Name of Meet:
2018 Girls MISCA Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-07, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Oct-10, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Eastern Michigan University
Michael H. Jones Natatorium
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:
586 337-7520

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
2018 Girls MISCA Meet3411 3h38m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Ann Arbor HuronAnn ArborMI
2Ann Arbor PioneerAnn ArborMI
3Ann Arbor SkylineAnn ArborMI
4Birmingham GrovesBeverly HillsMI
5Chelsea High SchoolChelsea MI
7Dexter High SchoolDexterMI
8East KentwoodKentwoodMI
9Farmington Hills MercyFarmington HillsMI
10Forest Hills Northern EasternGrand RapidsMI
11Gaylord High SchoolGaylordMI
12Grand BlancGrand BlancMI
13Hamilton High SchoolHamiltonMI
14Holland ChristianhollandMI
15Holt High SchoolHoltMI
16Jenison High SchoolJenisonMI
17Mid'ville-Thornapple KelloggMiddlevilleMI
18Milan High SchoolMilanMI
19New Baltimore Anchor BayNew BaltimoreMI
20Novi High SchoolNovi MI
22Plainwell High SchoolPlainwellMI
23Traverse City Central High SchoolTraverse CityMI
24Utica EisenhowerShelby TwpMI
25Walled Lake WesternWalled LakeMI
26White Lake LakelandWhite LakeMI
27Zeeland EastZeelandMI
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Biesbrok, Hannah16 MIForest Hills Northern EasternOct 09, 11:54
2Blood, Rayah16HamitonMIHamilton High SchoolOct 08, 11:36
3Bolt, Emily18ZeelandMIHolland ChristianOct 07, 21:38
4Chalifoux, Ellie17 MIBirmingham GrovesOct 10, 08:51
5Costello, Annie16Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronOct 07, 21:02
6Crawford, Mackenzie18YpsilantiMIMilan High SchoolOct 08, 09:16
7Daman, Angelia19chelseaMIChelsea High SchoolOct 07, 17:31
8Darnell, Becca18Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronOct 07, 21:08
9Drake, Darby16Traverse CityMITraverse City Central High SchoolOct 10, 10:08
10Ejsmont, Kathryn18KentwoodMIEast KentwoodOct 08, 07:30
11Elenz, Caitlyn S17GaylordMIGaylord High SchoolOct 10, 08:52
12Fairbanks, Stella E16HighlandMIWhite Lake LakelandOct 10, 15:00
13Grossman, Elysa14DexterMIDexter High SchoolOct 10, 21:14
14Hagler, Carolyn M17Grand BlancMIGrand BlancOct 08, 21:59
15Hill, McKaela17NoviMINovi High SchoolOct 09, 19:46
16Koops, Abby16 MIForest Hills Northern EasternOct 09, 11:46
17Livengood, Anwyn16Traverse City MITraverse City Central High SchoolOct 10, 10:15
18McCliment, Ciara15FarmingtonMIFarmington Hills MercyOct 08, 19:04
19McKinney, Megan16HoltMIHolt High SchoolOct 08, 16:16
20mercier, Alex14 MIAnn Arbor PioneerOct 10, 22:09
21Morse, Abbi16JenisonMIJenison High SchoolOct 08, 11:46
22Palmer, Lizzy17ChesterfieldMINew Baltimore Anchor BayOct 10, 01:10
23Podsiadlo, Kamila M15WixomMIWalled Lake WesternOct 09, 19:36
24Ruud, Sami15Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronOct 07, 21:20
25Seibert, Taylor14 MIPlainwell High SchoolOct 08, 11:07
26Senkus, Mikaela M17MacombMIUtica EisenhowerOct 10, 10:11
27Shinohara, Anna16NoviMINovi High SchoolOct 09, 19:47
28Sleeman, Gracie R18AdaMIForest Hills Northern EasternOct 09, 11:43
29Smith, Anna18ZeelandMIZeeland EastOct 08, 10:56
30Smith, Zain C17Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor SkylineOct 10, 10:12
31Snyder, Elise M15DeWittMIDewittOct 10, 07:56
32Turner, Jade16Traverse CityMITraverse City Central High SchoolOct 10, 10:12
33Veltigian, Keira17OxfordMIOxfordOct 07, 16:59
34Youngs, Belle17KalamazooMIMid'ville-Thornapple KelloggOct 07, 17:28
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bates, ToddHead CoachMid'ville-Thornapple KelloggKalamazooMI
2Bergman, ShawnHead CoachDexter High SchoolChelseaMI
3Daly, ShawnAsst. CoachNew Baltimore Anchor BayChesterfieldMI
4Davis, MicheleHead CoachGaylord High SchoolGaylordMI
5Driesenga, DarrinHead CoachFarmington Hills MercyRoyal OakMI
6Egbers, MattHead CoachBirmingham GrovesFarmington HillsMI
7Fick, TylorAsst. CoachForest Hills Northern EasternKentwoodMI
8Gale, EricHead CoachEast KentwoodKentwoodMI
9gironza, danielCoachAnn Arbor PioneerNEW HUDSONMI
10Goodman, EdCoachAnn Arbor SkylineAnn ArborMI
11Guntzviller, CaseyHead CoachWalled Lake WesternCommerceMI
12Inman, MattHead CoachZeeland EastZeelandMI
13Kimball, VickiHead CoachAnn Arbor HuronAnn ArborMI
