Name of Meet:
March 2021 ODL Meet at West Clermont
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-01, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Mar-04, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
West Clermont High School
4101 Bach Buxton Rd
Batavia, OH 45103
Main Contact:
Lisa Werwinski
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Level 164 14m View Rules
Level II124 28m View Rules
Level III15 2m View Rules
Level IV135 37m View Rules
Level V176 59m View Rules
Level VI46 14m View Rules
Synchro Level I-III164 37m View Rules
Synchro Level IV-VI105 29m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Eastside DivingCincinnatiOH
2Legacy DivingYpsilantiMI
3Napoleon Diving ClubNapoleonOH
4OhK DivingDaytonOH
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Borstelman, Ella13 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 18:47
2Boyd-Hughes, Kristal17 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 17:53
3Bradney, Libby15 OH OhK DivingMar 04, 09:35
4Brown, Faith13 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:13
5BROWN, Joy13 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 18:48
6Caravona, Addison16 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:50
7Castro, Suzy14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 19:53
8Cooper, Sophie17 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 17:58
9Cote, Francesa13 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:02
10Cousins, Bryce11 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:04
11DANNEMILLER, Erin15 OH OhK DivingMar 04, 09:36
12Farrell, Anna14 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:08
13Fisher, Lexi12 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:03
14Flogaus, Jordan14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 18:44
15Flogaus, Kylie14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 18:43
16French, Lily15 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 18:05
17Gerhardt, Leeah13 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:09
18Good, Sohpie14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 19:55
19Grimes, Anna15 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:56
20Hang, Gavin16 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 17:58
21Hanna, Mallory16 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 17:59
22Hedger, Grace E14 Cold Spring, KY OhK DivingMar 04, 09:38
23Hill, Cameron14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 20:03
24Hill, Kendall14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 20:05
25Johnson, Olive14 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:10
26Kim, Anelise16 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:00
27Kleier, Meredith R12 Ft. Thomas, KY OhK DivingMar 04, 09:33
28Kuhl, Samantha14 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:00
29Melia, Lauren17 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 18:35
30Murphy, Cici15 ft thomas, KY Eastside DivingMar 03, 18:06
31Natale, Abigail15 OH Eastside DivingMar 04, 09:59
32Nazarenus, Mia A14 Bellbrook, OH OhK DivingMar 04, 09:37
33Nichols, Emery9 Amelia, OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:43
34Noble, Hoyt14 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 04, 09:34
35Nowak, Chris13 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 18:09
36Oldendick, Sadie14 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:11
37Patrick, Brianna13 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:03
38Petrocelli, Nicholas13 Cincinnati, OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:52
39Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah15 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:01
40Ragase, Truman12 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:31
41Ramage, Alison15 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:38
42Salyers, Ellie13 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:04
43Schilt, Audrey13 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 18:46
44Smith, Bella13 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:05
45Smith, Norah12 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:12
46Sprow, Noelle15 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 20:00
47Stietzel, Lauren14 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:06
48Stober, Aralynn13 OH Legacy DivingMar 04, 23:07
49Strausbaugh, Kailey15 OH Eastside DivingMar 04, 09:55
50Strock, Morgan14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 19:58
51Swihart, Jorja14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 04, 20:31
52Tinkler, Addison13 OH Eastside DivingMar 03, 17:46
53Wiesman, Kelly13 OH Legacy DivingMar 03, 18:04
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Pfeffer, JessicaHead CoachEastside DivingCincinnatiOH
2Retcher, MichaelHead CoachNapoleon Diving ClubDefianceOH
3Werwinski, LisaAsst. CoachLegacy DivingLovelandOH
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Eastside DivingCaravona, Addison16 OH
2French, Lily15 OH
3Grimes, Anna15 OH
4Murphy, Cici15ft thomasKY
5Natale, Abigail15 OH
6Nichols, Emery9AmeliaOH
7Nowak, Chris13 OH
8Petrocelli, Nicholas13CincinnatiOH
9Ragase, Truman12 OH
10Ramage, Alison15 OH
11Strausbaugh, Kailey15 OH
12Tinkler, Addison13 OH
13Legacy DivingBoyd-Hughes, Kristal17 OH
14Brown, Faith13 OH
15Cooper, Sophie17 OH
16Cote, Francesa13 OH
17Cousins, Bryce11 OH
