Name of Meet:
Mid-Columbia 11-dive meet #1
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-19, 8:00 AM PST
Registration Closes:
Sep-21, 8:00 PM PST
Entry Fees Charged:
Memorial Aquatic Park
1520 W Shoshone St
Pasco, WA 99301
Main Contact:
Mike Sandbeck
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Sep-21 8:00 PM PST

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Meet warmup starts at 10am
Meet starts at 12pm

This is the first 11-dive meet of the season. Exhibition divers will be allowed but wont count toward qualifying for Districts or state. We have a 1-meter board and will follow NFHS high school rules. There will be 5 judges and only open for female athletes. Please be prepared to check and sign your printed sheets when you get to the meet before you get on the board for warmup.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving1611 1h42m View Rules
Team NameCityState
3Kamiakin High SchoolKennewickWA
6Southridge High SchoolKennewickWA
7Walla Walla High School Walla WallaWA
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Averett, Manhattan  WA RichlandSep 20, 20:45
2Gledhill, Eve  WA Kamiakin High SchoolSep 20, 11:18
3Habana, Genesis  WA KennewickSep 19, 13:21
4Hatch, Corinne  WA HanfordSep 20, 20:30
5Hutchens, MiriamJR Wallawalla, WA Walla Walla High School Sep 20, 11:15
6Kunde, Adalie  WA Kamiakin High SchoolSep 20, 14:13
7Leach, Megan  WA Southridge High SchoolSep 20, 14:17
8Linblom, Audrey  WA KennewickSep 19, 12:31
9Lopez, Jaylee  WA KennewickSep 19, 13:49
10Rainey, Jorja  WA HanfordSep 20, 21:12
11Rush, Delaney  WA KennewickSep 19, 12:36
12Sevenhaunt, Fien  WA RichlandSep 20, 21:01
13Vincent, Brooke  WA HanfordSep 20, 21:06
14Williams, Alice  WA RichlandSep 20, 20:52
15Zanes, ElliotJR WallaWalla, WA Walla Walla High School Sep 20, 10:25
16Zumini, Isabella  WA RichlandSep 20, 20:24
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Coburn, JamieHead CoachWalla Walla High School WallawallaWA
2Guajardo, ShawnHead CoachChiawanaPascoWA
3Piper, MitchellCoachHanfordRichlandWA
4Sandbeck, MichaelHead CoachKennewickKennewickWA
5Siegfried, KelsieHead CoachKamiakin High SchoolPascoWA
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1HanfordHatch, Corinne  WA
2Rainey, Jorja  WA
3Vincent, Brooke  WA
4Kamiakin High SchoolGledhill, Eve  WA
5Kunde, Adalie  WA
6KennewickHabana, Genesis  WA
7Linblom, Audrey  WA
8Lopez, Jaylee  WA
9Rush, Delaney  WA
10RichlandAverett, Manhattan  WA
11Sevenhaunt, Fien  WA
12Williams, Alice  WA
13Zumini, Isabella  WA
14Southridge High SchoolLeach, Megan  WA
15Walla Walla High School Hutchens, MiriamJRWallawallaWA
16Zanes, ElliotJRWallaWallaWA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingAverett, Manhattan View Sheet 8.210.5Richland
2Gledhill, Eve View Sheet 7.69.2Kamiakin High School
3Habana, Genesis View Sheet 7.59.5Kennewick
4Hatch, Corinne View Sheet 8.811.8Hanford
5Hutchens, Miriam View Sheet 7.610.4Walla Walla High School
6Kunde, Adalie View Sheet 7.79.2Kamiakin High School
7Leach, Megan View Sheet 7.69.2Southridge High School
8Linblom, Audrey View Sheet 8.09.4Kennewick
9Lopez, Jaylee View Sheet 7.69.8Kennewick
10Rainey, Jorja View Sheet 7.89.6Hanford
11Rush, Delaney View Sheet 8.110.5Kennewick
12Sevenhaunt, Fien View Sheet 7.69.4Richland
13Vincent, Brooke View Sheet 7.69.4Hanford
14Williams, Alice View Sheet 8.211.3Richland
15Zanes, Elliot View Sheet 8.311.0Walla Walla High School
16Zumini, Isabella View Sheet 8.512.1Richland
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