Name of Meet:
2019 SUNYAC Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-03, 12:00 PM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-15, 6:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Burt Flickinger Athletic Center
21 Oak St
Buffalo, NY 14203
Main Contact:
Shawn Austin
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1M Prelims1811 1h55m View Rules
Mens 3M Prelims1811 1h55m View Rules
Womens 1M Prelims1711 1h49m View Rules
Womens 3M Prelims1411 1h29m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1College at Brockport, SUNYBrockportNY
2Fredonia University DivingFredoniaNY
3SUNY BuffaloBuffaloNY
4SUNY CortlandCortlandNY
5SUNY GeneseoGeneseoNY
6SUNY OneontaOneontaNY
7SUNY OswegoOswegoNY
8SUNY PotsdamPotsdamNY
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Azoulay, Jessica19 Massapequa, NY SUNY OswegoFeb 15, 10:32
2Boone, Morgan22 NY SUNY CortlandFeb 10, 18:49
3Bornheimer, Laura19 Oswego, NY SUNY OswegoFeb 13, 13:55
4Coates, Kiersten L20 Cicero, NY SUNY GeneseoFeb 04, 11:30
5Coddington, Sean19 Highland Mills, NY SUNY OneontaFeb 11, 19:22
6Conway, Patrick20 NY SUNY CortlandFeb 10, 18:45
7Corsello, Christopher F21 Highand Mills, NY SUNY OneontaFeb 11, 19:11
8Davis, Colin18 Chester, NY SUNY OneontaFeb 11, 19:17
9Dzierzgowski, Eric19 Hampden, MA SUNY OswegoFeb 15, 10:24
10Eaton, Mark J20 Campbell, NY College at Brockport, SUNYFeb 05, 09:38
11Ellis, Cameron18 West Nyack, NY SUNY OswegoFeb 13, 13:53
12Flowers, Denzel22 NY SUNY GeneseoFeb 06, 11:50
13Frascatore, Miranda L20 Clay, NY SUNY OswegoFeb 15, 10:22
14Krasnek, Christian21 Springville, NY Fredonia University DivingFeb 15, 12:56
15LaClaire, Jeremy20 Potsdam, NY SUNY PotsdamFeb 14, 21:46
16Leddon, Brooke L21 Batavia, NY College at Brockport, SUNYFeb 15, 12:22
17Lindner, Kelly P22 West Seneca, NY SUNY BuffaloFeb 14, 10:33
18Maquet, Meghan21 Long Beach, NY SUNY OswegoFeb 15, 10:27
19McCormick, Patrick R20 Grand island, NY Fredonia University DivingFeb 13, 14:15
20Merchant, Matthew R22 Ashville, NY College at Brockport, SUNYFeb 04, 11:12
21moore, Julia20 Buffalo, NY SUNY BuffaloFeb 14, 10:39
22Morgan, Claire20 Cohoes, NY SUNY OswegoFeb 15, 10:30
23Moser, Justin22 Buffalo, NY SUNY BuffaloFeb 14, 10:31
24Mueller, Kurt A19 Endicott, NY College at Brockport, SUNYFeb 12, 13:54
25Reichman, Samantha21 cornwall, NY SUNY GeneseoFeb 04, 10:31
26Rivers, Branden20 Lockport, NY SUNY BuffaloFeb 14, 10:36
27Sayers, Loren P21 elmira, NY College at Brockport, SUNYFeb 04, 10:25
28Schimek, Jessica K20 Smithtown, NY Fredonia University DivingFeb 13, 13:58
29Shaw, Danielle19 Oneonta, NY SUNY OneontaFeb 14, 21:05
30Steiner, David20 Cheektowaga, NY SUNY PotsdamFeb 09, 09:15
31Stonier, Kay19 Bath, NY SUNY PotsdamFeb 15, 16:04
