Name of Meet:
North Texas 5A TISCA Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-19, 9:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Nov-30, 11:59 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Bruce Eubanks Natatorium
7411 First Street
Frisco, TX 75034
Main Contact:
Melissa Soileau
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Warm-ups will start at 3:30PM. DD requirement: Girls-11.60; boys-11.80

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2011 2h8m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving1911 2h1m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bryan High SchoolbryanTX
2Carrollton TurnerCarrolltonTX
3Colleyville Heritage High SchoolColleyvilleTX
4Frisco Centennial High SchoolFriscoTX
5Frisco Heritage High SchoolFriscoTX
6Frisco Independence High SchoolFriscoTX
7Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolFriscoTX
8Frisco Liberty High SchoolFriscoTX
9Frisco Reedy High SchoolFriscoTX
10Frisco Wakeland High SchoolFriscoTX
11Grapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
12Highland Park High SchoolDallasTX
13Lubbock Coronado High SchoolLubbockTX
14Lubbock Estacado High SchoolLubbockTX
15Lubbock High SchoolLubbockTX
16Lubbock Monterey High SchoolLubbockTX
17Mckinney North High SchoolMcKInneyTX
18Prosper High SchoolProsperTX
19Texas High SchoolTexarkanaTX
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Anderson, Julia15FriscoTXFrisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolNov 28, 14:54
2Anstey, Connor16LubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 28, 14:20
3Bland, Robert17TexarkanaTXTexas High SchoolNov 28, 10:33
4Brock, Trevor3mckinneyTXMckinney North High SchoolNov 30, 11:26
5Burton, Parker15 TXProsper High SchoolNov 29, 17:40
6Cooper, Sydnee17LubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 28, 14:44
7Crandell, Jameson18FriscoTXFrisco Reedy High SchoolNov 28, 14:47
8Culbertson, Sasha C17GrapevineTXColleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 30, 09:57
9Devereaux, Abby A15ColleyvilleTXColleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 30, 10:04
10Espinoza, Lilly15LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolNov 28, 14:52
11Garza, Mia15LubbockTXLubbock Estacado High SchoolNov 28, 14:06
12Harper, Erin M16DallasTXHighland Park High SchoolNov 29, 14:48
13Heinrich, ALexana15LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolNov 28, 13:48
14Hensley, Rhett15LubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 28, 14:18
15Jardine, Trent18 TXFrisco Centennial High SchoolNov 28, 15:00
16Jimenez, Cayla15 TXBryan High SchoolNov 30, 08:15
17Jones, Lukas18 TXBryan High SchoolNov 30, 08:23
18Kaster, Harrison17FriscoTXFrisco Centennial High SchoolNov 28, 14:58
19Keen, Madalynn17lubbockTXLubbock Coronado High SchoolNov 28, 14:36
20Knowles, Lauren E17EulessTXColleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 30, 10:00
21Light, Smith15FriscoTXFrisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolNov 28, 14:53
22Lourens, Courtney17TexarkanaTXTexas High SchoolNov 28, 10:02
23Lovell, Isaac18LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolNov 28, 13:59
24Makuta, Jacob16LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolNov 28, 14:48
25Mitchmore, Jacob18TexarkanaTXTexas High SchoolNov 28, 10:29
26Morgan, Kalee15FriscoTXFrisco Independence High SchoolNov 28, 14:45
27Ogden, Zach18FriscoTXFrisco Wakeland High SchoolNov 28, 15:01
28Ordieres, Katie18FriscoTXFrisco Heritage High SchoolNov 28, 15:02
29Phillips, Nate19 TXCarrollton TurnerNov 13, 11:38
30Props, Payton16LubbockTXLubbock High SchoolNov 28, 14:00
31Scheppler, McKinley17lubbockTXLubbock High SchoolNov 28, 14:03
32Sena, Travis17 TXFrisco Reedy High SchoolNov 28, 14:51
33Shuck, Keelie18GrapevineTXGrapevine High SchoolNov 30, 10:12
34Sitz, Weston16ProsperTXProsper High SchoolNov 29, 16:41
35Sullivan, Myka15 TXProsper High SchoolNov 29, 17:29
36Truty, Max17FriscoTXFrisco Independence High SchoolNov 28, 14:43
37VanDyk, Karsen15FriscoTXFrisco Reedy High SchoolNov 28, 14:49
38Vega, Gabriel L18LubbockTXLubbock Monterey High SchoolNov 28, 14:46
39Wright, Bailey16FriscoTXFrisco Liberty High SchoolNov 28, 14:56
