Name of Meet:
2020 CHSAA 5A Swim-Dive State Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-27, 7:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Feb-11, 11:59 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
VMAC (Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center)
5310 E. 136th Ave
Thornton, CO 80602
Main Contact:
Justin Saylor/Ron Johns
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving4511 4h48m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
2Brighton High SchoolBrightonCO
3Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
4Cherokee TrailDenverCO
5Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood VillageCO
6Columbine High SchoolLittletonCO
7Denver East HSDenverCO
8Douglas CountyCastle RockCO
9Eaglecrest High SchoolCentennialCO
10Fairview HSBoulderCO
11Fossil Ridge High SchoolFort CollinsCO
13Heritage High SchoolLittletonCO
14Horizon high schoolThornton CO
17Lewis-Palmer High SchoolMonumentCO
18Mount Vista High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
19Overland High SchoolAuroraCO
20Ralston Valley MustangsArvadaCO
21Regis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraCO
22ThunderRidge High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
23Valor Christian GirlsHighlands RanchCO
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Allen, DahliaJR Colorado Springs, CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolFeb 09, 19:49
2Ardehali, Rachel  CO Horizon high schoolFeb 11, 19:22
3Austin, GraceJR MIDLAND, TX GreenwoodFeb 02, 13:58
4Baptiste, Olivia  CO Regis Jesuit High SchoolFeb 11, 11:18
5Barone, Isabella  CO Brighton High SchoolFeb 11, 10:20
6Bassock, Isabella  CO Heritage High SchoolFeb 08, 01:11
7Bauer, Kaylyn  Highlands Ranch, CO Mount Vista High SchoolFeb 06, 13:46
8Borghi, Gigi  CO Ralston Valley MustangsFeb 10, 12:34
9Boule, Chloe  CO Denver East HSFeb 10, 21:32
10Brown, Ally  CO Horizon high schoolFeb 11, 19:38
11Brown, Chloe  Denver, CO Denver East HSFeb 05, 19:19
12Carroll, Kinzey  CO Horizon high schoolFeb 11, 19:56
13Cook, Emily  CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolFeb 09, 20:00
14D'Ambrosia, Isabella  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolFeb 10, 16:14
15Divita, Morgan  CO Heritage High SchoolFeb 10, 09:01
16Dorsett, Presley  CO ThunderRidge High SchoolFeb 10, 21:13
17Downing, Grace  CO Heritage High SchoolFeb 10, 08:58
18Drazek, Ella  CO ThunderRidge High SchoolFeb 11, 08:34
19Duff, Kennedy  CO Chatfield Senior HSFeb 11, 11:41
20DUMOND, Megan  Monument, CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolFeb 09, 19:52
21Gaccetta, Talynn  CO Brighton High SchoolFeb 11, 10:17
22Graves, Josie  CO LegendFeb 11, 06:10
23Gregersen, Izzy  CO Ralston Valley MustangsFeb 10, 12:22
24Griffith, Ashley  Colorado Springs, CO Lewis-Palmer High SchoolFeb 09, 19:57
25Hampton, Morgan K  Centennial, CO Arapahoe High SchoolFeb 10, 10:08
26Hays, Tyler  Littleton, CO Valor Christian GirlsFeb 10, 21:04
27Heald, Kelly  CO Ralston Valley MustangsFeb 10, 12:31
28Ivester, Autumn  CO Cherokee TrailFeb 11, 06:18
