Name of Meet:
Southwest Classic 2019
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Dec-06, 8:00 AM EDT
Registration Closes:
Jan-10, 8:00 PM EDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Corwin M. Nixon Aquatic Center
750 S. Oak St
Oxford, OH 45056
Main Contact:
Leigha Raess
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet is in progress now!

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
1M Boys at UC4711 5h1m View Rules
1M Boys Mason WTRC86 28m View Rules
1M Boys Miami A96 31m View Rules
1M Boys Miami B86 28m View Rules
1M Boys Milford Countryside216 1h13m View Rules
1M Boys Trotwood Centerville DRAC66 21m View Rules
1M Girls at UC9611 10h16m View Rules
1M Girls Mason WTRC266 1h31m View Rules
1M Girls Miami A156 52m View Rules
1M Girls Miami B186 1h3m View Rules
1M Girls Milford Countryside236 1h20m View Rules
1M Girls Trotwood Centerville DRAC276 1h34m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Anderson High School CincinnatiCincinnatiOH
2Archibishop Alter High SchoolKetteringOH
3Beavercreek high schoolBeavercreekOH
4Bellbrook High SchoolBellbrookOH
6Cincinnati Country Day SchoolIndian HillOH
7Cincinnati ElderCincinnatiOH
8Cincinnati La SalleCincinnatiOH
9Cincinnati SetonCincinnatiOH
10Hamilton High ShcoolHamiltonOH
11Indian Hill High ScoolCincinnatiOH
12Kettering Fairmont High SchoolKetteringOH
13Lakota EastWest ChesterOH
14Lakota WestWest ChesterOH
15Loveland High SchoolLovelandOH
16Madeira High SchoolCincinnatiOH
17Mariemont High SchoolCincinnatiOH
18Mason High SchoolMasonOH
19Mercy McAuleyCincinnatiOH
20Miamisburg High SchoolMiamisburgOH
21Milford High SchoolMilfordOH
23Mount Notre DameReadingOH
24National Trail High SchoolNew ParisOH
25Oak HillsCincinnatiOH
26Oakwood High School OakwoodOH
27Piqua High School DivingPiquaOH
28Saint Ursula AcademyCincinnatiOH
29Springboro High SchoolSpringboroOH
30St. Xavier High SchoolCincinnatiOH
31Summit Country Day SchoolCincinnatiOH
33Talawanda High SchooloxfordOH
34Turpin High SchoolCincinnatiOH
35Ursuline AcademyCINCINNATIOH
36Walnut Hills High SchoolCincinnatiOH
37West ClermontBataviaOH
38Wyoming High SchoolWyomingOH
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1A'hearn, Patrick  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 22:18
2Adams, Sarah  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 18:07
3Allen, Kyle  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 22:12
4Asbury, Ali  Cincinnati, OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 09:02
5Ashton, Karina MJR Mason, OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 14:49
6Bachman, Rosemary  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 21:58
7Barber, Jacob  OH Lakota WestJan 09, 09:08
8Behimer, William H  Loveland, OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 08, 11:23
9Benson, Emmalee  OH Bellbrook High SchoolJan 06, 10:07
10Benz, Zander  OH Cincinnati La SalleJan 09, 10:02
11Bliss, Logan  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 22:10
12Blome, Adam  OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 08, 11:38
13Bobst, Madelyn  OH SycamoreJan 09, 11:31
14Bobst, Rachel  OH Mount Notre DameJan 08, 10:11
15Boeres, EllekaFR Cincinnati, OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 17:38
16Bonnell, Samantha  OH Mariemont High SchoolJan 06, 12:41
17Bos, Savanna  Hamilton, OH Ursuline AcademyJan 09, 15:36
18Boyd-Hughes, Kristal  OH West ClermontJan 02, 22:09
19Bradley, Will  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 17:38
20Bradney, Libby  OH Piqua High School DivingJan 10, 14:56
21Braun, Maggie  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 18:22
22Brossart, Gracie  OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 14:58
23Brown, Audrey  OH West ClermontJan 02, 22:08
24Bruns, Emma  OH Ursuline AcademyJan 09, 15:45
25Bullock, Riley ESR Loveland, OH Loveland High SchoolJan 09, 11:46
26Cafarelli, Nicholas  OH Hamilton High ShcoolJan 10, 09:14
27Carney, Alyssa  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 22:04
28Carroll, Mac  Cincinnati , OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 22:07
29Cline, Shelby G  Loveland, OH Loveland High SchoolJan 09, 11:52
30Combs, Natalie  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 21:53
31Conard, Ella  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 22:26
32Cooper, Sophie  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 17:46
