Name of Meet:
2021 5A CHSAA Boys State Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jun-20, 12:01 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Jun-22, 10:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center
5310 E. 136th Ave
Thornton, CO 80602
Main Contact:
Justin Saylor
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

General Meet Information (click to read)
Only Top 30 divers with the minimum 5A State DD for 6 optionals (12.0) in each classification will be accepted for consideration, based on Rankings as of June 20 @ 12:01am MST. See for 5A timeline for diving.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2711 2h53m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
2Aurora Public SchoolsAuroraCO
3Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
4Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood VillageCO
5Columbine High SchoolLittletonCO
6Denver East HSDenverCO
7Fairview High SchoolBoulderCO
8Fort Collins High SchoolFort CollinsCO
9Fossil Ridge High SchoolFort CollinsCO
10Grandview High SchoolCherry CreekCO
11Highlands Ranch High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
12Horizon high schoolThornton CO
14Monarch High SchoolLouisvilleCO
15Poudre High SchoolFort CollinsCO
16Rampart High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
17Regis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraCO
18Rocky Mountain High SchoolFort CollinsCO
19Smoky Hill High SchoolAuroraCO
20Valor Christian High School Boys DivingHighlands RanchCO
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bay, KanaanFR Fort Collins, CO Poudre High SchoolJun 21, 19:31
2Bicknell, Brandon  NY Smoky Hill High SchoolJun 21, 18:47
3Burchett, CrossJR Fort Collins, CO Fossil Ridge High SchoolJun 21, 21:07
4Campbell, Doug  CO Denver East HSJun 20, 14:43
5Chaplin, ClaytonJR CO Highlands Ranch High SchoolJun 21, 11:13
6Deyer, Collier  CO Arapahoe High SchoolJun 20, 18:44
7Drury, Eli  CO Chatfield Senior HSJun 21, 22:05
8Duffy, Patrick  CO Grandview High SchoolJun 21, 08:23
9Eck, Conrad  Denver, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolJun 21, 19:58
10Edwards, Jaxon  CO Lewis PalmerJun 22, 16:40
11Glassman, Keaton  CO Arapahoe High SchoolJun 20, 18:49
12Hammond, Cal  CO Fairview High SchoolJun 21, 14:20
13Heine, Liam  CO Monarch High SchoolJun 21, 14:22
14Henninger, Quinn RSR denver, CO Regis Jesuit High SchoolJun 21, 20:34
15Koehler, Gage  CO Denver East HSJun 21, 07:40
16Liban, Caleb  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolJun 21, 20:01
17Marsh, BrodieFR Fort Collins, CO Poudre High SchoolJun 21, 20:50
18Modica, DysonJR CASTLE ROCK, CO Highlands Ranch High SchoolJun 21, 11:16
19Morse, Nolan  CO Columbine High SchoolJun 21, 22:02
20Porter, BryceSO Mesa, AZ Rampart High SchoolJun 22, 13:58
21Ross, Liam  CO Aurora Public SchoolsJun 20, 19:51
22Sanders, NicholasSR Boulder, CO Valor Christian High School Boys DivingJun 21, 11:04
23Schell, Drew  CO Valor Christian High School Boys DivingJun 21, 11:07
24Stanley, BrendanJR fort collins, CO Fort Collins High SchoolJun 21, 19:27
25suchowski, JakeJR fort collins, CO Rocky Mountain High SchoolJun 21, 19:22
26Valenzuela, Kolby  CO Horizon high schoolJun 21, 22:12
27Whitehead, Jackson  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolJun 21, 20:02
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Anderson, TimHead CoachGrandview High SchoolLittletonCO
2Andrie, KatherineAsst. CoachHighlands Ranch High SchoolGoldenCO
