Name of Meet:
AAU New England District Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Apr-10, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
May-18, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Wellesley College Candler pool
106 Central St
Wellesley, MA 02481
Main Contact:
Joe Chirico
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Group A Boys 1M 16-181210 1h10m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 16-18610 35m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 16-18129 1h3m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 16-1899 47m View Rules
Group B Boys 1M 14-1569 31m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M 14-1549 21m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M 14-15158 1h10m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M 14-15108 46m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M 12-1358 23m View Rules
Group C Boys 3M 12-1338 14m View Rules
Group C Girls 1M 12-1397 36m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M 12-1377 28m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M 10-1115 2m View Rules
Group D Boys 3M 10-1105 View Rules
Group D Girls 1M 10-1175 20m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M 10-1145 11m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M 9 under34 7m View Rules
Group E Boys 3M 9 under24 4m View Rules
Group E Girls 1M 9 under44 9m View Rules
Group E Girls 3M 9 under24 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 1M (2s 3o)05 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 3M (3s 3o)06 View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 1M (2s 4o)06 View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 3M (3s 4o)17 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15 1M (2s 5o)07 View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15 3M (3s 5o)18 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18 1M (2s 5o)07 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18 3M (3s 5o)28 9m View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 1M (2s 3o)15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 3M (2s 3o)05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 1M (2s 3o)05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 3M (3s 3o)06 View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 1M (2s 4o)46 14m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 3M (3s 4o)17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15 1M (2s 5o)07 View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15 3M (3s 5o)28 9m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18 1M (2s 5o)57 20m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18 3M (3s 5o)48 18m View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 1M (2s 3o)05 View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 3M (2s 3o)25 5m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Boston Area DivingBostonMA
2Central Mass DivingWorcesterMA
3Dolphin Dive ClubSUDBURYMA
4Flip and RipClifton ParkNY
5Solo AquaticsHaverhillMA
6South Carolina DiversColumbiaSC
7South Shore Diving ClubDuxburyMA
8Springfield Area DivingSpringfieldMA
9Upper Valley DivingHanoverNH
10ZAP DivingSudburyMA
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Almog, Hilla15WaylandMAZAP DivingMay 15, 21:04
2Anselmi, Jackson16PepperellMAZAP DivingMay 13, 20:43
3Belanger, Brigitte15SudburyMAZAP DivingMay 14, 20:06
4Berke, Autumn15NeedhamMAZAP DivingMay 17, 21:01
5Bluestein, Sydney L16ColumbiaSCSouth Carolina DiversMay 09, 19:27
