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Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-24, 8:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Dec-03, 12:00 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
12002 Jones Maltsberger Rd
San Antonio, TX 78216
Main Contact:
Rene Rodriguez
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Online Changes:
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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M 11 Dives1811 1h55m View Rules
Girls 1M 11 Dives1711 1h49m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Brandeis High SchoolSan AntonioTX
3ChurchillSan AntonioTX
4Clark High SchoolSan AntonioTX
5Deer Park High SchoolDeer ParkTX
6Harlan High SchoolSan AntontioTX
7Harlingen High SchoolHarlingenTX
8Health Careers High SchoolSan AntonioTX
9Houston StratfordHoustonTX
10Johnson High SchoolSan AntonioTX
11Lee High SchoolSan AntonioTX
12MacArthurSan AntonioTX
13Marshall High SchoolSan AntonioTX
14Northeast IsdSan AntonioTX
15O'connor High SchoolSan AntonioTX
16Reagan High SchoolSan AntonioTX
17SAISD TeamSan AntonioTX
18Samuel Clemens High SchoolSchertz-Cibolo Universal CityTX
19San Antonio Alamo HeightsSan AntonioTX
20San Antonio Robert G. ColeSan AntonioTX
21Smithson ValleySpring BranchTX
22Taft High SchoolSan AntonioTX
23Tuloso-MidwayCorpus ChristiTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Alarcon, Ethan  TX Taft High SchoolDec 02, 17:32
2Allen, Carly BFR San Antonio, TX MacArthurDec 02, 08:10
3Burrhus, Jayne MSR San Antonio, TX San Antonio Alamo HeightsDec 02, 23:26
4Chisholm, John AJR San Antonio, TX MacArthurNov 24, 02:04
5Elliott, Hayden C  San Antonio, TX ChurchillNov 11, 08:11
6Francis, Avery G  Helotes, TX Brandeis High SchoolNov 13, 08:59
7Hernandez, Mia M  San Antonio, TX Johnson High SchoolDec 02, 12:10
8Joiner, Sydney E  San Antonio, TX ChurchillNov 11, 08:24
9Jones, Sam  TX Houston StratfordOct 30, 10:08
10Juettemeyer, TroyFR San Antonio, TX Northeast IsdNov 21, 08:13
11Law, Joshua R  San Antonio, TX Marshall High SchoolDec 03, 08:32
12Marafioto, Chase MFR San Antonio, TX San Antonio Robert G. ColeNov 17, 21:56
13Mateos-Salles, Marcel  San Antonio, TX Reagan High SchoolNov 11, 08:09
14McCann, AnnieFR San Antonio, TX Harlan High SchoolNov 13, 08:35
15Miller, Abby ESR San Antonio, TX Health Careers High SchoolNov 13, 08:22
16Oorlog, Ella  Helotes, TX Brandeis High SchoolNov 13, 08:20
17Palacios, Alyssa RJR San Antonio, TX Reagan High SchoolDec 02, 11:57
18Patrick, KendraSO San Antonio, TX Brandeis High SchoolDec 02, 08:50
19Plewe, LeahFR San Antonio, TX Taft High SchoolNov 13, 08:22
20Popper, Alekzandr  Austin, TX AUSTIN BOWIE Dec 02, 11:39
21Presses, CorbinSO San Antonio, TX Brandeis High SchoolDec 03, 08:12
22Ragnar, JettSO San Antonio, TX Lee High SchoolNov 11, 08:11
23Rangel, Christian  TX SAISD TeamDec 02, 08:09
24Rios, EricSO san antonio, TX O'connor High SchoolNov 13, 08:23
25robinson, cody ESO san antonio, TX Smithson ValleyDec 01, 15:50
26Ruiz, Alessandra  TX Tuloso-MidwayDec 02, 18:52
27salas, alondraJR san antonio, TX Taft High SchoolNov 13, 08:34
28Schmitz, Jenna MJR San Antonio, TX Marshall High SchoolNov 13, 08:23
29Shaffer, Braeden OSR San Antonio, TX Johnson High SchoolNov 11, 08:08
30Spiers, Charlize  TX Houston StratfordNov 21, 15:11
31Stallworth, Lane MSO San Antonio, TX Clark High SchoolDec 01, 19:42
32Walker, Jordan DJR Schertz, TX Samuel Clemens High SchoolDec 01, 10:43
33Ward, Levi AJR Deer Park, TX Deer Park High SchoolDec 02, 16:42
34Warner, Amber  TX Harlingen High SchoolNov 21, 10:23
35Wester, Evan SFR San Antonio, TX Brandeis High SchoolNov 13, 08:34
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bayless, JodyHead CoachSAISD TeamSan AntonioTX
2Bobo, PeytonAsst. CoachAUSTIN BOWIE AustinTX
3Cuda, CameronHead CoachSamuel Clemens High SchoolSan AntonioTX