32Vadala, Alyssa19 NY SUNY GeneseoFeb 06, 14:34
33Wilcox, Benjamin19 Eden, NY SUNY GeneseoFeb 06, 09:39
34Williams, Taylor19 NY SUNY CortlandFeb 10, 18:47
35Wirth, Corey18 Lima, NY SUNY GeneseoFeb 06, 09:43
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Allen, LydiaAsst. CoachSUNY CortlandCortlandNY
2Austin, ShawnHead CoachSUNY GeneseoDansvilleNY
3MacInnes, JohnAsst. CoachSUNY BuffaloTonawandaNY
4Mannion, RaymondHead CoachSUNY OneontaOneontaNY
5Morgan, KevinHead CoachSUNY OswegoOswegoNY
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1College at Brockport, SUNYEaton, Mark J20CampbellNY
2Leddon, Brooke L21BataviaNY
3Merchant, Matthew R22AshvilleNY
4Mueller, Kurt A19EndicottNY
5Sayers, Loren P21elmiraNY
6Fredonia University DivingKrasnek, Christian21SpringvilleNY
7McCormick, Patrick R20Grand islandNY
8Schimek, Jessica K20SmithtownNY
9SUNY BuffaloLindner, Kelly P22West SenecaNY
10moore, Julia20BuffaloNY
11Moser, Justin22BuffaloNY
12Rivers, Branden20LockportNY
13SUNY CortlandBoone, Morgan22 NY
14Conway, Patrick20 NY
15Williams, Taylor19 NY
16SUNY GeneseoCoates, Kiersten L20CiceroNY
17Flowers, Denzel22 NY
18Reichman, Samantha21cornwallNY
19Vadala, Alyssa19 NY
20Wilcox, Benjamin19EdenNY
21Wirth, Corey18LimaNY
22SUNY OneontaCoddington, Sean19Highland MillsNY
23Corsello, Christopher F21Highand MillsNY
24Davis, Colin18ChesterNY
25Shaw, Danielle19OneontaNY
26SUNY OswegoAzoulay, Jessica19MassapequaNY
27Bornheimer, Laura19OswegoNY
28Dzierzgowski, Eric19HampdenMA
29Ellis, Cameron18West NyackNY
30Frascatore, Miranda L20ClayNY
31Maquet, Meghan21Long BeachNY
32Morgan, Claire20CohoesNY
33SUNY PotsdamLaClaire, Jeremy20PotsdamNY
34Steiner, David20CheektowagaNY
35Stonier, Kay19BathNY
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1M PrelimsCoddington, Sean View Sheet 8.513.6SUNY Oneonta
2Conway, Patrick View Sheet 8.713.7SUNY Cortland
3Corsello, Christopher F View Sheet 8.713.9SUNY Oneonta
4Davis, Colin View Sheet 8.514.0SUNY Oneonta
5Dzierzgowski, Eric View Sheet 8.213.1SUNY Oswego
6Eaton, Mark J View Sheet 8.714.2College at Brockport, SUNY
7Ellis, Cameron View Sheet 9.015.5SUNY Oswego
8Flowers, Denzel View Sheet 8.212.4SUNY Geneseo
9Krasnek, Christian View Sheet 8.716.7Fredonia University Diving
10LaClaire, Jeremy View Sheet 8.311.2SUNY Potsdam
11McCormick, Patrick R View Sheet 8.614.3Fredonia University Diving
12Merchant, Matthew R View Sheet 9.014.7College at Brockport, SUNY
13Moser, Justin View Sheet 8.413.7SUNY Buffalo
14Mueller, Kurt A View Sheet 7.712.4College at Brockport, SUNY
15Rivers, Branden View Sheet 8.714.6SUNY Buffalo
16Steiner, David View Sheet 8.012.2SUNY Potsdam
17Wilcox, Benjamin View Sheet 8.614.8SUNY Geneseo
