Name of Meet:
Keller High School Indian Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-21, 8:00 PM CDT
Registration Closes:
Oct-20, 5:00 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Keller ISD Natatorium
1000 Bear Creek
Keller, TX 11111
Main Contact:
Justin Ruszkowski
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

General Meet Information (click to read)
Competition Schedule **(Subject to change based on number of participants)**
Girls 11 dive warm-up: 8:00-9:00am
Girls 11 dive competition Start: 9:05am
Boys 11 dive warm-Up: 1 hour beginning at the conclusion of the girls 11-dive event
Boys & Girls 6 dive competition: 30 minutes after the conclusion of the boys 11-dive event
*Divers may only compete in one event, either the 6 or the 11-dive*

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 11 Dive1111 1h10m View Rules
Boys 6 Dive26 7m View Rules
Girls 11 Dive1611 1h42m View Rules
Girls 6 Dive56 17m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Byron NelsonTrophy ClubTX
2Central High SchoolkellerTX
3Eaton High SchoolHasletTX
4Fossil Ridge High SchoolKellerTX
5Keller High SchoolKellerTX
6Mansfield High SchoolMansrieldTX
7Mansfield Lake RidgeMansfield TX
8Mansfield LegacyMansfieldTX
9Mansfield SummitMansfieldTX
12Southlake CarrollSouthlakeTX
13Timber Creek High SchoolKellerTX
14Trinity High SchoolEulessTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Austin, Georgia AFR Midland, TX PASCHAL HIGH SCHOOLOct 19, 14:09
2Berger, Mary "kate"  TX PASCHAL HIGH SCHOOLOct 20, 09:41
3Boroski, Manuel  TX Southlake CarrollOct 20, 08:13
4Cardillo, Cooper  TX Timber Creek High SchoolOct 16, 10:20
5Clements, HaleyFR Mansfield, TX Mansfield High SchoolOct 20, 07:20
6Cryer, Colten ASO Fort Worth, TX Fossil Ridge High SchoolOct 16, 09:59
7Dickerson, RachelJR Fort Worth, TX Fossil Ridge High SchoolOct 16, 10:00
8Donaldson, CassandraSR Mansfield, TX Mansfield Lake RidgeOct 19, 14:00
9Eriksen, Christian  TX Timber Creek High SchoolOct 16, 10:17
10Evans, Reagan  Southlake, TX Southlake CarrollOct 20, 08:30
11Evans, Tatum  Southlake, TX Southlake CarrollOct 20, 08:25
12Hafele, Audrey  TX Keller High SchoolOct 20, 09:21
13Hall, MeganFR Justin, TX NorthwestOct 16, 13:36
14Harris, NatalieSO Mansfield, TX Mansfield High SchoolOct 19, 14:00
15Hilton, IsiahJR Mansfield, TX Mansfield High SchoolOct 19, 13:59
16Hinthorn, Gina KSR Fort Worth, TX Central High SchoolOct 16, 09:30
17Kastl, PeytonFR Mansfield, TX Mansfield Lake RidgeOct 19, 14:01
18Kidd, KyleighJR Colleyville, TX Southlake CarrollOct 20, 08:44
19Martin, Lexie  Keller, TX Keller High SchoolOct 16, 10:02
20Meyers, MaggieSO Fort Worth, TX Eaton High SchoolOct 16, 13:31
21Miller, Jackson  TX Southlake CarrollOct 20, 07:55
22Molloy, Mack  Fort Worth, TX Timber Creek High SchoolOct 16, 10:15
23Nash, Jack  TX Byron NelsonOct 16, 13:27
24Nguyen, BenedictJR Arlington, TX Mansfield SummitOct 19, 14:46
25Ovens, SpencerFR Justin, TX NorthwestOct 16, 13:39
26Ragsdale, MaggieSO Keller, TX Keller High SchoolOct 16, 10:10
27Reid, RileySO Keller, TX Keller High SchoolOct 16, 10:06
28Ripic, Addison  TX Timber Creek High SchoolOct 20, 09:43
29Silverman, Dylan  TX Keller High SchoolOct 16, 10:08
30Stanbury, Courtney C  Keller, TX Keller High SchoolOct 16, 10:12
31Strange, FaithFR Keller, TX Central High SchoolOct 16, 09:33
32Thomas, Ashley  TX Southlake CarrollOct 20, 09:55
33Wawrzynski, JustinSO Mansfield, TX Mansfield LegacyOct 19, 14:07
34Werner, Madden  TX Byron NelsonOct 20, 10:22