33Courtney, Grace CSO Cincinnati, OH Wyoming High SchoolJan 09, 16:05
34Cox, Nathan  OH Mariemont High SchoolJan 06, 12:08
35Coyner, Greta  OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 14:57
36Craft, Caroline  cincinnati, OH Ursuline AcademyJan 09, 15:49
37Cummins, Ali  OH CentervilleJan 10, 11:04
38Cutforth, Ben  Cincinnati, OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 08, 11:46
39DANNEMILLER, Erin  OH Mount Notre DameJan 08, 11:14
40Davenport, Sophia  OH Madeira High SchoolJan 06, 13:04
41Davis, Leah  OH Bellbrook High SchoolJan 06, 10:19
42De Felice, Ana  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 21:38
43Dearden, Clara  Cincinnati, OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 18:31
44Deutsch, Peyton  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 22:28
45Dunham, Sam  OH Lakota EastJan 09, 09:49
46Edmondson, Emmy  OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 10, 09:53
47Egan, Kali  OH Loveland High SchoolJan 09, 11:57
48Ellingson, Paige  OH SycamoreJan 09, 11:35
49Enwright, Lizzie  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 10, 17:48
50Evans, Nathan  OH Cincinnati ElderJan 09, 11:24
51Eversole, Morgan  OH Loveland High SchoolJan 09, 12:02
52Filer, Sydney  OH Beavercreek high schoolJan 07, 07:41
53Firsdon, Leah  OH CentervilleJan 08, 23:55
54Flaute, Dylan  OH CentervilleJan 09, 00:16
55Fortman, Kelli  Cincinnati, OH Mercy McAuleyJan 08, 10:29
56Fox, MadisonSR Batavia, OH Mount Notre DameJan 08, 10:02
57Fritz, Lillian J  Cincinnati , OH Mount Notre DameJan 09, 09:39
58Gerasimchuk, Pavel  OH Wyoming High SchoolJan 09, 16:12
59Gerth, David  OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 08, 11:32
60Gorski, Colleen  OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 14:52
61Grimes, Anna  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 09:23
62Grote, Donald W  Cincinnati, OH Oak HillsJan 10, 10:08
63Gruber, Haleigh  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 18:00
64Gruen, Noah  OH Mariemont High SchoolJan 06, 12:31
65Hafner, Charlie  OH Cincinnati ElderJan 09, 11:15
66Hall, Caleb  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 10, 15:17
67Hall, Gavin  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 10, 15:11
68Hang, Gavin  OH St. Xavier High SchoolJan 09, 09:49
69Hanna, Mallory  OH Ursuline AcademyJan 09, 15:52
70Hargrave, Jalayna  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 07, 08:36
71Hartley, Sean  OH Anderson High School CincinnatiJan 10, 19:19
72Hatton, Steven  OH West ClermontJan 02, 22:10
73Hess, Elise  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 22:30
74Heyne, Kaden  OH CentervilleJan 09, 00:08
75Hool, Samuel  Oxford, OH Talawanda High SchoolJan 07, 13:36
76Hornak, Phoebe  OH Miamisburg High SchoolJan 08, 15:07
77Howell, Bella  OH Bellbrook High SchoolJan 06, 10:16
78Huber, Gemma  OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 18:36
79Huber, Mia  OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 18:34
80Hurst, Alex  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 10, 12:08
81Huxol, Camille  OH Cincinnati Country Day SchoolJan 09, 18:48
82Jecker, Madelyn  OH Archibishop Alter High SchoolJan 08, 15:05
83Jernovics, Grace  OH Springboro High SchoolJan 08, 22:52
84Johnston, Anthony  Dayton, OH Beavercreek high schoolJan 07, 06:45
85Keil, Sydney  OH Loveland High SchoolJan 09, 12:06
86Kernan, Jack  Dayton, OH Archibishop Alter High SchoolJan 08, 14:58
87Kim, Analise  OH SycamoreJan 09, 11:38
88Klingshirn, Mallory  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 18:15
89Kowalski, Taylor  Cincinnati, OH Mount Notre DameJan 08, 10:28
90Krusinski, Sarah NJR Liberty Twp, OH Mount Notre DameJan 08, 09:53
91Kurtz, Becca  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 07, 08:32
92Lamb, Zoe  OH CentervilleJan 08, 23:25
93Landolt, Preston  OH SycamoreJan 09, 11:10
94Lehman, Addie  OH Talawanda High SchoolJan 07, 13:40
95Lightfield, Hannah  OH Talawanda High SchoolJan 07, 13:47
96Loftus, Gabe  OH Cincinnati La SalleJan 09, 10:43
97Lombardo, Lauren A  Mason, OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 15:04
98Lovdal, Abby  OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 10, 10:02
99Luca, Bre  OH Oak HillsJan 10, 11:38
100Lupariello, Ethan  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 22:15
101Mays, Natalie  OH Turpin High SchoolJan 09, 09:06
102Meckstroth, Carsyn  OH Piqua High School DivingJan 10, 15:45
