Name of Meet:
30th Annual Brophy-Xavier Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Aug-01, 8:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Sep-18, 8:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Brophy Prep Aquatic Center
4701 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Main Contact:
Frank Pipitone
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M - 11 Dive5011 5h20m View Rules
Girls 1M - 11 Dive4911 5h14m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Basha Swim and DiveChandlerAZ
2Brophy College PreparatoryPhoenixAZ
3Cactus Shadows High SchoolCave CreekAZ
4Campo VerdeGilbertAZ
5Catalina Foothills High SchoolTucsonAZ
6Centennial CoyotesPeoriaAZ
7Chaparral High SchoolScottsdaleAZ
8Flagstaff High SchoolFlagstaffAZ
9Ironwood High SchoolGlendaleAZ
10Liberty High SchoolPeoriaAZ
11Mesa High SchoolMesaAZ
12Mountain Pointe High SchoolChandlerAZ
13Mountain Ridge High SchoolGlendaleAZ
14Notre Dame PreparatoryScottsdaleAZ
15Paradise Valley High SchoolPhoenixAZ
16Perry High SchoolGilbertAZ
17Pinnacle High SchoolPhoenixAZ
18Scottsdale Preparatory AcademyScottsdaleAZ
19Sunnyslope High SchoolPhoenixAZ
20Sunrise Mountain High SchoolPeoriaAZ
21Xavier College PreparatoryPhoenixAZ
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Allgood, Bre15 AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 16, 19:52
2Bayless, Henry14 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 15, 23:01
3Berends, Alexandra15GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 10:49
4Boden, Jenna17GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 18, 10:23
5Bonnin, Elle13PhoenixAZParadise Valley High SchoolSep 18, 14:45
6Boring, Natalia16 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 18:55
7Brown, Sam M17MesaAZMesa High SchoolSep 15, 18:22
8Cahill, Molly17ScottsdaleAZXavier College PreparatorySep 07, 12:45
9Capistran, Andrew15 AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 16, 20:08
10Carter, Gage S15MesaAZMesa High SchoolSep 15, 18:28
11cook, Courtney14mesaAZMesa High SchoolSep 15, 18:32
12Cravens, Josie17 AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 16, 19:14
13Cunanan, Ryan14 AZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 10:54
14Curry, Jonathan17PhoenixAZParadise Valley High SchoolSep 18, 14:44
15Davis, Dylan15PhoenixAZPinnacle High SchoolSep 18, 14:40
16Diller, Kailie17Cave CreekAZCactus Shadows High SchoolSep 12, 22:29
17Dodd, Madison15Cave CreekAZCactus Shadows High SchoolSep 17, 21:15
18Drake, Julie17 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 18:34
19DuBois, Gage V14PhoenixAZBrophy College PreparatorySep 07, 12:33
20Evans, Ashley18GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 12:08
21Fortine, Emily17PhoenixAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 11:11
22Gerken, Alec17PhoenixAZMountain Pointe High SchoolSep 18, 19:04
23Gmyrek, Ben14GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 18, 10:20
24Grebauer, Graham17GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 14:05
25Hagerty, Max14 AZCatalina Foothills High SchoolSep 05, 20:45
