Name of Meet:
UIL 5A State Diving Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-31, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Feb-06, 11:59 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center
1900 Red River St. D4000
Austin, TX 78712
Main Contact:
Kristin Libardoni
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1 Meter2111 2h14m View Rules
Girls 1 Meter2211 2h21m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bay City High School Swim and DiveBay CityTX
2Boerne Champion High SchoolBoerneTX
3Brownsville Veterans Memorial High SchoolBrownsvilleTX
4Burnet High SchoolBurnetTX
5Colleyville Heritage High SchoolColleyvilleTX
6Denton RyanDentonTX
7Flour BluffCorpus ChristiTX
8Forney High SchoolForneyTX
9Friendswood High SchoolFriendswoodTX
10Frisco Memorial High SchoolFriscoTX
11Frisco Wakeland High SchoolFriscoTX
12Fulshear High SchoolFulshear 
13Grand Oaks High SchoolConroeTX
15Harlan High SchoolSan AntontioTX
16Highland Park High SchoolDallasTX
17Lake Creek High SchoolMontgomeryTX
18LBJ Swim & DiveAustinTX
19Lovejoy HSLucasTX
20Lubbock Coronado High SchoolLubbockTX
21Lubbock High SchoolLubbockTX
22Lubbock Monterey High SchoolLubbockTX
23Magnolia High SchoolMagnoliaTX
24Manvel High SchoolManvelTX
25Mission veterans memorialMissionTX
26North Forney High SchoolForneyTX
28Pineywoods Community AcademyLufkinTX
29San Antonio Alamo HeightsSan AntonioTX
30Sharyland PioneerMissionTX
31Texas High SchoolTexarkanaTX
32Tuloso-MidwayCorpus ChristiTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Alvarez, Nicolas  TX Brownsville Veterans Memorial High SchoolFeb 04, 16:35
2Austin, GraceFR MIDLAND, TX GreenwoodFeb 05, 22:24
3Benson, Larry  TX Forney High SchoolFeb 04, 20:10
4Bland, RobertSR Texarkana, TX Texas High SchoolFeb 04, 10:13
5Bonilla, Victoria  Mission, TX Mission veterans memorialFeb 05, 08:23
6Breuer, Shannon  Boerne, TX Boerne Champion High SchoolFeb 02, 10:53
7Burrhus, Jayne M  San Antonio, TX San Antonio Alamo HeightsFeb 03, 10:27
8Cantu, Mia  Richmond, TX Fulshear High SchoolFeb 02, 18:57
9Cooper, Sydnee  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Coronado High SchoolFeb 02, 08:01
10Costa, Gabriel M  Friendswood, TX Friendswood High SchoolFeb 05, 15:21
11Devereaux, Abby ASO Colleyville, TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolFeb 05, 19:59
12Doody, Kevin  Colleyville, TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolFeb 05, 17:46
13Ellis, Lily CSR Friendswood, TX Friendswood High SchoolFeb 05, 15:20
14Estraca, Stephen  TX Bay City High School Swim and DiveFeb 06, 06:43
15Faoro, Ana LauraSO Frisco, TX Lovejoy HSFeb 04, 13:44
16Guziec, Peyton  TX Frisco Memorial High SchoolFeb 04, 14:00
17Hensley, Rhett  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Coronado High SchoolFeb 02, 08:04
18Hoover, Skye  TX Forney High SchoolFeb 04, 20:02
19Hudson, Becca  TX Flour BluffFeb 04, 08:09
20Jimenez, AdrianFR lubbock, TX Lubbock Monterey High SchoolFeb 02, 08:18
21Keltch, Tanner  TX Burnet High SchoolFeb 05, 16:34
22Lively, Jett  TX Magnolia High SchoolFeb 04, 16:37
23Makuta, Jacob  Lubbock, TX Lubbock Monterey High SchoolFeb 02, 08:14
24Mayhew, Evan N  San Marcos, TX WimberleyFeb 06, 16:08
25McCann, Nicholas  San Antonio, TX Harlan High SchoolFeb 04, 10:52
26Morgan, Kate  AR Texas High SchoolFeb 04, 10:22
27Nicholl, Zoe  TX Burnet High SchoolFeb 05, 16:53
