Name of Meet:
New Years Classic
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-03, 12:00 PM CST
Registration Closes:
Jan-09, 5:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Rowe Natatorium
2101 N Ware Rd
McAllen, TX 78501
Main Contact:
Humberto Patch
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1 Meter1111 1h10m View Rules
Boys 1 Meter JV16 3m View Rules
Girls 1 Meter911 57m View Rules
Girls 1 Meter JV26 7m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1La Joya High SchoolLa Joya TX
2Mcallen High SchoolMcAllenTX
3Mcallen MemorialMcAllenTX
4Mcallen Nikki RoweMcAllen TX
5Mission High SchoolMissionTX
6Mission veterans memorialMissionTX
7Palmview High SchoolPalmviewTX
Diver NameGradeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Alanis, Juan  TXMission veterans memorialJan 08, 20:31
2Balderas, Diana  TXPalmview High SchoolJan 09, 08:08
3Benavides, Eric  TXMission veterans memorialJan 08, 20:19
4Bonilla, Victoria MissionTXMission veterans memorialJan 08, 18:55
5espinoza, issacJRMissionTXMission High SchoolJan 06, 14:13
6Garcia, David  TXMcallen MemorialJan 07, 09:32
7Garza, Angelina  TXMission High SchoolJan 07, 10:23
8Guajardo, Kobe  TXLa Joya High SchoolJan 07, 09:20
9Longoria, Jayden  TXMission veterans memorialJan 08, 19:51
10Medrano, Daniella  TXMcallen High SchoolJan 07, 09:27
11Mondragon, David McAllenTXMcallen Nikki RoweJan 07, 07:25
12Park, Danielle  TXMcallen High SchoolJan 07, 07:28
13Plummer, Ethan McAllenTXMcallen MemorialJan 07, 07:23
14Ramirez, Ryann  TXMission veterans memorialJan 08, 19:55
15Rios, Diego La JoyaTXLa Joya High SchoolJan 07, 09:14
16Rios, Jose Luis La Joya TXLa Joya High SchoolJan 07, 09:12
17Rodriguez, Alexander  TXMcallen High SchoolJan 07, 07:29
18Sanchez, Cristian  TXMission High SchoolJan 07, 13:28
19Shearer, Madalene  TXMcallen High SchoolJan 07, 09:30
20Tamez, Katheline  TXLa Joya High SchoolJan 09, 08:21
21Vasquez, Jacqueline  TXPalmview High SchoolJan 09, 08:02
22Wong, Carlos  TXMission High SchoolJan 07, 09:55
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bullard, MarkHead CoachLa Joya High SchoolMissionTX
2Patch, HumbertoHead CoachMcallen MemorialMcAllenTX
3Reyna, MelissaAsst. CoachMission veterans memorialMissionTX
4salinas, VanessaAsst. CoachMission High SchoolmissionTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1La Joya High SchoolGuajardo, Kobe  TX
2Rios, Diego La JoyaTX
3Rios, Jose Luis La Joya TX
4Tamez, Katheline  TX
5Mcallen High SchoolMedrano, Daniella  TX
6Park, Danielle  TX
7Rodriguez, Alexander  TX
8Shearer, Madalene  TX
9Mcallen MemorialGarcia, David  TX
10Plummer, Ethan McAllenTX
11Mcallen Nikki RoweMondragon, David McAllenTX
12Mission High Schoolespinoza, issacJRMissionTX
13Garza, Angelina  TX
14Sanchez, Cristian  TX
15Wong, Carlos  TX
16Mission veterans memorialAlanis, Juan  TX
17Benavides, Eric  TX
18Bonilla, Victoria MissionTX
19Longoria, Jayden  TX
20Ramirez, Ryann  TX
21Palmview High SchoolBalderas, Diana  TX
22Vasquez, Jacqueline  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1 MeterAlanis, Juan View Sheet 7.89.2Mission veterans memorial
2Benavides, Eric View Sheet 8.09.2Mission veterans memorial
3espinoza, issac View Sheet 8.812.6Mission High School
4Garcia, David View Sheet 8.010.4Mcallen Memorial
5Guajardo, Kobe View Sheet 7.99.5La Joya High School
6Mondragon, David View Sheet 8.610.7Mcallen Nikki Rowe
7Plummer, Ethan View Sheet 8.712.9Mcallen Memorial
8Rios, Diego View Sheet 8.412.5La Joya High School
9Rios, Jose Luis View Sheet 8.713.2La Joya High School
10Rodriguez, Alexander View Sheet 8.011.3Mcallen High School
11Sanchez, Cristian View Sheet 7.69.2Mission High School
12Boys 1 Meter JVWong, Carlos View Sheet 1.27.6Mission High School
13Girls 1 MeterBalderas, Diana View Sheet 8.09.3Palmview High School
14Bonilla, Victoria View Sheet 8.811.5Mission veterans memorial
15Garza, Angelina View Sheet 7.69.2Mission High School
16Longoria, Jayden View Sheet 8.211.4Mission veterans memorial
17Park, Danielle View Sheet 7.79.6Mcallen High School
18Ramirez, Ryann View Sheet 7.811.2Mission veterans memorial
19Shearer, Madalene View Sheet 7.69.7Mcallen High School
20Tamez, Katheline View Sheet 7.89.3La Joya High School
21Vasquez, Jacqueline View Sheet 8.19.2Palmview High School
22Girls 1 Meter JVGarza, Angelina View Sheet 1.27.6Mission High School
23Medrano, Daniella View Sheet 1.48.0Mcallen High School
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