Name of Meet:
Rex Abelein Memorial Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-28, 8:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Dec-12, 11:59 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center
36th and Holly Street
Thornton, CO 80602
Main Contact:
Ron Johns
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1 Meter 11 Dive4411 4h42m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
2Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
3Cherokee TrailDenverCO
4Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood VillageCO
5Colorado AcademyDenverCO
6Columbine High SchoolLittletonCO
7Denver South High School Denver CO
8Douglas CountyCastle RockCO
9George Washington High SchoolDenverCO
10Grandview High SchoolCherry CreekCO
11Heritage High SchoolLittletonCO
12Horizon high schoolThornton CO
13Kent DenverDenverCO
15Lewis-Palmer High SchoolMonumentCO
16Mullen High SchoolDENVERCO
17Ralston Valley MustangsArvadaCO
18Regis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraCO
19Valor Christian GirlsHighlands RanchCO
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Abbott, McKenzie16DenverCOColorado AcademyDec 11, 16:41
2Anderson, Skylar15 COGeorge Washington High SchoolDec 12, 18:20
3Baptiste, Olivia16 CORegis Jesuit High SchoolDec 12, 18:15
4Bassock, Isabella16 COHeritage High SchoolDec 12, 19:42
5Belitz, Kirsten17 COArapahoe High SchoolDec 12, 21:03
6Buszkiewic, Mckenzie16 COHeritage High SchoolDec 12, 20:02
7Cable, Frances A17LittletonCOArapahoe High SchoolDec 12, 21:00
8Carlos, Sonoma16 COGeorge Washington High SchoolDec 12, 18:08
9Collins, Sarah17 COChatfield Senior HSDec 11, 16:06
10Cook, Emily16 COLewis-Palmer High SchoolDec 10, 09:45
11Cozard, Julia16 COHeritage High SchoolDec 12, 19:58
12D'Ambrosia, Isabella17 COCherry Creek High SchoolDec 12, 12:22
13Downing, Grace16 COHeritage High SchoolDec 12, 19:40
14Duff, Kennedy14 COChatfield Senior HSDec 11, 16:33
15DUMOND, Megan17 COLewis-Palmer High SchoolDec 10, 16:16
16Foster, Ashlyn17MonumentCOLewis-Palmer High SchoolDec 10, 09:28
17Gregersen, Izzy15 CORalston Valley MustangsNov 28, 13:01
18Griffith, Ashley15 COLewis-Palmer High SchoolDec 10, 15:42
19Hammar, Lindsey17 CODenver South High School Dec 12, 17:22
20Hampton, Morgan K15CentennialCOArapahoe High SchoolDec 12, 21:05
21Hays, Tyler16LittletonCOValor Christian GirlsDec 12, 21:51
22Heald, Kelly16 CORalston Valley MustangsNov 28, 13:14
23Henderson, Elena15 COLewis-Palmer High SchoolDec 10, 09:42
24Hicks, Jenna16Greenwood villageCOCherry Creek High SchoolDec 12, 16:38
25Ivester, Autumn15 COCherokee TrailDec 11, 11:20
26Killeen, Danielle16 COColumbine High SchoolDec 11, 16:26
27Mauger, Charlotte16DenverCOKent DenverDec 12, 20:48
28Miller, Leslie17 CORalston Valley MustangsNov 28, 13:11
29Oden, Taylar16 COGrandview High SchoolDec 12, 21:34
30Okamoto, Jojo15 CORalston Valley MustangsNov 28, 13:18
31Ostasz, Callie14 COChatfield Senior HSDec 11, 16:38
32Patteson, Elizabeth C17Cherry Hills VillageCOKent DenverDec 12, 20:42
33Peters, Abigail17DenverCOCherry Creek High SchoolDec 12, 16:46
34Ratcliff, Lauren18 COChatfield Senior HSDec 11, 16:12
35Roberts, Payton15 CORalston Valley MustangsNov 28, 13:08
36Rowland, Kate18 COMullen High SchoolDec 12, 18:10
37Sayers, Tori17 CORalston Valley MustangsNov 28, 13:04
38Sich, Taylor17 COLakewoodDec 12, 18:03
39Stefanski, Maya16 COCherry Creek High SchoolDec 12, 12:20
40Tatum, Kyndall P15LITTLETONCOArapahoe High SchoolDec 12, 21:07
41Walker, Heather17 COChatfield Senior HSDec 11, 16:13
42Wehr, Maya15Castle RockCODouglas CountyDec 12, 23:52
43Wright, Natalie r18MonumentCOLewis-Palmer High SchoolDec 10, 09:39
44Zurcher, Coryn16EnglewoodCOCherry Creek High SchoolDec 12, 16:41
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Anderson, TimHead CoachGrandview High SchoolLittletonCO
2Andrie, KatherineHead CoachValor Christian GirlsAuroraCO
3Arata, AlanHead CoachLewis-Palmer High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
4Clements, MercedesHead CoachHorizon high schoolLittletonCO
5Hardy, TimothyHead CoachHeritage High SchoolCastle RockCO
6Kafka, LiseHead CoachColorado AcademyDenverCO
7Morell, Hannah CoachChatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
8Purifoy, DanielHead CoachGeorge Washington High SchoolauroraCO
9Roberts, TaylorHead CoachRegis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraCO
10Robinson, GrantHead CoachCherry Creek High SchoolParkerCO
11Sage, KevinHead CoachRalston Valley MustangsArvadaCO
12Smith, JeffHead CoachArapahoe High SchoolCentennialCO
13Stafford, HopeHead CoachCherokee TrailDenverCO
14Waggoner, LauraHead CoachMullen High SchoolEnglewoodCO
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolBelitz, Kirsten17 CO
2Cable, Frances A17LittletonCO
3Hampton, Morgan K15CentennialCO
4Tatum, Kyndall P15LITTLETONCO
5Chatfield Senior HSCollins, Sarah17 CO
6Duff, Kennedy14 CO
7Ostasz, Callie14 CO
8Ratcliff, Lauren18 CO
9Walker, Heather17 CO
10Cherokee TrailIvester, Autumn15 CO
11Cherry Creek High SchoolD'Ambrosia, Isabella17 CO
12Hicks, Jenna16Greenwood villageCO
13Peters, Abigail17DenverCO
14Stefanski, Maya16 CO
15Zurcher, Coryn16EnglewoodCO
16Colorado AcademyAbbott, McKenzie16DenverCO
17Columbine High SchoolKilleen, Danielle16 CO
18Denver South High School Hammar, Lindsey17 CO
19Douglas CountyWehr, Maya15Castle RockCO
20George Washington High SchoolAnderson, Skylar15 CO
21Carlos, Sonoma16 CO
22Grandview High SchoolOden, Taylar16 CO
23Heritage High SchoolBassock, Isabella16 CO
24Buszkiewic, Mckenzie16 CO
25Cozard, Julia16 CO
26Downing, Grace16 CO
27Kent DenverMauger, Charlotte16DenverCO
28Patteson, Elizabeth C17Cherry Hills VillageCO
29LakewoodSich, Taylor17 CO
30Lewis-Palmer High SchoolCook, Emily16 CO
31DUMOND, Megan17 CO
32Foster, Ashlyn17MonumentCO
33Griffith, Ashley15 CO
34Henderson, Elena15 CO
35Wright, Natalie r18MonumentCO
36Mullen High SchoolRowland, Kate18 CO
37Ralston Valley MustangsGregersen, Izzy15 CO
38Heald, Kelly16 CO
39Miller, Leslie17 CO
40Okamoto, Jojo15 CO
41Roberts, Payton15 CO
42Sayers, Tori17 CO
43Regis Jesuit High SchoolBaptiste, Olivia16 CO
44Valor Christian GirlsHays, Tyler16LittletonCO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1 Meter 11 DiveAbbott, McKenzie View Sheet 8.112.7Colorado Academy
2Anderson, Skylar View Sheet 8.311.5George Washington High School
3Baptiste, Olivia View Sheet 7.611.4Regis Jesuit High School
4Bassock, Isabella View Sheet 8.613.1Heritage High School
5Belitz, Kirsten View Sheet 8.613.8Arapahoe High School
6Buszkiewic, Mckenzie View Sheet 8.512.3Heritage High School
7Cable, Frances A View Sheet 8.714.5Arapahoe High School
8Carlos, Sonoma View Sheet 8.711.4George Washington High School
9Collins, Sarah View Sheet 8.412.4Chatfield Senior HS
10Cook, Emily View Sheet 8.412.5Lewis-Palmer High School
11Cozard, Julia View Sheet 8.711.4Heritage High School
12D'Ambrosia, Isabella View Sheet 8.512.9Cherry Creek High School
13Downing, Grace View Sheet 8.713.9Heritage High School
14Duff, Kennedy View Sheet 8.412.6Chatfield Senior HS
15DUMOND, Megan View Sheet 8.413.2Lewis-Palmer High School
16Foster, Ashlyn View Sheet 8.814.4Lewis-Palmer High School
17Gregersen, Izzy View Sheet 8.614.4Ralston Valley Mustangs
18Griffith, Ashley View Sheet 8.212.8Lewis-Palmer High School
19Hammar, Lindsey View Sheet 8.614.7Denver South High School
20Hampton, Morgan K View Sheet 8.613.8Arapahoe High School
21Hays, Tyler View Sheet 8.312.5Valor Christian Girls
22Heald, Kelly View Sheet 8.612.1Ralston Valley Mustangs
23Henderson, Elena View Sheet 8.412.8Lewis-Palmer High School
24Hicks, Jenna View Sheet 8.612.5Cherry Creek High School
25Ivester, Autumn View Sheet 8.413.2Cherokee Trail
26Killeen, Danielle View Sheet 8.612.7Columbine High School
27Mauger, Charlotte View Sheet 8.612.0Kent Denver
28Miller, Leslie View Sheet 8.712.8Ralston Valley Mustangs
29Oden, Taylar View Sheet 8.613.0Grandview High School
30Okamoto, Jojo View Sheet 8.512.6Ralston Valley Mustangs
31Ostasz, Callie View Sheet 7.912.2Chatfield Senior HS
32Patteson, Elizabeth C View Sheet 8.812.0Kent Denver
33Peters, Abigail View Sheet 8.612.4Cherry Creek High School
34Ratcliff, Lauren View Sheet 8.010.2Chatfield Senior HS
35Roberts, Payton View Sheet 8.813.0Ralston Valley Mustangs
36Rowland, Kate View Sheet 8.213.6Mullen High School
37Sayers, Tori View Sheet 8.613.5Ralston Valley Mustangs
38Sich, Taylor View Sheet 8.212.5Lakewood
39Stefanski, Maya View Sheet 8.613.6Cherry Creek High School
40Tatum, Kyndall P View Sheet 8.312.6Arapahoe High School
41Walker, Heather View Sheet 8.210.7Chatfield Senior HS
42Wehr, Maya View Sheet 8.312.1Douglas County
43Wright, Natalie r View Sheet 8.613.0Lewis-Palmer High School
44Zurcher, Coryn View Sheet 8.411.6Cherry Creek High School
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