26Haggard, Maximus16 AZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 11:16
27Halperin, Ruby15 AZXavier College PreparatorySep 15, 23:17
28Hartwell, Jesse J16PeoriaAZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 16, 20:00
29Hasegawa, Ainsley13GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 12:00
30Hasegawa, Ashton15GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 11:53
31Hemphill, Jack D15GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 11:14
32Henshaw, Zoe16PhoenixAZPinnacle High SchoolSep 18, 14:38
33Honer, Evan18 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 17:22
34Hopkins, Kamryn15PhoenixAZMountain Pointe High SchoolSep 18, 19:02
35horton, Maggie S18flagstaffAZFlagstaff High SchoolSep 12, 16:33
36Howland, Luke17 AZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 10:45
37Huffman, Kayla15FlagstaffAZFlagstaff High SchoolSep 12, 16:29
38Hulett, Jacob D16Cave CreekAZCactus Shadows High SchoolSep 17, 11:34
39Jackson, Alexia15GilbertAZPerry High SchoolSep 14, 09:20
40jasinski, alicia H15ScottsdaleAZXavier College PreparatorySep 15, 23:13
41Jasinski, Trevor15 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 15, 23:06
42Jemsek, Hannah16PhoenixAZXavier College PreparatorySep 15, 23:12
43Jensen, Evan M18MesaAZMesa High SchoolSep 15, 18:26
44Johnson, Amanda17PhoenixAZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 11:10
45Johnson, Mia16 AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 16, 19:22
46Kelly, Jason15 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 15, 23:09
47Kerkhove, Maxwell (max)15 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 07, 12:38
48King, Kaytlin17GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 12:03
49Kirsch, Ashlyn16ScottsdaleAZChaparral High SchoolSep 18, 07:40
50Klein, Samantha M15PhoenixAZXavier College PreparatorySep 07, 12:44
51Labanok, Halli17FlagstaffAZFlagstaff High SchoolSep 13, 20:28
52Largay, Alyssa17Paradise ValleyAZXavier College PreparatorySep 07, 12:46
53Larson, Brooklyn J16chandlerAZPerry High SchoolSep 14, 09:19
54Lenzo, Matthew16GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 11:49
55Liberman, Russell C17Cave CreekAZCactus Shadows High SchoolSep 12, 22:14
56Lowe, John16PhoenixAZMountain Pointe High SchoolSep 18, 14:35
57Lundberg, Bryce16 AZSunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 16, 19:56
58Lundgren, Zachory16ChandlerAZBasha Swim and DiveSep 16, 21:29
59Malo-Molina, Danilo17TucsonAZCatalina Foothills High SchoolSep 05, 20:47
60Muller, Daniel17PeoriaAZCentennial CoyotesSep 17, 18:06
61Pankow, Nathan15 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 07, 12:40
62Pingree, Seth14GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 11:22
63PISARUK, Delainey14PhoenixAZPinnacle High SchoolSep 18, 14:29
64Plantz, Isabella G15TucsonAZCatalina Foothills High SchoolSep 05, 09:13
65Preston, Reaney16ScottsdaleAZChaparral High SchoolSep 17, 09:37
66Pribyl, Boston17 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 17:35
67Pribyl, Ethan14 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 17:47
68Raybourn, Jocelyn15 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 19:02
