Name of Meet:
2020 AHSAA Alabama State Championship Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-18, 6:00 PM CST
Registration Closes:
Dec-02, 7:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Huntsville Aquatics Center – Legacy Pool
2213 Drake Ave. SW
Huntsville, AL 35805
Main Contact:
Ralph Heusinger
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
State Meet for divers will be run over two (2) days with girls competing on Friday and boys competing on Saturday. Girls only warm-ups will begin at 9:00am on Friday and the competition will follow immediately afterwards. Boys only warm-ups will begin at 9:00am on Saturday and the competition will follow immediately afterwards. There may be open warm-ups offered both Thursday evening and Friday evening for divers who wish to warm up in addition to the assigned warmup times on Friday and Saturday for event only warmups. Divers should ask their coaches for updates on this info, and that will be coordinated between Ralph Heusinger (Dive Event Director) and the Coaches. Coaches will be updated on duration of meet warmups.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
1A-5A Boys 1-Meter411 25m View Rules
1A-5A Girls 1-Meter311 19m View Rules
6A-7A Boys 1-Meter2311 2h27m View Rules
6A-7A Girls 1-Meter2011 2h8m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Auburn High SchoolAuburnAL
2Bob Jones High SchoolMadisonAL
3Cullman High SchoolCullmanAL
4Elmore County High SchoolEclecticAL
5Fairhope High SchoolFairhope AL
6George Ranch High SchoolRichmondTX
7Grissom Swim and DiveHuntsvilleAL
8Hartselle High SchoolHartselleAL
9HooverHigh SchoolHooverAL
10Huntsville High SchoolHuntsvilleAL
11James Clemens High SchoolMadisonAL
12McGill Toolen Catholic High SchoolMobileAL
13Mountain Brook Swim and Dive TeamBirminghamAL
14Randolph SchoolHunstvilleAL
15Scottsboro High SchoolScottsboroAL
16St John Paul II Catholic HSHuntsvilleAL
17St. Pauls Episcopal SchoolMobileAL
18T.R. Miller High SchoolBrewtonAL
19UMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolMobileAL
20Vestavia Hills High SchoolVestavia HillsAL
21Vestavia Hills High SchoolVestaviaAL
22Whitesburg Christian AcademyHuntsvilleAL
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Ahrens, AshleyJR Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolNov 20, 15:07
2Balch, AverySR Decatur, AL Hartselle High SchoolNov 23, 17:48
3Barnhart, NikolasFR Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:40
4Basselin, CalyieJR Vestavia, AL Vestavia Hills High SchoolNov 24, 09:27
5BEARDEN, Maggie  AL HooverHigh SchoolNov 21, 07:27
6BENOIT, Lucy  AL HooverHigh SchoolNov 21, 07:38
7Benzek, Alexander NSR Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolNov 27, 10:35
8Blakely, NolanFR Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolNov 20, 15:10
9Bouldin, Walter VSR Huntsville, AL Huntsville High SchoolNov 29, 20:46
10Brechman, Cooper S8th Fairhope, AL Fairhope High SchoolNov 19, 10:40
11Carlisle, Mia8th Mobile, AL McGill Toolen Catholic High SchoolNov 22, 20:45
12Coffman, Daniel JSO Huntsville, AL Huntsville High SchoolNov 29, 20:56
13Comer, JohnSO Huntsville, AL Huntsville High SchoolNov 29, 21:32
14Costello, ReaganFR Mobile, AL St. Pauls Episcopal SchoolNov 23, 14:08
15Culbertson, KatieSO Vestavia Hills, AL Vestavia Hills High SchoolNov 23, 06:57
16Elliott, Blakeslee GJR Mobile, AL UMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolNov 23, 13:41
17Elliott, Elizabeth8th Mobile, AL UMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolNov 19, 10:46
18Franklin, Lily GFR Humtsville, AL Grissom Swim and DiveNov 29, 20:16
19Fuller, Owen  Birmingham, AL HooverHigh SchoolNov 21, 07:25
20George, GarrettJR Huntsville, AL Grissom Swim and DiveNov 29, 19:50
21Gilmartin, GriffinJR Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:37
22Goodson, Anna CJR Huntsville, AL Randolph SchoolNov 24, 23:48
23Hamzavy, NairikaFR Hoover, AL HooverHigh SchoolNov 21, 07:29
24Holland, MalloryJR Huntsville, AL Randolph SchoolNov 23, 21:17
