Name of Meet:
Boys OK Red Conference Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-03, 12:00 PM EST
Registration Closes:
Mar-10, 12:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Kentwood Aquatic Center
6230 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Main Contact:
Eric Gale
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2411 2h34m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Caledonia CLSCaledoniaMI
2East KentwoodKentwoodMI
3Grand Haven High School BoysGrand Haven 
4Grandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
5Holland West OttawaHollandMI
6Holland-West OttawaHollandMI
7Hudsonville High SchoolHudsonvilleMI
9Rockford High School Boys DivingRockfordMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Ackley, Garrett  MI Grand Haven High School BoysMar 10, 10:10
2Austin, Xander  MI JensionMar 08, 10:32
3Barnes, Edward  MI Grand Haven High School BoysMar 10, 10:26
4Black, Drew  MI Holland West OttawaMar 09, 22:53
5Bloemers, Jonathan  MI Holland-West OttawaMar 09, 23:20
6Burdalic, Edwin  MI Grandville High SchoolMar 07, 09:57
7Cardenas, Julian AFR Rockford, MI Rockford High School Boys DivingMar 06, 16:03
8Gauck, Matthew  MI JensionMar 08, 11:33
9Giera, Benjamin  MI Rockford High School Boys DivingMar 06, 16:01
10Kanda, Elisee  MI East KentwoodMar 08, 22:12
11Martin, Silas  MI Hudsonville High SchoolMar 10, 12:03
12Palma, Chris  MI Grandville High SchoolMar 07, 10:01
13Reynolds, Nolan  MI Caledonia CLSMar 09, 10:32
14Russo, Robby  MI JensionMar 08, 11:27
15Theisen, Dylan  MI East KentwoodMar 08, 21:58
16Thompson, Nick  MI Hudsonville High SchoolMar 10, 10:23
17Tithof, Jared  MI Grand Haven High School BoysMar 10, 09:56
18Truskowski, Griffin  MI Grandville High SchoolMar 07, 10:05
19VanSprange, Carter  MI Hudsonville High SchoolMar 10, 10:13
20Vickery, JoshuaSR Rockford, MI Rockford High School Boys DivingMar 06, 15:57
21Walker, Nick  MI Hudsonville High SchoolMar 10, 10:20
22Welmerink, Matthew  MI Hudsonville High SchoolMar 10, 12:07
23Wright, Isaiah  MI East KentwoodMar 08, 22:16
24Zeqlam, Yanal  MI East KentwoodMar 08, 22:03
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bosma, TannerCoachHolland-West OttawaWest OliveMI
2Brinks, DaveHead CoachGrandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
3Clack, MicahHead CoachJensionJenisonMI
4Gale, EricHead CoachEast KentwoodKentwoodMI
5Gebraad, KyleAsst. CoachHudsonville High SchoolGrand RapidsMI
6Hornecker, AmberCoachCaledonia CLSGrand RapidsMI
7Karsen, DouglasHead CoachRockford High School Boys DivingGrand RapidsMI
8Klempel, ScottHead CoachGrand Haven High School BoysGrand HavenMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Caledonia CLSReynolds, Nolan  MI
2East KentwoodKanda, Elisee  MI
3Theisen, Dylan  MI
4Wright, Isaiah  MI
5Zeqlam, Yanal  MI
6Grand Haven High School BoysAckley, Garrett  MI
7Barnes, Edward  MI
8Tithof, Jared  MI
9Grandville High SchoolBurdalic, Edwin  MI
10Palma, Chris  MI
11Truskowski, Griffin  MI
12Holland West OttawaBlack, Drew  MI
13Holland-West OttawaBloemers, Jonathan  MI
14Hudsonville High SchoolMartin, Silas  MI
15Thompson, Nick  MI
16VanSprange, Carter  MI
17Walker, Nick  MI
18Welmerink, Matthew  MI
19JensionAustin, Xander  MI
20Gauck, Matthew  MI
21Russo, Robby  MI
22Rockford High School Boys DivingCardenas, Julian AFRRockfordMI
23Giera, Benjamin  MI
24Vickery, JoshuaSRRockfordMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingAckley, Garrett View Sheet 8.212.8Grand Haven High School Boys
2Austin, Xander View Sheet 8.914.7Jension
3Barnes, Edward View Sheet 8.513.2Grand Haven High School Boys
4Black, Drew View Sheet 8.814.7Holland West Ottawa
5Bloemers, Jonathan View Sheet 8.110.8Holland-West Ottawa
6Burdalic, Edwin View Sheet 8.613.5Grandville High School
7Cardenas, Julian A View Sheet 8.614.8Rockford High School Boys Diving
8Gauck, Matthew View Sheet 8.212.4Jension
9Giera, Benjamin View Sheet 8.915.6Rockford High School Boys Diving
10Kanda, Elisee View Sheet 8.212.4East Kentwood
11Martin, Silas View Sheet 8.19.6Hudsonville High School
12Palma, Chris View Sheet 7.710.0Grandville High School
13Reynolds, Nolan View Sheet 8.611.1Caledonia CLS
14Russo, Robby View Sheet 8.012.0Jension
15Theisen, Dylan View Sheet 8.614.7East Kentwood
16Thompson, Nick View Sheet 8.012.7Hudsonville High School
17Tithof, Jared View Sheet 8.913.2Grand Haven High School Boys
18Truskowski, Griffin View Sheet 8.19.3Grandville High School
19VanSprange, Carter View Sheet 8.413.6Hudsonville High School
20Vickery, Joshua View Sheet 8.914.1Rockford High School Boys Diving
21Walker, Nick View Sheet 8.212.4Hudsonville High School
22Welmerink, Matthew View Sheet 8.011.0Hudsonville High School
23Wright, Isaiah View Sheet 7.89.2East Kentwood
24Zeqlam, Yanal View Sheet 8.813.3East Kentwood
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