Name of Meet:
2019 Lubbock Swimming and Diving Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Dec-03, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Dec-31, 3:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Pete Ragus Aquatic Center
2004 14th Street
Lubbock, TX 79401
Main Contact:
Kathy Davis/Penny DiPomazio
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Friday, January 4
Boys 1-meter diving: Noon
- Swimming prelims begin at this time. Warm-up will be held during swimming prelims.
- Boys 1 meter diving event will begin immediately following prelim swimming.

Saturday, January 5
Girls 1-meter diving:
7:00 am – 8:00 am Warm-up
8:00 am - Girls 1-meter diving event will begin

Girls & Boys 3-meter diving
Warm-up - Immediately follows completion of Girls 1-meter event
3-Meter diving event: 45 minutes following completion of Girls 1-meter event

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1 Meter2211 2h21m View Rules
Boys 3 Meter146 49m View Rules
Girls 1 Meter3511 3h44m View Rules
Girls 3 Meter266 1h31m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Grapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
2Los Alamos High SchoolLos AlamosNM
3Lubbock Coronado High SchoolLubbockTX
4Lubbock Estacado High SchoolLubbockTX
5Lubbock High SchoolLubbockTX
6Lubbock Monterey High SchoolLubbockTX
7Mansfield High SchoolMansrieldTX
8Midland High SchoolMidlandTX
9Southlake CarrollSouthlakeTX
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Adler, Chase17MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:35
2Aguilar, Camilla15 TXMidland High SchoolDec 21, 08:46
3Bellah, Reagan17MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:39
4Beus, Annie14 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:35
5Britt, Alyssa J14LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 11:19
6Conrad, Jakob17MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:55
7Cooper, Sydnee18LubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolDec 21, 11:50
8Corbett, Sarianna16MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:42
9Coronel, Alyssa15LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 11:32
10Donaldson, Cassandra15MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 14:00
11Espinoza, Lilly16LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolDec 21, 09:47
12Evans, Tatum16SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:55
13Fryer, Daniel15 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 07:50
14Garza, Mia15LubbockTXLubbock Estacado High SchoolDec 21, 11:45
15Gillett, Brooke B15SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 09:34
16Hatler, Kyle15 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 07:56
17Heinrich, ALexana15LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 10:20
18Hensley, Rhett15LubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolDec 21, 11:53
19Hepfer, Kathe15MidlandTXMidland High SchoolDec 20, 10:10
20Hepfer, Kristen N17MidlandTXMidland High SchoolDec 20, 10:06
21Hernandez, Hailey15 TXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:44
22Jimenez, Adrian15lubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolDec 21, 10:11
23Jones, Grayson A18MidlandTXMidland High SchoolDec 20, 10:16
24Kidd, Kyleigh15 TXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 09:13
25Kleiman, Phillip B17SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 07:47
26Klein, Reid G17SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 07:50
27Koh, Chrostopher18 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:03
28LeBlanc, Isabelle16SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:17
29Lucero, John15LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 10:24
30Makuta, Jacob17LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolDec 21, 09:58
31Mallory, Dante16LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 11:17
32McCuistion, Cayden15SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:58
33McQuitty, Averi14 TXMidland High SchoolDec 20, 10:13
34Miller, Jackson16 TXSouthlake CarrollDec 17, 11:07
35Monk, Tahle15LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolDec 21, 09:42
36Mooday, Emme17 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:14
37Moore, Avery15LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolDec 21, 09:39
38Nasise, Bailey15 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:20
39Nguyen, Benedict14ArlingtonTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:47
40O'neil, Bridget16SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:06
41Pena, Joseph15MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:45
