Name of Meet:
Fast Times in the Cool Pines
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Aug-05, 9:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Sep-06, 5:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Northern Arizona University Aquatics and Tennis Center
821 S. San Francisco Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Main Contact:
Nathan Jones
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Teams bringing divers are expected to provide 1 person to judge diving

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1811 1h55m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2211 2h21m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Apollo High SchoolGlendaleAZ
2BASIS FlagstaffFlagstaffAZ
3Canyon View High SchoolWaddellAZ
4Centennial CoyotesPeoriaAZ
5Desert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
6Estrella Foothills High SchoolGoodyearAZ
7Flagstaff High SchoolFlagstaffAZ
8Highland High SchoolGilbertAZ
9Millennium High SchoolGoodyearAZ
10Mountain Ridge High SchoolGlendaleAZ
11Northland Prep Swim & DiveFlagstaffAZ
12Saguaro High SchoolScottsdaleAZ
13Skyline High SchoolMesaAL
14Trivium Preparatory AcademyGoodyearAZ
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bentson, Henry  AZ Saguaro High SchoolAug 31, 15:35
2Brinker, Grace  AZ Trivium Preparatory AcademySep 05, 17:58
3Brinkerhoff, MeganJR Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 03, 21:41
4Chapman, Grace  AZ Apollo High SchoolSep 06, 15:31
5Christensen, Luke PSO Litchfield Park, AZ Canyon View High SchoolAug 25, 10:06
6Datilio, TaliaFR Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 03, 15:37
7Davis, LoganSO Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 03, 21:48
8Donahue, ChloeFR Flagstaff, AZ Northland Prep Swim & DiveSep 04, 23:03
9Faser, BlaiseFR Goodyear, AZ Trivium Preparatory AcademySep 05, 18:06
10Gmyrek, BenSO Glendale, AZ Mountain Ridge High SchoolSep 05, 11:18
11Good, TyFR PEORIA, AZ Mountain Ridge High SchoolSep 05, 11:22
12Hennessy, TatumSO Paradise Valley, AZ Saguaro High SchoolSep 02, 11:21
13Holm, TatumJR Flagstaff, AZ BASIS FlagstaffSep 05, 12:55
14Huffman, KaylaJR Flagstaff, AZ Flagstaff High SchoolSep 03, 10:56
15Knapp, Daniel ESO Mesa, AZ Skyline High SchoolAug 16, 12:03
16Knapp, Rebekah MJR mesa, AZ Skyline High SchoolAug 16, 12:02
17Kujawa, EmmaJR PEORIA, AZ Mountain Ridge High SchoolSep 05, 11:48
18Labelle, Chris  AZ Estrella Foothills High SchoolSep 05, 22:24
19Michon, RegenJR Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 03, 14:14
20Milczarek, Dylan  AZ Highland High SchoolSep 03, 18:59
21Muller, Daniel  Peoria, AZ Centennial CoyotesSep 05, 20:34
22Neugebauer, BrandonSO Goodyear, AZ Trivium Preparatory AcademySep 05, 17:50
23Petersen, Abbigail  AZ Highland High SchoolSep 03, 18:56
24peterson, EllaJR gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 05, 20:21
25Pingree, SethSO Glendale, AZ Mountain Ridge High SchoolSep 05, 11:14
26Powell, Tucker  AZ Highland High SchoolSep 03, 18:53
27Ramirez, JacobSR Mesa, AZ Skyline High SchoolAug 16, 12:04
28Reed, CarterSO Gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 03, 18:55
29Robertson, AlexandraJR Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 03, 14:12
30Silvas, TalanSO Goodyear, AZ Canyon View High SchoolAug 25, 10:37
31Skrocki, AlinaFR FLAGSTAFF, AZ BASIS FlagstaffSep 05, 13:01
32Soto, AustonJR MESA, AZ Skyline High SchoolAug 16, 12:05
33Tucker, Hayden  AZ Skyline High SchoolAug 16, 12:06
34Walters, GraceJR Goodyear, AZ Trivium Preparatory AcademySep 05, 18:01
35Wesche, GraceSO Flagstaff, AZ Flagstaff High SchoolSep 03, 09:55
36Wesche, MargaretSO Flagstaff, AZ Flagstaff High SchoolSep 03, 10:05
37Wesche, Thomas DSR Flagstaff, AZ Flagstaff High SchoolSep 03, 09:41
38Williams, KateJR Glendale, AZ Mountain Ridge High SchoolSep 05, 11:16
39Yanka, AbigailFR Flagstaff, AZ Northland Prep Swim & DiveSep 04, 23:05
40Yee, JordanJR Goodyear, AZ Estrella Foothills High SchoolSep 05, 22:11
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bachner, JustineHead CoachHighland High SchoolMesaAZ
2Groat, MatthewCoachApollo High SchoolGlendaleAZ
3Hunter, WilliamHead CoachMillennium High SchoolLitchfield ParkAZ
4Perugini, RachelHead CoachFlagstaff High SchoolFlagstaffAZ
5Raab, ScotHead CoachNorthland Prep Swim & DiveFlagstaffAZ
