frisco Memorial High School
2Beard, Matthew View Sheet 7.511.3Frisco Wakeland High School
3Benson, Larry View Sheet 8.612.6Forney High School
4Klembara, Matthew View Sheet 7.712.6Frisco High School
5Landry, Chase View Sheet 8.613.4Frisco Wakeland High School
6Negrete, Tristan View Sheet 8.411.6Frisco Memorial High School
7Robertson, Tim View Sheet 7.811.3Frisco Wakeland High School
8Smith, Micah View Sheet 8.913.3North Forney High School
9Sudomir, Gavin View Sheet 7.611.5Frisco Wakeland High School
10WOOD, Carter View Sheet 8.514.0Luffkin High School
11Girls 11 DiveBeltran, Makayla View Sheet 8.412.5Frisco Wakeland High School
12Coughlen, Morgan View Sheet 8.613.3Frisco Reedy High School
13Gantzer, Camryn View Sheet 8.411.5Frisco Reedy High School
14Grenier, Katie View Sheet 7.812.2Frisco Lebanon Trail High School
15Guziec, Peyton E View Sheet 8.613.4Frisco Memorial High School
16Hoover, Skye View Sheet 8.111.3Forney High School
17Irvin, Bailey View Sheet 7.711.3Frisco Liberty High School
18Nelson, Olivia View Sheet 8.613.6Frisco Centennial High School
19Smerczynski, Haylee View Sheet 8.312.3Frisco Wakeland High School
20Thompson, Amanda View Sheet 8.612.6Frisco Centennial High School
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