Name of Meet:
Shorewood vs Nakoma
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jul-07, 9:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Jul-12, 12:00 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Shorewood Hill Dive
810 Shorewood BLVD
Madison, WI 53711
Main Contact:
Kate Moore
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Jul-12 12:00 PM CDT

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 10 under 1M65 17m View Rules
Boys 11-12 1M46 14m View Rules
Boys 13-14 1M16 3m View Rules
Boys 15-19 1M16 3m View Rules
Girls 10 under 1M55 14m View Rules
Girls 11-12 1M146 49m View Rules
Girls 13-14 1M96 31m View Rules
Girls 15-19 1M76 24m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Shorewood HillsMadisonWI
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Astin, Betty15 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:46
2Bauer, Benji9 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:52
3Biancat, Mateo9 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:48
4Bourg, Lulu13 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:22
5Brennais, Liana11 WI NakomaJul 12, 11:47
6Ferguson, Molly16 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:47
7Fischer, Elsie14 WI Shorewood HillsJul 11, 15:39
8Franck, Clara14 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:46
9Franck, Elise12 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:44
10Franck, Marie9 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:03
11Geier, Abby10 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:57
12Holewinski, Rowyn10 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:07
13Hunt, Emerson11 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:19
14Jacques, Noah11 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:58
15Kroll, Eliana12 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:12
16Lessner, Jenna12 WI NakomaJul 12, 01:27
17Marcu, Sloane11 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:10
18Martin, Juliette12 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:05
19Masana, Max9 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:18
20Matzke, Leona13 WI NakomaJul 12, 01:24
21Mayo, Lyla11 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:20
22Moilien, Eva13 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:49
23Moore, Parker10 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:51
24Moore, Wesley8 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:52
25Moss, Hazel11 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:04
26Nettum, Paige17 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:28
27Ostrowski, Sora11 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:22
28Parsons, Reese13 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:55
29Patel, Rayna12 WI NakomaJul 12, 01:30
30Penner, Fiona13 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:50
31Penner, Naomi11 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:49
32Powers, George16 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:25
33Richardson, Kylie14 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 11, 15:37
34Scarborough, Eli11 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:56
35Schick, Erika18 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:03
36Snell, Jack8 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 21:47
37Stephenson, Charlotte12 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:08
38Walker, Liv15 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:26
39Walker, Simon13 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:25
40Wickizer, Anna18 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:16
41Wickizer, Julia13 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:10
42Wickizer, Nadia17 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:01
43Wickizer, Natasha14 Madison, WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 22:01
44Wickizer, Violet15 WI Shorewood HillsJul 10, 23:11