18Wirth, Corey View Sheet 8.615.7SUNY Geneseo
19Mens 3M PrelimsCoddington, Sean View Sheet 8.613.1SUNY Oneonta
20Conway, Patrick View Sheet 9.313.7SUNY Cortland
21Corsello, Christopher F View Sheet 9.414.1SUNY Oneonta
22Davis, Colin View Sheet 9.314.3SUNY Oneonta
23Dzierzgowski, Eric View Sheet 8.812.4SUNY Oswego
24Eaton, Mark J View Sheet 9.514.2College at Brockport, SUNY
25Ellis, Cameron View Sheet 9.414.7SUNY Oswego
26Flowers, Denzel View Sheet 8.411.6SUNY Geneseo
27Krasnek, Christian View Sheet 9.317.2Fredonia University Diving
28LaClaire, Jeremy View Sheet 8.610.5SUNY Potsdam
29McCormick, Patrick R View Sheet 9.014.7Fredonia University Diving
30Merchant, Matthew R View Sheet 9.316.2College at Brockport, SUNY
31Moser, Justin View Sheet 9.515.9SUNY Buffalo
32Mueller, Kurt A View Sheet 8.411.1College at Brockport, SUNY
33Rivers, Branden View Sheet 9.516.0SUNY Buffalo
34Steiner, David View Sheet 8.510.9SUNY Potsdam
35Wilcox, Benjamin View Sheet 9.215.0SUNY Geneseo
36Wirth, Corey View Sheet 9.517.5SUNY Geneseo
37Womens 1M PrelimsAzoulay, Jessica View Sheet 8.110.3SUNY Oswego
38Boone, Morgan View Sheet 7.910.7SUNY Cortland
39Bornheimer, Laura View Sheet 7.912.5SUNY Oswego
40Coates, Kiersten L View Sheet 8.513.6SUNY Geneseo
41Frascatore, Miranda L View Sheet 8.813.5SUNY Oswego
42Leddon, Brooke L View Sheet 9.012.8College at Brockport, SUNY
43Lindner, Kelly P View Sheet 7.510.5SUNY Buffalo
44Maquet, Meghan View Sheet 8.412.3SUNY Oswego
45moore, Julia View Sheet 7.510.5SUNY Buffalo
46Morgan, Claire View Sheet 7.710.5SUNY Oswego
47Reichman, Samantha View Sheet 8.614.5SUNY Geneseo
48Sayers, Loren P View Sheet 8.613.5College at Brockport, SUNY
49Schimek, Jessica K View Sheet 7.911.6Fredonia University Diving
50Shaw, Danielle View Sheet 7.69.5SUNY Oneonta
51Stonier, Kay View Sheet 8.310.3SUNY Potsdam
52Vadala, Alyssa View Sheet 8.614.7SUNY Geneseo
53Williams, Taylor View Sheet 8.613.8SUNY Cortland
54Womens 3M PrelimsAzoulay, Jessica View Sheet 8.610.2SUNY Oswego
55Boone, Morgan View Sheet 8.610.2SUNY Cortland
56Bornheimer, Laura View Sheet 8.512.4SUNY Oswego
57Coates, Kiersten L View Sheet 9.314.1SUNY Geneseo
58Frascatore, Miranda L View Sheet 8.913.0SUNY Oswego
59Leddon, Brooke L View Sheet 9.512.6College at Brockport, SUNY
60Lindner, Kelly P View Sheet 8.311.2SUNY Buffalo
61Maquet, Meghan View Sheet 8.913.0SUNY Oswego
62moore, Julia View Sheet 8.410.3SUNY Buffalo
63Morgan, Claire View Sheet 8.110.1SUNY Oswego
64Reichman, Samantha View Sheet 9.415.9SUNY Geneseo
65Sayers, Loren P View Sheet 9.414.4College at Brockport, SUNY
66Vadala, Alyssa View Sheet 9.414.7SUNY Geneseo
67Williams, Taylor View Sheet 9.514.7SUNY Cortland
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