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Campanaro, RichardHead CoachTrinity High SchoolBedfordTX
2Hryorchuk, CarolynHead CoachSouthlake CarrollSouthlakeTX
3Lovell, JasonHead CoachPASCHAL HIGH SCHOOLFort WorthTX
4Melbourn, SteveHead CoachByron NelsonJustinTX
5Pottorff, KristiAsst. CoachNorthwestDallasTX
6Ruszkowski, JustinHead CoachTimber Creek High SchoolFort WorthTX
7Serie, AndrewHead CoachMansfield High SchoolMansfieldTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Byron NelsonNash, Jack  TX
2Werner, Madden  TX
3Central High SchoolHinthorn, Gina KSRFort WorthTX
4Strange, FaithFRKellerTX
5Eaton High SchoolMeyers, MaggieSOFort WorthTX
6Fossil Ridge High SchoolCryer, Colten ASOFort WorthTX
7Dickerson, RachelJRFort WorthTX
8Keller High SchoolHafele, Audrey  TX
9Martin, Lexie KellerTX
10Ragsdale, MaggieSOKellerTX
11Reid, RileySOKellerTX
12Silverman, Dylan  TX
13Stanbury, Courtney C KellerTX
14Mansfield High SchoolClements, HaleyFRMansfieldTX
15Harris, NatalieSOMansfieldTX
16Hilton, IsiahJRMansfieldTX
17Mansfield Lake RidgeDonaldson, CassandraSRMansfieldTX
18Kastl, PeytonFRMansfieldTX
19Mansfield LegacyWawrzynski, JustinSOMansfieldTX
20Mansfield SummitNguyen, BenedictJRArlingtonTX
21NorthwestHall, MeganFRJustinTX
22Ovens, SpencerFRJustinTX
24Berger, Mary "kate"  TX
25Southlake CarrollBoroski, Manuel  TX
26Evans, Reagan SouthlakeTX
27Evans, Tatum SouthlakeTX
28Kidd, KyleighJRColleyvilleTX
29Miller, Jackson  TX
30Thomas, Ashley  TX
31Timber Creek High SchoolCardillo, Cooper  TX
32Eriksen, Christian  TX
33Molloy, Mack Fort WorthTX
34Ripic, Addison  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 11 DiveBoroski, Manuel View Sheet 9.015.5Southlake Carroll
2Cryer, Colten A View Sheet 9.015.1Fossil Ridge High School
3Eriksen, Christian View Sheet 8.715.4Timber Creek High School
4Hilton, Isiah View Sheet 7.812.0Mansfield High School
5Miller, Jackson View Sheet 8.715.9Southlake Carroll
6Molloy, Mack View Sheet 8.614.6Timber Creek High School
7Nash, Jack View Sheet 7.49.5Byron Nelson
8Nguyen, Benedict View Sheet 9.015.5Mansfield Summit
9Reid, Riley View Sheet 7.811.9Keller High School
10Silverman, Dylan View Sheet 7.811.8Keller High School
11Wawrzynski, Justin View Sheet 8.713.1Mansfield Legacy
12Boys 6 DiveCardillo, Cooper View Sheet 1.27.8Timber Creek High School
13Ovens, Spencer View Sheet 1.27.7Northwest
14Girls 11 DiveAustin, Georgia A View Sheet 7.812.0PASCHAL HIGH SCHOOL
15Berger, Mary "kate" View Sheet 7.710.0PASCHAL HIGH SCHOOL
16Clements, Haley View Sheet 8.110.0Mansfield High School
17Dickerson, Rachel View Sheet 8.714.6Fossil Ridge High School
18Donaldson, Cassandra View Sheet 7.610.2Mansfield Lake Ridge
19Evans, Reagan View Sheet 8.613.6Southlake Carroll
20Evans, Tatum View Sheet 8.713.8Southlake Carroll
21Harris, Natalie View Sheet 7.59.6Mansfield High School
22Hinthorn, Gina K View Sheet 9.013.5Central High School
23Kidd, Kyleigh View Sheet 8.713.9Southlake Carroll
24Martin, Lexie View Sheet 8.613.4Keller High School
25Meyers, Maggie View Sheet 8.813.4Eaton High School
26Ragsdale, Maggie View Sheet 7.811.1Keller High School
27Stanbury, Courtney C View Sheet 8.613.7Keller High School
28Strange, Faith View Sheet 7.910.9Central High School
29Thomas, Ashley View Sheet 8.914.1Southlake Carroll
30Girls 6 DiveHafele, Audrey View Sheet 1.710.8Keller High School
31Hall, Megan View Sheet 1.27.7Northwest
32Kastl, Peyton View Sheet 1.39.5Mansfield Lake Ridge
33Ripic, Addison View Sheet 1.78.1Timber Creek High School
34Werner, Madden View Sheet 1.37.8Byron Nelson
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