Name of Meet:
2022 Arapahoe Girls Swim Dive Invite
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-06, 12:00 PM MST
Registration Closes:
Jan-14, 11:59 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Arapahoe High School
2201 E. Dry Creek Rd
Centennial, CO 80122
Main Contact:
Mike Richmond
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Jan-14 11:59 PM MST

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving 11 Dives3111 3h18m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
2Colorado AcademyDenverCO
3Denver East HSDenverCO
4Lewis-Palmer High SchoolMonumentCO
5Northfield high schoolDenverCO
6Pine Creek High School Girl's Swim and Dive TeamColorado SpringsCO
7Ralston ValleyArvadaCO
8Rock Canyon GirlsLittletonCO
9St Mary's AcademyEnglewoodCO
10Standley LakeWestminsterCO
11ThunderRidge High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Allen, DahliaSR Colorado Springs, CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolJan 09, 20:24
2Bruce, Natalie  CO Rock Canyon GirlsJan 12, 12:29
3Burge, RileySO Centennial, CO Arapahoe High SchoolJan 13, 21:12
4Byrnes, Erin  Colorado Springs, CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolJan 09, 20:34
5Chandler, Addie  CO Colorado AcademyJan 10, 12:02
6DuVall, Hanna  CO Standley LakeJan 14, 10:17
7Gleason, ErinSR Centennial, CO Arapahoe High SchoolJan 13, 20:28
8Griffith, AshleySR Colorado Springs, CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolJan 09, 20:30
9Grudle, Tessa  CO Standley LakeJan 14, 10:52
10Hineline, Sophia  CO Ralston ValleyJan 13, 10:46
11Jacoby, Ginna  CO St Mary's AcademyJan 10, 11:50
12Kim, Jamie  CO Rock Canyon GirlsJan 12, 12:18
13Levi, Gabriella  CO ThunderRidge High SchoolJan 12, 12:38
14Lucas, Parker  CO Ralston ValleyJan 14, 20:52
15Manley, Morgan  Denver, CO Denver East HSJan 13, 20:32
16McGowan, Petra  CO Rock Canyon GirlsJan 12, 12:25
17mitchell, AmberJR Highlands Ranch, CO Arapahoe High SchoolJan 13, 22:33
18Nelson, Khiana  CO Ralston ValleyJan 13, 10:41
19Okamoto, JordanSR Arvada, CO Standley LakeJan 14, 10:18
20Rump, GenevieveSR Littleton, CO Arapahoe High SchoolJan 13, 20:38
21Sandel, SofiaJR Denver, CO Denver East HSJan 13, 20:37
22Seawell, Lucy  CO Denver East HSJan 13, 20:52
23Seward, Ella  CO Northfield high schoolJan 13, 21:08
24Sippel, Mari  CO Denver East HSJan 13, 20:27
25Smith, Emerson  CO St Mary's AcademyJan 10, 11:31
26Sneller, Isabelle  CO Ralston ValleyJan 13, 10:49
27Travis, HalleSO Centennial, CO Arapahoe High SchoolJan 13, 22:29
28Trudell, Sophie  CO Standley LakeJan 14, 10:21
29Turner, SophiaSO Colorado Springs, CO Pine Creek High School Girl's Swim and Dive TeamJan 13, 21:34
30Webb, Maya  CO Ralston ValleyJan 13, 14:57
31Whiles, Aeryn  CO Ralston ValleyJan 13, 14:50
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Andrie, KatherineAsst. CoachThunderRidge High SchoolGoldenCO
2Arata, AlanHead CoachLewis-Palmer High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
3Hutto, GreggHead CoachPine Creek High School Girl's Swim and Dive TeamColorado SpringsCO
4Jackson, TaylorAsst. CoachRalston ValleyThorntonCO
5Kafka, LiseHead CoachColorado AcademyDenverCO
6Post, DawnHead CoachNorthfield high schoolAuroraCO
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolBurge, RileySOCentennialCO
2Gleason, ErinSRCentennialCO
3mitchell, AmberJRHighlands RanchCO
4Rump, GenevieveSRLittletonCO
5Travis, HalleSOCentennialCO
6Colorado AcademyChandler, Addie  CO
7Denver East HSManley, Morgan DenverCO
8Sandel, SofiaJRDenverCO
9Seawell, Lucy  CO
10Sippel, Mari  CO
11Lewis-Palmer High SchoolAllen, DahliaSRColorado SpringsCO
12Byrnes, Erin Colorado SpringsCO
13Griffith, AshleySRColorado SpringsCO
14Northfield high schoolSeward, Ella  CO
15Pine Creek High School Girl's Swim and Dive TeamTurner, SophiaSOColorado SpringsCO
16Ralston ValleyHineline, Sophia  CO
17Lucas, Parker  CO
18Nelson, Khiana  CO
19Sneller, Isabelle  CO
20Webb, Maya  CO
21Whiles, Aeryn  CO
22Rock Canyon GirlsBruce, Natalie  CO
23Kim, Jamie  CO
24McGowan, Petra  CO
25St Mary's AcademyJacoby, Ginna  CO
26Smith, Emerson  CO
27Standley LakeDuVall, Hanna  CO
28Grudle, Tessa  CO
29Okamoto, JordanSRArvadaCO
30Trudell, Sophie  CO
31ThunderRidge High SchoolLevi, Gabriella  CO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M Diving 11 DivesAllen, Dahlia View Sheet 8.714.4Lewis-Palmer High School
2Bruce, Natalie View Sheet 7.69.6Rock Canyon Girls
3Burge, Riley View Sheet 7.810.5Arapahoe High School
4Byrnes, Erin View Sheet 8.412.2Lewis-Palmer High School
5Chandler, Addie View Sheet 7.811.1Colorado Academy
6DuVall, Hanna View Sheet 8.612.0Standley Lake
7Gleason, Erin View Sheet 8.613.9Arapahoe High School
8Griffith, Ashley View Sheet 8.213.3Lewis-Palmer High School
9Grudle, Tessa View Sheet 8.411.7Standley Lake
10Hineline, Sophia View Sheet 8.411.7Ralston Valley
11Jacoby, Ginna View Sheet 7.79.5St Mary's Academy
12Kim, Jamie View Sheet 8.312.5Rock Canyon Girls
13Levi, Gabriella View Sheet 7.69.6ThunderRidge High School
14Lucas, Parker View Sheet 8.110.5Ralston Valley
15Manley, Morgan View Sheet 8.413.7Denver East HS
16McGowan, Petra View Sheet 7.910.5Rock Canyon Girls
17mitchell, Amber View Sheet 7.510.4Arapahoe High School
18Nelson, Khiana View Sheet 8.111.2Ralston Valley
19Okamoto, Jordan View Sheet 8.613.4Standley Lake
20Rump, Genevieve View Sheet 8.613.5Arapahoe High School
21Sandel, Sofia View Sheet 7.710.5Denver East HS
22Seawell, Lucy View Sheet 7.610.5Denver East HS
23Seward, Ella View Sheet 8.111.1Northfield high school
24Sippel, Mari View Sheet 8.512.3Denver East HS
25Smith, Emerson View Sheet 7.69.4St Mary's Academy
26Sneller, Isabelle View Sheet 8.111.2Ralston Valley
27Travis, Halle View Sheet 7.911.1Arapahoe High School
28Trudell, Sophie View Sheet 8.712.4Standley Lake
29Turner, Sophia View Sheet 8.010.8Pine Creek High School Girl's Swim and Dive Team
30Webb, Maya View Sheet 7.811.0Ralston Valley
31Whiles, Aeryn View Sheet 7.710.4Ralston Valley
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