18Farrell, Anna14 OH
19Fisher, Lexi12 OH
20Gerhardt, Leeah13 OH
21Hang, Gavin16 OH
22Hanna, Mallory16 OH
23Johnson, Olive14 OH
24Kim, Anelise16 OH
25Kuhl, Samantha14 OH
26Oldendick, Sadie14 OH
27Patrick, Brianna13 OH
28Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah15 OH
29Salyers, Ellie13 OH
30Smith, Bella13 OH
31Smith, Norah12 OH
32Stietzel, Lauren14 OH
33Stober, Aralynn13 OH
34Wiesman, Kelly13 OH
35Napoleon Diving ClubBorstelman, Ella13 OH
36BROWN, Joy13 OH
37Castro, Suzy14 OH
38Flogaus, Jordan14 OH
39Flogaus, Kylie14 OH
40Good, Sohpie14 OH
41Hill, Cameron14 OH
42Hill, Kendall14 OH
43Melia, Lauren17 OH
44Schilt, Audrey13 OH
45Sprow, Noelle15 OH
46Strock, Morgan14 OH
47Swihart, Jorja14 OH
48OhK DivingBradney, Libby15 OH
50Hedger, Grace E14Cold SpringKY
51Kleier, Meredith R12Ft. ThomasKY
52Nazarenus, Mia A14BellbrookOH
53Noble, Hoyt14CincinnatiOH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Level 1Brown, Faith View Sheet 0.00.0Legacy Diving
2Cote, Francesa View Sheet 0.00.0Legacy Diving
3Gerhardt, Leeah View Sheet 0.00.0Legacy Diving
4Johnson, Olive View Sheet 0.00.0Legacy Diving
5Smith, Norah View Sheet 0.00.0Legacy Diving
6Stober, Aralynn View Sheet 0.00.0Legacy Diving
7Level IICastro, Suzy View Sheet 1.03.0Napoleon Diving Club
8Cousins, Bryce View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
9Farrell, Anna View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
10Hill, Cameron View Sheet 1.03.0Napoleon Diving Club
11Hill, Kendall View Sheet 1.03.0Napoleon Diving Club
12Nichols, Emery View Sheet 1.03.0Eastside Diving
13Oldendick, Sadie View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
14Patrick, Brianna View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
15Salyers, Ellie View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
16Schilt, Audrey View Sheet 1.03.0Napoleon Diving Club
17Smith, Bella View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
18Stietzel, Lauren View Sheet 1.03.0Legacy Diving
19Level IIIFisher, Lexi View Sheet 3.02.0Legacy Diving
20Level IVCaravona, Addison View Sheet 2.75.1Eastside Diving
21Good, Sohpie View Sheet 3.15.1Napoleon Diving Club
22Kleier, Meredith R View Sheet 2.64.7OhK Diving
23Kuhl, Samantha View Sheet 3.04.9Legacy Diving
24Natale, Abigail View Sheet 2.64.8Eastside Diving
25Noble, Hoyt View Sheet 2.64.7OhK Diving
26Petrocelli, Nicholas View Sheet 2.85.7Eastside Diving
27Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah View Sheet 3.05.0Legacy Diving
28Ragase, Truman View Sheet 3.04.5Eastside Diving
29Sprow, Noelle View Sheet 3.15.2Napoleon Diving Club
30Strausbaugh, Kailey View Sheet 2.85.0Eastside Diving
31Strock, Morgan View Sheet 3.24.9Napoleon Diving Club
32Wiesman, Kelly View Sheet 2.94.5Legacy Diving
33Level VBorstelman, Ella View Sheet 3.26.7Napoleon Diving Club
34Boyd-Hughes, Kristal View Sheet 3.37.2Legacy Diving
35Bradney, Libby View Sheet 3.17.9OhK Diving
36BROWN, Joy View Sheet 3.67.0Napoleon Diving Club
37Cooper, Sophie View Sheet 3.38.0Legacy Diving
38DANNEMILLER, Erin View Sheet 3.16.6OhK Diving
39Flogaus, Jordan View Sheet 3.67.0Napoleon Diving Club
40Flogaus, Kylie View Sheet 3.46.6Napoleon Diving Club
41French, Lily View Sheet 3.37.6Eastside Diving
42Hang, Gavin View Sheet 3.69.5Legacy Diving
43Hanna, Mallory View Sheet 3.18.5Legacy Diving
44Hedger, Grace E View Sheet 3.17.2OhK Diving
45Kim, Anelise View Sheet 3.47.5Legacy Diving
46Nazarenus, Mia A View Sheet 3.17.2OhK Diving
47Ramage, Alison View Sheet 3.38.0Eastside Diving
48Swihart, Jorja View Sheet 3.27.4Napoleon Diving Club
49Tinkler, Addison View Sheet 3.17.4Eastside Diving
50Level VIGrimes, Anna View Sheet 1.610.0Eastside Diving
51Melia, Lauren View Sheet 1.710.9Napoleon Diving Club
52Murphy, Cici View Sheet 1.710.0Eastside Diving
53Nowak, Chris View Sheet 1.710.2Eastside Diving
54Synchro Level I-IIIBoyd-Hughes, Kristal View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
55Brown, Faith View Sheet   Legacy Diving
56Cote, Francesa View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
57Cousins, Bryce View Sheet   Legacy Diving
58Fisher, Lexi View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
59Gerhardt, Leeah View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
60Johnson, Olive View Sheet   Legacy Diving
61Kuhl, Samantha View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
62Patrick, Brianna View Sheet   Legacy Diving
63Patrick, Brianna View Sheet   Legacy Diving
64Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah View Sheet   Legacy Diving
65Rachford-Sullivan, Hannah View Sheet   Legacy Diving
66Salyers, Ellie View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
67Stietzel, Lauren View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
68Stietzel, Lauren View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
69Stober, Aralynn View Sheet 0.04.0Legacy Diving
70Synchro Level IV-VIBoyd-Hughes, Kristal View Sheet 4.04.9Legacy Diving
71Cooper, Sophie View Sheet 4.06.4Legacy Diving
72Hang, Gavin View Sheet 4.07.1Legacy Diving
73Hang, Gavin View Sheet 4.07.1Legacy Diving
74Hanna, Mallory View Sheet   Legacy Diving
75Hedger, Grace E View Sheet 4.05.4OhK Diving
76Kim, Anelise View Sheet   Legacy Diving
77Kuhl, Samantha View Sheet   Legacy Diving
78Nazarenus, Mia A View Sheet   OhK Diving
79Wiesman, Kelly View Sheet 4.04.7Legacy Diving
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