6Brantley, Tiana L17BrimfieldMACentral Mass DivingMay 14, 17:01
7Bross, Amanda K12CohassetMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 16, 11:12
8Bryan, Caitlin14Wellesley HillsMABoston Area DivingMay 17, 19:45
9Calderwood, Samuel13 NHUpper Valley DivingMay 07, 18:13
10Calhoun, Ber8DeerfieldMASpringfield Area DivingMay 10, 14:41
11Calhoun, Gage C11DeerfieldMASpringfield Area DivingMay 09, 10:07
12Cataldo, Andrew13SlingerlandsNYFlip and RipMay 04, 15:36
13Chao, Matthew J18NiskayunaNYFlip and RipMay 13, 20:03
14Cristofaro, Matthew J12DuxburyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 15, 22:28
15Denoncourt, Luke9LexingtonMABoston Area DivingMay 12, 09:07
16Doyle, Madeline S18ReadingMASolo AquaticsMay 16, 19:23
17Doyle, Peter J11DuxburyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 14, 18:53
18Fasser, Calista13BALLSTON LAKENYFlip and RipMay 13, 21:53
19Flenniken, Lia18NewtonMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 09, 20:31
20Flores, Bryan A17WatervlietNYFlip and RipMay 15, 21:22
21Foon, Yang Zheng17Clifton ParkNYFlip and RipMay 14, 21:14
22Foxon, Sophia C13CumberlandRICentral Mass DivingMay 14, 17:07
23Franciosi, Brandon9FoxboroughMABoston Area DivingApr 30, 18:28
24Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel18 NHUpper Valley DivingMay 13, 11:55
25Green, Jonah16BrimfieldMACentral Mass DivingMay 01, 14:57
26Hanchett, Eveline M10LoudonvilleNYFlip and RipMay 17, 09:38
27Harding, Margaret A13JeffersonMACentral Mass DivingMay 17, 07:02
28Herrero, Erik A18Clifton ParkNYFlip and RipMay 16, 21:44
29Him, Sadie L10BerkleyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 14, 12:33
30HOFFER, Benjamin17 NHUpper Valley DivingMay 15, 06:37
31Hogan, Bridgette C13MarshfieldMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 18, 07:43
32Hopper, Natalie9DelmarNYFlip and RipApr 30, 18:16
33Laitala, Reilly15SterlingMADolphin Dive ClubMay 16, 08:45
34Lamson, Jared16SelkirkNYFlip and RipMay 04, 17:13
35Lawrence, Zachary18SherbornMABoston Area DivingMay 14, 14:43
36Leahy, Kara L13MarshfieldMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 15, 23:00
37Magee, Grace C16NorwellMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 15, 14:31
38Magee, Lilah11NorwellMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 18, 21:45
39Mahery, Payton A10ScituateMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 09, 14:33
40Martinkus, Charlotte H15WestonMABoston Area DivingApr 25, 11:34
41McCormick, Lucy9MarbleheadMABoston Area DivingMay 14, 20:33
42McKenna, Phoebe9SHREWSBURYMACentral Mass DivingMay 17, 15:02
43Meeson, Lance M16Ballston LakeNYFlip and RipMay 14, 13:31
44Melish, Amanda C15WalpoleMABoston Area DivingMay 16, 22:31
45Mitchell, Lauren14WestonMABoston Area DivingMay 14, 20:02
46Mocerine, Brian W14DelmarNYFlip and RipMay 16, 21:36
47Montalto, Gabriella A12LathamNYFlip and RipMay 08, 12:15
48Mullin, Kaitlin P18WellesleyMABoston Area DivingMay 16, 19:57
49Murphy, Erin C16DuxburyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 18, 09:05
50Nickerson, Dale L17WestonMABoston Area DivingMay 16, 21:29
51O'CONNOR, Dillon P15GreenlandNHSolo AquaticsMay 16, 19:20
52O'Sullivan, Lauren E17HanoverMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 17, 13:53
53Oppenheim, Lia16SudburyMABoston Area DivingMay 14, 18:01
54Paterson, Finn R14SeekonkMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 11, 17:29
55Perry, Rachel M16New BedfordMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 17, 20:45
