Name of Meet:
N.E. Classic Invite
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Dec-08, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Jan-08, 9:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
C.T. Branin Natatorium
1715 Harrison Ave. N.W.
Canton, OH 44708
Main Contact:
Philip Barr
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Entries are limited to the 1st 30 Female & 1st 30 Male Divers. Girls warm ups start at 7:30am, Meet starts at 9:00am. Boys warm ups no sooner than 12:30, Meet starts at 2:00. DD requirements, for 6 optionals to participate in this meet are Girls 13.1, Boys 13.8

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1411 1h29m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving1911 2h1m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Amherst Steele High SchoolAmherstOH
2Avon High SchoolStrongsvilleOH
3Avon Lake High SchoolAvon LakeOH
4Bishop Watterson High SchoolColumbusOH
5Buckeye Valley High SchoolDelawareOH
6Chagrin Falls High SchoolChagrin FallsOH
7Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitCuyahoga FallsOH
8Delaware HayesDelawareOH
9Highland High SchoolMedinaOH
10Hilliard Darby High SchoolHilliardOH
11Hudson High SchoolHudsonOH
12Kenston High SchoolBainbridgeOH
13Kent Roosevelt High SchoolKentOH
14Magnificat High SchoolRocky RiverOH
15Massillon Jackson High SchoolMassillonOH
16New Albany High SchoolNEW ALBANYOH
17North Olmsted High SchoolNorth Olmsted OH
18Olentangy Orange HIgh SchoolPowellOH
19Powell Olentangy LibertyPowellOH
21Shaker Heights High SchoolShaker HeightsOH
22Stow-Monroe Falls StowOH
23Thomas Worthington High SchoolWorthingtonOH
24University SchoolHunting ValleyOH
25Walsh Jesuit High SchoolCuyahoga FallsOH
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Belak, EthanSR AMHERST, OH Amherst Steele High SchoolJan 01, 22:04
2Bizjak, CameronJR Willoughby, OH University SchoolDec 21, 04:29
3CHAND, ANDREWSR MEDINA, OH Highland High SchoolDec 08, 10:17
4Cole, Carson  OH Thomas Worthington High SchoolJan 08, 20:51
5Cook, Mackenzie  OH Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitDec 18, 01:41
6Cooper, Calvin  OH Thomas Worthington High SchoolJan 08, 20:54
7Davis, ElisabethJR North Olmsted, OH North Olmsted High SchoolJan 01, 21:17
8DiTullio, IsabellaSR Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolDec 08, 10:25
9Dykema, EzraSR Shaker Heights, OH Shaker Heights High SchoolDec 10, 12:00
10Ferner, Anya SSR Kent, OH Kent Roosevelt High SchoolDec 21, 22:35
11Flaherty, Ryan  OH Avon High SchoolJan 01, 21:30
12Foster, ClaySR Chagrin Falls, OH Kenston High SchoolJan 02, 23:28
13Fried, Claire  OH Kent Roosevelt High SchoolDec 30, 13:02
14Galperin, Paige  OH Stow-Monroe Falls Jan 06, 12:30
15Haluch, AnnieSO Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolDec 08, 10:21
16Higgins, Grant LSO Avon, OH Avon High SchoolJan 01, 23:07
17Holtz, Samantha MSO Chagrin Falls, OH Chagrin Falls High SchoolDec 08, 10:12
18McDaniel, JackSO Hudson, OH Hudson High SchoolDec 08, 10:31
19Mercer, Jack  OH Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitDec 18, 01:37
20Mincey, MakennaSO North Royalton, OH Magnificat High SchoolJan 01, 23:14
21Ness, AugustaSO Westerville, OH Olentangy Orange HIgh SchoolJan 07, 17:04
22ODorisio, OliveJR Columbus, OH Bishop Watterson High SchoolJan 08, 13:49
23Patel, HamishSO New Albany, OH New Albany High SchoolJan 07, 12:33
24Pfeil, IsabellaSO Avon Lake, OH Avon Lake High SchoolJan 05, 22:17
25Porter, KeiraSR Hilliard, OH Hilliard Darby High SchoolJan 06, 17:31
26Redd, Lydia  OH Hudson High SchoolDec 08, 10:58
27Schum, EmmaSR Avon Lake, OH Avon Lake High SchoolJan 05, 22:15
28Sciulli, AnthonySR Powell, OH Powell Olentangy LibertyJan 02, 19:54
29Skinner, EmmaSR New Albany, OH New Albany High SchoolJan 07, 12:47
30Stamm, Sophia ESO MARYSVILLE, OH Buckeye Valley High SchoolJan 05, 21:37
31Sulek, MarkSR Delaware, OH Delaware HayesJan 07, 23:19
32Sweeney-Forsthoefel, Clio  OH Thomas Worthington High SchoolJan 08, 20:58
33Thurman, PeytonSR Richfield, OH RevereDec 08, 10:14
