Name of Meet:
CCS Christmas Invite
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-08, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Dec-04, 9:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
C.T. Branin Natatorium
1715 Harrison Ave. N.W
Canton, OH 44708
Main Contact:
Philip Barr
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Entries are limited to the 1st 30 Female & 1st 30 Male Divers. Girls warm ups start at 7:30am, Meet starts at 9:00am. Boys warm ups no sooner than 12:30, Meet starts at 2:00. There are NO DD requirements for this meet.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1711 1h49m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2711 2h53m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Brecksville-Broadview Heights Brecksville OH
3Brecksville-Broadview View Heights Brecksville OH
5Chagrin Falls High SchoolChagrin FallsOH
7Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitCuyahoga FallsOH
8CVCACuyahoga FallsOH
9Highland High SchoolMedinaOH
10Hudson High SchoolHudsonOH
11Kenston High SchoolBainbridgeOH
12Kent Roosevelt High SchoolKentOH
13Massillon Jackson High SchoolMassillonOH
15Poland SeminaryPolandOH
17Stow-Monroe Falls StowOH
18Toledo St. FrancisToeldoOH
19Twinsburg High SchoolTwinsburgOH
20University SchoolHunting ValleyOH
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Amedia, FallonFR Canfield, OH CanfieldNov 11, 23:28
2Beegle, Emma  OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 09:12
3Biggs, Sam  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 13, 12:56
4Bizjak, CameronJR Willoughby, OH University SchoolNov 12, 19:13
5Chand, Andrew VSR Medina, OH Highland High SchoolNov 11, 15:52
6Coblentz, Luke  OH CVCANov 13, 13:54
7Cook, Mackenzie  OH Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitNov 11, 08:28
8Crews, Gabriella  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 12, 11:19
9Culp, Loren  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 13, 12:37
10D'Alesio, Carmen  OH Poland SeminaryNov 11, 23:05
11DiTullio, IsabellaSR Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 08:41
12Ferner, Anya SSR Kent, OH Kent Roosevelt High SchoolNov 18, 09:54
13Ferrara, Gianna  OH Kent Roosevelt High SchoolNov 18, 10:00
14Foster, ClaySR Chagrin Falls, OH Kenston High SchoolNov 22, 18:55
15Fried, Claire  OH Kent Roosevelt High SchoolNov 18, 09:52
16Galioto, Emily  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 12, 10:23
17Galperin, Paige  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 12, 10:16
18Graziano, Ava  OH Brecksville-Broadview View Heights Nov 13, 13:18
19Haluch, AnnieSO Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 09:07
20Holtz, Samantha MSO Chagrin Falls, OH Chagrin Falls High SchoolNov 11, 08:24
21Keating, RJFR Boardman, OH BoardmanNov 11, 23:18
22Kloss, AmeliaSO Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 09:11
23Kochanowski, TessaSO Hudson, OH CrestviewNov 11, 23:34
24Lewicki, Gregory  OH NordoniaNov 13, 13:03
25Lorentz, Sage  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 12, 10:10
26McDaniel, JackSO Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 09:15
27Meilander, Maya  OH Brecksville-Broadview View Heights Nov 13, 13:26
28Mercer, Jack  OH Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitNov 11, 08:31
29Mercer, Lauren  MI Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitNov 11, 08:29
30Nigh, KendallSR Poland, OH Poland SeminaryNov 11, 23:15
31Ohlin, Sydney  OH Poland SeminaryNov 11, 23:08
32Radicelli, Cecelia  OH Twinsburg High SchoolNov 11, 09:08
33Redd, Lydia  OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 08:43
34Rousseau, Blaise  OH Brecksville-Broadview Heights Nov 13, 14:44
35Rousseau, Brock  OH Brecksville-Broadview Heights Nov 13, 14:54
36sanford, MatthewJR HOLLAND, OH Toledo St. FrancisNov 22, 14:37
37Schonauer, Emily  OH NordoniaNov 12, 10:28
38Seymour, Lauren  OH Hudson High SchoolNov 11, 09:17
39Slabaugh, Luke  OH CVCANov 13, 14:08
40Smith, Sam  WI CVCANov 13, 14:26
41Thurman, PeytonSR Richfield, OH RevereNov 11, 08:26
42Vanik, MichaelFR Stow, OH Stow-Monroe Falls Nov 13, 12:46
43VINCEK, LaurenSR MEDINA, OH Highland High SchoolNov 11, 15:49
44Wilson, TarynSR MEDINA, OH Highland High SchoolNov 11, 15:54