42Pham, Christine16mansfield TXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 13:50
43pich, lauren16southlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 09:03
44Pistocchi, Isabella N15SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 09:31
45Props, Payton16LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 11:23
46Reynolds, Chloe16 TXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:24
47Richie, Addison15 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:44
48Sanchez, Kyle17MansfieldTXMansfield High SchoolDec 19, 14:03
49Stidham, Brayden15 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:08
50Stidham, Griffin18 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 07:46
51Stone, Nick14 TXMidland High SchoolDec 20, 09:57
52Tadlaoui, Darya16 TXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 09:06
53Thomas, Ashley15 TXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 09:25
54Tuning, Jazmine16 NMLos Alamos High SchoolDec 20, 08:27
55Vaughn, Kaleb15LubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolDec 21, 11:58
56Villarreal, Kyler14LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolDec 21, 10:25
57Ward, Allison P16SouthlakeTXSouthlake CarrollDec 18, 08:02
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cady, CarlHead CoachLos Alamos High SchoolLos AlamosNM
2Dipomazio, PennyHead CoachLubbock Estacado High SchoolLubbockTX
3Hryorchuk, CarolynHead CoachSouthlake CarrollSouthlakeTX
4Marincasiu, StacyAsst. CoachGrapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
5Serie, AndrewHead CoachMansfield High SchoolMansfieldTX
6Zunigha, RogerHead CoachMidland High SchoolMidlandTX
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Los Alamos High SchoolBeus, Annie14 NM
2Fryer, Daniel15 NM
3Hatler, Kyle15 NM
4Koh, Chrostopher18 NM
5Mooday, Emme17 NM
6Nasise, Bailey15 NM
7Richie, Addison15 NM
8Stidham, Brayden15 NM
9Stidham, Griffin18 NM
10Tuning, Jazmine16 NM
11Lubbock Coronado High SchoolCooper, Sydnee18LubbockTX
12Hensley, Rhett15LubbockTX
13Vaughn, Kaleb15LubbockTX
14Lubbock Estacado High SchoolGarza, Mia15LubbockTX
15Lubbock High SchoolBritt, Alyssa J14LubbockTX
16Coronel, Alyssa15LubbockTX
17Heinrich, ALexana15LubbockTX
18Lucero, John15LubbockTX
19Mallory, Dante16LubbockTX
20Props, Payton16LubbockTX
21Villarreal, Kyler14LubbockTX
22Lubbock Monterey High SchoolEspinoza, Lilly16LubbockTX
23Jimenez, Adrian15lubbockTX
24Makuta, Jacob17LubbockTX
25Monk, Tahle15LubbockTX
26Moore, Avery15LubbockTX
27Mansfield High SchoolAdler, Chase17MansfieldTX
28Bellah, Reagan17MansfieldTX
29Conrad, Jakob17MansfieldTX
30Corbett, Sarianna16MansfieldTX
31Donaldson, Cassandra15MansfieldTX
32Nguyen, Benedict14ArlingtonTX
33Pena, Joseph15MansfieldTX
34Pham, Christine16mansfield TX
35Sanchez, Kyle17MansfieldTX
36Midland High SchoolAguilar, Camilla15 TX
37Hepfer, Kathe15MidlandTX
38Hepfer, Kristen N17MidlandTX
39Jones, Grayson A18MidlandTX
40McQuitty, Averi14 TX
41Stone, Nick14 TX
42Southlake CarrollEvans, Tatum16SouthlakeTX
43Gillett, Brooke B15SouthlakeTX
44Hernandez, Hailey15 TX
45Kidd, Kyleigh15 TX
46Kleiman, Phillip B17SouthlakeTX
47Klein, Reid G17SouthlakeTX
48LeBlanc, Isabelle16SouthlakeTX
49McCuistion, Cayden15SouthlakeTX
50Miller, Jackson16 TX
51O'neil, Bridget16SouthlakeTX
52pich, lauren16southlakeTX
53Pistocchi, Isabella N15SouthlakeTX
54Reynolds, Chloe16 TX
55Tadlaoui, Darya16 TX
56Thomas, Ashley15 TX
57Ward, Allison P16SouthlakeTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1 MeterAdler, Chase View Sheet 8.413.1Mansfield High School
2Conrad, Jakob View Sheet 8.714.6Mansfield High School
3Fryer, Daniel View Sheet 8.413.1Los Alamos High School
4Hatler, Kyle View Sheet 8.512.4Los Alamos High School
5Hensley, Rhett View Sheet 8.714.7Lubbock Coronado High School
6Jimenez, Adrian View Sheet 8.313.2Lubbock Monterey High School
7Jones, Grayson A View Sheet 9.014.0Midland High School
8Kleiman, Phillip B View Sheet 8.713.8Southlake Carroll
9Klein, Reid G View Sheet 7.910.9Southlake Carroll
10Koh, Chrostopher View Sheet 8.412.6Los Alamos High School
11Lucero, John View Sheet 7.49.5Lubbock High School
12Makuta, Jacob View Sheet 8.113.3Lubbock Monterey High School
13Mallory, Dante View Sheet 7.912.0Lubbock High School
14Miller, Jackson View Sheet 9.014.9Southlake Carroll
15Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet 9.015.0Mansfield High School
16Pena, Joseph View Sheet 7.610.2Mansfield High School
17Sanchez, Kyle View Sheet 9.015.9Mansfield High School
18Stidham, Brayden View Sheet 8.513.0Los Alamos High School
