Name of Meet:
2019 North Zone TISCA Swimming and Diving Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-23, 8:00 AM MDT
Registration Closes:
Nov-07, 11:59 PM MDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Westside Aquatic Center
1750 Duncan Lane
Lewisville, TX 75067
Main Contact:
Sherry McGuire
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1511 1h36m View Rules
Boys 3M Diving76 24m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2711 2h53m View Rules
Girls 3M Diving86 28m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Cibola High SchoolYumaAZ
2Colleyville Heritage High SchoolColleyvilleTX
3Dallas Jesuit College PrepDallasTX
4Denton RyanDentonTX
5Flower Mound High SchoolFlower MoundTX
6Grapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
7Hebron High SchoolCarrolltonTX
8Highland Park High SchoolDallasTX
9Marcus High SchoolFlower MoundTX
10McKinney Boyd High SchoolMcKinneyTX
11McKinney High SchoolMcKinneyTX
12Plano EastPlanoTX
13Plano Senior High SchoolPlanoTX
14Prosper High SchoolProsperTX
15Round Rock High SchoolRound RockTX
16The John Cooper SchoolThe WoodlandsTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Blackmon, TalanSO Plano, TX Plano Senior High SchoolNov 06, 13:05
2Bordges, KamrynJR FlowerMound, TX Flower Mound High SchoolNov 03, 19:28
3Boyd, Noah  Lewisville, TX Hebron High SchoolNov 03, 19:53
4Brenner, Sophia  TX Hebron High SchoolNov 03, 19:49
5Butz, BlakeJR Plano, TX Dallas Jesuit College PrepNov 05, 11:26
6Caliva, Shawnna  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 07, 15:21
7Connell, Jordynn  Austin, TX Flower Mound High SchoolNov 03, 19:32
8Devereaux, Abby ASR Colleyville, TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 06, 21:40
9Devereaux, Emmerson  TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 06, 21:46
10Dimmick, Ryan  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 07, 15:05
11Eichelmann, Raquel  Frisco, TX Hebron High SchoolNov 03, 19:58
12Elmer, Aden  TX Marcus High SchoolNov 05, 20:24
13Fein, Haley  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 06, 15:02
14Gesino, Allison  TX Flower Mound High SchoolNov 03, 19:37
15Green, Daneyah  TX McKinney Boyd High SchoolNov 07, 10:59
16Haiman, Shaelyn  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 06, 15:22
17Hardy, Brendan  TX McKinney High SchoolNov 07, 10:26
18Harper, Erin M  Dallas, TX Highland Park High SchoolNov 04, 14:10
19Heilers, Finley  TX McKinney Boyd High SchoolNov 07, 11:11
20Hemarga, ClarenceJR cedar park, TX Round Rock High SchoolNov 06, 20:12
21Herman, RubySR The Woodlabss, TX The John Cooper SchoolNov 07, 20:51
22Hilley, Lucey  TX McKinney High SchoolNov 07, 10:36
23Humphrey, Claire  TX McKinney High SchoolNov 07, 10:41
24Jones, Ethan  TX Marcus High SchoolNov 03, 20:02
25Ladner, Joshua  TX McKinney High SchoolNov 07, 10:46
26Leblanc, Avery  TX McKinney Boyd High SchoolNov 07, 10:52
27Moran, MaddieSR Flower Mound, TX Marcus High SchoolNov 03, 20:11
28Morgan, KaleeSR Frisco, TX Prosper High SchoolNov 07, 14:57
29Myers, MacieSO Flower Mound, TX Flower Mound High SchoolNov 03, 19:42
30Neumann, Rachel  TX Colleyville Heritage High SchoolNov 06, 21:55
