Name of Meet:
Boston College Catholic Invitational Diving @ Holy Cross
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-14, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Oct-02, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Hart Center Pool
1 College St
Worcester, MA 01610
Main Contact:
Wil Aybar
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1M Diving66 21m View Rules
Mens 3M Diving36 10m View Rules
Womens 1M Diving146 49m View Rules
Womens 3M Diving106 35m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Boston College NewtonMA
2Fairfield University FairfieldCT
3Holy CrossWorcesterMA
4La Salle UniversityPhiladelphiaPA
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bryant, Abigail R18 Medway, MA Holy CrossSep 17, 16:42
2Buchanan, Mackenna19 MA Boston College Sep 19, 11:56
3Campbell, Caitlin20 Easton, MA Fairfield University Sep 22, 17:27
4Cilley, Kate N18 Alamo, CA Boston College Sep 19, 09:32
5DaMore, Julie20 Philadelphia, PA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:38
6Griffith, Blake21 San Luis Obispo, CA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:46
7Henninger, Samuel W18 Glenside, PA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:43
8Kandro, Adriana19 Portland, CT Holy CrossSep 21, 12:16
9Kenski, Erica18 Philadelhia, PA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:41
10Nickerson, Dale L18 Weston, MA Boston College Sep 19, 09:30
11Ritter, Lila19 Fairfield, CT Fairfield University Sep 22, 17:20
12Ross, Claire17 MA Boston College Sep 19, 14:39
13Shaya, Phoebe19 Richboro, PA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:45
14Smykowski, Kaitlyn B19 Laurys Station, PA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:48
15Stanton, Lukas M19 Westfield, MA Fairfield University Sep 22, 16:51
16Stasolla, Steve19 Philadelphia, PA La Salle UniversitySep 18, 12:51
17Tonole, Samuel18 Lunenburg, MA Fairfield University Sep 22, 17:18
18Uhl, Elizabeth K20 Old Greenwich, CT Boston College Sep 19, 09:37
19Vandergrift, Jordyn T18 Florence, MA Holy CrossSep 17, 16:14
20Wind, Erin G20 Manlius, NY Fairfield University Sep 22, 16:53
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Aybar, WilsonHead CoachHoly CrossWebsterMA
2Kuttruff, StevenHead CoachLa Salle UniversityJenkintownPA
3Lewis, JackHead CoachBoston College SomervilleMA
4Tonole, KellyCoachFairfield University LunenburgMA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Boston College Buchanan, Mackenna19 MA
2Cilley, Kate N18AlamoCA
3Nickerson, Dale L18WestonMA
4Ross, Claire17 MA
5Uhl, Elizabeth K20Old GreenwichCT
6Fairfield University Campbell, Caitlin20EastonMA
7Ritter, Lila19FairfieldCT
8Stanton, Lukas M19WestfieldMA
9Tonole, Samuel18LunenburgMA
10Wind, Erin G20ManliusNY
11Holy CrossBryant, Abigail R18MedwayMA
12Kandro, Adriana19PortlandCT
13Vandergrift, Jordyn T18FlorenceMA
14La Salle UniversityDaMore, Julie20PhiladelphiaPA
15Griffith, Blake21San Luis ObispoCA
16Henninger, Samuel W18GlensidePA
17Kenski, Erica18PhiladelhiaPA
18Shaya, Phoebe19RichboroPA
19Smykowski, Kaitlyn B19Laurys StationPA
20Stasolla, Steve19PhiladelphiaPA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1M DivingGriffith, Blake View Sheet 0.013.1La Salle University
2Henninger, Samuel W View Sheet 0.013.8La Salle University
3Nickerson, Dale L View Sheet 0.016.0Boston College
4Stanton, Lukas M View Sheet 0.010.6Fairfield University
5Stasolla, Steve View Sheet 0.014.9La Salle University
6Tonole, Samuel View Sheet 0.012.5Fairfield University
7Mens 3M DivingNickerson, Dale L View Sheet 0.016.9Boston College
8Stanton, Lukas M View Sheet 0.011.7Fairfield University
9Tonole, Samuel View Sheet 0.012.7Fairfield University
10Womens 1M DivingBryant, Abigail R View Sheet 0.013.6Holy Cross
11Buchanan, Mackenna View Sheet 0.013.7Boston College
12Campbell, Caitlin View Sheet 0.011.1Fairfield University
13Cilley, Kate N View Sheet 0.013.9Boston College
14DaMore, Julie View Sheet 0.012.9La Salle University
15Kandro, Adriana View Sheet 0.011.6Holy Cross
16Kenski, Erica View Sheet 0.011.8La Salle University
17Ritter, Lila View Sheet 0.010.6Fairfield University
18Ross, Claire View Sheet 0.013.0Boston College
19Shaya, Phoebe View Sheet 0.012.5La Salle University
20Smykowski, Kaitlyn B View Sheet 0.012.5La Salle University
21Uhl, Elizabeth K View Sheet 0.013.9Boston College
22Vandergrift, Jordyn T View Sheet 0.013.6Holy Cross
23Wind, Erin G View Sheet 0.012.1Fairfield University
24Womens 3M DivingBryant, Abigail R View Sheet 0.013.3Holy Cross
25Buchanan, Mackenna View Sheet 0.014.7Boston College
26Campbell, Caitlin View Sheet 0.011.3Fairfield University
27Cilley, Kate N View Sheet 0.015.2Boston College
28Kandro, Adriana View Sheet 0.011.5Holy Cross
29Ritter, Lila View Sheet 0.011.1Fairfield University
30Ross, Claire View Sheet 0.013.1Boston College
31Uhl, Elizabeth K View Sheet 0.013.8Boston College
32Vandergrift, Jordyn T View Sheet 0.012.7Holy Cross
33Wind, Erin G View Sheet 0.012.3Fairfield University
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