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Barr, PhilipHead CoachMassillon Jackson High SchoolCantonOH
2Carter, KathrynHead CoachUniversity SchoolEuclidOH
3Miller, DanielAsst. CoachKent Roosevelt High SchoolStowOH
4Navarra, RonaldHead CoachPoland SeminaryYoungstownOH
5Pohlmeyer, AndyHead CoachBrecksville-Broadview Heights MacedoniaOH
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1BoardmanKeating, RJFRBoardmanOH
2Brecksville-Broadview Heights Rousseau, Blaise  OH
3Rousseau, Brock  OH
4Brecksville-Broadview View Heights Graziano, Ava  OH
5Meilander, Maya  OH
6CanfieldAmedia, FallonFRCanfieldOH
7Chagrin Falls High SchoolHoltz, Samantha MSOChagrin FallsOH
8CrestviewKochanowski, TessaSOHudsonOH
9Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitCook, Mackenzie  OH
10Mercer, Jack  OH
11Mercer, Lauren  MI
12CVCACoblentz, Luke  OH
13Slabaugh, Luke  OH
14Smith, Sam  WI
15Highland High SchoolChand, Andrew VSRMedinaOH
17Wilson, TarynSRMEDINAOH
18Hudson High SchoolBeegle, Emma  OH
19DiTullio, IsabellaSRHudsonOH
20Haluch, AnnieSOHudsonOH
21Kloss, AmeliaSOHudsonOH
22McDaniel, JackSOHudsonOH
23Redd, Lydia  OH
24Seymour, Lauren  OH
25Kenston High SchoolFoster, ClaySRChagrin FallsOH
26Kent Roosevelt High SchoolFerner, Anya SSRKentOH
27Ferrara, Gianna  OH
28Fried, Claire  OH
29NordoniaLewicki, Gregory  OH
30Schonauer, Emily  OH
31Poland SeminaryD'Alesio, Carmen  OH
32Nigh, KendallSRPolandOH
33Ohlin, Sydney  OH
34RevereThurman, PeytonSRRichfieldOH
35Stow-Monroe Falls Biggs, Sam  OH
36Crews, Gabriella  OH
37Culp, Loren  OH
38Galioto, Emily  OH
39Galperin, Paige  OH
40Lorentz, Sage  OH
41Vanik, MichaelFRStowOH
42Toledo St. Francissanford, MatthewJRHOLLANDOH
43Twinsburg High SchoolRadicelli, Cecelia  OH
44University SchoolBizjak, CameronJRWilloughbyOH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBiggs, Sam View Sheet 7.49.6Stow-Monroe Falls
2Bizjak, Cameron View Sheet 8.613.8University School
3Chand, Andrew V View Sheet 8.713.8Highland High School
4Coblentz, Luke View Sheet 7.610.2CVCA
5Culp, Loren View Sheet 8.112.3Stow-Monroe Falls
6D'Alesio, Carmen View Sheet 8.212.1Poland Seminary
7Foster, Clay View Sheet 8.414.0Kenston High School
8Keating, RJ View Sheet 8.613.2Boardman
9Lewicki, Gregory View Sheet 8.513.2Nordonia
10McDaniel, Jack View Sheet 8.813.6Hudson High School
11Mercer, Jack View Sheet 8.513.4Cuyahoa Falls Walsh Jesuit
12Rousseau, Blaise View Sheet 8.513.9Brecksville-Broadview Heights
13Rousseau, Brock View Sheet 8.813.1Brecksville-Broadview Heights
14sanford, Matthew View Sheet 8.811.4Toledo St. Francis
15Slabaugh, Luke View Sheet 8.513.0CVCA
16Smith, Sam View Sheet 7.912.4CVCA
17Vanik, Michael View Sheet 8.012.2Stow-Monroe Falls
18Girls 1M DivingAmedia, Fallon View Sheet 7.811.2Canfield
19Beegle, Emma View Sheet 7.811.3Hudson High School
20Cook, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.211.8Cuyahoa Falls Walsh Jesuit
21Crews, Gabriella View Sheet 7.49.6Stow-Monroe Falls
22DiTullio, Isabella View Sheet 9.012.8Hudson High School
23Ferner, Anya S View Sheet 8.613.4Kent Roosevelt High School
24Ferrara, Gianna View Sheet 8.411.0Kent Roosevelt High School
25Fried, Claire View Sheet 8.011.6Kent Roosevelt High School
26Galioto, Emily View Sheet 7.59.9Stow-Monroe Falls
27Galperin, Paige View Sheet 8.412.7Stow-Monroe Falls
28Graziano, Ava View Sheet 7.59.6Brecksville-Broadview View Heights
29Haluch, Annie View Sheet 8.213.2Hudson High School
30Holtz, Samantha M View Sheet 8.713.7Chagrin Falls High School
31Kloss, Amelia View Sheet 8.111.9Hudson High School
32Kochanowski, Tessa View Sheet 7.610.9Crestview
33Lorentz, Sage View Sheet 7.710.8Stow-Monroe Falls
34Meilander, Maya View Sheet 7.49.6Brecksville-Broadview View Heights
35Mercer, Lauren View Sheet 7.69.6Cuyahoa Falls Walsh Jesuit
36Nigh, Kendall View Sheet 8.513.2Poland Seminary
37Ohlin, Sydney View Sheet 8.111.2Poland Seminary
38Radicelli, Cecelia View Sheet 7.410.6Twinsburg High School
39Redd, Lydia View Sheet 8.612.0Hudson High School
40Schonauer, Emily View Sheet 8.012.0Nordonia
41Seymour, Lauren View Sheet 7.711.1Hudson High School
42Thurman, Peyton View Sheet 8.613.1Revere
43VINCEK, Lauren View Sheet 8.413.1Highland High School
44Wilson, Taryn View Sheet 7.812.7Highland High School
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