103Meinhardt, MariaSO Cincinnati, OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 09, 10:59
104Meisel, Morgan  OH Mercy McAuleyJan 09, 10:09
105Moesle, Hailey  West Chester, OH Lakota EastJan 09, 09:43
106Moore, EthanJR Cincinnati, OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 17:28
107Morris, Ethan  OH Indian Hill High ScoolJan 06, 13:52
108Mull, Carolina  OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 15:35
109MUSSMAN, Anna VFR Cincinnati, OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 09, 11:05
110Neff, Anna  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 22:31
111Nicholas, Camilla  OH Piqua High School DivingJan 10, 16:00
112Nissley, Isabel  OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 18:40
113Noble, Elizabeth BSO Cincinnati, OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 18:42
114Noel, Sara  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 07, 08:37
115Osterday, Gavin N  Cincinnati, OH MoellerJan 08, 20:44
116Overberg, Maggie  OH Indian Hill High ScoolJan 06, 13:29
117Parker, Ben  OH Wyoming High SchoolJan 09, 16:20
118Peebles, Thomas  OH Springboro High SchoolJan 08, 22:39
119Peffly, Tahlia  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 18:31
120Penote, John  OH Summit Country Day SchoolJan 06, 13:17
121Perren, Clay  OH Lakota WestJan 09, 09:01
122Petersen, Langley  OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 14:47
123Petrick, Jazzy  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 07, 08:40
124Poulton, Faith  OH CentervilleJan 10, 11:02
125Pulte, Mackenzie  OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 10, 09:46
126Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah  OH West ClermontJan 02, 22:13
127Reichling, Jacob  OH Oak HillsJan 10, 10:37
128Robinson, Tiller E  Oakwood, OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 21:41
129Rodriguez, Kristina  OH Mercy McAuleyJan 08, 10:28
130Roemaker, Haley  Beavercreek, OH Beavercreek high schoolJan 07, 07:05
131Rose, Demi  OH Miamisburg High SchoolJan 08, 15:09
132Rothfuss, Kate  OH Anderson High School CincinnatiJan 10, 19:14
133Russell, Vito  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 21:47
134Ryland, Sabrina  OH Oak HillsJan 10, 11:29
135Samuels, Jack  Cincinnati, OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 17:31
136Sanker, Rylee  Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati SetonJan 09, 10:11
137Schauer, Jude  OH Oakwood High School Jan 08, 21:50
138Schmidt, Emmy  OH Saint Ursula AcademyJan 09, 11:55
139Senkiw, Paige  OH Archibishop Alter High SchoolJan 08, 15:00
140Shimala, Claire  OH Ursuline AcademyJan 09, 15:55
141Shumard, Kole  OH Milford High SchoolJan 05, 17:44
142Slusher, Grayson  OH Madeira High SchoolJan 06, 12:58
143Smith, Ellie  OH Miamisburg High SchoolJan 08, 15:37
144Southall, Emma  OH West ClermontJan 02, 22:02
145Stahr, Morgan  OH Talawanda High SchoolJan 07, 13:44
146Stiens, Nicolas  OH Cincinnati ElderJan 09, 11:11
147Tate, Reece  Piqua, OH Piqua High School DivingJan 10, 14:20
148Taylor, Rose  OH Miamisburg High SchoolJan 08, 15:35
149Tharpe, Ella  OH Kettering Fairmont High SchoolJan 07, 07:52
150Tolley, Hannah  OH Beavercreek high schoolJan 07, 06:52
151Vaillancourt, Noah  OH Lakota WestJan 09, 08:52
152Vollmer, Jacob  OH Cincinnati ElderJan 09, 11:07
153Welsh, Alex  OH Bellbrook High SchoolJan 06, 09:55
154Wenker, Courtney  OH Indian Hill High ScoolJan 06, 13:37
155Whitesell, Allison  OH National Trail High SchoolJan 09, 21:15
156Wilner, Lucas  OH Mariemont High SchoolJan 06, 12:19
157Wiseman, Grace  Beavercreek, OH Beavercreek high schoolJan 07, 07:39
158Wolf, James  OH MoellerJan 08, 20:53
159Woody, Reese  OH Mason High SchoolJan 10, 15:32
160Zavon, Bob  OH Walnut Hills High SchoolJan 09, 17:35
161Zelinski, Robyn  OH Archibishop Alter High SchoolJan 08, 15:01
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bushman, CarrieHead CoachCincinnati ElderCincinnatiOH
2Comstock, AllisonHead CoachPiqua High School DivingPiquaOH
3Flaherty, WarrenAsst. CoachSpringboro High SchoolSpringboroOH
4Frye, EmmaHead CoachMilford High SchoolMilfordOH
5Gallagher, DebraAsst. CoachAnderson High School CincinnatiCincinnatiOH
6Glorius, JasonCoachMason High SchoolGranvilleOH
7Hickey, PatriceHead CoachArchibishop Alter High SchoolCentervilleOH
8Licata, AliceHead CoachCentervilleKetteringOH
9Meyer, NathanHead CoachBellbrook High SchoolDaytonOH