25Johnson, AshlynSR Huntsville, AL Grissom Swim and DiveNov 29, 20:06
26Johnston, MatthewFR Huntsville, AL Whitesburg Christian AcademyNov 25, 10:15
27Jordan, Kaje  AL Scottsboro High SchoolDec 01, 12:26
28King, SamuelSO Vestavia, AL Vestavia Hills High SchoolNov 21, 07:44
29Lara-Lemus, Ana8th Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:48
30Lawley, Maggie8th Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:46
31Magonigal, ParkerSO Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:39
32Mcneel, Reese ESR Cullman, AL Cullman High SchoolNov 24, 21:38
33Montgomery, LauraSO Mobile, AL UMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolNov 19, 18:29
34Moyer, Pierson YFR Huntsville, AL Huntsville High SchoolNov 29, 21:02
35Ortiz, Marco A8th Mountain Brook, AL Mountain Brook Swim and Dive TeamNov 21, 07:32
36Puhalovic, Mason8th Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:42
37Rendleman, MaggieSR Auburn, AL Auburn High SchoolNov 24, 14:04
38Riese, RyanSO Auburn, AL Auburn High SchoolNov 24, 17:35
39Rogers, ColemanSO Eclectic, AL Elmore County High SchoolNov 24, 14:08
40Sousa, JosephSO Vestavia, AL Vestavia Hills High SchoolNov 21, 07:35
41STOFFREGEN, Macy  AL Vestavia Hills High SchoolNov 21, 07:41
42Swartz, JessicaJR Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolNov 24, 23:44
43Thelen, JacobJR Brewton, AL T.R. Miller High SchoolNov 23, 18:44
44Tomalty, Liam7th Huntsville, AL Randolph SchoolDec 01, 19:54
45Troyer, Jacob7th Huntsville, AL Whitesburg Christian AcademyNov 27, 08:45
46Varmette, Pete GSR Huntsville, AL Grissom Swim and DiveNov 21, 19:48
47Welzyn, Marianne  Huntsville, AL St John Paul II Catholic HSNov 25, 23:10
48Weston, HarriganFR Mobile, AL UMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolNov 22, 21:00
49Whetstone, Isaac7th Huntsville, AL St John Paul II Catholic HSNov 23, 08:15
50Young, Keira7th Huntsville, AL Grissom Swim and DiveNov 29, 20:24
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Aaron, OliverHead CoachVestavia Hills High SchoolVestavia HillsAL
2Balch, BethHead CoachHartselle High SchoolDecaturAL
3Bechen , Kathleen Head CoachSt John Paul II Catholic HSHuntsvilleAL
4Bedsole, VickyHead CoachUMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolMobileAL
5Benson, ShalynHead CoachScottsboro High SchoolScottsboroAL
6Broussard, CathieAsst. CoachJames Clemens High SchoolMadisonAL
7Dunham, CharlieHead CoachVestavia Hills High SchoolBirminghamAL
8Gage, StacyHead CoachGeorge Ranch High SchoolRichmondTX
9Goble, CoryHead CoachCullman High SchoolAltoonaAL
10Hall, StephenHead CoachGrissom Swim and DiveHuntsvilleAL
11Heusinger, RalphAsst. CoachBob Jones High SchoolHuntsvilleAL
12Parker, BarbaraHead CoachFairhope High SchoolTheodoreAL
13Shaw, StevenHead CoachRandolph SchoolHuntsvilleAL
14Thoenes, JoachimHead CoachWhitesburg Christian AcademyOwens Cross RoadsAL
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Auburn High SchoolRendleman, MaggieSRAuburnAL
2Riese, RyanSOAuburnAL
3Bob Jones High SchoolBarnhart, NikolasFRMadisonAL
4Gilmartin, GriffinJRMadisonAL
5Lara-Lemus, Ana8thMadisonAL
6Lawley, Maggie8thMadisonAL
7Magonigal, ParkerSOMadisonAL
8Puhalovic, Mason8thMadisonAL
9Swartz, JessicaJRMadisonAL
10Cullman High SchoolMcneel, Reese ESRCullmanAL
11Elmore County High SchoolRogers, ColemanSOEclecticAL
12Fairhope High SchoolBrechman, Cooper S8thFairhopeAL
13Grissom Swim and DiveFranklin, Lily GFRHumtsvilleAL
14George, GarrettJRHuntsvilleAL
15Johnson, AshlynSRHuntsvilleAL
16Varmette, Pete GSRHuntsvilleAL
17Young, Keira7thHuntsvilleAL
18Hartselle High SchoolBalch, AverySRDecaturAL
19HooverHigh SchoolBEARDEN, Maggie  AL
20BENOIT, Lucy  AL
21Fuller, Owen BirminghamAL
22Hamzavy, NairikaFRHooverAL
23Huntsville High SchoolBouldin, Walter VSRHuntsvilleAL
24Coffman, Daniel JSOHuntsvilleAL
25Comer, JohnSOHuntsvilleAL
26Moyer, Pierson YFRHuntsvilleAL
27James Clemens High SchoolAhrens, AshleyJRMadisonAL
28Benzek, Alexander NSRMadisonAL
29Blakely, NolanFRMadisonAL