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cole, JesseHead CoachHighland Park High SchoolDallasTX
2Dipomazio, PennyHead CoachLubbock Monterey High SchoolLubbockTX
3Files, BrendaHead CoachMckinney North High SchoolMckinneyTX
4Marincasiu, StacyAsst. CoachGrapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
5Milne, SarahAsst. CoachProsper High SchoolProsperTX
6Ognibene, EricHead CoachCarrollton TurnerCarrolltonTX
7Rampy, AtoshaCoachBryan High SchoolCollege StationTX
8Soileau, MelissaHead CoachFrisco Heritage High SchoolLewisvilleTX
9Vogan, EricHead CoachTexas High SchoolDe QueenAR
10Williams, glennHead CoachBryan High SchoolbryanTX
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Bryan High SchoolJimenez, Cayla15 TX
2Jones, Lukas18 TX
3Carrollton TurnerPhillips, Nate19 TX
4Colleyville Heritage High SchoolCulbertson, Sasha C17GrapevineTX
5Devereaux, Abby A15ColleyvilleTX
6Knowles, Lauren E17EulessTX
7Frisco Centennial High SchoolJardine, Trent18 TX
8Kaster, Harrison17FriscoTX
9Frisco Heritage High SchoolOrdieres, Katie18FriscoTX
10Frisco Independence High SchoolMorgan, Kalee15FriscoTX
11Truty, Max17FriscoTX
12Frisco Lebanon Trail High SchoolAnderson, Julia15FriscoTX
13Light, Smith15FriscoTX
14Frisco Liberty High SchoolWright, Bailey16FriscoTX
15Frisco Reedy High SchoolCrandell, Jameson18FriscoTX
16Sena, Travis17 TX
17VanDyk, Karsen15FriscoTX
18Frisco Wakeland High SchoolOgden, Zach18FriscoTX
19Grapevine High SchoolShuck, Keelie18GrapevineTX
20Highland Park High SchoolHarper, Erin M16DallasTX
21Lubbock Coronado High SchoolAnstey, Connor16LubbockTX
22Cooper, Sydnee17LubbockTX
23Hensley, Rhett15LubbockTX
24Keen, Madalynn17lubbockTX
25Lubbock Estacado High SchoolGarza, Mia15LubbockTX
26Lubbock High SchoolHeinrich, ALexana15LubbockTX
27Lovell, Isaac18LubbockTX
28Props, Payton16LubbockTX
29Scheppler, McKinley17lubbockTX
30Lubbock Monterey High SchoolEspinoza, Lilly15LubbockTX
31Makuta, Jacob16LubbockTX
32Vega, Gabriel L18LubbockTX
33Mckinney North High SchoolBrock, Trevor3mckinneyTX
34Prosper High SchoolBurton, Parker15 TX
35Sitz, Weston16ProsperTX
36Sullivan, Myka15 TX
37Texas High SchoolBland, Robert17TexarkanaTX
38Lourens, Courtney17TexarkanaTX
39Mitchmore, Jacob18TexarkanaTX
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingAnstey, Connor8.713.8Lubbock Coronado High School
2Bland, Robert8.012.7Texas High School
3Brock, Trevor9.013.6Mckinney North High School
4Burton, Parker8.812.8Prosper High School
5Crandell, Jameson8.614.8Frisco Reedy High School
6Culbertson, Sasha C8.713.8Colleyville Heritage High School
7Hensley, Rhett8.514.3Lubbock Coronado High School
8Jardine, Trent8.313.2Frisco Centennial High School
9Jones, Lukas7.99.8Bryan High School
10Kaster, Harrison8.614.4Frisco Centennial High School
11Light, Smith8.313.3Frisco Lebanon Trail High School
12Lovell, Isaac8.516.8Lubbock High School
13Makuta, Jacob8.113.2Lubbock Monterey High School
14Mitchmore, Jacob7.612.1Texas High School
15Ogden, Zach9.014.0Frisco Wakeland High School
16Phillips, Nate7.912.0Carrollton Turner
17Sena, Travis8.213.4Frisco Reedy High School
18Sitz, Weston8.714.6Prosper High School
19Truty, Max8.212.4Frisco Independence High School
20Vega, Gabriel L9.015.1Lubbock Monterey High School
21Girls 1M DivingAnderson, Julia8.212.1Frisco Lebanon Trail High School
22Cooper, Sydnee8.813.9Lubbock Coronado High School
23Devereaux, Abby A8.213.0Colleyville Heritage High School
24Espinoza, Lilly7.811.7Lubbock Monterey High School
25Garza, Mia8.112.4Lubbock Estacado High School
26Harper, Erin M7.811.9Highland Park High School
27Heinrich, ALexana7.411.6Lubbock High School
28Jimenez, Cayla8.19.6Bryan High School
29Keen, Madalynn7.911.8Lubbock Coronado High School
30Knowles, Lauren E8.011.8Colleyville Heritage High School
31Lourens, Courtney8.011.6Texas High School
32Morgan, Kalee8.211.9Frisco Independence High School
33Ordieres, Katie8.813.2Frisco Heritage High School
34Props, Payton8.814.1Lubbock High School
35Scheppler, McKinley7.912.1Lubbock High School
36Shuck, Keelie8.312.5Grapevine High School
37Sullivan, Myka7.610.0Prosper High School
38VanDyk, Karsen8.012.0Frisco Reedy High School
39Wright, Bailey8.412.6Frisco Liberty High School
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