10Noble, RayHead CoachIndian Hill High ScoolMilfordOH
11Prebles, CatherineHead CoachLakota EastHamiltonOH
12Ruebush, KajsaHead CoachNational Trail High SchoolEatonOH
13Schindler, JamieHead CoachOakwood High School CentervilleOH
14Schoenbaechler, StevenHead CoachKettering Fairmont High SchoolLebanonOH
15Sennett, KeriHead CoachTalawanda High SchoolWest ChesterOH
16Thornton, ChadHead CoachTurpin High SchoolCincinnatiOH
17Unthank, BrandonHead CoachOak HillsCincinnatiOH
18Wagner, ElizabethHead CoachHamilton High ShcoolHamiltonOH
19Werwinski, LisaHead CoachWest ClermontLovelandOH
20Wolkoff, DavidAsst. CoachCincinnati Country Day SchoolCincinnatiOH
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Anderson High School CincinnatiHartley, Sean  OH
2Rothfuss, Kate  OH
3Archibishop Alter High SchoolJecker, Madelyn  OH
4Kernan, Jack DaytonOH
5Senkiw, Paige  OH
6Zelinski, Robyn  OH
7Beavercreek high schoolFiler, Sydney  OH
8Johnston, Anthony DaytonOH
9Roemaker, Haley BeavercreekOH
10Tolley, Hannah  OH
11Wiseman, Grace BeavercreekOH
12Bellbrook High SchoolBenson, Emmalee  OH
13Davis, Leah  OH
14Howell, Bella  OH
15Welsh, Alex  OH
16CentervilleCummins, Ali  OH
17Firsdon, Leah  OH
18Flaute, Dylan  OH
19Heyne, Kaden  OH
20Lamb, Zoe  OH
21Poulton, Faith  OH
22Cincinnati Country Day SchoolHuxol, Camille  OH
23Cincinnati ElderEvans, Nathan  OH
24Hafner, Charlie  OH
25Stiens, Nicolas  OH
26Vollmer, Jacob  OH
27Cincinnati La SalleBenz, Zander  OH
28Loftus, Gabe  OH
29Cincinnati SetonSanker, Rylee CincinnatiOH
30Hamilton High ShcoolCafarelli, Nicholas  OH
31Indian Hill High ScoolMorris, Ethan  OH
32Overberg, Maggie  OH
33Wenker, Courtney  OH
34Kettering Fairmont High SchoolEnwright, Lizzie  OH
35Hall, Caleb  OH
36Hall, Gavin  OH
37Hargrave, Jalayna  OH
38Kurtz, Becca  OH
39Noel, Sara  OH
40Petrick, Jazzy  OH
41Tharpe, Ella  OH
42Lakota EastDunham, Sam  OH
43Moesle, Hailey West ChesterOH
44Lakota WestBarber, Jacob  OH
45Perren, Clay  OH
46Vaillancourt, Noah  OH
47Loveland High SchoolBullock, Riley ESRLovelandOH
48Cline, Shelby G LovelandOH
49Egan, Kali  OH
50Eversole, Morgan  OH
51Keil, Sydney  OH
52Madeira High SchoolDavenport, Sophia  OH
53Slusher, Grayson  OH
54Mariemont High SchoolBonnell, Samantha  OH
55Cox, Nathan  OH
56Gruen, Noah  OH
57Wilner, Lucas  OH
58Mason High SchoolAshton, Karina MJRMasonOH
59Brossart, Gracie  OH
60Coyner, Greta  OH
61Gorski, Colleen  OH
62Lombardo, Lauren A MasonOH
63Mull, Carolina  OH
64Petersen, Langley  OH
65Woody, Reese  OH
66Mercy McAuleyFortman, Kelli CincinnatiOH
67Meisel, Morgan  OH
68Rodriguez, Kristina  OH
69Miamisburg High SchoolHornak, Phoebe  OH
70Rose, Demi  OH
71Smith, Ellie  OH
72Taylor, Rose  OH
73Milford High SchoolAdams, Sarah  OH
74Bradley, Will  OH
75Braun, Maggie  OH
76Cooper, Sophie  OH
77Gruber, Haleigh  OH
78Klingshirn, Mallory  OH
79Peffly, Tahlia  OH
80Shumard, Kole  OH
81MoellerOsterday, Gavin N CincinnatiOH
82Wolf, James  OH
83Mount Notre DameBobst, Rachel  OH
85Fox, MadisonSRBataviaOH
86Fritz, Lillian J Cincinnati OH
87Kowalski, Taylor CincinnatiOH
88Krusinski, Sarah NJRLiberty TwpOH
89National Trail High SchoolWhitesell, Allison  OH
90Oak HillsGrote, Donald W CincinnatiOH
91Luca, Bre  OH
92Reichling, Jacob  OH
93Ryland, Sabrina  OH
94Oakwood High School Conard, Ella  OH
95De Felice, Ana  OH
96Deutsch, Peyton  OH
97Hess, Elise  OH
98Neff, Anna  OH
99Robinson, Tiller E OakwoodOH
100Russell, Vito  OH
101Schauer, Jude  OH
102Piqua High School DivingBradney, Libby  OH
103Meckstroth, Carsyn  OH
104Nicholas, Camilla  OH
105Tate, Reece PiquaOH
106Saint Ursula AcademyEdmondson, Emmy  OH
107Lovdal, Abby  OH
108Meinhardt, MariaSOCincinnatiOH
109MUSSMAN, Anna VFRCincinnatiOH
110Pulte, Mackenzie  OH
111Schmidt, Emmy  OH
112Springboro High SchoolJernovics, Grace  OH
113Peebles, Thomas  OH
114St. Xavier High SchoolBehimer, William H LovelandOH
115Blome, Adam  OH
116Cutforth, Ben CincinnatiOH
117Gerth, David  OH
118Hang, Gavin  OH
119Summit Country Day SchoolPenote, John  OH
120SycamoreBobst, Madelyn  OH
121Ellingson, Paige  OH
122Kim, Analise  OH
123Landolt, Preston  OH
124Talawanda High SchoolHool, Samuel OxfordOH
125Lehman, Addie  OH
126Lightfield, Hannah  OH
127Stahr, Morgan  OH
128Turpin High SchoolA'hearn, Patrick  OH
129Allen, Kyle  OH
130Asbury, Ali CincinnatiOH
131Bachman, Rosemary  OH
132Bliss, Logan  OH
133Carney, Alyssa  OH
134Carroll, Mac Cincinnati OH
135Combs, Natalie  OH
136Grimes, Anna  OH
137Hurst, Alex  OH
138Lupariello, Ethan  OH
