Name of Meet:
Boys Oakland County Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-01, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-23, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Lake Orion High School
495 E Scripps Rd
Orion Charter Township, MI 48360
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Cuts will be as follows: Friday, all divers do 5 dives, cut to 20 divers. Top 20 divers do 3 more dives, cut to 16. Top 16 divers will complete Finals on Friday night.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2611 2h46m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Birmingham Brother RiceBloomfield HillsMI
3Birmingham GrovesBeverly HillsMI
4Birmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
5Bloomfield Hills High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
6Clarkston High SchoolClarkstonMI
7Detroit Catholic CentralNoviMI
8Huron Valley UnitedHighlandMI
10Rochester Adams High SchoolRochesterMI
11Rochester High SchoolRochesterMI
12Rochester Stoney CreekRochester HIllsMI
13Royal OakRoyal OakMI
14Waterford UnitedWaterfordMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Benjamin, Henry  MI Detroit Catholic CentralFeb 22, 13:53
2Davis, Grayson  MI Birmingham SeaholmFeb 15, 19:07
3Doroan, Joe  MI Birmingham GrovesFeb 23, 10:06
4Forsythe, Hayden  MI Royal OakFeb 22, 19:18
5Funke, Michael  MI OxfordFeb 23, 08:17
6Hardtke, Kevin  MI Clarkston High SchoolFeb 20, 14:41
7Houser, HunterSO Highland, MI Huron Valley UnitedFeb 11, 15:25
8James, Liam TJR Bloomfield Hills, MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolFeb 20, 15:44
9Kim, SoodongSR Rochester Hills, MI Rochester Adams High SchoolFeb 23, 21:52
10Liberman, KameronSR Detroit, MI Birmingham SeaholmFeb 15, 19:05
11Losh, Devin  MI Rochester High SchoolFeb 23, 21:55
12MacKillop, Calder  MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolFeb 20, 15:46
13McCardell, KevinSO Rochester, MI Rochester Stoney CreekFeb 23, 21:58
14McDonnell, KieranSR Bloomfield Hills, MI Birmingham Brother RiceFeb 21, 14:10
15O'Neill, Ben  MI Royal OakFeb 22, 19:21
16Pearson, Liam  MI OxfordFeb 14, 17:57
17Per, Jason  MI Detroit Catholic CentralFeb 22, 13:51
18Pone, JaydenSO Oakland, MI Rochester Stoney CreekFeb 23, 21:49
19Poulin, AlexSO Waterford, MI Waterford UnitedFeb 23, 14:49
20Sinutko, EthanJR Troy, MI AthensFeb 21, 19:43
21Snyder, Scott  MI Birmingham GrovesFeb 23, 10:17
22St. Amour, EdwardJR Clawson, MI Birmingham Brother RiceFeb 21, 14:07
23Varda, Drew  MI Birmingham GrovesFeb 23, 10:12
24Vitick, JackJR Commerce, MI Huron Valley UnitedFeb 11, 15:19
25Wise, Aidan  MI Birmingham SeaholmFeb 15, 19:06
26Zazeckis, NathanielSO Rochester hills MI, MI Rochester Adams High SchoolFeb 23, 21:42
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Blitz, JeniferHead CoachClarkston High SchoolRochester HillsMI
2Campbell, LauraHead CoachDetroit Catholic CentralHighlandMI
3Egbers, MattHead CoachBirmingham GrovesFarmington HillsMI
4Mcgillivray, ChalmersHead CoachBirmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
5Mchugh, ScottHead CoachBloomfield Hills High SchoolClawsonMI
6Millar, DarrinAsst. CoachRoyal OakTroyMI
7Miller, MarcHead CoachHuron Valley UnitedHighlandMI
8Murphy, AlessandraCoachWaterford UnitedFerndaleMI
9Pearson, JohnHead CoachOxfordDrydenMI
10Schultz, AnthonyAsst. CoachAthensTroyMI
11Sevald, CarlyAsst. CoachBirmingham Brother RiceRoyal OakMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1AthensSinutko, EthanJRTroyMI
2Birmingham Brother RiceMcDonnell, KieranSRBloomfield HillsMI
3St. Amour, EdwardJRClawsonMI
4Birmingham GrovesDoroan, Joe  MI
5Snyder, Scott  MI
6Varda, Drew  MI
7Birmingham SeaholmDavis, Grayson  MI
8Liberman, KameronSRDetroitMI
9Wise, Aidan  MI
10Bloomfield Hills High SchoolJames, Liam TJRBloomfield HillsMI
11MacKillop, Calder  MI
12Clarkston High SchoolHardtke, Kevin  MI
13Detroit Catholic CentralBenjamin, Henry  MI
14Per, Jason  MI
15Huron Valley UnitedHouser, HunterSOHighlandMI
16Vitick, JackJRCommerceMI
17OxfordFunke, Michael  MI
18Pearson, Liam  MI
19Rochester Adams High SchoolKim, SoodongSRRochester HillsMI
20Zazeckis, NathanielSORochester hills MIMI
21Rochester High SchoolLosh, Devin  MI
22Rochester Stoney CreekMcCardell, KevinSORochesterMI
23Pone, JaydenSOOaklandMI
24Royal OakForsythe, Hayden  MI
25O'Neill, Ben  MI
26Waterford UnitedPoulin, AlexSOWaterfordMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBenjamin, Henry View Sheet 8.210.5Detroit Catholic Central
2Davis, Grayson View Sheet 8.614.2Birmingham Seaholm
3Doroan, Joe View Sheet 8.812.9Birmingham Groves
4Forsythe, Hayden View Sheet 8.413.2Royal Oak
5Funke, Michael View Sheet 8.111.1Oxford
6Hardtke, Kevin View Sheet 8.012.8Clarkston High School
7Houser, Hunter View Sheet 8.111.8Huron Valley United
8James, Liam T View Sheet 8.913.0Bloomfield Hills High School
9Kim, Soodong View Sheet 8.715.3Rochester Adams High School
10Liberman, Kameron View Sheet 8.715.4Birmingham Seaholm
11Losh, Devin View Sheet 8.313.5Rochester High School
12MacKillop, Calder View Sheet 8.613.3Bloomfield Hills High School
13McCardell, Kevin View Sheet 8.212.1Rochester Stoney Creek
14McDonnell, Kieran View Sheet 8.412.3Birmingham Brother Rice
15O'Neill, Ben View Sheet 8.714.7Royal Oak
16Pearson, Liam View Sheet 8.012.1Oxford
17Per, Jason View Sheet 8.612.8Detroit Catholic Central
18Pone, Jayden View Sheet 8.013.7Rochester Stoney Creek
19Poulin, Alex View Sheet 8.714.8Waterford United
20Sinutko, Ethan View Sheet 8.011.8Athens
21Snyder, Scott View Sheet 8.611.2Birmingham Groves
22St. Amour, Edward View Sheet 8.513.8Birmingham Brother Rice
23Varda, Drew View Sheet 8.112.7Birmingham Groves
24Vitick, Jack View Sheet 8.312.6Huron Valley United
25Wise, Aidan View Sheet 8.512.4Birmingham Seaholm
26Zazeckis, Nathaniel View Sheet 8.111.8Rochester Adams High School
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