69Reed, Tabitha14 AZMesa High SchoolSep 15, 18:36
70Retz, Alex A17Cave CreekAZCactus Shadows High SchoolSep 12, 22:48
71Rinne, Cademan15flagstaffAZFlagstaff High SchoolSep 12, 16:40
72Rivera, Joseph19GlendaleAZIronwood High SchoolSep 17, 17:57
73Sasslin, Aria12PhoenixAZPinnacle High SchoolSep 18, 14:42
74sawyer, Sam17 AZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 10:59
75Schauer, Nicholas15PhoenixAZMountain Pointe High SchoolSep 18, 14:33
76Sewell, Madeleine17ScottsdaleAZXavier College PreparatorySep 07, 12:47
77Shaffer, Lily K17PhoenixAZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 11:04
78Sieglitz, Jordan18GlendaleAZMountain Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 11:09
79Smith, Porter18 AZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 12:19
80Stapley, Dallin C16MesaAZMesa High SchoolSep 15, 18:29
81Stewart, Joseph16ScottsdaleAZScottsdale Preparatory AcademySep 18, 15:26
82Stocker, Mackenna14ScottsdaleAZChaparral High SchoolSep 18, 08:19
83Streifel-gollon, Cody18Fountain HillsAZNotre Dame PreparatorySep 18, 15:38
84Sweetland, Justine15 AZIronwood High SchoolSep 17, 18:01
85Taylor, Caden16GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 11:56
86Taylor, Dawson14PhoenixAZParadise Valley High SchoolSep 18, 14:47
87Thomson, Laila16 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 18:39
88Tipescu, Victoria18GilbertAZCampo VerdeSep 13, 14:02
89Wagner, McKenzie R16ChandlerALPerry High SchoolSep 14, 09:17
90Walter, Andrew14 AZLiberty High SchoolSep 16, 18:17
91Waters, Mia15ScottsdaleAZChaparral High SchoolSep 17, 09:35
92Watts, Carter14 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 07, 12:42
93Weier, Bekkah17PhoenixAZMountain Pointe High SchoolSep 18, 11:05
94Wesche, Thomas D16FlagstaffAZFlagstaff High SchoolSep 12, 16:44
95Westmoreland, Summer L16TucsonAZCatalina Foothills High SchoolSep 05, 09:07
96Weyrauch, Caleb15MaricopaAZMountain Pointe High SchoolSep 18, 18:55
97Willden, Myka18ChandlerAZPerry High SchoolSep 14, 09:16
98Wolf, Carolyn15 AZSunnyslope High SchoolSep 17, 11:18
99Young, Micaela A15ScottsdaleAZScottsdale Preparatory AcademySep 18, 15:08
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Barlow, JenniferHead CoachScottsdale Preparatory AcademyScottsdaleAZ
2Caraway, AndrewHead CoachParadise Valley High SchoolPhoenixAZ
3Collins, TheodoreAsst. CoachScottsdale Preparatory AcademyScottsdaleAZ
4Conte, MarkHead CoachSunrise Mountain High SchoolGlendaleAZ
5Eppert, DaveHead CoachCampo VerdeGilbertAZ
6Gerasimos, JenniferHead CoachMesa High SchoolMesaAZ
7Glanzer, BlakeHead CoachMountain Pointe High SchoolPhoenixAZ
8Herpin, RachelHead CoachBasha Swim and DiveChandlerAZ
9Lanning, MandiAsst. CoachCentennial CoyotesGlendaleAZ
10Lester, KimCoachUnattachedScottsdaleAZ
11McMullen, ElijahHead CoachNotre Dame PreparatoryScottsdaleAZ
12Murrish, KeddiHead CoachPerry High SchoolGilbertAZ
13Niebch, EricAsst. CoachCactus Shadows High SchoolPhoenixAZ
14Perugini, RachelAsst. CoachFlagstaff High SchoolFlagstaffAZ
15Pickens, SamanthaAsst. CoachCatalina Foothills High SchoolTucsonAZ
16Pipitone, FrankHead CoachXavier College PreparatoryScottsdaleAZ