6Sanchez, LauraAsst. CoachDesert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
7Small, EricHead CoachMountain Ridge High SchoolGlendaleAZ
8Stec, AmyAsst. CoachTrivium Preparatory AcademyGlendaleAZ
9Stover, KatieCoachEstrella Foothills High SchoolGoodyearAZ
10Terpening, ToriAsst. CoachBASIS FlagstaffFlagstaffAZ
11Thiel, LaurenHead CoachSkyline High SchoolMesaAZ
12Thornburgh, RobertAsst. CoachSaguaro High SchoolScottsdaleAZ
13Yee, DerwinHead CoachEstrella Foothills High SchoolGoodyearAZ
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Apollo High SchoolChapman, Grace  AZ
2BASIS FlagstaffHolm, TatumJRFlagstaffAZ
4Canyon View High SchoolChristensen, Luke PSOLitchfield ParkAZ
5Silvas, TalanSOGoodyearAZ
6Centennial CoyotesMuller, Daniel PeoriaAZ
7Desert Ridge High SchoolBrinkerhoff, MeganJRMesaAZ
8Datilio, TaliaFRMesaAZ
9Davis, LoganSOMesaAZ
10Michon, RegenJRMesaAZ
11Robertson, AlexandraJRMesaAZ
12Estrella Foothills High SchoolLabelle, Chris  AZ
13Yee, JordanJRGoodyearAZ
14Flagstaff High SchoolHuffman, KaylaJRFlagstaffAZ
15Wesche, GraceSOFlagstaffAZ
16Wesche, MargaretSOFlagstaffAZ
17Wesche, Thomas DSRFlagstaffAZ
18Highland High SchoolMilczarek, Dylan  AZ
19Petersen, Abbigail  AZ
20peterson, EllaJRgilbertAZ
21Powell, Tucker  AZ
22Reed, CarterSOGilbertAZ
23Mountain Ridge High SchoolGmyrek, BenSOGlendaleAZ
25Kujawa, EmmaJRPEORIAAZ
26Pingree, SethSOGlendaleAZ
27Williams, KateJRGlendaleAZ
28Northland Prep Swim & DiveDonahue, ChloeFRFlagstaffAZ
29Yanka, AbigailFRFlagstaffAZ
30Saguaro High SchoolBentson, Henry  AZ
31Hennessy, TatumSOParadise ValleyAZ
32Skyline High SchoolKnapp, Daniel ESOMesaAZ
33Knapp, Rebekah MJRmesaAZ
34Ramirez, JacobSRMesaAZ
35Soto, AustonJRMESAAZ
36Tucker, Hayden  AZ
37Trivium Preparatory AcademyBrinker, Grace  AZ
38Faser, BlaiseFRGoodyearAZ
39Neugebauer, BrandonSOGoodyearAZ
40Walters, GraceJRGoodyearAZ
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBentson, Henry View Sheet 8.614.2Saguaro High School
2Christensen, Luke P View Sheet 8.513.2Canyon View High School
3Davis, Logan View Sheet 7.49.9Desert Ridge High School
4Faser, Blaise View Sheet 8.911.0Trivium Preparatory Academy
5Gmyrek, Ben View Sheet 8.210.4Mountain Ridge High School
6Good, Ty View Sheet 8.811.7Mountain Ridge High School
7Knapp, Daniel E View Sheet 8.715.4Skyline High School
8Labelle, Chris View Sheet 8.110.3Estrella Foothills High School
9Muller, Daniel View Sheet 8.714.5Centennial Coyotes
10Neugebauer, Brandon View Sheet 8.110.2Trivium Preparatory Academy
11Pingree, Seth View Sheet 8.611.2Mountain Ridge High School
12Powell, Tucker View Sheet 8.011.4Highland High School
13Ramirez, Jacob View Sheet 8.714.6Skyline High School
14Reed, Carter View Sheet 8.312.2Highland High School
15Silvas, Talan View Sheet 7.510.3Canyon View High School
16Soto, Auston View Sheet 8.011.5Skyline High School
17Wesche, Thomas D View Sheet 9.014.8Flagstaff High School
18Yee, Jordan View Sheet 8.514.1Estrella Foothills High School
19Girls 1M DivingBrinker, Grace View Sheet 8.410.0Trivium Preparatory Academy
20Brinkerhoff, Megan View Sheet 7.79.8Desert Ridge High School
21Chapman, Grace View Sheet 7.89.4Apollo High School
22Datilio, Talia View Sheet 8.310.1Desert Ridge High School
23Donahue, Chloe View Sheet 7.610.7Northland Prep Swim & Dive
24Hennessy, Tatum View Sheet 7.911.6Saguaro High School
25Holm, Tatum View Sheet 7.711.2BASIS Flagstaff
26Huffman, Kayla View Sheet 8.613.1Flagstaff High School
27Knapp, Rebekah M View Sheet 8.614.0Skyline High School
28Kujawa, Emma View Sheet 7.89.3Mountain Ridge High School
29Michon, Regen View Sheet 8.512.5Desert Ridge High School
30Milczarek, Dylan View Sheet 7.410.4Highland High School
31Petersen, Abbigail View Sheet 7.610.2Highland High School
32peterson, Ella View Sheet 7.49.6Highland High School
33Robertson, Alexandra View Sheet 8.613.5Desert Ridge High School
34Skrocki, Alina View Sheet 8.613.2BASIS Flagstaff
35Tucker, Hayden View Sheet 7.810.3Skyline High School
36Walters, Grace View Sheet 8.19.4Trivium Preparatory Academy
37Wesche, Grace View Sheet 7.911.7Flagstaff High School
38Wesche, Margaret View Sheet 8.311.7Flagstaff High School
39Williams, Kate View Sheet 8.310.9Mountain Ridge High School
40Yanka, Abigail View Sheet 7.710.2Northland Prep Swim & Dive
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