Name of Meet:
Auburn Girls 11-Dive meet 2021
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-16, 8:00 AM PST
Registration Closes:
Oct-14, 11:59 PM PST
Entry Fees Charged:
Auburn Pool
516 4th St NE
Auburn, WA 98002
Main Contact:
Todd Wollenweber
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Oct-14 11:59 PM PST

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
9:00am warm up, 10:00am start.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving2811 2h59m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Auburn High SchoolAuburnWA
2Auburn Riverside High SchoolAuburnWA
3Bainbridge High School Bainbridge Island WA
4Emerald Ridge High SchoolPuyallupWA
5Enumclaw High SchoolEnumclawWA
6Gig Harbor TidesGig HarborWA
7Kennedy Catholic High SchoolBurienWA
8Mt. Rainier High SchoolDes MoinesWA
9Peninsula High SchoolGig HarborWA
10South Kitsap High SchoolPort OrchardWA
11Steilacoom High SchoolSteilacoomWA
12Tahoma High SchoolMaple ValleyWA
13Thomas Jefferson High SchoolFederal WayWA
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Adachi, EmiliSR Steilacoom, WA Steilacoom High SchoolOct 14, 23:38
2Adams, Ally  WA Tahoma High SchoolOct 14, 11:32
3Allred, Phoebe JaneSO Normandy Park, WA Mt. Rainier High SchoolOct 12, 00:10
4Alpaugh, Mia P  Bainbridge Island, WA Bainbridge High School Oct 14, 20:39
5Bell, Victoria  WA Tahoma High SchoolOct 14, 11:50
6Bergren, Maddy  WA Gig Harbor TidesOct 14, 19:05
7Bostick, Piper  WA Emerald Ridge High SchoolOct 12, 20:44
8Brestle, Addie  WA Tahoma High SchoolOct 14, 11:37
9Davila, Zoe  WA South Kitsap High SchoolOct 13, 13:42
10Dickerson, Ashley  WA Enumclaw High SchoolOct 06, 20:44
11Echternach, Savannah  WA Peninsula High SchoolOct 13, 12:48
12Ice, Natalie  WA Emerald Ridge High SchoolOct 12, 20:40
13Jackson-West, Trinity  WA Thomas Jefferson High SchoolOct 11, 23:27
14Johnson, Amber  WA Tahoma High SchoolOct 14, 12:04
15Johnson, Grace  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 14, 19:29
16Lang, Seona  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 14, 19:24
17Laning, Joann  WA Emerald Ridge High SchoolOct 12, 20:49
18Lear, Ava  WA Auburn High SchoolOct 14, 19:22
19Lipton, Elyse MJR Bainbridge Island, WA Bainbridge High School Oct 14, 20:28
20Park, Ashley  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 14, 19:26
21Porter, Jade  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 14, 19:28
22Post, Makenna MJR Gig Harbor, WA Peninsula High SchoolOct 13, 11:27
23prince, Naomi  WA Enumclaw High SchoolOct 11, 13:16
24Reynolds, Michaela  WA Auburn High SchoolOct 14, 19:20
25Shields, Olivia  WA Kennedy Catholic High SchoolOct 14, 09:34
26Soltes, Sophia  WA Bainbridge High School Oct 14, 20:33
27Tiernan, Bryn E  Bainbridge Island, WA Bainbridge High School Oct 14, 20:26
28Welsh, Katie  WA Tahoma High SchoolOct 14, 11:48
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bannerot, SteveHead CoachEnumclaw High SchoolenumclawWA
2Casey, KathyHead CoachSteilacoom High SchoolTacomaWA
3Clark, SheilaHead CoachTahoma High SchoolKentWA
4Degarimore, KimberlyHead CoachSouth Kitsap High SchoolPort OrchardWA
5Hawkinson, KristinAsst. CoachEmerald Ridge High SchoolEnumclawWA