139Mays, Natalie  OH
140Ursuline AcademyBos, Savanna HamiltonOH
141Bruns, Emma  OH
142Craft, Caroline cincinnatiOH
143Hanna, Mallory  OH
144Shimala, Claire  OH
145Walnut Hills High SchoolBoeres, EllekaFRCincinnatiOH
146Dearden, Clara CincinnatiOH
147Huber, Gemma  OH
148Huber, Mia  OH
149Moore, EthanJRCincinnatiOH
150Nissley, Isabel  OH
151Noble, Elizabeth BSOCincinnatiOH
152Samuels, Jack CincinnatiOH
153Zavon, Bob  OH
154West ClermontBoyd-Hughes, Kristal  OH
155Brown, Audrey  OH
156Hatton, Steven  OH
157Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah  OH
158Southall, Emma  OH
159Wyoming High SchoolCourtney, Grace CSOCincinnatiOH
160Gerasimchuk, Pavel  OH
161Parker, Ben  OH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
11M Boys at UCA'hearn, Patrick View Sheet 7.810.2Turpin High School
2Allen, Kyle View Sheet 8.611.8Turpin High School
3Barber, Jacob View Sheet 8.212.6Lakota West
4Behimer, William H View Sheet 8.513.5St. Xavier High School
5Benz, Zander View Sheet 8.712.9Cincinnati La Salle
6Bliss, Logan View Sheet 7.812.3Turpin High School
7Blome, Adam View Sheet 7.69.7St. Xavier High School
8Bradley, Will View Sheet 8.410.2Milford High School
9Carroll, Mac View Sheet 7.911.7Turpin High School
10Cox, Nathan View Sheet 8.713.7Mariemont High School
11Cutforth, Ben View Sheet 8.613.8St. Xavier High School
12Dunham, Sam View Sheet 8.411.6Lakota East
13Evans, Nathan View Sheet 8.711.3Cincinnati Elder
14Gerasimchuk, Pavel View Sheet 8.613.2Wyoming High School
15Gerth, David View Sheet 7.910.4St. Xavier High School
16Grote, Donald W View Sheet 8.712.0Oak Hills
17Gruen, Noah View Sheet 8.210.0Mariemont High School
18Hafner, Charlie View Sheet 8.210.3Cincinnati Elder
19Hang, Gavin View Sheet 8.513.1St. Xavier High School
20Hartley, Sean View Sheet 7.810.7Anderson High School Cincinnati
21Hatton, Steven View Sheet 8.09.4West Clermont
22Heyne, Kaden View Sheet 7.810.7Centerville
23Hool, Samuel View Sheet 8.715.5Talawanda High School
24Hurst, Alex View Sheet 8.29.8Turpin High School
25Johnston, Anthony View Sheet 8.513.1Beavercreek high school
26Kernan, Jack View Sheet 8.613.7Archibishop Alter High School
27Landolt, Preston View Sheet 9.015.1Sycamore
28Loftus, Gabe View Sheet 7.99.4Cincinnati La Salle
29Lupariello, Ethan View Sheet 8.29.8Turpin High School
30Moore, Ethan View Sheet 8.713.3Walnut Hills High School
31Morris, Ethan View Sheet 8.611.5Indian Hill High Scool
32Osterday, Gavin N View Sheet 8.913.7Moeller
33Parker, Ben View Sheet 8.110.4Wyoming High School
34Peebles, Thomas View Sheet 8.010.9Springboro High School
35Penote, John View Sheet 8.011.6Summit Country Day School
36Perren, Clay View Sheet 8.010.5Lakota West
37Reichling, Jacob View Sheet 7.99.7Oak Hills
38Russell, Vito View Sheet 7.69.5Oakwood High School
39Samuels, Jack View Sheet 8.812.8Walnut Hills High School
40Schauer, Jude View Sheet 7.99.8Oakwood High School
41Stiens, Nicolas View Sheet 8.310.1Cincinnati Elder
42Vaillancourt, Noah View Sheet 8.713.0Lakota West
43Vollmer, Jacob View Sheet 8.310.4Cincinnati Elder
44Welsh, Alex View Sheet 8.412.5Bellbrook High School
45Wilner, Lucas View Sheet 8.010.8Mariemont High School
46Wolf, James View Sheet 7.911.0Moeller
47Zavon, Bob View Sheet 8.413.2Walnut Hills High School
481M Boys Mason WTRCFlaute, Dylan View Sheet 4.95.2Centerville
49Heyne, Kaden View Sheet 4.85.6Centerville
50Landolt, Preston View Sheet 5.37.8Sycamore
51Moore, Ethan View Sheet 5.26.7Walnut Hills High School
52Peebles, Thomas View Sheet 5.05.8Springboro High School
53Samuels, Jack View Sheet 5.16.8Walnut Hills High School
54Welsh, Alex View Sheet 5.17.2Bellbrook High School
55Zavon, Bob View Sheet 5.16.9Walnut Hills High School
561M Boys Miami ABehimer, William H View Sheet 5.16.8St. Xavier High School
57Benz, Zander View Sheet 5.16.7Cincinnati La Salle
58Blome, Adam View Sheet 5.04.8St. Xavier High School
59Cutforth, Ben View Sheet 5.16.6St. Xavier High School
60Gerth, David View Sheet 4.84.9St. Xavier High School
61Grote, Donald W View Sheet 5.16.4Oak Hills
62Hang, Gavin View Sheet 5.16.6St. Xavier High School
63Loftus, Gabe View Sheet 5.04.7Cincinnati La Salle
64Reichling, Jacob View Sheet 4.84.9Oak Hills
651M Boys Miami BCafarelli, Nicholas View Sheet 5.14.9Hamilton High Shcool
66Evans, Nathan View Sheet 5.06.0Cincinnati Elder
67Gerasimchuk, Pavel View Sheet 5.26.5Wyoming High School
68Hafner, Charlie View Sheet 5.05.3Cincinnati Elder
69Hool, Samuel View Sheet 5.28.0Talawanda High School