56Petrovich, Emma18WellesleyMAZAP DivingMay 10, 19:57
57Picard, Adam9worcesterMADolphin Dive ClubMay 16, 02:41
58Picard, Joel13WorcesterMADolphin Dive ClubMay 16, 02:36
59Poulin, Livy18ConcordMABoston Area DivingMay 18, 16:37
60Raiti, Ella F14AlbanyNYFlip and RipMay 17, 12:41
61Ramesh, Nidhi16ShrewsburyMACentral Mass DivingMay 15, 18:06
62Randall, William C14North AndoverMASolo AquaticsMay 16, 19:16
63Renshaw, Kai17HanoverNHUpper Valley DivingMay 13, 11:59
64Rodriguez, Kiaralys I10WorcesterMADolphin Dive ClubMay 17, 20:15
65Schwallie, Emilia18WestonMABoston Area DivingMay 17, 20:23
66Sheehan, Siena L14marshfieldMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 17, 19:59
67Short, Brenna A12MarshfieldMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 14, 07:41
68SIERPINA, Isabel10HaverhillMASolo AquaticsMay 16, 19:26
69Simpson, Ella14BallstonLakeNYFlip and RipMay 13, 18:52
70Small, Jeremiah13WestfordMABoston Area DivingMay 06, 19:17
71Smith, Delaney15OrleansMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 11, 10:27
72Solberg, Layla13BALLSTON SPANYFlip and RipMay 15, 12:13
73Somers, Kaley E16NorthboroughMACentral Mass DivingMay 12, 11:37
74Stout, Hannah S12DuxburyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 18, 06:51
75Templeton, Olivia R14DuxburyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 16, 15:43
76Tonole, Jessica J16LunenburgMADolphin Dive ClubMay 17, 10:16
77Tonole, Lillian13LunenburgMADolphin Dive ClubMay 17, 08:39
78Tonole, Samuel17LunenburgMADolphin Dive ClubMay 17, 08:28
79VERNO, Gabriella14 MASolo AquaticsMay 16, 19:17
80Wallis, Amelia16NorwichVTUpper Valley DivingMay 13, 11:57
81Waltman, Alexander15ScituateMASouth Shore Diving ClubMay 15, 21:57
82Weatherhead, Eve A13HopkintonMABoston Area DivingMay 18, 08:21
83Weatherhead, Tess A15HopkintonMABoston Area DivingMay 18, 07:37
84Whitbeck, Hunter17ActonMABoston Area DivingMay 14, 19:52
85Zeppa, Isabella R12MonsonMASpringfield Area DivingMay 14, 15:22
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Avdoulos, PeterHead CoachSpringfield Area DivingSPRINGFIELDMA
2Aybar, WilsonHead CoachCentral Mass DivingWebsterMA
3Driscoll, RebeccaHead CoachSolo AquaticsHaverhillMA
4RENSHAW, CARLHead CoachUpper Valley DivingHanoverNH
5Tonole, KellyHead CoachDolphin Dive ClubLunenburgMA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Boston Area DivingBryan, Caitlin14Wellesley HillsMA
2Denoncourt, Luke9LexingtonMA
3Franciosi, Brandon9FoxboroughMA
4Lawrence, Zachary18SherbornMA
5Martinkus, Charlotte H15WestonMA
6McCormick, Lucy9MarbleheadMA
7Melish, Amanda C15WalpoleMA
8Mitchell, Lauren14WestonMA
9Mullin, Kaitlin P18WellesleyMA
10Nickerson, Dale L17WestonMA
11Oppenheim, Lia16SudburyMA
12Poulin, Livy18ConcordMA
13Schwallie, Emilia18WestonMA
14Small, Jeremiah13WestfordMA
15Weatherhead, Eve A13HopkintonMA
16Weatherhead, Tess A15HopkintonMA
17Whitbeck, Hunter17ActonMA
18Central Mass DivingBrantley, Tiana L17BrimfieldMA
19Foxon, Sophia C13CumberlandRI
20Green, Jonah16BrimfieldMA
21Harding, Margaret A13JeffersonMA
22McKenna, Phoebe9SHREWSBURYMA
23Ramesh, Nidhi16ShrewsburyMA
24Somers, Kaley E16NorthboroughMA
25Dolphin Dive ClubLaitala, Reilly15SterlingMA
26Picard, Adam9worcesterMA
27Picard, Joel13WorcesterMA
28Rodriguez, Kiaralys I10WorcesterMA
29Tonole, Jessica J16LunenburgMA
30Tonole, Lillian13LunenburgMA
31Tonole, Samuel17LunenburgMA
32Flip and RipCataldo, Andrew13SlingerlandsNY
33Chao, Matthew J18NiskayunaNY
34Fasser, Calista13BALLSTON LAKENY
35Flores, Bryan A17WatervlietNY
