Name of Meet:
2019 Girls OAA White Division Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-20, 12:00 PM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-04, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Lake Orion High School Natatorium
495 East Scripps Rd
Orion Township, MI 48360
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
11 dive format, Exhibition or divers placing 17th or below will have the opportunity to finish the final 3 dives after round 8 on Thursday evening

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Giels 1M Diving2111 2h14m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Berkley High SchoolBerkleyMI
2Bloomfield Hills High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
5Rochester High SchoolRochesterMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bergsman, Zoe  MI Berkley High SchoolNov 04, 10:16
2Cherrin, Briana  MI Berkley High SchoolNov 04, 17:19
3Cooper, Madison  MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 04, 22:10
4Davis, Lillian  MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 04, 22:16
5Efstate, AnnaSR Tro, MI TroyNov 04, 19:49
6Ferguson, Ava  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:51
7Finerty, Carly  MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 04, 22:05
8Geda, Emily  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:44
9Gilling, Ella mae  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:31
10Jones, Meghan  MI Rochester High SchoolOct 24, 10:58
11Keller, Kendra  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:40
12Knotts, Amelia  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:24
13Kozlowski, RachelJR Lake Orion, MI TroyNov 04, 19:46
14Liakonis, AmaliaJR Bloomfield Hills, MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 04, 22:08
15Michalik, Hannah  MI Lake OrionNov 03, 16:52
16Roth, Olivia  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:42
17Thuss, Alaina  MI Lake OrionNov 03, 17:20
18VeCasey, AbigailSR Rochester Hills, MI Rochester High SchoolOct 24, 10:56
19VeCasey, Elise  MI Rochester High SchoolOct 24, 10:53
20Warren, Peyton  MI OxfordNov 03, 17:35
21Wester, Margot  MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 04, 22:03
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Mchugh, ScottHead CoachBloomfield Hills High SchoolClawsonMI
2Murphy, KayleighCoachBerkley High SchoolBerkleyMI
3Pearson, JohnHead CoachOxfordDrydenMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Berkley High SchoolBergsman, Zoe  MI
2Cherrin, Briana  MI
3Bloomfield Hills High SchoolCooper, Madison  MI
4Davis, Lillian  MI
5Finerty, Carly  MI
6Liakonis, AmaliaJRBloomfield HillsMI
7Wester, Margot  MI
8Lake OrionMichalik, Hannah  MI
9Thuss, Alaina  MI
10OxfordFerguson, Ava  MI
11Geda, Emily  MI
12Gilling, Ella mae  MI
13Keller, Kendra  MI
14Knotts, Amelia  MI
15Roth, Olivia  MI
16Warren, Peyton  MI
17Rochester High SchoolJones, Meghan  MI
18VeCasey, AbigailSRRochester HillsMI
19VeCasey, Elise  MI
20TroyEfstate, AnnaSRTroMI
21Kozlowski, RachelJRLake OrionMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Giels 1M DivingBergsman, Zoe View Sheet 8.310.8Berkley High School
2Cherrin, Briana View Sheet 8.19.3Berkley High School
3Cooper, Madison View Sheet 8.411.3Bloomfield Hills High School
4Davis, Lillian View Sheet 9.012.8Bloomfield Hills High School
5Efstate, Anna View Sheet 8.010.2Troy
6Ferguson, Ava View Sheet 7.89.2Oxford
7Finerty, Carly View Sheet 8.210.9Bloomfield Hills High School
8Geda, Emily View Sheet 7.59.5Oxford
9Gilling, Ella mae View Sheet 7.59.4Oxford
10Jones, Meghan View Sheet 8.19.4Rochester High School
11Keller, Kendra View Sheet 8.010.4Oxford
12Knotts, Amelia View Sheet 8.713.2Oxford
13Kozlowski, Rachel View Sheet 7.79.4Troy
14Liakonis, Amalia View Sheet 7.89.7Bloomfield Hills High School
15Michalik, Hannah View Sheet 7.59.7Lake Orion
16Roth, Olivia View Sheet 7.69.3Oxford
17Thuss, Alaina View Sheet 7.69.4Lake Orion
18VeCasey, Abigail View Sheet 8.512.0Rochester High School
19VeCasey, Elise View Sheet 8.412.9Rochester High School
20Warren, Peyton View Sheet 7.610.4Oxford
21Wester, Margot View Sheet 7.810.2Bloomfield Hills High School
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