45Williams, Henry11 Oregon, WI NakomaJul 12, 01:13
46Williams, John9 WI NakomaJul 12, 01:14
47Williams, Piper7 WI NakomaJul 12, 01:17
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Hampton, MollyHead CoachShorewood HillsMadisonWI
2Kirkland, DavidHead CoachNakomaMadisonWI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1NakomaBrennais, Liana11 WI
2Hunt, Emerson11OregonWI
3Kroll, Eliana12OregonWI
4Lessner, Jenna12 WI
5Marcu, Sloane11OregonWI
6Matzke, Leona13 WI
7Ostrowski, Sora11OregonWI
8Patel, Rayna12 WI
9Walker, Liv15OregonWI
10Walker, Simon13OregonWI
11Williams, Henry11OregonWI
12Williams, John9 WI
13Williams, Piper7 WI
14Shorewood HillsAstin, Betty15MadisonWI
15Bauer, Benji9 WI
16Biancat, Mateo9 WI
17Bourg, Lulu13MadisonWI
18Ferguson, Molly16MadisonWI
19Fischer, Elsie14 WI
20Franck, Clara14MadisonWI
21Franck, Elise12MadisonWI
22Franck, Marie9MadisonWI
23Geier, Abby10 WI
24Holewinski, Rowyn10 WI
25Jacques, Noah11 WI
26Martin, Juliette12 WI
27Masana, Max9 WI
28Mayo, Lyla11MadisonWI
29Moilien, Eva13 WI
30Moore, Parker10MadisonWI
31Moore, Wesley8MadisonWI
32Moss, Hazel11 WI
33Nettum, Paige17MadisonWI
34Parsons, Reese13MadisonWI
35Penner, Fiona13MadisonWI
36Penner, Naomi11MadisonWI
37Powers, George16MadisonWI
38Richardson, Kylie14MadisonWI
39Scarborough, Eli11MadisonWI
40Schick, Erika18 WI
41Snell, Jack8 WI
42Stephenson, Charlotte12MadisonWI
43Wickizer, Anna18 WI
44Wickizer, Julia13MadisonWI
45Wickizer, Nadia17MadisonWI
46Wickizer, Natasha14MadisonWI
47Wickizer, Violet15 WI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 10 under 1MBauer, Benji View Sheet 1.46.8Shorewood Hills
2Biancat, Mateo View Sheet 1.26.3Shorewood Hills
3Masana, Max View Sheet 1.46.4Shorewood Hills
4Moore, Wesley View Sheet 1.46.6Shorewood Hills
5Snell, Jack View Sheet 1.46.4Shorewood Hills
6Williams, John View Sheet 1.45.6Nakoma
7Boys 11-12 1MHunt, Emerson View Sheet 1.48.0Nakoma
8Jacques, Noah View Sheet 1.47.7Shorewood Hills
9Scarborough, Eli View Sheet 1.49.0Shorewood Hills
10Williams, Henry View Sheet 1.48.0Nakoma
11Boys 13-14 1MWalker, Simon View Sheet 1.77.6Nakoma
12Boys 15-19 1MPowers, George View Sheet 1.511.1Shorewood Hills
13Girls 10 under 1MFranck, Marie View Sheet 1.26.3Shorewood Hills
14Geier, Abby View Sheet 1.46.2Shorewood Hills
15Holewinski, Rowyn View Sheet 1.26.1Shorewood Hills
16Moore, Parker View Sheet 1.36.6Shorewood Hills
17Williams, Piper View Sheet 1.45.6Nakoma
18Girls 11-12 1MBrennais, Liana View Sheet 1.48.2Nakoma
19Franck, Elise View Sheet 1.47.5Shorewood Hills
20Kroll, Eliana View Sheet 1.69.4Nakoma
21Lessner, Jenna View Sheet 1.47.7Nakoma
22Marcu, Sloane View Sheet 1.49.3Nakoma
23Martin, Juliette View Sheet 1.47.6Shorewood Hills
24Mayo, Lyla View Sheet 1.47.6Shorewood Hills
25Moss, Hazel View Sheet 1.57.8Shorewood Hills
26Ostrowski, Sora View Sheet 1.58.2Nakoma
27Parsons, Reese View Sheet 1.48.9Shorewood Hills
28Patel, Rayna View Sheet 1.47.8Nakoma
29Penner, Fiona View Sheet 1.48.8Shorewood Hills
30Penner, Naomi View Sheet 1.47.6Shorewood Hills
31Stephenson, Charlotte View Sheet 1.48.8Shorewood Hills
32Girls 13-14 1MAstin, Betty View Sheet 1.77.6Shorewood Hills
33Bourg, Lulu View Sheet 1.78.3Shorewood Hills
34Fischer, Elsie View Sheet 1.77.8Shorewood Hills
35Franck, Clara View Sheet 1.79.3Shorewood Hills
36Matzke, Leona View Sheet 1.47.9Nakoma
37Moilien, Eva View Sheet 1.77.4Shorewood Hills
38Richardson, Kylie View Sheet 1.78.1Shorewood Hills
39Wickizer, Julia View Sheet 1.78.8Shorewood Hills
40Wickizer, Natasha View Sheet 1.78.2Shorewood Hills
41Girls 15-19 1MFerguson, Molly View Sheet 1.58.7Shorewood Hills
42Nettum, Paige View Sheet 1.59.7Shorewood Hills
43Schick, Erika View Sheet 1.78.4Shorewood Hills
44Walker, Liv View Sheet 1.79.1Nakoma
45Wickizer, Anna View Sheet 1.77.6Shorewood Hills
46Wickizer, Nadia View Sheet 1.78.7Shorewood Hills
47Wickizer, Violet View Sheet 1.77.2Shorewood Hills
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