36Foon, Yang Zheng17Clifton ParkNY
37Hanchett, Eveline M10LoudonvilleNY
38Herrero, Erik A18Clifton ParkNY
39Hopper, Natalie9DelmarNY
40Lamson, Jared16SelkirkNY
41Meeson, Lance M16Ballston LakeNY
42Mocerine, Brian W14DelmarNY
43Montalto, Gabriella A12LathamNY
44Raiti, Ella F14AlbanyNY
45Simpson, Ella14BallstonLakeNY
46Solberg, Layla13BALLSTON SPANY
47Solo AquaticsDoyle, Madeline S18ReadingMA
48O'CONNOR, Dillon P15GreenlandNH
49Randall, William C14North AndoverMA
50SIERPINA, Isabel10HaverhillMA
51VERNO, Gabriella14 MA
52South Carolina DiversBluestein, Sydney L16ColumbiaSC
53South Shore Diving ClubBross, Amanda K12CohassetMA
54Cristofaro, Matthew J12DuxburyMA
55Doyle, Peter J11DuxburyMA
56Flenniken, Lia18NewtonMA
57Him, Sadie L10BerkleyMA
58Hogan, Bridgette C13MarshfieldMA
59Leahy, Kara L13MarshfieldMA
60Magee, Grace C16NorwellMA
61Magee, Lilah11NorwellMA
62Mahery, Payton A10ScituateMA
63Murphy, Erin C16DuxburyMA
64O'Sullivan, Lauren E17HanoverMA
65Paterson, Finn R14SeekonkMA
66Perry, Rachel M16New BedfordMA
67Sheehan, Siena L14marshfieldMA
68Short, Brenna A12MarshfieldMA
69Smith, Delaney15OrleansMA
70Stout, Hannah S12DuxburyMA
71Templeton, Olivia R14DuxburyMA
72Waltman, Alexander15ScituateMA
73Springfield Area DivingCalhoun, Ber8DeerfieldMA
74Calhoun, Gage C11DeerfieldMA
75Zeppa, Isabella R12MonsonMA
76Upper Valley DivingCalderwood, Samuel13 NH
77Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel18 NH
78HOFFER, Benjamin17 NH
79Renshaw, Kai17HanoverNH
80Wallis, Amelia16NorwichVT
81ZAP DivingAlmog, Hilla15WaylandMA
82Anselmi, Jackson16PepperellMA
83Belanger, Brigitte15SudburyMA
84Berke, Autumn15NeedhamMA
85Petrovich, Emma18WellesleyMA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Group A Boys 1M 16-18Anselmi, Jackson View Sheet 8.710.6ZAP Diving
2Chao, Matthew J View Sheet 8.912.2Flip and Rip
3Flores, Bryan A View Sheet 8.110.9Flip and Rip
4Foon, Yang Zheng View Sheet 8.611.8Flip and Rip
5Herrero, Erik A View Sheet 8.611.5Flip and Rip
6HOFFER, Benjamin View Sheet 8.211.1Upper Valley Diving
7Lamson, Jared View Sheet 8.811.0Flip and Rip
8Lawrence, Zachary View Sheet 9.012.3Boston Area Diving
9Meeson, Lance M View Sheet 8.510.3Flip and Rip
10Nickerson, Dale L View Sheet 8.912.3Boston Area Diving
11Renshaw, Kai View Sheet 9.012.0Upper Valley Diving
12Whitbeck, Hunter View Sheet 8.811.7Boston Area Diving
13Group A Boys 3M 16-18Chao, Matthew J View Sheet 9.513.5Flip and Rip
14Lawrence, Zachary View Sheet 9.512.4Boston Area Diving
15Nickerson, Dale L View Sheet 9.312.3Boston Area Diving
16Renshaw, Kai View Sheet 8.811.5Upper Valley Diving
17Tonole, Samuel View Sheet 9.312.8Dolphin Dive Club
18Whitbeck, Hunter View Sheet 9.512.7Boston Area Diving
19Group A Girls 1M 16-18Bluestein, Sydney L View Sheet 8.68.9South Carolina Divers
20Doyle, Madeline S View Sheet 8.79.4Solo Aquatics
21Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel View Sheet 7.86.3Upper Valley Diving
22Magee, Grace C View Sheet 8.79.2South Shore Diving Club
23Mullin, Kaitlin P View Sheet 9.010.1Boston Area Diving
24Murphy, Erin C View Sheet 8.88.6South Shore Diving Club
25O'Sullivan, Lauren E View Sheet 8.98.7South Shore Diving Club
26Oppenheim, Lia View Sheet 8.27.1Boston Area Diving
27Petrovich, Emma View Sheet 8.99.3ZAP Diving
28Poulin, Livy View Sheet 8.79.6Boston Area Diving
29Schwallie, Emilia View Sheet 8.78.9Boston Area Diving
30Wallis, Amelia View Sheet 8.79.1Upper Valley Diving
31Group A Girls 3M 16-18Doyle, Madeline S View Sheet 8.78.7Solo Aquatics
