Name of Meet:
2022 Alabama Sprint Swim & Dive Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Aug-27, 8:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Sep-23, 6:00 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Dublin Park Outdoor Pool
8324 Madison Pike
Madison, AL 35758
Main Contact:
Ralph Heusinger
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Sep-23 6:00 PM CDT

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Please arrive at pool by 8:15am to begin stretching and performing dive list validation at score table. Dive warm-ups will run from 8:30am – 9:55am. Dive events will start at 10:00am. Dive list changes will be allowed up until 9:30am. Boys and Girls events may be combined (run simultaneously).

The diving events will follow the NFHS 11-dive format, with 5 voluntary dives (from all 5 groups) and 6 optional dives (from all 5 groups with one group repeated). The first 5 rounds must contain 2 voluntary and 3 optional dives, any order. Rounds 6-8 must be 2 voluntary dives and 1 optional dive, any order. The last 3 rounds are made up of 1 voluntary dive and 3 optional dives.

Exhibition NFHS 6-dive format will also be run, which follow the 1 voluntary dive (any group) followed by 5 optional dives from at least 4 groups.

Divers must choose one format or the other. The 11-dive format will score for the meet.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving711 44m View Rules
Boys 1M Diving 6 Dives26 7m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving311 19m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving 6 Dives26 7m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bob Jones High SchoolMadisonAL
2Buckhorn High SchoolNew MarketAL
3James Clemens High SchoolMadisonAL
4St John Paul II Catholic HSHuntsvilleAL
5Whitesburg Christian AcademyHuntsvilleAL
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bryce, JoshJR MADISON, AL Bob Jones High SchoolSep 20, 15:12
2Crockatt, GeorgeSR Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolSep 20, 15:15
3Davenport, TaylorFR Huntsville, AL Whitesburg Christian AcademySep 21, 08:46
4Ham, Abby8th Huntsville, AL Buckhorn High SchoolSep 21, 07:07
5Hamilton, Quentin C8th Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolSep 21, 10:20
6Hunter, LaurelFR Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolSep 20, 13:58
7Johnston, MatthewJR Huntsville, AL Whitesburg Christian AcademySep 21, 14:52
8Lara-Lemus, Ana CSO Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolSep 20, 13:45
9Magonigal, ParkerSR Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolSep 20, 15:08
10Pangborn, AudreySO Madison, AL Bob Jones High SchoolSep 20, 15:21
11Pasho, MaxJR Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolSep 20, 14:28
12Whetstone, IsaacFR Huntsville, AL St John Paul II Catholic HSSep 20, 19:59
13Wight, ParkerJR Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolSep 20, 13:51
14Willingham, CrishawnSO Madison, AL James Clemens High SchoolSep 20, 13:48
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Broussard, CathieAsst. CoachBob Jones High SchoolMadisonAL
2Thoenes, JoachimHead CoachWhitesburg Christian AcademyOwens Cross RoadsAL
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Bob Jones High SchoolBryce, JoshJRMADISONAL
2Crockatt, GeorgeSRMadisonAL
3Hamilton, Quentin C8thMadisonAL
4Magonigal, ParkerSRMadisonAL
5Pangborn, AudreySOMadisonAL
6Buckhorn High SchoolHam, Abby8thHuntsvilleAL
7James Clemens High SchoolHunter, LaurelFRMadisonAL
8Lara-Lemus, Ana CSOMadisonAL
9Pasho, MaxJRMadisonAL
10Wight, ParkerJRMadisonAL
11Willingham, CrishawnSOMadisonAL
12St John Paul II Catholic HSWhetstone, IsaacFRHuntsvilleAL
13Whitesburg Christian AcademyDavenport, TaylorFRHuntsvilleAL
14Johnston, MatthewJRHuntsvilleAL
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBryce, Josh View Sheet 7.810.6Bob Jones High School
2Crockatt, George View Sheet 7.69.5Bob Jones High School
3Johnston, Matthew View Sheet 8.310.8Whitesburg Christian Academy
4Magonigal, Parker View Sheet 7.810.8Bob Jones High School
5Whetstone, Isaac View Sheet 7.811.8St John Paul II Catholic HS
6Wight, Parker View Sheet 8.010.4James Clemens High School
7Willingham, Crishawn View Sheet 8.19.9James Clemens High School
8Boys 1M Diving 6 DivesHamilton, Quentin C View Sheet 1.27.9Bob Jones High School
9Pasho, Max View Sheet 1.27.9James Clemens High School
10Girls 1M DivingHunter, Laurel View Sheet 8.29.7James Clemens High School
11Lara-Lemus, Ana C View Sheet 7.910.3James Clemens High School
12Pangborn, Audrey View Sheet 8.19.7Bob Jones High School
13Girls 1M Diving 6 DivesDavenport, Taylor View Sheet 1.27.8Whitesburg Christian Academy
14Ham, Abby View Sheet 1.28.0Buckhorn High School
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