19Stidham, Griffin View Sheet 8.413.0Los Alamos High School
20Stone, Nick View Sheet 8.713.8Midland High School
21Vaughn, Kaleb View Sheet 8.413.6Lubbock Coronado High School
22Villarreal, Kyler View Sheet 8.112.5Lubbock High School
23Boys 3 MeterAdler, Chase View Sheet 1.610.2Mansfield High School
24Conrad, Jakob View Sheet 1.611.1Mansfield High School
25Hensley, Rhett View Sheet 1.612.8Lubbock Coronado High School
26Jimenez, Adrian View Sheet 1.610.5Lubbock Monterey High School
27Kleiman, Phillip B View Sheet 1.611.6Southlake Carroll
28Klein, Reid G View Sheet 1.49.0Southlake Carroll
29Makuta, Jacob View Sheet 1.68.7Lubbock Monterey High School
30Mallory, Dante View Sheet 1.47.6Lubbock High School
31Miller, Jackson View Sheet 1.611.8Southlake Carroll
32Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet 1.613.9Mansfield High School
33Sanchez, Kyle View Sheet 1.614.0Mansfield High School
34Stone, Nick View Sheet 1.612.1Midland High School
35Vaughn, Kaleb View Sheet 1.69.5Lubbock Coronado High School
36Villarreal, Kyler View Sheet 1.48.5Lubbock High School
37Girls 1 MeterAguilar, Camilla View Sheet 8.810.8Midland High School
38Bellah, Reagan View Sheet 8.412.5Mansfield High School
39Beus, Annie View Sheet 8.311.5Los Alamos High School
40Britt, Alyssa J View Sheet 8.513.0Lubbock High School
41Cooper, Sydnee View Sheet 8.813.9Lubbock Coronado High School
42Corbett, Sarianna View Sheet 7.49.5Mansfield High School
43Coronel, Alyssa View Sheet 7.912.2Lubbock High School
44Donaldson, Cassandra View Sheet 7.69.5Mansfield High School
45Espinoza, Lilly View Sheet 7.411.6Lubbock Monterey High School
46Evans, Tatum View Sheet 8.813.5Southlake Carroll
47Garza, Mia View Sheet 8.412.6Lubbock Estacado High School
48Gillett, Brooke B View Sheet 7.612.0Southlake Carroll
49Heinrich, ALexana View Sheet 7.411.0Lubbock High School
50Hepfer, Kathe View Sheet 8.612.9Midland High School
51Hepfer, Kristen N View Sheet 8.713.6Midland High School
52Hernandez, Hailey View Sheet 8.714.8Southlake Carroll
53Kidd, Kyleigh View Sheet 8.211.9Southlake Carroll
54LeBlanc, Isabelle View Sheet 8.613.7Southlake Carroll
55McCuistion, Cayden View Sheet 8.411.6Southlake Carroll
56McQuitty, Averi View Sheet 8.713.8Midland High School
57Monk, Tahle View Sheet 7.410.5Lubbock Monterey High School
58Mooday, Emme View Sheet 8.111.5Los Alamos High School
59Moore, Avery View Sheet 7.49.7Lubbock Monterey High School
60Nasise, Bailey View Sheet 8.011.3Los Alamos High School
61O'neil, Bridget View Sheet 9.015.0Southlake Carroll
62Pham, Christine View Sheet 8.110.8Mansfield High School
63pich, lauren View Sheet 8.613.4Southlake Carroll
64Pistocchi, Isabella N View Sheet 7.911.2Southlake Carroll
65Props, Payton View Sheet 8.714.4Lubbock High School
66Reynolds, Chloe View Sheet 7.710.0Southlake Carroll
67Richie, Addison View Sheet 7.911.0Los Alamos High School
68Tadlaoui, Darya View Sheet 8.310.5Southlake Carroll
69Thomas, Ashley View Sheet 8.613.7Southlake Carroll
70Tuning, Jazmine View Sheet 8.111.5Los Alamos High School
71Ward, Allison P View Sheet 8.714.6Southlake Carroll
72Girls 3 MeterBellah, Reagan View Sheet 1.610.1Mansfield High School
73Britt, Alyssa J View Sheet 1.48.3Lubbock High School
74Cooper, Sydnee View Sheet 1.48.8Lubbock Coronado High School
75Coronel, Alyssa View Sheet 1.48.3Lubbock High School
76Espinoza, Lilly View Sheet 1.48.4Lubbock Monterey High School
77Evans, Tatum View Sheet 1.611.2Southlake Carroll
78Garza, Mia View Sheet 1.610.1Lubbock Estacado High School
79Gillett, Brooke B View Sheet 1.59.2Southlake Carroll
80Hepfer, Kathe View Sheet 1.89.4Midland High School
81Hepfer, Kristen N View Sheet 1.610.2Midland High School
82Hernandez, Hailey View Sheet 1.612.9Southlake Carroll
83Kidd, Kyleigh View Sheet 1.68.9Southlake Carroll
84LeBlanc, Isabelle View Sheet 1.610.6Southlake Carroll
85McCuistion, Cayden View Sheet 1.610.0Southlake Carroll
86McQuitty, Averi View Sheet 1.610.9Midland High School
87Monk, Tahle View Sheet 1.47.8Lubbock Monterey High School
88Moore, Avery View Sheet 1.47.5Lubbock Monterey High School
89O'neil, Bridget View Sheet 1.613.5Southlake Carroll
90Pham, Christine View Sheet 1.58.0Mansfield High School
91pich, lauren View Sheet 1.610.1Southlake Carroll
92Pistocchi, Isabella N View Sheet 1.58.4Southlake Carroll
93Props, Payton View Sheet 1.812.8Lubbock High School
94Reynolds, Chloe View Sheet 1.58.7Southlake Carroll
95Tadlaoui, Darya View Sheet 1.58.6Southlake Carroll
96Thomas, Ashley View Sheet 1.610.5Southlake Carroll
97Ward, Allison P View Sheet 1.612.3Southlake Carroll
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