Name of Meet:
District 1 Kamiak 11 Dive Qualifier
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-08, 8:00 AM PST
Registration Closes:
Jan-15, 11:59 PM PST
Entry Fees Charged:
Kamiak High School
10801 Harbour Pointe Blvd
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Main Contact:
Marc Hughes
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2911 3h6m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arch Bishop Murphy High SchoolSnohomishWA
2Cascade High SchoolEverettWA
3Glacier Peak High SchoolSnohomishWA
4Jackson High SchoolSNOHOMISHWA
5Kamiak High SchoolMukilteoWA
6Lake StevensLake Stevens WA
8Marysville GetchellMarysvilleWA
9Marysville PilchuckMarysvilleWA
10Monroe High SchoolMonroeWA
11Oak Harbor High SchoolOak HarborWA
14Snohomish High SchoolSnohomishWA
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Blankman, JohnJR Oak Harbor, WA Oak Harbor High SchoolJan 13, 20:18
2Bonilla, Caleb  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 16:08
3Boone, Benson  WA Monroe High SchoolJan 15, 22:49
4Cardona, JadenJR Lake Stevens, WA Lake StevensJan 13, 20:20
5Clements, Gavin  WA Glacier Peak High SchoolJan 15, 22:38
6Cochran, Tyler  Lake Stevens, WA Lake StevensJan 13, 19:10
7Davydenko, Eric  WA Marysville GetchellJan 15, 11:38
8Fay, JordanJR Oak Harbor, WA Oak Harbor High SchoolJan 13, 20:30
9Finlon, Caleb  Mill Creek, WA Jackson High SchoolJan 13, 16:28
10Gibbs, Isaiah  WA Marysville GetchellJan 15, 11:40
11Glover, Michael  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 16:25
12Hilal, Nye  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 16:19
13Johnathan, Lopez  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 15:25
14Kallio, Andrew  WA Marysville PilchuckJan 15, 11:44
15Krueger, Rowan  Everett, WA Arch Bishop Murphy High SchoolJan 13, 15:36
16Le, Rolando  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 15:10
17Meneses, John  WA Glacier Peak High SchoolJan 15, 22:28
18Moran, Fernando  WA MarinerJan 14, 09:22
19Morrill, Shane  WA Snohomish High SchoolJan 15, 22:24
20Naumchik, Eduard  WA Marysville PilchuckJan 15, 11:47
21Nganga, Anthony  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 15:46
22Petersen, Connor  WA Glacier Peak High SchoolJan 15, 22:32
23Poole, Isaac D  Shoreline, WA ShorewoodJan 15, 09:26
24Quinn, RyanSR Mukilteo, WA Kamiak High SchoolJan 09, 19:49
25Rom, Keegan  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 15:19
26Rye, Ethan  WA Cascade High SchoolJan 13, 16:14
27Steen, Gunnar  WA MarinerJan 14, 09:11
28Turner, Xavier  WA MarinerJan 14, 09:17
29Vu, Anthony  WA Kamiak High SchoolJan 09, 19:43
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Carter, KeelaCoachMarinerEverettWA
2Dean, CaitlinHead CoachOak Harbor High SchoolOak HarborWA
3Hughes, MarcHead CoachMonroe High SchoolMonroeWA
4Kopischka, ShaunaHead CoachMarysville PilchuckArlingtonWA
5Leitzel-Abbe, JoLynneHead CoachJackson High SchoolSNOHOMISHWA
6McCoy, RachelHead CoachLake StevensMarysvilleWA
7Schneider, KirstenHead CoachShorecrestShorelineWA
8Wierschke, SharonHead CoachKamiak High SchoolMukilteoWA
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arch Bishop Murphy High SchoolKrueger, Rowan EverettWA
2Cascade High SchoolBonilla, Caleb  WA
3Glover, Michael  WA
4Hilal, Nye  WA
5Johnathan, Lopez  WA
6Le, Rolando  WA
7Nganga, Anthony  WA
8Rom, Keegan  WA
9Rye, Ethan  WA
10Glacier Peak High SchoolClements, Gavin  WA
11Meneses, John  WA
12Petersen, Connor  WA
13Jackson High SchoolFinlon, Caleb Mill CreekWA
14Kamiak High SchoolQuinn, RyanSRMukilteoWA
15Vu, Anthony  WA
16Lake StevensCardona, JadenJRLake StevensWA
17Cochran, Tyler Lake StevensWA
18MarinerMoran, Fernando  WA
19Steen, Gunnar  WA
20Turner, Xavier  WA
21Marysville GetchellDavydenko, Eric  WA
22Gibbs, Isaiah  WA
23Marysville PilchuckKallio, Andrew  WA
24Naumchik, Eduard  WA
25Monroe High SchoolBoone, Benson  WA
26Oak Harbor High SchoolBlankman, JohnJROak HarborWA
27Fay, JordanJROak HarborWA
28ShorewoodPoole, Isaac D ShorelineWA
29Snohomish High SchoolMorrill, Shane  WA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBlankman, John View Sheet 7.812.2Oak Harbor High School
2Bonilla, Caleb View Sheet 7.69.4Cascade High School
3Boone, Benson View Sheet 8.513.2Monroe High School
4Cardona, Jaden View Sheet 8.614.0Lake Stevens
5Clements, Gavin View Sheet 8.010.2Glacier Peak High School
6Cochran, Tyler View Sheet 8.613.5Lake Stevens
7Davydenko, Eric View Sheet 8.813.6Marysville Getchell
8Fay, Jordan View Sheet 7.812.0Oak Harbor High School
9Finlon, Caleb View Sheet 7.610.1Jackson High School
10Gibbs, Isaiah View Sheet 7.49.8Marysville Getchell
11Glover, Michael View Sheet 7.810.4Cascade High School
12Hilal, Nye View Sheet 7.69.6Cascade High School
13Johnathan, Lopez View Sheet 7.610.1Cascade High School
14Kallio, Andrew View Sheet 9.014.5Marysville Pilchuck
15Krueger, Rowan View Sheet 7.611.0Arch Bishop Murphy High School
16Le, Rolando View Sheet 7.49.5Cascade High School
17Meneses, John View Sheet 8.010.5Glacier Peak High School
18Moran, Fernando View Sheet 7.69.6Mariner
19Morrill, Shane View Sheet 9.013.2Snohomish High School
20Naumchik, Eduard View Sheet 8.312.7Marysville Pilchuck
21Nganga, Anthony View Sheet 7.611.3Cascade High School
22Petersen, Connor View Sheet 8.210.9Glacier Peak High School
23Poole, Isaac D View Sheet 8.716.9Shorewood
24Quinn, Ryan View Sheet 8.011.6Kamiak High School
25Rom, Keegan View Sheet 7.49.4Cascade High School
26Rye, Ethan View Sheet 7.69.4Cascade High School
27Steen, Gunnar View Sheet 8.111.9Mariner
28Turner, Xavier View Sheet 7.410.4Mariner
29Vu, Anthony View Sheet 7.49.4Kamiak High School
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