14Laginess, ChelseaHead CoachMilan High SchoolDundeeMI
15Leestma, HannaHead CoachDewittEast LansingMI
16Mason, DonHead CoachNovi High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
17Miller, MarcHead CoachWhite Lake LakelandHighlandMI
18Nelson, KristinAsst. CoachHolt High SchoolEast lansingMI
19Pearson, JohnHead CoachOxfordDrydenMI
20richart, kristyAsst. CoachChelsea High SchoolsalineMI
21Riemersma, DianeAsst. CoachHolland ChristianZeelandMI
22Seibert, LynneAsst. CoachPlainwell High SchoolPlainwellMI
23Taft, JasonAsst. CoachGrand BlancGrand BlancMI
24Talsma, EricAsst. CoachHamilton High SchoolHamiltonMI
25Venticinque, TonyHead CoachTraverse City Central High SchoolTraverse CityMI
26Zuehlke, BrianHead CoachJenison High SchoolHudsonvilleMI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Ann Arbor HuronCostello, Annie16Ann ArborMI
2Darnell, Becca18Ann ArborMI
3Ruud, Sami15Ann ArborMI
4Ann Arbor Pioneermercier, Alex14 MI
5Ann Arbor SkylineSmith, Zain C17Ann ArborMI
6Birmingham GrovesChalifoux, Ellie17 MI
7Chelsea High SchoolDaman, Angelia19chelseaMI
8DewittSnyder, Elise M15DeWittMI
9Dexter High SchoolGrossman, Elysa14DexterMI
10East KentwoodEjsmont, Kathryn18KentwoodMI
11Farmington Hills MercyMcCliment, Ciara15FarmingtonMI
12Forest Hills Northern EasternBiesbrok, Hannah16 MI
13Koops, Abby16 MI
14Sleeman, Gracie R18AdaMI
15Gaylord High SchoolElenz, Caitlyn S17GaylordMI
16Grand BlancHagler, Carolyn M17Grand BlancMI
17Hamilton High SchoolBlood, Rayah16HamitonMI
18Holland ChristianBolt, Emily18ZeelandMI
19Holt High SchoolMcKinney, Megan16HoltMI
20Jenison High SchoolMorse, Abbi16JenisonMI
21Mid'ville-Thornapple KelloggYoungs, Belle17KalamazooMI
22Milan High SchoolCrawford, Mackenzie18YpsilantiMI
23New Baltimore Anchor BayPalmer, Lizzy17ChesterfieldMI
24Novi High SchoolHill, McKaela17NoviMI
25Shinohara, Anna16NoviMI
26OxfordVeltigian, Keira17OxfordMI
27Plainwell High SchoolSeibert, Taylor14 MI
28Traverse City Central High SchoolDrake, Darby16Traverse CityMI
29Livengood, Anwyn16Traverse City MI
30Turner, Jade16Traverse CityMI
31Utica EisenhowerSenkus, Mikaela M17MacombMI
32Walled Lake WesternPodsiadlo, Kamila M15WixomMI
33White Lake LakelandFairbanks, Stella E16HighlandMI
34Zeeland EastSmith, Anna18ZeelandMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
12018 Girls MISCA MeetBiesbrok, Hannah View Sheet 8.613.4Forest Hills Northern Eastern
2Blood, Rayah View Sheet 8.713.8Hamilton High School
3Bolt, Emily View Sheet 8.613.8Holland Christian
4Chalifoux, Ellie View Sheet 8.913.4Birmingham Groves
5Costello, Annie View Sheet 8.613.7Ann Arbor Huron
6Crawford, Mackenzie View Sheet 8.714.5Milan High School
7Daman, Angelia View Sheet 8.613.5Chelsea High School
8Darnell, Becca View Sheet 8.213.0Ann Arbor Huron
9Drake, Darby View Sheet 9.014.5Traverse City Central High School
10Ejsmont, Kathryn View Sheet 8.613.5East Kentwood
11Elenz, Caitlyn S View Sheet 8.312.1Gaylord High School
12Fairbanks, Stella E View Sheet 8.713.4White Lake Lakeland
13Grossman, Elysa View Sheet 8.213.1Dexter High School
14Hagler, Carolyn M View Sheet 8.714.5Grand Blanc
15Hill, McKaela View Sheet 8.713.3Novi High School
16Koops, Abby View Sheet 8.212.9Forest Hills Northern Eastern
17Livengood, Anwyn View Sheet 8.613.6Traverse City Central High School
18McCliment, Ciara View Sheet 8.613.4Farmington Hills Mercy
19McKinney, Megan View Sheet 8.412.8Holt High School
20mercier, Alex View Sheet 8.212.8Ann Arbor Pioneer
21Morse, Abbi View Sheet 8.312.6Jenison High School
22Palmer, Lizzy View Sheet 8.613.7New Baltimore Anchor Bay
23Podsiadlo, Kamila M View Sheet 8.813.6Walled Lake Western
24Ruud, Sami View Sheet 8.713.4Ann Arbor Huron
25Seibert, Taylor View Sheet 8.613.0Plainwell High School
26Senkus, Mikaela M View Sheet 8.311.8Utica Eisenhower
27Shinohara, Anna View Sheet 8.412.7Novi High School
28Sleeman, Gracie R View Sheet 8.714.8Forest Hills Northern Eastern
29Smith, Anna View Sheet 8.814.3Zeeland East
30Smith, Zain C View Sheet 8.613.9Ann Arbor Skyline
31Snyder, Elise M View Sheet 8.813.3Dewitt
32Turner, Jade View Sheet 9.014.1Traverse City Central High School
33Veltigian, Keira View Sheet 8.813.6Oxford
34Youngs, Belle View Sheet 8.713.8Mid'ville-Thornapple Kellogg
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