32Magee, Grace C View Sheet 8.89.3South Shore Diving Club
33Mullin, Kaitlin P View Sheet 9.510.9Boston Area Diving
34Murphy, Erin C View Sheet 9.58.7South Shore Diving Club
35O'Sullivan, Lauren E View Sheet 9.08.9South Shore Diving Club
36Oppenheim, Lia View Sheet 8.57.0Boston Area Diving
37Poulin, Livy View Sheet 9.510.3Boston Area Diving
38Schwallie, Emilia View Sheet 8.89.4Boston Area Diving
39Wallis, Amelia View Sheet 8.88.7Upper Valley Diving
40Group B Boys 1M 14-15Green, Jonah View Sheet 9.09.6Central Mass Diving
41Mocerine, Brian W View Sheet 7.66.4Flip and Rip
42O'CONNOR, Dillon P View Sheet 8.810.0Solo Aquatics
43Paterson, Finn R View Sheet 8.28.2South Shore Diving Club
44Randall, William C View Sheet 8.78.5Solo Aquatics
45Waltman, Alexander View Sheet 8.37.7South Shore Diving Club
46Group B Boys 3M 14-15Green, Jonah View Sheet 8.79.0Central Mass Diving
47O'CONNOR, Dillon P View Sheet 8.77.8Solo Aquatics
48Paterson, Finn R View Sheet 8.57.6South Shore Diving Club
49Waltman, Alexander View Sheet 8.26.7South Shore Diving Club
50Group B Girls 1M 14-15Almog, Hilla View Sheet 8.87.2ZAP Diving
51Belanger, Brigitte View Sheet 8.45.8ZAP Diving
52Berke, Autumn View Sheet 8.04.8ZAP Diving
53Bryan, Caitlin View Sheet 7.64.9Boston Area Diving
54Laitala, Reilly View Sheet 8.46.5Dolphin Dive Club
55Martinkus, Charlotte H View Sheet 8.16.1Boston Area Diving
56Melish, Amanda C View Sheet 8.77.5Boston Area Diving
57Mitchell, Lauren View Sheet 8.26.0Boston Area Diving
58Raiti, Ella F View Sheet 8.36.4Flip and Rip
59Sheehan, Siena L View Sheet 8.05.3South Shore Diving Club
60Simpson, Ella View Sheet 8.56.4Flip and Rip
61Smith, Delaney View Sheet 8.36.7South Shore Diving Club
62Tonole, Jessica J View Sheet 8.77.1Dolphin Dive Club
63VERNO, Gabriella View Sheet 8.76.7Solo Aquatics
64Weatherhead, Tess A View Sheet 8.76.6Boston Area Diving
65Group B Girls 3M 14-15Bryan, Caitlin View Sheet 8.45.2Boston Area Diving
66Laitala, Reilly View Sheet 8.76.4Dolphin Dive Club
67Martinkus, Charlotte H View Sheet 8.55.7Boston Area Diving
68Melish, Amanda C View Sheet 9.57.9Boston Area Diving
69Mitchell, Lauren View Sheet 8.75.2Boston Area Diving
70Sheehan, Siena L View Sheet 8.35.8South Shore Diving Club
71Smith, Delaney View Sheet 8.45.8South Shore Diving Club
72Tonole, Jessica J View Sheet 9.57.6Dolphin Dive Club
73VERNO, Gabriella View Sheet 8.35.1Solo Aquatics
74Weatherhead, Tess A View Sheet 9.06.5Boston Area Diving
75Group C Boys 1M 12-13Calderwood, Samuel View Sheet 7.95.4Upper Valley Diving
76Cataldo, Andrew View Sheet 7.64.8Flip and Rip
77Cristofaro, Matthew J View Sheet 8.26.7South Shore Diving Club
78Picard, Joel View Sheet 8.46.6Dolphin Dive Club
79Small, Jeremiah View Sheet 8.16.0Boston Area Diving
80Group C Boys 3M 12-13Cristofaro, Matthew J View Sheet 8.35.0South Shore Diving Club
81Picard, Joel View Sheet 8.56.7Dolphin Dive Club
82Small, Jeremiah View Sheet 8.55.8Boston Area Diving
83Group C Girls 1M 12-13Bross, Amanda K View Sheet 8.04.4South Shore Diving Club
84Fasser, Calista View Sheet 7.43.8Flip and Rip
85Leahy, Kara L View Sheet 8.43.9South Shore Diving Club
86Montalto, Gabriella A View Sheet 8.74.2Flip and Rip
87Short, Brenna A View Sheet 8.84.4South Shore Diving Club
88Stout, Hannah S View Sheet 7.43.1South Shore Diving Club
89Templeton, Olivia R View Sheet 9.04.4South Shore Diving Club
90Tonole, Lillian View Sheet 8.64.5Dolphin Dive Club
91Weatherhead, Eve A View Sheet 8.74.4Boston Area Diving
92Group C Girls 3M 12-13Bross, Amanda K View Sheet 8.34.1South Shore Diving Club