6Howell-Forbes, EmilyHead CoachMt. Rainier High SchoolNormandy ParkWA
7OGrady-Graham, KathleenAsst. CoachKennedy Catholic High SchoolNormandy ParkWA
8Olson, TroyHead CoachGig Harbor TidesOlallaWA
9Robertson, KellyHead CoachThomas Jefferson High SchoolFederal WayWA
10Taylor, BrianHead CoachBainbridge High School Bainbridge IslandWA
11Wollenweber, ToddHead CoachAuburn Riverside High SchoolAuburnWA
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Auburn High SchoolLear, Ava  WA
2Reynolds, Michaela  WA
3Auburn Riverside High SchoolJohnson, Grace  WA
4Lang, Seona  WA
5Park, Ashley  WA
6Porter, Jade  WA
7Bainbridge High School Alpaugh, Mia P Bainbridge IslandWA
8Lipton, Elyse MJRBainbridge IslandWA
9Soltes, Sophia  WA
10Tiernan, Bryn E Bainbridge IslandWA
11Emerald Ridge High SchoolBostick, Piper  WA
12Ice, Natalie  WA
13Laning, Joann  WA
14Enumclaw High SchoolDickerson, Ashley  WA
15prince, Naomi  WA
16Gig Harbor TidesBergren, Maddy  WA
17Kennedy Catholic High SchoolShields, Olivia  WA
18Mt. Rainier High SchoolAllred, Phoebe JaneSONormandy ParkWA
19Peninsula High SchoolEchternach, Savannah  WA
20Post, Makenna MJRGig HarborWA
21South Kitsap High SchoolDavila, Zoe  WA
22Steilacoom High SchoolAdachi, EmiliSRSteilacoomWA
23Tahoma High SchoolAdams, Ally  WA
24Bell, Victoria  WA
25Brestle, Addie  WA
26Johnson, Amber  WA
27Welsh, Katie  WA
28Thomas Jefferson High SchoolJackson-West, Trinity  WA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingAdachi, Emili View Sheet 7.89.6Steilacoom High School
2Adams, Ally View Sheet 8.512.3Tahoma High School
3Allred, Phoebe Jane View Sheet 7.59.9Mt. Rainier High School
4Alpaugh, Mia P View Sheet 7.710.1Bainbridge High School
5Bell, Victoria View Sheet 7.79.9Tahoma High School
6Bergren, Maddy View Sheet 7.79.5Gig Harbor Tides
7Bostick, Piper View Sheet 7.59.4Emerald Ridge High School
8Brestle, Addie View Sheet 7.99.7Tahoma High School
9Davila, Zoe View Sheet 7.610.1South Kitsap High School
10Dickerson, Ashley View Sheet 7.811.6Enumclaw High School
11Echternach, Savannah View Sheet 8.010.6Peninsula High School
12Ice, Natalie View Sheet 7.69.6Emerald Ridge High School
13Jackson-West, Trinity View Sheet 7.69.7Thomas Jefferson High School
14Johnson, Amber View Sheet 7.69.8Tahoma High School
15Johnson, Grace View Sheet 8.010.0Auburn Riverside High School
16Lang, Seona View Sheet 8.010.1Auburn Riverside High School
17Laning, Joann View Sheet 7.89.6Emerald Ridge High School
18Lear, Ava View Sheet 8.310.3Auburn High School
19Lipton, Elyse M View Sheet 8.412.9Bainbridge High School
20Park, Ashley View Sheet 7.69.8Auburn Riverside High School
21Porter, Jade View Sheet 7.69.4Auburn Riverside High School
22Post, Makenna M View Sheet 7.712.1Peninsula High School
23prince, Naomi View Sheet 8.09.9Enumclaw High School
24Reynolds, Michaela View Sheet 8.011.3Auburn High School
25Shields, Olivia View Sheet 8.211.1Kennedy Catholic High School
26Soltes, Sophia View Sheet 8.111.6Bainbridge High School
27Tiernan, Bryn E View Sheet 8.612.1Bainbridge High School
28Welsh, Katie View Sheet 8.311.9Tahoma High School
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