70Parker, Ben View Sheet 5.14.9Wyoming High School
71Stiens, Nicolas View Sheet 4.95.4Cincinnati Elder
72Vollmer, Jacob View Sheet 5.15.3Cincinnati Elder
731M Boys Milford CountrysideA'hearn, Patrick View Sheet 5.04.9Turpin High School
74Allen, Kyle View Sheet 4.96.7Turpin High School
75Barber, Jacob View Sheet 5.17.1Lakota West
76Bliss, Logan View Sheet 5.06.1Turpin High School
77Bradley, Will View Sheet 5.05.6Milford High School
78Carroll, Mac View Sheet 5.06.3Turpin High School
79Cox, Nathan View Sheet 5.27.0Mariemont High School
80Dunham, Sam View Sheet 5.05.4Lakota East
81Gruen, Noah View Sheet 4.95.7Mariemont High School
82Hartley, Sean View Sheet 4.74.9Anderson High School Cincinnati
83Hatton, Steven View Sheet 4.94.9West Clermont
84Hurst, Alex View Sheet 4.95.0Turpin High School
85Lupariello, Ethan View Sheet 4.95.2Turpin High School
86Morris, Ethan View Sheet 5.16.7Indian Hill High Scool
87Osterday, Gavin N View Sheet 5.27.3Moeller
88Penote, John View Sheet 5.06.6Summit Country Day School
89Perren, Clay View Sheet 5.05.3Lakota West
90Shumard, Kole View Sheet 4.64.7Milford High School
91Vaillancourt, Noah View Sheet 5.36.7Lakota West
92Wilner, Lucas View Sheet 4.96.3Mariemont High School
93Wolf, James View Sheet 5.06.2Moeller
941M Boys Trotwood Centerville DRACHall, Caleb View Sheet 4.84.8Kettering Fairmont High School
95Hall, Gavin View Sheet 4.84.7Kettering Fairmont High School
96Johnston, Anthony View Sheet 5.06.8Beavercreek high school
97Kernan, Jack View Sheet 5.27.0Archibishop Alter High School
98Russell, Vito View Sheet 4.54.5Oakwood High School
99Schauer, Jude View Sheet 4.95.1Oakwood High School
1001M Girls at UCAdams, Sarah View Sheet 7.99.9Milford High School
101Asbury, Ali View Sheet 8.613.1Turpin High School
102Ashton, Karina M View Sheet 8.613.5Mason High School
103Bachman, Rosemary View Sheet 8.010.6Turpin High School
104Benson, Emmalee View Sheet 7.89.7Bellbrook High School
105Bobst, Madelyn View Sheet 8.210.5Sycamore
106Bobst, Rachel View Sheet 7.810.4Mount Notre Dame
107Boeres, Elleka View Sheet 8.612.6Walnut Hills High School
108Bonnell, Samantha View Sheet 8.09.7Mariemont High School
109Bos, Savanna View Sheet 8.412.9Ursuline Academy
110Boyd-Hughes, Kristal View Sheet 8.09.2West Clermont
111Bradney, Libby View Sheet 8.310.9Piqua High School Diving
112Braun, Maggie View Sheet 8.19.9Milford High School
113Brossart, Gracie View Sheet 7.711.0Mason High School
114Brown, Audrey View Sheet 7.59.6West Clermont
115Bruns, Emma View Sheet 8.711.2Ursuline Academy
116Bullock, Riley E View Sheet 8.714.3Loveland High School
117Carney, Alyssa View Sheet 8.210.8Turpin High School
118Cline, Shelby G View Sheet 8.410.0Loveland High School
119Combs, Natalie View Sheet 8.810.3Turpin High School
120Conard, Ella View Sheet 7.49.5Oakwood High School
121Cooper, Sophie View Sheet 8.412.7Milford High School
122Courtney, Grace C View Sheet 9.013.7Wyoming High School
123Coyner, Greta View Sheet 7.610.6Mason High School
124Craft, Caroline View Sheet 8.412.6Ursuline Academy
125Cummins, Ali View Sheet 7.89.4Centerville
126DANNEMILLER, Erin View Sheet 7.89.4Mount Notre Dame
127Davenport, Sophia View Sheet 8.59.9Madeira High School
128Davis, Leah View Sheet 7.99.6Bellbrook High School
129De Felice, Ana View Sheet 8.410.5Oakwood High School
130Dearden, Clara View Sheet 8.713.0Walnut Hills High School
131Deutsch, Peyton View Sheet 7.49.8Oakwood High School
132Edmondson, Emmy View Sheet 7.79.6Saint Ursula Academy
133Egan, Kali View Sheet 8.812.1Loveland High School
134Ellingson, Paige View Sheet 8.612.0Sycamore
135Eversole, Morgan View Sheet 8.110.0Loveland High School
136Firsdon, Leah View Sheet 7.89.6Centerville
137Fortman, Kelli View Sheet 7.710.4Mercy McAuley
138Fox, Madison View Sheet 8.211.1Mount Notre Dame
139Fritz, Lillian J View Sheet 8.010.5Mount Notre Dame
140Gorski, Colleen View Sheet 7.511.6Mason High School
141Grimes, Anna View Sheet 8.710.3Turpin High School
142Gruber, Haleigh View Sheet 8.310.5Milford High School
143Hanna, Mallory View Sheet 9.013.3Ursuline Academy
144Hess, Elise View Sheet 7.49.5Oakwood High School
145Hornak, Phoebe View Sheet 8.010.5Miamisburg High School
146Howell, Bella View Sheet 7.89.5Bellbrook High School
147Huber, Gemma View Sheet 8.611.0Walnut Hills High School
148Huber, Mia View Sheet 8.912.0Walnut Hills High School
149Huxol, Camille View Sheet 8.612.2Cincinnati Country Day School