3Avila, ShannonHead CoachHorizon high schoolBrightonCO
4Donahue, Mary RoseHead CoachMonarch High SchoolBroomfieldCO
5Drost, CoryCoachArapahoe High SchoolDENVERCO
6Graham, AbbeyHead CoachRampart High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
7Herbold, HannahCoachSmoky Hill High SchoolAURORACO
8Hetrick, RebeccaAsst. CoachLewis PalmerColorado SpringsCO
9Morell, LaurenCoachChatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
10Post, DawnCoachDenver East HSAuroraCO
11Roberts, TaylorHead CoachRegis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraCO
12Robinson, GrantHead CoachCherry Creek High SchoolParkerCO
13Thompson, WilliamHead CoachAurora Public SchoolsAuroraCO
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolDeyer, Collier  CO
2Glassman, Keaton  CO
3Aurora Public SchoolsRoss, Liam  CO
4Chatfield Senior HSDrury, Eli  CO
5Cherry Creek High SchoolEck, Conrad DenverCO
6Liban, Caleb  CO
7Whitehead, Jackson  CO
8Columbine High SchoolMorse, Nolan  CO
9Denver East HSCampbell, Doug  CO
10Koehler, Gage  CO
11Fairview High SchoolHammond, Cal  CO
12Fort Collins High SchoolStanley, BrendanJRfort collinsCO
13Fossil Ridge High SchoolBurchett, CrossJRFort CollinsCO
14Grandview High SchoolDuffy, Patrick  CO
15Highlands Ranch High SchoolChaplin, ClaytonJR CO
17Horizon high schoolValenzuela, Kolby  CO
18Lewis PalmerEdwards, Jaxon  CO
19Monarch High SchoolHeine, Liam  CO
20Poudre High SchoolBay, KanaanFRFort CollinsCO
21Marsh, BrodieFRFort CollinsCO
22Rampart High SchoolPorter, BryceSOMesaAZ
23Regis Jesuit High SchoolHenninger, Quinn RSRdenverCO
24Rocky Mountain High Schoolsuchowski, JakeJRfort collinsCO
25Smoky Hill High SchoolBicknell, Brandon  NY
26Valor Christian High School Boys DivingSanders, NicholasSRBoulderCO
27Schell, Drew  CO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBay, Kanaan View Sheet 7.612.0Poudre High School
2Bicknell, Brandon View Sheet 8.313.2Smoky Hill High School
3Burchett, Cross View Sheet 7.912.3Fossil Ridge High School
4Campbell, Doug View Sheet 8.913.9Denver East HS
5Chaplin, Clayton View Sheet 8.715.3Highlands Ranch High School
6Deyer, Collier View Sheet 8.714.3Arapahoe High School
7Drury, Eli View Sheet 8.412.5Chatfield Senior HS
8Duffy, Patrick View Sheet 8.513.4Grandview High School
9Eck, Conrad View Sheet 8.715.4Cherry Creek High School
10Edwards, Jaxon View Sheet 8.512.9Lewis Palmer
11Glassman, Keaton View Sheet 8.212.4Arapahoe High School
12Hammond, Cal View Sheet 7.712.0Fairview High School
13Heine, Liam View Sheet 7.912.1Monarch High School
14Henninger, Quinn R View Sheet 8.717.7Regis Jesuit High School
15Koehler, Gage View Sheet 9.012.7Denver East HS
16Liban, Caleb View Sheet 9.013.2Cherry Creek High School
17Marsh, Brodie View Sheet 8.113.2Poudre High School
18Modica, Dyson View Sheet 8.714.8Highlands Ranch High School
19Morse, Nolan View Sheet 8.012.0Columbine High School
20Porter, Bryce View Sheet 8.714.5Rampart High School
21Ross, Liam View Sheet 9.014.3Aurora Public Schools
22Sanders, Nicholas View Sheet 8.614.2Valor Christian High School Boys Diving
23Schell, Drew View Sheet 8.012.6Valor Christian High School Boys Diving
24Stanley, Brendan View Sheet 8.614.1Fort Collins High School
25suchowski, Jake View Sheet 8.514.0Rocky Mountain High School
26Valenzuela, Kolby View Sheet 8.212.3Horizon high school
27Whitehead, Jackson View Sheet 8.613.9Cherry Creek High School
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