29Jones, Reilly  CO Fairview HSFeb 06, 13:17
30Killeen, Danielle  CO Columbine High SchoolFeb 11, 11:39
31Lopach, Chiara  CO Regis Jesuit High SchoolFeb 11, 09:55
32Manley, Morgan  Denver, CO Denver East HSFeb 10, 21:00
33Marsh, CarlySR Parker, CO LegendFeb 11, 06:05
34Okamoto, Jojo  CO Ralston Valley MustangsFeb 10, 12:26
35Reed, Juju  CO Denver East HSFeb 10, 20:56
36Richman, Milan  CO Overland High SchoolFeb 11, 18:51
37Roberts, Payton  CO Ralston Valley MustangsFeb 10, 12:28
38Rodocker, Catherine  CO Eaglecrest High SchoolFeb 11, 09:57
39Simon, Katherine F  Englewood, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolFeb 10, 16:08
40Stefanski, Maya  CO Cherry Creek High SchoolFeb 10, 15:38
41Tatum, Kyndall PSR LITTLETON, CO Arapahoe High SchoolFeb 10, 10:05
42Trudell, Sophie  CO Ralston Valley MustangsFeb 10, 12:36
43Warnygora, AspenSR Fort Collins, CO Fossil Ridge High SchoolFeb 10, 09:33
44Wehr, MayaJR Castle Rock, CO Douglas CountyFeb 11, 21:37
45Williams, Cara  CO Regis Jesuit High SchoolFeb 11, 12:33
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Ambrozic, RobinHead CoachMount Vista High SchoolEnglewoodCO
2Andrie, KatherineAsst. CoachThunderRidge High SchoolGoldenCO
3Arata, AlanHead CoachLewis-Palmer High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
4avila, shannonAsst. CoachHorizon high schoolbrightonCO
5Bauer, BrendaCoachDouglas CountyCastle RockCO
6butts, DominickAsst. CoachCherokee TrailauroraCO
7Dunbar, JacobAsst. CoachDenver East HSDenverCO
8French, RickHead CoachLewis PalmerCOLORADO SPGSCO
9Hardy, TimothyHead CoachHeritage High SchoolCastle RockCO
10Kaplan, RachelCoachFairview HSBoulderCO
11Morell, Hannah CoachChatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
12ODonnell, PatriciaCoachBrighton High SchoolErieCO
13Roberts, TaylorHead CoachRegis Jesuit High SchoolAuroraCO
14Robinson, GrantHead CoachCherry Creek High SchoolParkerCO
15Sage, KevinHead CoachRalston Valley MustangsArvadaCO
16Sedlmayr, MitchellHead CoachOverland High SchoolAuroraCO
17Smith, JeffreyHead CoachArapahoe High SchoolCentennialCO
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolHampton, Morgan K CentennialCO
3Brighton High SchoolBarone, Isabella  CO
4Gaccetta, Talynn  CO
5Chatfield Senior HSDuff, Kennedy  CO
6Cherokee TrailIvester, Autumn  CO
7Cherry Creek High SchoolD'Ambrosia, Isabella  CO
8Simon, Katherine F EnglewoodCO
9Stefanski, Maya  CO
10Columbine High SchoolKilleen, Danielle  CO
11Denver East HSBoule, Chloe  CO
12Brown, Chloe DenverCO
13Manley, Morgan DenverCO
14Reed, Juju  CO
15Douglas CountyWehr, MayaJRCastle RockCO
16Eaglecrest High SchoolRodocker, Catherine  CO
17Fairview HSJones, Reilly  CO
18Fossil Ridge High SchoolWarnygora, AspenSRFort CollinsCO
19GreenwoodAustin, GraceJRMIDLANDTX
20Heritage High SchoolBassock, Isabella  CO
21Divita, Morgan  CO
22Downing, Grace  CO
23Horizon high schoolArdehali, Rachel  CO
24Brown, Ally  CO
25Carroll, Kinzey  CO
26LegendGraves, Josie  CO
27Marsh, CarlySRParkerCO
28Lewis-Palmer High SchoolAllen, DahliaJRColorado SpringsCO
29Cook, Emily  CO
30DUMOND, Megan MonumentCO