17Small, EricHead CoachMountain Ridge High SchoolGlendaleAZ
18Stephens, KaraAsst. CoachSunnyslope High SchoolPhoenixAZ
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Basha Swim and DiveLundgren, Zachory16ChandlerAZ
2Brophy College PreparatoryBayless, Henry14 AZ
3DuBois, Gage V14PhoenixAZ
4Jasinski, Trevor15 AZ
5Kelly, Jason15 AZ
6Kerkhove, Maxwell (max)15 AZ
7Pankow, Nathan15 AZ
8Watts, Carter14 AZ
9Cactus Shadows High SchoolDiller, Kailie17Cave CreekAZ
10Dodd, Madison15Cave CreekAZ
11Hulett, Jacob D16Cave CreekAZ
12Liberman, Russell C17Cave CreekAZ
13Retz, Alex A17Cave CreekAZ
14Campo VerdeEvans, Ashley18GilbertAZ
15Grebauer, Graham17GilbertAZ
16Hasegawa, Ainsley13GilbertAZ
17Hasegawa, Ashton15GilbertAZ
18King, Kaytlin17GilbertAZ
19Lenzo, Matthew16GilbertAZ
20Taylor, Caden16GilbertAZ
21Tipescu, Victoria18GilbertAZ
22Catalina Foothills High SchoolHagerty, Max14 AZ
23Malo-Molina, Danilo17TucsonAZ
24Plantz, Isabella G15TucsonAZ
25Westmoreland, Summer L16TucsonAZ
26Centennial CoyotesMuller, Daniel17PeoriaAZ
27Chaparral High SchoolKirsch, Ashlyn16ScottsdaleAZ
28Preston, Reaney16ScottsdaleAZ
29Stocker, Mackenna14ScottsdaleAZ
30Waters, Mia15ScottsdaleAZ
31Flagstaff High Schoolhorton, Maggie S18flagstaffAZ
32Huffman, Kayla15FlagstaffAZ
33Labanok, Halli17FlagstaffAZ
34Rinne, Cademan15flagstaffAZ
35Wesche, Thomas D16FlagstaffAZ
36Ironwood High SchoolRivera, Joseph19GlendaleAZ
37Sweetland, Justine15 AZ
38Liberty High SchoolBoring, Natalia16 AZ
39Drake, Julie17 AZ
40Honer, Evan18 AZ
41Pribyl, Boston17 AZ
42Pribyl, Ethan14 AZ
43Raybourn, Jocelyn15 AZ
44Thomson, Laila16 AZ
45Walter, Andrew14 AZ
46Mesa High SchoolBrown, Sam M17MesaAZ
47Carter, Gage S15MesaAZ
48cook, Courtney14mesaAZ
49Jensen, Evan M18MesaAZ
50Reed, Tabitha14 AZ
51Stapley, Dallin C16MesaAZ
52Mountain Pointe High SchoolGerken, Alec17PhoenixAZ
53Hopkins, Kamryn15PhoenixAZ
54Lowe, John16PhoenixAZ
55Schauer, Nicholas15PhoenixAZ
56Weier, Bekkah17PhoenixAZ
57Weyrauch, Caleb15MaricopaAZ
58Mountain Ridge High SchoolBerends, Alexandra15GlendaleAZ
59Boden, Jenna17GlendaleAZ
60Fortine, Emily17PhoenixAZ
61Gmyrek, Ben14GlendaleAZ
62Haggard, Maximus16 AZ
63Hemphill, Jack D15GlendaleAZ
64Pingree, Seth14GlendaleAZ
65Sieglitz, Jordan18GlendaleAZ
66Notre Dame PreparatoryStreifel-gollon, Cody18Fountain HillsAZ
67Paradise Valley High SchoolBonnin, Elle13PhoenixAZ
68Curry, Jonathan17PhoenixAZ
69Taylor, Dawson14PhoenixAZ
70Perry High SchoolJackson, Alexia15GilbertAZ
71Larson, Brooklyn J16chandlerAZ
72Wagner, McKenzie R16ChandlerAL
73Willden, Myka18ChandlerAZ
74Pinnacle High SchoolDavis, Dylan15PhoenixAZ
75Henshaw, Zoe16PhoenixAZ
76PISARUK, Delainey14PhoenixAZ
77Sasslin, Aria12PhoenixAZ
78Scottsdale Preparatory AcademyStewart, Joseph16ScottsdaleAZ
79Young, Micaela A15ScottsdaleAZ
80Sunnyslope High SchoolCunanan, Ryan14 AZ
81Howland, Luke17 AZ
82Johnson, Amanda17PhoenixAZ
83sawyer, Sam17 AZ
84Shaffer, Lily K17PhoenixAZ
85Smith, Porter18 AZ
86Wolf, Carolyn15 AZ
87Sunrise Mountain High SchoolAllgood, Bre15 AZ
88Capistran, Andrew15 AZ
89Cravens, Josie17 AZ
90Hartwell, Jesse J16PeoriaAZ
91Johnson, Mia16 AZ