31Perreira, IsabellaSO Wylie, TX Plano EastNov 04, 13:12
32Plauche, Bryce  TX Marcus High SchoolNov 05, 20:30
33Pulsipher, Dylan  TX Marcus High SchoolNov 05, 20:31
34Ramos, Tomas  TX McKinney High SchoolNov 07, 10:22
35Rice, Sydney S  Highland Village, TX Marcus High SchoolNov 03, 20:15
36Richardson, Gavin  TX Grapevine High SchoolNov 06, 21:59
37Rothacker, Emily  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 07, 15:48
38Salway, Justin  TX Marcus High SchoolNov 03, 20:05
39Savage, Emma  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 07, 15:34
40Sullivan, Myka  TX Prosper High SchoolNov 06, 15:35
41Wilson, Kayla  Flower Mound, TX Flower Mound High SchoolNov 03, 19:24
42Winfrey, Wenoah  Denton, TX Denton RyanNov 07, 13:02
43Wolford, Dash  TX Highland Park High SchoolNov 04, 14:06
44Young, JackSR Dallas, TX Dallas Jesuit College PrepOct 31, 12:00
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cole, JesseHead CoachHighland Park High SchoolDallasTX
2Hafner, DanHead CoachPlano EastPlanoTX
3Juarez, Adly Asst. CoachCibola High SchoolYumaAZ
4Marchand, SierraAsst. CoachProsper High SchoolProsperTX
5Marincasiu, StacyAsst. CoachGrapevine High SchoolGrapevineTX
6Mcguire, SherryHead CoachMarcus High SchoolHighland VillageTX
7Pitts, DanAsst. CoachDallas Jesuit College PrepDallasTX
8Sagehorn, JeffrieCoachMcKinney Boyd High SchoolMcKinneyTX
9Serio, ScottyHead CoachMcKinney High SchoolMcKinneyTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Colleyville Heritage High SchoolDevereaux, Abby ASRColleyvilleTX
2Devereaux, Emmerson  TX
3Neumann, Rachel  TX
4Dallas Jesuit College PrepButz, BlakeJRPlanoTX
5Young, JackSRDallasTX
6Denton RyanWinfrey, Wenoah DentonTX
7Flower Mound High SchoolBordges, KamrynJRFlowerMoundTX
8Connell, Jordynn AustinTX
9Gesino, Allison  TX
10Myers, MacieSOFlower MoundTX
11Wilson, Kayla Flower MoundTX
12Grapevine High SchoolRichardson, Gavin  TX
13Hebron High SchoolBoyd, Noah LewisvilleTX
14Brenner, Sophia  TX
15Eichelmann, Raquel FriscoTX
16Highland Park High SchoolHarper, Erin M DallasTX
17Wolford, Dash  TX
18Marcus High SchoolElmer, Aden  TX
19Jones, Ethan  TX
20Moran, MaddieSRFlower MoundTX
21Plauche, Bryce  TX
22Pulsipher, Dylan  TX
23Rice, Sydney S Highland VillageTX
24Salway, Justin  TX
25McKinney Boyd High SchoolGreen, Daneyah  TX
26Heilers, Finley  TX
27Leblanc, Avery  TX
28McKinney High SchoolHardy, Brendan  TX
29Hilley, Lucey  TX
30Humphrey, Claire  TX
31Ladner, Joshua  TX
32Ramos, Tomas  TX
33Plano EastPerreira, IsabellaSOWylieTX
34Plano Senior High SchoolBlackmon, TalanSOPlanoTX
35Prosper High SchoolCaliva, Shawnna  TX
36Dimmick, Ryan  TX
37Fein, Haley  TX
38Haiman, Shaelyn  TX
39Morgan, KaleeSRFriscoTX
40Rothacker, Emily  TX
41Savage, Emma  TX
42Sullivan, Myka  TX
43Round Rock High SchoolHemarga, ClarenceJRcedar parkTX
44The John Cooper SchoolHerman, RubySRThe WoodlabssTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBlackmon, Talan View Sheet 8.613.2Plano Senior High School
2Boyd, Noah View Sheet 8.813.2Hebron High School
3Butz, Blake View Sheet 7.710.8Dallas Jesuit College Prep
4Dimmick, Ryan View Sheet 8.312.1Prosper High School
