Name of Meet:
Monroe County Diving Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-05, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Oct-12, 12:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Gates-Chili High School
1 Spartan Way
Rochester, NY 14624
Main Contact:
Derek Yacano
Contact Phone:
585-247-5050 x20219

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Diving warm-up begins at 3:30 pm; Diving changes due by 4:00 pm; Diving competition begins 5:00 pm.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1 Meter Diving2711 2h53m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Brighton High SchoolRochesterNY
4Fairport High SchoolFairportNY
5Greece StormRochesterNY
6Hilton High SchoolHiltonNY
7Penfield High SchoolPenfield NY
8Pittsford Public SchoolsPittsford MendonNY
9Spencerport RangersSpencerportNY
10Webster LakersWebsterNY
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Antonini, Isabella17HiltonNYHilton High SchoolOct 10, 15:33
2Briggs, Isabella17HiltonNYHilton High SchoolOct 10, 15:36
3Butler, Hannah17RochesterNYBrighton High SchoolOct 10, 18:43
4Calus, Taylor14ChurchvilleNYChurchville-ChiliOct 11, 15:20
5Cooper, Kate L12PittsfordNYPittsford Public SchoolsOct 10, 08:54
6Davis, Harper16RochesterNYBrighton High SchoolOct 10, 18:46
7DelVecchio, Rylie13 NYHilton High SchoolOct 10, 15:44
8Diakova, Alice J15RochesterNYBrighton High SchoolOct 10, 18:44
9DiGaetano, Sarah18churchvilleNYChurchville-ChiliOct 11, 15:32
10Duncan, Olenka17CanandaiguaNYCanandaiguaOct 10, 07:53
11Halterman, Rebecca16PenfieldNYPenfield High SchoolOct 11, 20:41
12Jackel, Sierra14SpencerportNYSpencerport RangersOct 11, 18:03
13Kosko, Alaina17RochesterNYGreece StormOct 10, 15:29
14Kotalik, Victoria I13RochesterNYBrighton High SchoolOct 10, 18:45
15LeClaire, Ashley14WebsterNYWebster LakersOct 11, 20:46
16LeClaire, Katie16WebsterNYWebster LakersOct 11, 20:49
17Ling, Abby4PittsfordNYPittsford Public SchoolsOct 10, 08:59
18Passamonte, Lexi17 NYGreece StormOct 10, 15:24
19Petereit, Natasha18FairportNYFairport High SchoolOct 10, 21:30
20Peterson, Rachel18PenfieldNYPenfield High SchoolOct 11, 20:38
21Plescia, Lily14PittsfordNYPittsford Public SchoolsOct 10, 09:06
22Price, Isabelle14 NYHilton High SchoolOct 10, 15:49
23Rizzo, Alexa16CanandaiguaNYCanandaiguaOct 10, 07:33
24Saladyga, Kayla17SpencerportNYSpencerport RangersOct 11, 18:01
25Sarkis, Chloe18PittsfordNYPittsford Public SchoolsOct 10, 08:50
26Sauer, Jillian16churchvilleNYChurchville-ChiliOct 11, 15:22
27Shortino, Ava17SpencerportNYSpencerport RangersOct 11, 17:59
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Berger, AndreaHead CoachSpencerport RangersConesusNY
2Goeddertz, TerrieAsst. CoachHilton High SchoolRochesterNY
3Kleinman, StephanieAsst. CoachPenfield High SchoolPenfieldNY
4Kraft, RebeccaHead CoachCanandaiguaFairportNY
5Krebs, RickyHead CoachChurchville-ChiliCaledoniaNY
6McMann, MarkCoachPittsford Public SchoolsPittsfordNY
7Salmon, DavidHead CoachFairport High SchoolMacedonNY
8Thomas Freeberg, MaggieHead CoachBrighton High SchoolBrightonNY
9Waterbury, RonHead CoachWebster LakersWebsterNY
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Brighton High SchoolButler, Hannah17RochesterNY
2Davis, Harper16RochesterNY
3Diakova, Alice J15RochesterNY
4Kotalik, Victoria I13RochesterNY
5CanandaiguaDuncan, Olenka17CanandaiguaNY
6Rizzo, Alexa16CanandaiguaNY
7Churchville-ChiliCalus, Taylor14ChurchvilleNY
8DiGaetano, Sarah18churchvilleNY
9Sauer, Jillian16churchvilleNY
10Fairport High SchoolPetereit, Natasha18FairportNY
11Greece StormKosko, Alaina17RochesterNY
12Passamonte, Lexi17 NY
13Hilton High SchoolAntonini, Isabella17HiltonNY
14Briggs, Isabella17HiltonNY
15DelVecchio, Rylie13 NY
16Price, Isabelle14 NY
17Penfield High SchoolHalterman, Rebecca16PenfieldNY
18Peterson, Rachel18PenfieldNY
19Pittsford Public SchoolsCooper, Kate L12PittsfordNY
20Ling, Abby4PittsfordNY
21Plescia, Lily14PittsfordNY
22Sarkis, Chloe18PittsfordNY
23Spencerport RangersJackel, Sierra14SpencerportNY
24Saladyga, Kayla17SpencerportNY
25Shortino, Ava17SpencerportNY
26Webster LakersLeClaire, Ashley14WebsterNY
27LeClaire, Katie16WebsterNY
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Girls 1 Meter DivingAntonini, Isabella8.712.3Hilton High School
2Briggs, Isabella8.310.3Hilton High School
3Butler, Hannah8.714.5Brighton High School
4Calus, Taylor7.79.5Churchville-Chili
5Cooper, Kate L8.511.9Pittsford Public Schools
6Davis, Harper8.211.1Brighton High School
7DelVecchio, Rylie8.010.8Hilton High School
8Diakova, Alice J8.613.7Brighton High School
9DiGaetano, Sarah8.613.5Churchville-Chili
10Duncan, Olenka8.311.0Canandaigua
11Halterman, Rebecca7.710.6Penfield High School
12Jackel, Sierra7.910.3Spencerport Rangers
13Kosko, Alaina9.014.2Greece Storm
14Kotalik, Victoria I8.212.2Brighton High School
15LeClaire, Ashley7.910.9Webster Lakers
16LeClaire, Katie8.412.7Webster Lakers
17Ling, Abby8.210.1Pittsford Public Schools
18Passamonte, Lexi8.512.5Greece Storm
19Petereit, Natasha8.811.6Fairport High School
20Peterson, Rachel8.210.3Penfield High School
21Plescia, Lily8.210.7Pittsford Public Schools
22Price, Isabelle7.99.5Hilton High School
23Rizzo, Alexa8.712.8Canandaigua
24Saladyga, Kayla8.210.7Spencerport Rangers
25Sarkis, Chloe8.614.0Pittsford Public Schools
26Sauer, Jillian7.910.2Churchville-Chili
27Shortino, Ava8.310.8Spencerport Rangers
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