92Lundberg, Bryce16 AZ
93Xavier College PreparatoryCahill, Molly17ScottsdaleAZ
94Halperin, Ruby15 AZ
95jasinski, alicia H15ScottsdaleAZ
96Jemsek, Hannah16PhoenixAZ
97Klein, Samantha M15PhoenixAZ
98Largay, Alyssa17Paradise ValleyAZ
99Sewell, Madeleine17ScottsdaleAZ
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M - 11 DiveBayless, Henry View Sheet 7.49.6Brophy College Preparatory
2Brown, Sam M View Sheet 8.813.7Mesa High School
3Capistran, Andrew View Sheet 7.89.1Sunrise Mountain High School
4Carter, Gage S View Sheet 8.312.6Mesa High School
5Cunanan, Ryan View Sheet 8.69.5Sunnyslope High School
6Curry, Jonathan View Sheet 8.19.7Paradise Valley High School
7Davis, Dylan View Sheet 7.49.6Pinnacle High School
8DuBois, Gage V View Sheet 8.714.6Brophy College Preparatory
9Gerken, Alec View Sheet 8.19.2Mountain Pointe High School
10Gmyrek, Ben View Sheet 8.010.2Mountain Ridge High School
11Grebauer, Graham View Sheet 7.811.1Campo Verde
12Hagerty, Max View Sheet 8.515.1Catalina Foothills High School
13Haggard, Maximus View Sheet 8.911.5Mountain Ridge High School
14Hartwell, Jesse J View Sheet 8.710.2Sunrise Mountain High School
15Hasegawa, Ashton View Sheet 8.712.9Campo Verde
16Hemphill, Jack D View Sheet 9.011.9Mountain Ridge High School
17Honer, Evan View Sheet 9.014.8Liberty High School
18Howland, Luke View Sheet 8.912.2Sunnyslope High School
19Hulett, Jacob D View Sheet 7.910.9Cactus Shadows High School
20Jasinski, Trevor View Sheet 7.49.7Brophy College Preparatory
21Jensen, Evan M View Sheet 8.612.9Mesa High School
22Kelly, Jason View Sheet 7.69.4Brophy College Preparatory
23Kerkhove, Maxwell (max) View Sheet 7.510.8Brophy College Preparatory
24Lenzo, Matthew View Sheet 8.912.9Campo Verde
25Liberman, Russell C View Sheet 8.213.2Cactus Shadows High School
26Lowe, John View Sheet 7.89.8Mountain Pointe High School
27Lundberg, Bryce View Sheet 7.79.6Sunrise Mountain High School
28Lundgren, Zachory View Sheet 8.713.6Basha Swim and Dive
29Malo-Molina, Danilo View Sheet 7.810.0Catalina Foothills High School
30Muller, Daniel View Sheet 8.715.4Centennial Coyotes
31Pankow, Nathan View Sheet 7.611.5Brophy College Preparatory
32Pingree, Seth View Sheet 8.110.0Mountain Ridge High School
33Pribyl, Boston View Sheet 8.812.5Liberty High School
34Pribyl, Ethan View Sheet 7.89.3Liberty High School
35Retz, Alex A View Sheet 9.011.8Cactus Shadows High School
36Rinne, Cademan View Sheet 7.69.5Flagstaff High School
37Rivera, Joseph View Sheet 8.714.3Ironwood High School
38sawyer, Sam View Sheet 8.09.6Sunnyslope High School
39Schauer, Nicholas View Sheet 8.912.0Mountain Pointe High School
40Smith, Porter View Sheet 9.010.4Sunnyslope High School
41Stapley, Dallin C View Sheet 8.012.0Mesa High School
42Stewart, Joseph View Sheet 7.410.4Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
43Streifel-gollon, Cody View Sheet 7.411.6Notre Dame Preparatory
44Sweetland, Justine View Sheet 8.011.7Ironwood High School
45Taylor, Caden View Sheet 8.913.1Campo Verde
46Taylor, Dawson View Sheet 8.210.3Paradise Valley High School
47Walter, Andrew View Sheet 8.510.6Liberty High School
