Name of Meet:
2020 Boys MISCA Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-09, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-12, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Venema Aquatic Center at Calvin University
3195 Knight Way SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Main Contact:
Brad Huttenga / John Pearson
Contact Phone:
734 657-0177 / 586-337-7520
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving3311 3h31m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bay City John Glenn High SchoolBay CityMI
2Birmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
3Bloomfield Hills High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
4Dexter High SchoolDexterMI
5East Grand Rapids High SchoolEast Grand RapidsMI
6Grand Rapids Christian High SchoolGrand RapidsMI
7Grand Rapids Forest HillsGrand RapidsMI
8Grand Rapids Forest Hills CentralGrand RapidsMI
9Grandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
10Grosse Pointe Southgrosse pointeMI
11Hamilton High SchoolHamiltonMI
12Holland ChristianhollandMI
13Holland West OttawaHollandMI
14Holt High SchoolHoltMI
16Ludington High SchoolLudingtonMI
17Marine City High SchoolMarine cityMI
18Mason High SchoolMasonMI
19New Baltimore Anchor BayNew BaltimoreMI
20NorthviewGRand RapidsMI
21Okemos High SchoolOkemosMI
22Portage Northern High SchoolPortageMI
23Rochester Adams High SchoolRochesterMI
24Rochester High SchoolRochesterMI
25Rockford High School Boys DivingRockfordMI
26Rockford Senior High SchoolRockfordMI
27Saint Clair High SchoolSaint ClairMI
28Waterford UnitedWaterfordMI
29Wyandotte RooseveltWyandotteMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bayer, CharleyJR E Grand Rapids, MI East Grand Rapids High SchoolFeb 09, 18:02
2Bennett, Evan  MI Ludington High SchoolFeb 11, 17:57
3Bergsma, Jordan  Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids Christian High SchoolFeb 12, 20:47
4Black, Drew  MI Holland West OttawaFeb 12, 20:33
5Blackstock, Ian  east china, MI Marine City High SchoolFeb 09, 17:39
6Brent, Alexander  Lake Orion, MI Lake OrionFeb 11, 14:31
7DeHooghe, Edin  MI New Baltimore Anchor BayFeb 12, 09:47
8Falkins, Mitchell A  Grand Rapids, MI NorthviewFeb 09, 21:17
9Giera, Benjamin  MI Rockford High School Boys DivingFeb 12, 18:50
10Hepner, Logan  MI Grosse Pointe SouthFeb 10, 23:07
11Hill, Hudson  MI Wyandotte RooseveltFeb 09, 14:39
12Hollenbeck, Hunter F  Okemos, MI Okemos High SchoolFeb 09, 12:16
13Hysong, Cole  MI Grand Rapids Forest Hills CentralFeb 10, 08:28
14Irwin, Cyrus B  Grandville, MI Grandville High SchoolFeb 10, 11:12
15Johnson, Ethan  MI Grandville High SchoolFeb 10, 11:14
16Karn, Benjamin W  Holt, MI Holt High SchoolFeb 11, 09:31
17Kim, SoodongSR Rochester Hills, MI Rochester Adams High SchoolFeb 11, 20:33
18Kirchgessner, Billy  MI East Grand Rapids High SchoolFeb 09, 10:16
19Liberman, KameronSR Detroit, MI Birmingham SeaholmFeb 12, 22:01
20Losh, Devin  MI Rochester High SchoolFeb 11, 20:45
21Merritt, Nicholas M  Grand Rapids, MI East Grand Rapids High SchoolFeb 09, 10:08
22Miller, James  MI Bay City John Glenn High SchoolFeb 12, 15:57
23Nykamp, Sam  MI Holland ChristianFeb 09, 15:32
24Post, Trevor  MI Bay City John Glenn High SchoolFeb 12, 15:01
25Poulin, AlexSO Waterford, MI Waterford UnitedFeb 10, 15:02
26Schmehl, AdamSR Chesterfield, MI New Baltimore Anchor BayFeb 12, 09:44
27Shelton, Ethan  MI Hamilton High SchoolFeb 12, 15:15
28Sutton, Gavin  MI Mason High SchoolFeb 10, 03:09
29Tiongson, Ewan P  Kalamazoo, MI Portage Northern High SchoolFeb 11, 21:36
30Vandekerckhove, BradSR marysville, MI Saint Clair High SchoolFeb 12, 23:37
31Vickery, JoshuaSR Rockford, MI Rockford Senior High SchoolFeb 11, 18:39
32Warren, Cole  Dexter, MI Dexter High SchoolFeb 09, 18:28
33Zeigler, Gabe  Bloomfield Hills, MI Bloomfield Hills High SchoolFeb 11, 09:15
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bergsma, AlexAsst. CoachGrand Rapids Christian High SchoolGrand RapidsMI
2Blackstock, SarahHead CoachMarine City High SchoolEast ChinaMI
3Bosma, TannerCoachHolland West OttawaWest OliveMI
4Brinks, DaveHead CoachGrandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
5Burris, JacobAsst. CoachDexter High SchoolDexterMI
6Daly, ShawnAsst. CoachNew Baltimore Anchor BayChesterfieldMI
7Fick, TylorAsst. CoachEast Grand Rapids High SchoolKentwoodMI
8Karsen, DouglasAsst. CoachRockford High School Boys DivingGrand RapidsMI
9LaRocque, BobHead CoachBay City John Glenn High SchoolBay CityMI
10Mcgillivray, ChalmersHead CoachBirmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