150Jecker, Madelyn View Sheet 7.99.8Archibishop Alter High School
151Jernovics, Grace View Sheet 8.010.1Springboro High School
152Keil, Sydney View Sheet 8.111.1Loveland High School
153Kim, Analise View Sheet 8.212.2Sycamore
154Klingshirn, Mallory View Sheet 7.910.3Milford High School
155Kowalski, Taylor View Sheet 7.69.7Mount Notre Dame
156Krusinski, Sarah N View Sheet 9.014.5Mount Notre Dame
157Lamb, Zoe View Sheet 8.112.1Centerville
158Lehman, Addie View Sheet 8.210.7Talawanda High School
159Lombardo, Lauren A View Sheet 7.511.0Mason High School
160Lovdal, Abby View Sheet 7.89.4Saint Ursula Academy
161Luca, Bre View Sheet 7.49.6Oak Hills
162Mays, Natalie View Sheet 8.211.3Turpin High School
163Meckstroth, Carsyn View Sheet 8.410.0Piqua High School Diving
164Meinhardt, Maria View Sheet 8.613.5Saint Ursula Academy
165Meisel, Morgan View Sheet 7.69.6Mercy McAuley
166Moesle, Hailey View Sheet 8.39.7Lakota East
167Mull, Carolina View Sheet 7.511.0Mason High School
168MUSSMAN, Anna V View Sheet 8.312.8Saint Ursula Academy
169Neff, Anna View Sheet 7.79.6Oakwood High School
170Nicholas, Camilla View Sheet 8.212.0Piqua High School Diving
171Nissley, Isabel View Sheet 8.310.3Walnut Hills High School
172Noble, Elizabeth B View Sheet 8.813.2Walnut Hills High School
173Overberg, Maggie View Sheet 8.412.0Indian Hill High Scool
174Petersen, Langley View Sheet 8.613.7Mason High School
175Poulton, Faith View Sheet 7.710.8Centerville
176Pulte, Mackenzie View Sheet 7.89.2Saint Ursula Academy
177Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah View Sheet 7.99.4West Clermont
178Robinson, Tiller E View Sheet 7.99.3Oakwood High School
179Rodriguez, Kristina View Sheet 8.812.0Mercy McAuley
180Rose, Demi View Sheet 7.69.7Miamisburg High School
181Rothfuss, Kate View Sheet 7.610.0Anderson High School Cincinnati
182Ryland, Sabrina View Sheet 8.19.2Oak Hills
183Sanker, Rylee View Sheet 8.210.2Cincinnati Seton
184Schmidt, Emmy View Sheet 7.99.6Saint Ursula Academy
185Senkiw, Paige View Sheet 7.79.7Archibishop Alter High School
186Shimala, Claire View Sheet 8.211.7Ursuline Academy
187Slusher, Grayson View Sheet 7.810.5Madeira High School
188Southall, Emma View Sheet 8.211.5West Clermont
189Tate, Reece View Sheet 8.611.3Piqua High School Diving
190Tharpe, Ella View Sheet 8.411.1Kettering Fairmont High School
191Tolley, Hannah View Sheet 8.411.8Beavercreek high school
192Wenker, Courtney View Sheet 7.910.2Indian Hill High Scool
193Whitesell, Allison View Sheet 8.210.4National Trail High School
194Woody, Reese View Sheet 7.611.0Mason High School
195Zelinski, Robyn View Sheet 7.79.8Archibishop Alter High School
1961M Girls Mason WTRCAshton, Karina M View Sheet 5.16.7Mason High School
197Benson, Emmalee View Sheet 4.94.6Bellbrook High School
198Bobst, Madelyn View Sheet 5.15.0Sycamore
199Boeres, Elleka View Sheet 5.26.7Walnut Hills High School
200Brossart, Gracie View Sheet 4.95.5Mason High School
201Coyner, Greta View Sheet 5.05.5Mason High School
202Cummins, Ali View Sheet 4.64.8Centerville
203Davis, Leah View Sheet 4.84.8Bellbrook High School
204Dearden, Clara View Sheet 5.26.8Walnut Hills High School
205Ellingson, Paige View Sheet 5.36.5Sycamore
206Firsdon, Leah View Sheet 4.64.7Centerville
207Gorski, Colleen View Sheet 4.76.7Mason High School
208Howell, Bella View Sheet 4.84.8Bellbrook High School
209Huber, Gemma View Sheet 5.25.8Walnut Hills High School
210Huber, Mia View Sheet 5.26.4Walnut Hills High School
211Huxol, Camille View Sheet 5.16.4Cincinnati Country Day School
212Jernovics, Grace View Sheet 5.05.0Springboro High School
213Kim, Analise View Sheet 5.26.5Sycamore
214Lamb, Zoe View Sheet 5.15.8Centerville
215Lombardo, Lauren A View Sheet 4.86.2Mason High School
216Mull, Carolina View Sheet 4.86.1Mason High School
217Nissley, Isabel View Sheet 5.25.4Walnut Hills High School
218Noble, Elizabeth B View Sheet 5.26.5Walnut Hills High School
219Petersen, Langley View Sheet 5.17.1Mason High School
220Poulton, Faith View Sheet 5.15.5Centerville
221Woody, Reese View Sheet 4.76.2Mason High School
2221M Girls Miami ABos, Savanna View Sheet 5.06.4Ursuline Academy
223Bruns, Emma View Sheet 5.16.0Ursuline Academy
224Bullock, Riley E View Sheet 5.17.2Loveland High School
225Cline, Shelby G View Sheet 5.15.0Loveland High School
226Craft, Caroline View Sheet 5.16.7Ursuline Academy
227Egan, Kali View Sheet 5.36.6Loveland High School
228Eversole, Morgan View Sheet 5.15.5Loveland High School