30McGill Toolen Catholic High SchoolCarlisle, Mia8thMobileAL
31Mountain Brook Swim and Dive TeamOrtiz, Marco A8thMountain BrookAL
32Randolph SchoolGoodson, Anna CJRHuntsvilleAL
33Holland, MalloryJRHuntsvilleAL
34Tomalty, Liam7thHuntsvilleAL
35Scottsboro High SchoolJordan, Kaje  AL
36St John Paul II Catholic HSWelzyn, Marianne HuntsvilleAL
37Whetstone, Isaac7thHuntsvilleAL
38St. Pauls Episcopal SchoolCostello, ReaganFRMobileAL
39T.R. Miller High SchoolThelen, JacobJRBrewtonAL
40UMS-Wright Preparatory SchoolElliott, Blakeslee GJRMobileAL
41Elliott, Elizabeth8thMobileAL
42Montgomery, LauraSOMobileAL
43Weston, HarriganFRMobileAL
44Vestavia Hills High SchoolBasselin, CalyieJRVestaviaAL
45Culbertson, KatieSOVestavia HillsAL
46King, SamuelSOVestaviaAL
47Sousa, JosephSOVestaviaAL
49Whitesburg Christian AcademyJohnston, MatthewFRHuntsvilleAL
50Troyer, Jacob7thHuntsvilleAL
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
11A-5A Boys 1-MeterRogers, Coleman View Sheet 7.511.0Elmore County High School
2Thelen, Jacob View Sheet 7.510.4T.R. Miller High School
3Tomalty, Liam View Sheet 8.610.2Randolph School
4Whetstone, Isaac View Sheet 7.410.4St John Paul II Catholic HS
51A-5A Girls 1-MeterGoodson, Anna C View Sheet 8.111.1Randolph School
6Holland, Mallory View Sheet 8.110.7Randolph School
7Welzyn, Marianne View Sheet 7.810.1St John Paul II Catholic HS
86A-7A Boys 1-MeterBalch, Avery View Sheet 9.016.7Hartselle High School
9Barnhart, Nikolas View Sheet 7.89.4Bob Jones High School
10Benzek, Alexander N View Sheet 8.312.7James Clemens High School
11Blakely, Nolan View Sheet 7.710.2James Clemens High School
12Bouldin, Walter V View Sheet 8.412.4Huntsville High School
13Brechman, Cooper S View Sheet 7.912.3Fairhope High School
14Coffman, Daniel J View Sheet 8.915.1Huntsville High School
15Comer, John View Sheet 8.611.2Huntsville High School
16Fuller, Owen View Sheet 8.412.9HooverHigh School
17George, Garrett View Sheet 8.111.9Grissom Swim and Dive
18Gilmartin, Griffin View Sheet 7.99.5Bob Jones High School
19Johnston, Matthew View Sheet 7.410.4Whitesburg Christian Academy
20Jordan, Kaje View Sheet 7.411.1Scottsboro High School
21King, Samuel View Sheet 8.010.6Vestavia Hills High School
22Magonigal, Parker View Sheet 8.110.5Bob Jones High School
23Moyer, Pierson Y View Sheet 7.910.9Huntsville High School
24Ortiz, Marco A View Sheet 8.110.4Mountain Brook Swim and Dive Team
25Puhalovic, Mason View Sheet 8.09.3Bob Jones High School
26Riese, Ryan View Sheet 7.611.4Auburn High School
27Sousa, Joseph View Sheet 7.911.2Vestavia Hills High School
28Troyer, Jacob View Sheet 7.410.2Whitesburg Christian Academy
29Varmette, Pete G View Sheet 8.411.1Grissom Swim and Dive
30Weston, Harrigan View Sheet 7.89.3UMS-Wright Preparatory School
316A-7A Girls 1-MeterAhrens, Ashley View Sheet 8.711.9James Clemens High School
32Basselin, Calyie View Sheet 8.810.7Vestavia Hills High School
33BEARDEN, Maggie View Sheet 7.610.9HooverHigh School
34BENOIT, Lucy View Sheet 7.910.6HooverHigh School
35Carlisle, Mia View Sheet 7.89.3McGill Toolen Catholic High School
36Costello, Reagan View Sheet 8.011.1St. Pauls Episcopal School
37Culbertson, Katie View Sheet 8.49.8Vestavia Hills High School
38Elliott, Blakeslee G View Sheet 8.612.8UMS-Wright Preparatory School
39Elliott, Elizabeth View Sheet 7.911.3UMS-Wright Preparatory School
40Franklin, Lily G View Sheet 7.410.2Grissom Swim and Dive
41Hamzavy, Nairika View Sheet 7.49.5HooverHigh School
42Johnson, Ashlyn View Sheet 8.410.7Grissom Swim and Dive
43Lara-Lemus, Ana View Sheet 7.69.5Bob Jones High School
44Lawley, Maggie View Sheet 7.99.3Bob Jones High School
45Mcneel, Reese E View Sheet 8.810.0Cullman High School
46Montgomery, Laura View Sheet 8.311.3UMS-Wright Preparatory School
47Rendleman, Maggie View Sheet 8.210.7Auburn High School
48STOFFREGEN, Macy View Sheet 7.49.8Vestavia Hills High School
49Swartz, Jessica View Sheet 7.911.0Bob Jones High School
50Young, Keira View Sheet 7.610.4Grissom Swim and Dive
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