48Watts, Carter View Sheet 7.410.4Brophy College Preparatory
49Wesche, Thomas D View Sheet 8.714.0Flagstaff High School
50Weyrauch, Caleb View Sheet 8.110.6Mountain Pointe High School
51Girls 1M - 11 DiveAllgood, Bre View Sheet 7.79.5Sunrise Mountain High School
52Berends, Alexandra View Sheet 8.512.0Mountain Ridge High School
53Boden, Jenna View Sheet 8.310.5Mountain Ridge High School
54Bonnin, Elle View Sheet 8.210.0Paradise Valley High School
55Boring, Natalia View Sheet 7.79.4Liberty High School
56Cahill, Molly View Sheet 8.211.7Xavier College Preparatory
57cook, Courtney View Sheet 7.79.8Mesa High School
58Cravens, Josie View Sheet 8.310.6Sunrise Mountain High School
59Diller, Kailie View Sheet 8.210.9Cactus Shadows High School
60Dodd, Madison View Sheet 7.910.0Cactus Shadows High School
61Drake, Julie View Sheet 7.811.0Liberty High School
62Evans, Ashley View Sheet 8.612.8Campo Verde
63Fortine, Emily View Sheet 8.210.7Mountain Ridge High School
64Halperin, Ruby View Sheet 7.49.4Xavier College Preparatory
65Hasegawa, Ainsley View Sheet 8.810.9Campo Verde
66Henshaw, Zoe View Sheet 8.410.1Pinnacle High School
67Hopkins, Kamryn View Sheet 8.29.1Mountain Pointe High School
68horton, Maggie S View Sheet 8.613.4Flagstaff High School
69Huffman, Kayla View Sheet 8.413.7Flagstaff High School
70Jackson, Alexia View Sheet 8.412.6Perry High School
71jasinski, alicia H View Sheet 7.59.6Xavier College Preparatory
72Jemsek, Hannah View Sheet 7.510.4Xavier College Preparatory
73Johnson, Amanda View Sheet 8.310.4Sunnyslope High School
74Johnson, Mia View Sheet 7.69.3Sunrise Mountain High School
75King, Kaytlin View Sheet 8.811.5Campo Verde
76Kirsch, Ashlyn View Sheet 8.513.5Chaparral High School
77Klein, Samantha M View Sheet 8.212.5Xavier College Preparatory
78Labanok, Halli View Sheet 7.79.5Flagstaff High School
79Largay, Alyssa View Sheet 8.813.3Xavier College Preparatory
80Larson, Brooklyn J View Sheet 8.211.5Perry High School
81PISARUK, Delainey View Sheet 8.611.6Pinnacle High School
82Plantz, Isabella G View Sheet 8.613.4Catalina Foothills High School
83Preston, Reaney View Sheet 8.212.8Chaparral High School
84Raybourn, Jocelyn View Sheet 7.79.5Liberty High School
85Reed, Tabitha View Sheet 7.89.6Mesa High School
86Sasslin, Aria View Sheet 8.19.5Pinnacle High School
87Sewell, Madeleine View Sheet 8.812.8Xavier College Preparatory
88Shaffer, Lily K View Sheet 8.29.1Sunnyslope High School
89Sieglitz, Jordan View Sheet 8.811.1Mountain Ridge High School
90Stocker, Mackenna View Sheet 8.213.2Chaparral High School
91Thomson, Laila View Sheet 7.79.7Liberty High School
92Tipescu, Victoria View Sheet 8.511.1Campo Verde
93Wagner, McKenzie R View Sheet 8.511.2Perry High School
94Waters, Mia View Sheet 9.013.2Chaparral High School
95Weier, Bekkah View Sheet 8.29.3Mountain Pointe High School
96Westmoreland, Summer L View Sheet 8.613.5Catalina Foothills High School
97Willden, Myka View Sheet 8.911.2Perry High School
98Wolf, Carolyn View Sheet 8.09.2Sunnyslope High School
99Young, Micaela A View Sheet 8.111.5Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
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