4Henry, LaceyAsst. CoachDeer Park High SchoolHoustonTX
5Moran, YvonneHead CoachHarlingen High SchoolHarlingenTX
6Pozdniakova, AnastasiaHead CoachHouston StratfordHoustonTX
7Rios, BarbaraAsst. CoachBrandeis High SchoolRio MedinaTX
8saenz, criseldaHead CoachTuloso-MidwayCorpus ChristiTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1AUSTIN BOWIE Popper, Alekzandr AustinTX
2Brandeis High SchoolFrancis, Avery G HelotesTX
3Oorlog, Ella HelotesTX
4Patrick, KendraSOSan AntonioTX
5Presses, CorbinSOSan AntonioTX
6Wester, Evan SFRSan AntonioTX
7ChurchillElliott, Hayden C San AntonioTX
8Joiner, Sydney E San AntonioTX
9Clark High SchoolStallworth, Lane MSOSan AntonioTX
10Deer Park High SchoolWard, Levi AJRDeer ParkTX
11Harlan High SchoolMcCann, AnnieFRSan AntonioTX
12Harlingen High SchoolWarner, Amber  TX
13Health Careers High SchoolMiller, Abby ESRSan AntonioTX
14Houston StratfordJones, Sam  TX
15Spiers, Charlize  TX
16Johnson High SchoolHernandez, Mia M San AntonioTX
17Shaffer, Braeden OSRSan AntonioTX
18Lee High SchoolRagnar, JettSOSan AntonioTX
19MacArthurAllen, Carly BFRSan AntonioTX
20Chisholm, John AJRSan AntonioTX
21Marshall High SchoolLaw, Joshua R San AntonioTX
22Schmitz, Jenna MJRSan AntonioTX
23Northeast IsdJuettemeyer, TroyFRSan AntonioTX
24O'connor High SchoolRios, EricSOsan antonioTX
25Reagan High SchoolMateos-Salles, Marcel San AntonioTX
26Palacios, Alyssa RJRSan AntonioTX
27SAISD TeamRangel, Christian  TX
28Samuel Clemens High SchoolWalker, Jordan DJRSchertzTX
29San Antonio Alamo HeightsBurrhus, Jayne MSRSan AntonioTX
30San Antonio Robert G. ColeMarafioto, Chase MFRSan AntonioTX
31Smithson Valleyrobinson, cody ESOsan antonioTX
32Taft High SchoolAlarcon, Ethan  TX
33Plewe, LeahFRSan AntonioTX
34salas, alondraJRsan antonioTX
35Tuloso-MidwayRuiz, Alessandra  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M 11 DivesAlarcon, Ethan View Sheet 8.312.8Taft High School
2Chisholm, John A View Sheet 8.713.1MacArthur
3Elliott, Hayden C View Sheet 8.614.9Churchill
4Jones, Sam View Sheet 8.212.8Houston Stratford
5Juettemeyer, Troy View Sheet 7.711.2Northeast Isd
6Law, Joshua R View Sheet 8.513.1Marshall High School
7Marafioto, Chase M View Sheet 9.015.4San Antonio Robert G. Cole
8Mateos-Salles, Marcel View Sheet 8.614.7Reagan High School
9Popper, Alekzandr View Sheet 8.714.8AUSTIN BOWIE
10Presses, Corbin View Sheet 8.412.5Brandeis High School
11Ragnar, Jett View Sheet 8.613.5Lee High School
12Rangel, Christian View Sheet 8.412.8SAISD Team
13Rios, Eric View Sheet 8.613.7O'connor High School
14robinson, cody E View Sheet 8.213.5Smithson Valley
15Stallworth, Lane M View Sheet 8.714.8Clark High School
16Walker, Jordan D View Sheet 7.811.1Samuel Clemens High School
17Ward, Levi A View Sheet 8.713.8Deer Park High School
18Wester, Evan S View Sheet 8.613.7Brandeis High School
19Girls 1M 11 DivesAllen, Carly B View Sheet 7.810.6MacArthur
20Burrhus, Jayne M View Sheet 8.913.2San Antonio Alamo Heights
21Francis, Avery G View Sheet 8.613.2Brandeis High School
22Hernandez, Mia M View Sheet 8.412.0Johnson High School
23Joiner, Sydney E View Sheet 8.212.4Churchill
24McCann, Annie View Sheet 8.613.0Harlan High School
25Miller, Abby E View Sheet 8.714.3Health Careers High School
26Oorlog, Ella View Sheet 8.212.8Brandeis High School
27Palacios, Alyssa R View Sheet 8.813.8Reagan High School
28Patrick, Kendra View Sheet 8.312.8Brandeis High School
29Plewe, Leah View Sheet 8.612.7Taft High School
30Ruiz, Alessandra View Sheet 8.512.7Tuloso-Midway
31salas, alondra View Sheet 8.712.8Taft High School
32Schmitz, Jenna M View Sheet 8.612.8Marshall High School
33Shaffer, Braeden O View Sheet 8.613.9Johnson High School
34Spiers, Charlize View Sheet 8.612.8Houston Stratford
35Warner, Amber View Sheet 8.912.8Harlingen High School
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