229Fortman, Kelli View Sheet 5.04.7Mercy McAuley
230Hanna, Mallory View Sheet 4.96.4Ursuline Academy
231Keil, Sydney View Sheet 5.25.5Loveland High School
232Luca, Bre View Sheet 4.74.3Oak Hills
233Meisel, Morgan View Sheet 5.04.8Mercy McAuley
234Rodriguez, Kristina View Sheet 5.27.1Mercy McAuley
235Ryland, Sabrina View Sheet 4.84.7Oak Hills
236Shimala, Claire View Sheet 5.26.5Ursuline Academy
2371M Girls Miami BBobst, Rachel View Sheet 4.84.9Mount Notre Dame
238Courtney, Grace C View Sheet 5.17.1Wyoming High School
239DANNEMILLER, Erin View Sheet 4.84.6Mount Notre Dame
240Edmondson, Emmy View Sheet 4.84.7Saint Ursula Academy
241Fox, Madison View Sheet 5.06.3Mount Notre Dame
242Fritz, Lillian J View Sheet 5.14.7Mount Notre Dame
243Kowalski, Taylor View Sheet 5.04.7Mount Notre Dame
244Krusinski, Sarah N View Sheet 5.27.1Mount Notre Dame
245Lehman, Addie View Sheet 4.95.0Talawanda High School
246Lightfield, Hannah View Sheet 4.74.3Talawanda High School
247Lovdal, Abby View Sheet 5.04.3Saint Ursula Academy
248Meinhardt, Maria View Sheet 5.16.8Saint Ursula Academy
249MUSSMAN, Anna V View Sheet 5.16.5Saint Ursula Academy
250Pulte, Mackenzie View Sheet 5.04.3Saint Ursula Academy
251Sanker, Rylee View Sheet 5.05.8Cincinnati Seton
252Schmidt, Emmy View Sheet 4.94.8Saint Ursula Academy
253Stahr, Morgan View Sheet 4.74.3Talawanda High School
254Whitesell, Allison View Sheet 5.15.2National Trail High School
2551M Girls Milford CountrysideAdams, Sarah View Sheet 4.95.0Milford High School
256Asbury, Ali View Sheet 5.16.7Turpin High School
257Bachman, Rosemary View Sheet 4.96.0Turpin High School
258Bonnell, Samantha View Sheet 5.25.0Mariemont High School
259Boyd-Hughes, Kristal View Sheet 4.84.7West Clermont
260Braun, Maggie View Sheet 4.84.9Milford High School
261Brown, Audrey View Sheet 4.94.5West Clermont
262Carney, Alyssa View Sheet 5.06.2Turpin High School
263Combs, Natalie View Sheet 5.05.8Turpin High School
264Cooper, Sophie View Sheet 5.16.5Milford High School
265Davenport, Sophia View Sheet 5.35.2Madeira High School
266Grimes, Anna View Sheet 5.16.2Turpin High School
267Gruber, Haleigh View Sheet 5.05.3Milford High School
268Klingshirn, Mallory View Sheet 5.05.1Milford High School
269Mays, Natalie View Sheet 5.16.1Turpin High School
270Moesle, Hailey View Sheet 5.04.5Lakota East
271Overberg, Maggie View Sheet 5.36.4Indian Hill High Scool
272Peffly, Tahlia View Sheet 4.85.0Milford High School
273Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah View Sheet 4.64.5West Clermont
274Rothfuss, Kate View Sheet 4.84.9Anderson High School Cincinnati
275Slusher, Grayson View Sheet 4.95.1Madeira High School
276Southall, Emma View Sheet 4.96.7West Clermont
277Wenker, Courtney View Sheet 5.25.2Indian Hill High Scool
2781M Girls Trotwood Centerville DRACBradney, Libby View Sheet 5.16.1Piqua High School Diving
279Conard, Ella View Sheet 4.54.4Oakwood High School
280De Felice, Ana View Sheet 5.16.1Oakwood High School
281Deutsch, Peyton View Sheet 4.54.4Oakwood High School
282Enwright, Lizzie View Sheet 5.04.7Kettering Fairmont High School
283Filer, Sydney View Sheet 4.85.2Beavercreek high school
284Hargrave, Jalayna View Sheet 5.04.7Kettering Fairmont High School
285Hess, Elise View Sheet 4.54.6Oakwood High School
286Hornak, Phoebe View Sheet 5.05.2Miamisburg High School
287Jecker, Madelyn View Sheet 5.05.3Archibishop Alter High School
288Kurtz, Becca View Sheet 4.84.6Kettering Fairmont High School
289Meckstroth, Carsyn View Sheet 5.15.0Piqua High School Diving
290Neff, Anna View Sheet 4.85.0Oakwood High School
291Nicholas, Camilla View Sheet 5.17.1Piqua High School Diving
292Noel, Sara View Sheet 5.14.9Kettering Fairmont High School
293Petrick, Jazzy View Sheet 5.04.5Kettering Fairmont High School
294Robinson, Tiller E View Sheet 4.64.3Oakwood High School
295Roemaker, Haley View Sheet 4.84.9Beavercreek high school
296Rose, Demi View Sheet 5.04.9Miamisburg High School
297Senkiw, Paige View Sheet 5.05.0Archibishop Alter High School
298Smith, Ellie View Sheet 4.84.5Miamisburg High School
299Tate, Reece View Sheet 5.25.8Piqua High School Diving
300Taylor, Rose View Sheet 5.04.3Miamisburg High School
301Tharpe, Ella View Sheet 5.15.9Kettering Fairmont High School
302Tolley, Hannah View Sheet 5.16.5Beavercreek high school
303Wiseman, Grace View Sheet 5.04.9Beavercreek high school
304Zelinski, Robyn View Sheet 5.04.9Archibishop Alter High School
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