28Ogden, ZachSR Frisco, TX Frisco Wakeland High SchoolFeb 06, 15:08
29Orosco, Angelica  TX Burnet High SchoolFeb 05, 16:45
30Props, PaytonJR Lubbock, TX Lubbock High SchoolFeb 02, 07:56
31Rodgers, Ryleigh AFR spring, TX Grand Oaks High SchoolFeb 04, 15:24
32Rodriguez, Marc  Mission, TX Sharyland PioneerFeb 03, 14:11
33Ruiz, Alessandra  TX Tuloso-MidwayFeb 05, 13:08
34Ryan, Mikayla  TX NorthwestFeb 06, 09:08
35Sanders, Daniel  TX Fulshear High SchoolFeb 02, 18:27
36Scanlon, Willa  AUSTIN, TX LBJ Swim & DiveFeb 06, 14:19
37Sharp, Jeff S  Forney, TX North Forney High SchoolFeb 04, 20:18
38Shorter, Jada R  Conroe, TX Magnolia High SchoolFeb 04, 16:39
39Williams, Mason AJR Montgomery, TX Lake Creek High SchoolFeb 04, 11:05
40Winfrey, Wenoah  Denton, TX Denton RyanFeb 05, 15:10
41Wisnoski, Hayden  TX Manvel High SchoolFeb 02, 11:21
42Wolford, Dash  TX Highland Park High SchoolFeb 04, 09:18
43Wood, Carter  TX Pineywoods Community AcademyFeb 06, 19:39
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Button, ClareAsst. CoachBay City High School Swim and DiveBay CityTX
2Cole, JesseHead CoachHighland Park High SchoolDallasTX
3Dipomazio, PennyHead CoachLubbock Monterey High SchoolLubbockTX
4Franks, MattHead CoachLovejoy HSSachseTX
5Gage, StacyHead CoachFulshear High SchoolRichmondTX
6Gardner, TracieHead CoachLBJ Swim & DiveAustinTX
7James, DavidHead CoachLake Creek High SchoolMontgomeryTX
8Johnson, JillCoachWimberleyWimberleyTX
9Libardoni, KristinHead CoachHarlan High SchoolSan AntonioTX
10Lieber, BobHead CoachMagnolia High SchoolMontgomeryTX
11Murphy, DanHead CoachFlour BluffCorpus ChristiTX
12nash, MarisaHead CoachPineywoods Community AcademyHuntingtonTX
13Pegues, StephanieHead CoachBurnet High SchoolBurnetTX
14Perez, ArnoldHead CoachSharyland PioneerMissionTX
15Pottorff, KristiAsst. CoachNorthwestDallasTX
16Reyna, MelissaAsst. CoachMission veterans memorialMissionTX
17saenz, criseldaHead CoachTuloso-MidwayCorpus ChristiTX
18Schlatter, MarkHead CoachBrownsville Veterans Memorial High SchoolBrownsvilleTX
19Sunday, ClaudiaAsst. CoachFrisco Wakeland High SchoolMcKinneyTX
20Thompson, JasonHead CoachNorth Forney High SchoolForneyTX
21Veal, RickHead CoachManvel High SchoolPearlandTX
22Vogan, EricHead CoachTexas High SchoolDe QueenAR
23Witt, KevinHead CoachGrand Oaks High SchoolThe WoodlandsTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Bay City High School Swim and DiveEstraca, Stephen  TX
2Boerne Champion High SchoolBreuer, Shannon BoerneTX
3Brownsville Veterans Memorial High SchoolAlvarez, Nicolas  TX
4Burnet High SchoolKeltch, Tanner  TX
5Nicholl, Zoe  TX
6Orosco, Angelica  TX
7Colleyville Heritage High SchoolDevereaux, Abby ASOColleyvilleTX
8Doody, Kevin ColleyvilleTX
9Denton RyanWinfrey, Wenoah DentonTX
10Flour BluffHudson, Becca  TX
11Forney High SchoolBenson, Larry  TX
12Hoover, Skye  TX
13Friendswood High SchoolCosta, Gabriel M FriendswoodTX
14Ellis, Lily CSRFriendswoodTX
15Frisco Memorial High SchoolGuziec, Peyton  TX
16Frisco Wakeland High SchoolOgden, ZachSRFriscoTX
17Fulshear High SchoolCantu, Mia RichmondTX
18Sanders, Daniel  TX
19Grand Oaks High SchoolRodgers, Ryleigh AFRspringTX
20GreenwoodAustin, GraceFRMIDLANDTX
21Harlan High SchoolMcCann, Nicholas San AntonioTX
22Highland Park High SchoolWolford, Dash  TX
23Lake Creek High SchoolWilliams, Mason AJRMontgomeryTX
24LBJ Swim & DiveScanlon, Willa AUSTINTX