5Elmer, Aden View Sheet 7.411.3Marcus High School
6Hardy, Brendan View Sheet 8.612.5McKinney High School
7Heilers, Finley View Sheet 8.312.5McKinney Boyd High School
8Hemarga, Clarence View Sheet 7.711.4Round Rock High School
9Jones, Ethan View Sheet 7.911.4Marcus High School
10Ladner, Joshua View Sheet 7.912.5McKinney High School
11Ramos, Tomas View Sheet 8.012.8McKinney High School
12Richardson, Gavin View Sheet 7.511.4Grapevine High School
13Salway, Justin View Sheet 7.811.8Marcus High School
14Wolford, Dash View Sheet 8.713.8Highland Park High School
15Young, Jack View Sheet 8.813.7Dallas Jesuit College Prep
16Boys 3M DivingBlackmon, Talan View Sheet 1.612.0Plano Senior High School
17Boyd, Noah View Sheet 1.58.5Hebron High School
18Elmer, Aden View Sheet 1.48.2Marcus High School
19Jones, Ethan View Sheet 1.48.2Marcus High School
20Plauche, Bryce View Sheet 1.48.2Marcus High School
21Pulsipher, Dylan View Sheet 1.48.2Marcus High School
22Young, Jack View Sheet 1.610.6Dallas Jesuit College Prep
23Girls 1M DivingBordges, Kamryn View Sheet 8.613.5Flower Mound High School
24Brenner, Sophia View Sheet 7.711.5Hebron High School
25Caliva, Shawnna View Sheet 8.111.4Prosper High School
26Connell, Jordynn View Sheet 7.811.3Flower Mound High School
27Devereaux, Abby A View Sheet 8.212.6Colleyville Heritage High School
28Devereaux, Emmerson View Sheet 7.411.3Colleyville Heritage High School
29Eichelmann, Raquel View Sheet 8.212.9Hebron High School
30Fein, Haley View Sheet 8.212.5Prosper High School
31Gesino, Allison View Sheet 8.012.4Flower Mound High School
32Green, Daneyah View Sheet 8.211.3McKinney Boyd High School
33Haiman, Shaelyn View Sheet 8.011.7Prosper High School
34Harper, Erin M View Sheet 7.812.0Highland Park High School
35Herman, Ruby View Sheet 9.012.5The John Cooper School
36Hilley, Lucey View Sheet 8.011.5McKinney High School
37Humphrey, Claire View Sheet 8.011.3McKinney High School
38Leblanc, Avery View Sheet 7.611.2McKinney Boyd High School
39Moran, Maddie View Sheet 8.612.6Marcus High School
40Morgan, Kalee View Sheet 8.211.7Prosper High School
41Myers, Macie View Sheet 7.811.8Flower Mound High School
42Neumann, Rachel View Sheet 7.611.7Colleyville Heritage High School
43Perreira, Isabella View Sheet 8.713.2Plano East
44Rice, Sydney S View Sheet 8.613.7Marcus High School
45Rothacker, Emily View Sheet 8.012.7Prosper High School
46Savage, Emma View Sheet 7.711.4Prosper High School
47Sullivan, Myka View Sheet 8.111.6Prosper High School
48Wilson, Kayla View Sheet 8.614.4Flower Mound High School
49Winfrey, Wenoah View Sheet 8.011.9Denton Ryan
50Girls 3M DivingBordges, Kamryn View Sheet 1.610.9Flower Mound High School
51Connell, Jordynn View Sheet 1.58.5Flower Mound High School
52Gesino, Allison View Sheet 1.58.4Flower Mound High School
53Moran, Maddie View Sheet 1.610.0Marcus High School
54Myers, Macie View Sheet 1.58.7Flower Mound High School
55Perreira, Isabella View Sheet 1.610.6Plano East
56Rice, Sydney S View Sheet 1.611.2Marcus High School
57Wilson, Kayla View Sheet 1.610.9Flower Mound High School
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