11Mchugh, ScottHead CoachBloomfield Hills High SchoolClawsonMI
12Mirandette, KurtHead CoachNorthviewGrand RapidsMI
13Mulhern, ThomasHead CoachGrosse Pointe SouthMacombMI
14Nelson, KristinAsst. CoachHolt High SchoolEast lansingMI
15Oberhill, KyleAsst. CoachPortage Northern High SchoolKalamazooMI
16Oddo, AlexHead CoachGrand Rapids Forest HillsGrand RapidsMI
17Pearson, JohnHead CoachLake OrionDrydenMI
18Rand, GlennCoachMason High SchoolMasonMI
19Randazzo, SamHead CoachWyandotte RooseveltTrentonMI
20Roman, ChristaHead CoachSaint Clair High SchoolPort HuronMI
21Schneider, JoeAsst. CoachLudington High SchoolLudingtonMI
22Seaton, NatalieHead CoachRochester High SchoolBirminghamMI
23Talsma, EricAsst. CoachHamilton High SchoolHamiltonMI
24Tolsma, ArealAsst. CoachHolland ChristianHollandMI
25Wagner, MichaelHead CoachOkemos High SchoolDimondaleMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Bay City John Glenn High SchoolMiller, James  MI
2Post, Trevor  MI
3Birmingham SeaholmLiberman, KameronSRDetroitMI
4Bloomfield Hills High SchoolZeigler, Gabe Bloomfield HillsMI
5Dexter High SchoolWarren, Cole DexterMI
6East Grand Rapids High SchoolBayer, CharleyJRE Grand RapidsMI
7Kirchgessner, Billy  MI
8Merritt, Nicholas M Grand RapidsMI
9Grand Rapids Christian High SchoolBergsma, Jordan Grand RapidsMI
10Grand Rapids Forest Hills CentralHysong, Cole  MI
11Grandville High SchoolIrwin, Cyrus B GrandvilleMI
12Johnson, Ethan  MI
13Grosse Pointe SouthHepner, Logan  MI
14Hamilton High SchoolShelton, Ethan  MI
15Holland ChristianNykamp, Sam  MI
16Holland West OttawaBlack, Drew  MI
17Holt High SchoolKarn, Benjamin W HoltMI
18Lake OrionBrent, Alexander Lake OrionMI
19Ludington High SchoolBennett, Evan  MI
20Marine City High SchoolBlackstock, Ian east chinaMI
21Mason High SchoolSutton, Gavin  MI
22New Baltimore Anchor BayDeHooghe, Edin  MI
23Schmehl, AdamSRChesterfieldMI
24NorthviewFalkins, Mitchell A Grand RapidsMI
25Okemos High SchoolHollenbeck, Hunter F OkemosMI
26Portage Northern High SchoolTiongson, Ewan P KalamazooMI
27Rochester Adams High SchoolKim, SoodongSRRochester HillsMI
28Rochester High SchoolLosh, Devin  MI
29Rockford High School Boys DivingGiera, Benjamin  MI
30Rockford Senior High SchoolVickery, JoshuaSRRockfordMI
31Saint Clair High SchoolVandekerckhove, BradSRmarysvilleMI
32Waterford UnitedPoulin, AlexSOWaterfordMI
33Wyandotte RooseveltHill, Hudson  MI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBayer, Charley View Sheet 9.014.5East Grand Rapids High School
2Bennett, Evan View Sheet 8.714.7Ludington High School
3Bergsma, Jordan View Sheet 8.614.1Grand Rapids Christian High School
4Black, Drew View Sheet 8.614.6Holland West Ottawa
5Blackstock, Ian View Sheet 8.915.3Marine City High School
6Brent, Alexander View Sheet 9.016.0Lake Orion
7DeHooghe, Edin View Sheet 8.614.0New Baltimore Anchor Bay
8Falkins, Mitchell A View Sheet 9.014.3Northview
9Giera, Benjamin View Sheet 9.014.7Rockford High School Boys Diving
10Hepner, Logan View Sheet 8.714.5Grosse Pointe South
11Hill, Hudson View Sheet 9.015.6Wyandotte Roosevelt
12Hollenbeck, Hunter F View Sheet 9.016.6Okemos High School
13Hysong, Cole View Sheet 9.015.2Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central
14Irwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 9.014.9Grandville High School
15Johnson, Ethan View Sheet 8.814.2Grandville High School
16Karn, Benjamin W View Sheet 8.714.1Holt High School
17Kim, Soodong View Sheet 8.714.8Rochester Adams High School
18Kirchgessner, Billy View Sheet 9.014.6East Grand Rapids High School
19Liberman, Kameron View Sheet 8.714.8Birmingham Seaholm
20Losh, Devin View Sheet 8.414.0Rochester High School
21Merritt, Nicholas M View Sheet 8.715.4East Grand Rapids High School
22Miller, James View Sheet 8.713.9Bay City John Glenn High School
23Nykamp, Sam View Sheet 8.815.0Holland Christian
24Post, Trevor View Sheet 8.914.7Bay City John Glenn High School
25Poulin, Alex View Sheet 8.714.8Waterford United
26Schmehl, Adam View Sheet 9.016.0New Baltimore Anchor Bay
27Shelton, Ethan View Sheet 9.014.1Hamilton High School
28Sutton, Gavin View Sheet 8.513.4Mason High School
29Tiongson, Ewan P View Sheet 8.813.6Portage Northern High School
30Vandekerckhove, Brad View Sheet 8.613.5Saint Clair High School
31Vickery, Joshua View Sheet 8.714.5Rockford Senior High School
32Warren, Cole View Sheet 8.714.1Dexter High School
33Zeigler, Gabe View Sheet 8.613.9Bloomfield Hills High School
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