25Lovejoy HSFaoro, Ana LauraSOFriscoTX
26Lubbock Coronado High SchoolCooper, Sydnee LubbockTX
27Hensley, Rhett LubbockTX
28Lubbock High SchoolProps, PaytonJRLubbockTX
29Lubbock Monterey High SchoolJimenez, AdrianFRlubbockTX
30Makuta, Jacob LubbockTX
31Magnolia High SchoolLively, Jett  TX
32Shorter, Jada R ConroeTX
33Manvel High SchoolWisnoski, Hayden  TX
34Mission veterans memorialBonilla, Victoria MissionTX
35North Forney High SchoolSharp, Jeff S ForneyTX
36NorthwestRyan, Mikayla  TX
37Pineywoods Community AcademyWood, Carter  TX
38San Antonio Alamo HeightsBurrhus, Jayne M San AntonioTX
39Sharyland PioneerRodriguez, Marc MissionTX
40Texas High SchoolBland, RobertSRTexarkanaTX
41Morgan, Kate  AR
42Tuloso-MidwayRuiz, Alessandra  TX
43WimberleyMayhew, Evan N San MarcosTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1 MeterAlvarez, Nicolas View Sheet 8.612.1Brownsville Veterans Memorial High School
2Benson, Larry View Sheet 7.810.2Forney High School
3Bland, Robert View Sheet 8.813.4Texas High School
4Costa, Gabriel M View Sheet 8.414.8Friendswood High School
5Doody, Kevin View Sheet 8.613.5Colleyville Heritage High School
6Estraca, Stephen View Sheet 8.310.6Bay City High School Swim and Dive
7Hensley, Rhett View Sheet 8.714.5Lubbock Coronado High School
8Jimenez, Adrian View Sheet 8.313.2Lubbock Monterey High School
9Keltch, Tanner View Sheet 8.410.5Burnet High School
10Lively, Jett View Sheet 9.015.0Magnolia High School
11Makuta, Jacob View Sheet 8.113.3Lubbock Monterey High School
12Mayhew, Evan N View Sheet 8.111.5Wimberley
13McCann, Nicholas View Sheet 8.615.2Harlan High School
14Ogden, Zach View Sheet 8.312.8Frisco Wakeland High School
15Rodriguez, Marc View Sheet 8.912.2Sharyland Pioneer
16Sanders, Daniel View Sheet 8.09.6Fulshear High School
17Sharp, Jeff S View Sheet 8.410.3North Forney High School
18Williams, Mason A View Sheet 8.917.0Lake Creek High School
19Wisnoski, Hayden View Sheet 8.311.0Manvel High School
20Wolford, Dash View Sheet 8.212.4Highland Park High School
21Wood, Carter View Sheet 8.614.6Pineywoods Community Academy
22Girls 1 MeterAustin, Grace View Sheet 8.913.9Greenwood
23Bonilla, Victoria View Sheet 8.811.5Mission veterans memorial
24Breuer, Shannon View Sheet 8.012.5Boerne Champion High School
25Burrhus, Jayne M View Sheet 8.913.0San Antonio Alamo Heights
26Cantu, Mia View Sheet 8.011.1Fulshear High School
27Cooper, Sydnee View Sheet 8.813.9Lubbock Coronado High School
28Devereaux, Abby A View Sheet 8.714.0Colleyville Heritage High School
29Ellis, Lily C View Sheet 8.713.7Friendswood High School
30Faoro, Ana Laura View Sheet 8.613.8Lovejoy HS
31Guziec, Peyton View Sheet 8.212.7Frisco Memorial High School
32Hoover, Skye View Sheet 8.29.0Forney High School
33Hudson, Becca View Sheet 8.811.7Flour Bluff
34Morgan, Kate View Sheet 7.79.8Texas High School
35Nicholl, Zoe View Sheet 8.110.2Burnet High School
36Orosco, Angelica View Sheet 7.99.5Burnet High School
37Props, Payton View Sheet 8.714.4Lubbock High School
38Rodgers, Ryleigh A View Sheet 8.613.7Grand Oaks High School
39Ruiz, Alessandra View Sheet 8.911.7Tuloso-Midway
40Ryan, Mikayla View Sheet 8.111.1Northwest
41Scanlon, Willa View Sheet 8.613.2LBJ Swim & Dive
42Shorter, Jada R View Sheet 7.812.5Magnolia High School
43Winfrey, Wenoah View Sheet 8.49.8Denton Ryan
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