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Barr, PhilipHead CoachMassillon Jackson High SchoolCantonOH
2Carter, KathrynHead CoachUniversity SchoolEuclidOH
3Coffman, JohnHead CoachNew Albany High SchoolCOLUMBUSOH
4Croy, TimHead CoachAvon High SchoolStrongsvilleOH
5Epstein, TaylorHead CoachKenston High SchoolWickliffeOH
6McKnight, BrittanyCoachThomas Worthington High SchoolWorthingtonOH
7Miller, DanielHead CoachWalsh Jesuit High SchoolStowOH
8Pohlmeyer, AndyHead CoachStow-Monroe Falls MacedoniaOH
9Srail, MorganCoachShaker Heights High SchoolMayfield HeightsOH
10White, JenHead CoachOlentangy Orange HIgh SchoolSunburyOH
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Amherst Steele High SchoolBelak, EthanSRAMHERSTOH
2Avon High SchoolFlaherty, Ryan  OH
3Higgins, Grant LSOAvonOH
4Avon Lake High SchoolPfeil, IsabellaSOAvon LakeOH
5Schum, EmmaSRAvon LakeOH
6Bishop Watterson High SchoolODorisio, OliveJRColumbusOH
7Buckeye Valley High SchoolStamm, Sophia ESOMARYSVILLEOH
8Chagrin Falls High SchoolHoltz, Samantha MSOChagrin FallsOH
9Cuyahoa Falls Walsh JesuitCook, Mackenzie  OH
10Mercer, Jack  OH
11Delaware HayesSulek, MarkSRDelawareOH
13Hilliard Darby High SchoolPorter, KeiraSRHilliardOH
14Hudson High SchoolDiTullio, IsabellaSRHudsonOH
15Haluch, AnnieSOHudsonOH
16McDaniel, JackSOHudsonOH
17Redd, Lydia  OH
18Kenston High SchoolFoster, ClaySRChagrin FallsOH
19Kent Roosevelt High SchoolFerner, Anya SSRKentOH
20Fried, Claire  OH
21Magnificat High SchoolMincey, MakennaSONorth RoyaltonOH
22New Albany High SchoolPatel, HamishSONew AlbanyOH
23Skinner, EmmaSRNew AlbanyOH
24North Olmsted High SchoolDavis, ElisabethJRNorth OlmstedOH
25Olentangy Orange HIgh SchoolNess, AugustaSOWestervilleOH
26Powell Olentangy LibertySciulli, AnthonySRPowellOH
27RevereThurman, PeytonSRRichfieldOH
28Shaker Heights High SchoolDykema, EzraSRShaker HeightsOH
29Stow-Monroe Falls Galperin, Paige  OH
30Thomas Worthington High SchoolCole, Carson  OH
31Cooper, Calvin  OH
32Sweeney-Forsthoefel, Clio  OH
33University SchoolBizjak, CameronJRWilloughbyOH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBelak, Ethan View Sheet 8.714.1Amherst Steele High School
2Bizjak, Cameron View Sheet 8.313.8University School
3CHAND, ANDREW View Sheet 8.714.4Highland High School
4Cole, Carson View Sheet 8.813.8Thomas Worthington High School
5Cooper, Calvin View Sheet 8.513.8Thomas Worthington High School
6Dykema, Ezra View Sheet 9.016.3Shaker Heights High School
7Flaherty, Ryan View Sheet 8.814.0Avon High School
8Foster, Clay View Sheet 8.413.9Kenston High School
9Higgins, Grant L View Sheet 8.713.8Avon High School
10McDaniel, Jack View Sheet 9.014.9Hudson High School
11Mercer, Jack View Sheet 8.314.0Cuyahoa Falls Walsh Jesuit
12Patel, Hamish View Sheet 8.715.2New Albany High School
13Sciulli, Anthony View Sheet 8.614.4Powell Olentangy Liberty
14Sulek, Mark View Sheet 9.014.6Delaware Hayes
15Girls 1M DivingCook, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.313.1Cuyahoa Falls Walsh Jesuit
16Davis, Elisabeth View Sheet 8.713.5North Olmsted High School
17DiTullio, Isabella View Sheet 8.413.3Hudson High School
18Ferner, Anya S View Sheet 8.913.7Kent Roosevelt High School
19Fried, Claire View Sheet 8.411.8Kent Roosevelt High School
20Galperin, Paige View Sheet 8.213.1Stow-Monroe Falls
21Haluch, Annie View Sheet 8.813.9Hudson High School
22Holtz, Samantha M View Sheet 8.713.5Chagrin Falls High School
23Mincey, Makenna View Sheet 8.713.1Magnificat High School
24Ness, Augusta View Sheet 8.613.5Olentangy Orange HIgh School
25ODorisio, Olive View Sheet 8.411.8Bishop Watterson High School
26Pfeil, Isabella View Sheet 8.613.2Avon Lake High School
27Porter, Keira View Sheet 8.613.7Hilliard Darby High School
28Redd, Lydia View Sheet 8.813.3Hudson High School
29Schum, Emma View Sheet 8.613.9Avon Lake High School
30Skinner, Emma View Sheet 8.613.8New Albany High School
31Stamm, Sophia E View Sheet 8.613.5Buckeye Valley High School
32Sweeney-Forsthoefel, Clio View Sheet 9.012.6Thomas Worthington High School
33Thurman, Peyton View Sheet 8.613.4Revere
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