93Leahy, Kara L View Sheet 8.53.6South Shore Diving Club
94Montalto, Gabriella A View Sheet 8.43.5Flip and Rip
95Short, Brenna A View Sheet 9.15.1South Shore Diving Club
96Templeton, Olivia R View Sheet 8.54.8South Shore Diving Club
97Tonole, Lillian View Sheet 8.63.6Dolphin Dive Club
98Weatherhead, Eve A View Sheet 8.43.5Boston Area Diving
99Group D Boys 1M 10-11Doyle, Peter J View Sheet 4.53.7South Shore Diving Club
100Group D Girls 1M 10-11Calhoun, Gage C View Sheet 4.83.9Springfield Area Diving
101Hanchett, Eveline M View Sheet 4.33.0Flip and Rip
102Him, Sadie L View Sheet 4.53.4South Shore Diving Club
103Magee, Lilah View Sheet 4.13.4South Shore Diving Club
104Mahery, Payton A View Sheet 4.13.5South Shore Diving Club
105SIERPINA, Isabel View Sheet 4.63.3Solo Aquatics
106Zeppa, Isabella R View Sheet 4.33.0Springfield Area Diving
107Group D Girls 3M 10-11Calhoun, Gage C View Sheet 5.03.5Springfield Area Diving
108Him, Sadie L View Sheet 4.83.6South Shore Diving Club
109Mahery, Payton A View Sheet 4.43.5South Shore Diving Club
110Zeppa, Isabella R View Sheet 4.92.8Springfield Area Diving
111Group E Boys 1M 9 underCalhoun, Ber View Sheet 4.61.7Springfield Area Diving
112Denoncourt, Luke View Sheet 4.21.6Boston Area Diving
113Picard, Adam View Sheet 4.52.2Dolphin Dive Club
114Group E Boys 3M 9 underDenoncourt, Luke View Sheet 4.41.5Boston Area Diving
115Picard, Adam View Sheet 4.41.6Dolphin Dive Club
116Group E Girls 1M 9 underHopper, Natalie View Sheet 4.71.4Flip and Rip
117McCormick, Lucy View Sheet 4.11.6Boston Area Diving
118McKenna, Phoebe View Sheet 4.91.4Central Mass Diving
119Rodriguez, Kiaralys I View Sheet 4.31.5Dolphin Dive Club
120Group E Girls 3M 9 underHopper, Natalie View Sheet 4.51.5Flip and Rip
121McCormick, Lucy View Sheet 4.41.6Boston Area Diving
122Novice Boys 12-13 3M (3s 4o)Calderwood, Samuel View Sheet 0.06.8Upper Valley Diving
123Novice Boys 14-15 3M (3s 5o)Mocerine, Brian W View Sheet 0.08.2Flip and Rip
124Novice Boys 16-18 3M (3s 5o)Foon, Yang Zheng View Sheet 0.09.8Flip and Rip
125HOFFER, Benjamin View Sheet 0.08.5Upper Valley Diving
126Novice Boys 9 under 1M (2s 3o)Franciosi, Brandon View Sheet 0.04.3Boston Area Diving
127Novice Girls 12-13 1M (2s 4o)Foxon, Sophia C View Sheet 0.06.1Central Mass Diving
128Harding, Margaret A View Sheet 0.06.1Central Mass Diving
129Hogan, Bridgette C View Sheet 0.05.7South Shore Diving Club
130Solberg, Layla View Sheet 0.06.0Flip and Rip
131Novice Girls 12-13 3M (3s 4o)Stout, Hannah S View Sheet 0.06.2South Shore Diving Club
132Novice Girls 14-15 3M (3s 5o)Raiti, Ella F View Sheet 0.08.5Flip and Rip
133Simpson, Ella View Sheet 0.09.0Flip and Rip
134Novice Girls 16-18 1M (2s 5o)Brantley, Tiana L View Sheet 0.07.7Central Mass Diving
135Flenniken, Lia View Sheet 0.07.3South Shore Diving Club
136Perry, Rachel M View Sheet 0.07.4South Shore Diving Club
137Ramesh, Nidhi View Sheet 0.07.6Central Mass Diving
138Somers, Kaley E View Sheet 0.07.5Central Mass Diving
139Novice Girls 16-18 3M (3s 5o)Flenniken, Lia View Sheet 0.07.9South Shore Diving Club
140Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel View Sheet 0.08.1Upper Valley Diving
141Perry, Rachel M View Sheet 0.07.7South Shore Diving Club
142Ramesh, Nidhi View Sheet 0.08.4Central Mass Diving
143Novice Girls 9 under 3M (2s 3o)McKenna, Phoebe View Sheet 0.04.9Central Mass Diving
144Rodriguez, Kiaralys I View Sheet 0.04.9Dolphin Dive Club
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