31Griffith, Ashley Colorado SpringsCO
32Mount Vista High SchoolBauer, Kaylyn Highlands RanchCO
33Overland High SchoolRichman, Milan  CO
34Ralston Valley MustangsBorghi, Gigi  CO
35Gregersen, Izzy  CO
36Heald, Kelly  CO
37Okamoto, Jojo  CO
38Roberts, Payton  CO
39Trudell, Sophie  CO
40Regis Jesuit High SchoolBaptiste, Olivia  CO
41Lopach, Chiara  CO
42Williams, Cara  CO
43ThunderRidge High SchoolDorsett, Presley  CO
44Drazek, Ella  CO
45Valor Christian GirlsHays, Tyler LittletonCO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingAllen, Dahlia View Sheet 9.013.9Lewis-Palmer High School
2Ardehali, Rachel View Sheet 8.913.9Horizon high school
3Austin, Grace View Sheet 8.613.6Greenwood
4Baptiste, Olivia View Sheet 7.912.6Regis Jesuit High School
5Barone, Isabella View Sheet 8.512.3Brighton High School
6Bassock, Isabella View Sheet 8.613.6Heritage High School
7Bauer, Kaylyn View Sheet 8.512.8Mount Vista High School
8Borghi, Gigi View Sheet 8.312.6Ralston Valley Mustangs
9Boule, Chloe View Sheet 8.312.4Denver East HS
10Brown, Ally View Sheet 8.613.8Horizon high school
11Brown, Chloe View Sheet 8.613.3Denver East HS
12Carroll, Kinzey View Sheet 8.913.5Horizon high school
13Cook, Emily View Sheet 8.712.3Lewis-Palmer High School
14D'Ambrosia, Isabella View Sheet 8.612.9Cherry Creek High School
15Divita, Morgan View Sheet 8.613.6Heritage High School
16Dorsett, Presley View Sheet 8.613.4ThunderRidge High School
17Downing, Grace View Sheet 8.813.6Heritage High School
18Drazek, Ella View Sheet 8.813.5ThunderRidge High School
19Duff, Kennedy View Sheet 8.512.8Chatfield Senior HS
20DUMOND, Megan View Sheet 8.614.0Lewis-Palmer High School
21Gaccetta, Talynn View Sheet 8.412.5Brighton High School
22Graves, Josie View Sheet 8.613.4Legend
23Gregersen, Izzy View Sheet 8.614.9Ralston Valley Mustangs
24Griffith, Ashley View Sheet 8.612.4Lewis-Palmer High School
25Hampton, Morgan K View Sheet 8.613.6Arapahoe High School
26Hays, Tyler View Sheet 8.612.6Valor Christian Girls
27Heald, Kelly View Sheet 8.712.8Ralston Valley Mustangs
28Ivester, Autumn View Sheet 8.812.8Cherokee Trail
29Jones, Reilly View Sheet 8.712.3Fairview HS
30Killeen, Danielle View Sheet 9.013.7Columbine High School
31Lopach, Chiara View Sheet 8.012.3Regis Jesuit High School
32Manley, Morgan View Sheet 8.213.3Denver East HS
33Marsh, Carly View Sheet 8.312.3Legend
34Okamoto, Jojo View Sheet 8.613.6Ralston Valley Mustangs
35Reed, Juju View Sheet 8.613.2Denver East HS
36Richman, Milan View Sheet 8.413.0Overland High School
37Roberts, Payton View Sheet 8.813.5Ralston Valley Mustangs
38Rodocker, Catherine View Sheet 8.614.2Eaglecrest High School
39Simon, Katherine F View Sheet 8.612.8Cherry Creek High School
40Stefanski, Maya View Sheet 8.914.2Cherry Creek High School
41Tatum, Kyndall P View Sheet 8.613.2Arapahoe High School
42Trudell, Sophie View Sheet 8.312.6Ralston Valley Mustangs
43Warnygora, Aspen View Sheet 8.713.6Fossil Ridge High School
44Wehr, Maya View Sheet 8.512.2Douglas County
45Williams, Cara View Sheet 8.212.3Regis Jesuit High School
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